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There are many sights to be seen as you make your way across the miles of aisles that make up the SHOT Show. Today we ran into a woman holding an RPG and wearing what looked kinda like welder’s goggles.

It turns out she’s with something called Magic Leap. The company’s website says they “seamlessly integrate the digital into the physical world to amplify human potential.” A lofty goal.

The dude who was with her said if you’ve ever wanted to blow up a tank with an RPG without getting yourself into a war zone where people are, you know, shooting back at you, Magic Leap’s technology can make that happen for you.

We haven’t found the time to get down to their booth yet to find out more about all of that yet, buy it sounds entertaining…and who isn’t looking to amplify their human potential as much as possible?

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    • TFB doesn’t give a damn about my rights-or your’s. TTAG DOES. I’ve made it a point to never subscribe to TFB . Shot Show is merely entertainment…

    • TFB is a site meant to focus on the product side of the firearms world hence their tagline “Firearms, Not Politics.” TTAG focuses on the politics. And that’s what I’m here for.

        • Really? I feel like ZH actually has more articles than TTAG does about gun rights anymore. TTAG used to be the “go-to” but really has had a nose dive IMHO. I get more from other blogs these days that actually cover gun “news” rather than just reposting the highlights from an article. Whatever, I still check in here to see if they are covering something only to be disappointed. This site is a shade of it’s former self. And I still dislike the “new” format.

  1. What is next an 80% completed build your own RPG kit by Donnie and the Revolutionaries Incorporated. Don’t laugh the Far Right are deraigned enough to push this one.

  2. Remove your rose colored glasses. They are making you see MAGA republicans everywhere. Even when there are none.

    Augmented reality since the 60’s.

  3. RPG, now theres a weapon theBiden should stand behind. It’s a single shot and kinda looks like a shotgunm. What more could he ask for?

  4. Better hope your nosy lib neighbors don’t look in your living room window and see you playing call of duty with that sucker! They’ll have a stroke (unless their booster already gave em one)

  5. The VR googles/glasses, looks more manageable and comfortable and certainly better in size and weight than that big brick sized thing with like the MetaQuest (Occulus) thing or that huge Hololens thing Microsoft is supplying to the military.


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