SHOT Show: Real Avid’s New Master Gun Workstation With Smart Assist Accessory System

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Real Avid seems to have included everything but the kitchen sink in their new Master Gun Workstation. If this thing doesn’t make working on your gun easier – from basic cleaning to mounting an optic or customizing your boomstick – you may have a you-problem.

The Workstation ($199) and the optional Smart-Assist accessory system ($99)will be available later this year.


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  1. Awwww… no kitchen sink, would be handy to wash parts in. 😁

    Ya think you could hang anything else on there?

  2. What a sweet deal.
    The grocery store quit giving me cardboard boxes.
    Wonder how that would work for a bench rest sight in your gunm holder?

  3. for you budget folks… and maybe not budget folks…

    mtm case gard has an AR maintenance stand, new product, at shot show… at some dealers now but also on their web site this spring…$49.00

    also at shot show for those who have been wanting a rifle/hand gun rest for those zero or range trips…mom case gard has a new one coming this spring for purchase via their web site and supposedly at some dealers now…$49.00

  4. This is perfect for the bedazzled accessorizers! You can hang a dreamcatcher and keep your turquoise rings on while you work on your guns!

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