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This bad boy earned a double take out of me at SHOT Show’s range day yesterday. Whoa, okay, a monster revolver with a monster muzzle brake. Where do I sign up?

This is the Taurus Raging Hunter 460 S&W Magnum Two Tone 10 in. and it’s an absolute unit.

Chambered in, you guessed it, 460 S&W Magnum, this beast has a Picatinny rail on both the top and the bottom in front of the frame. With an optic and a bipod, you could really reach way the heck out there and, uh, touch a hog or a deer.

With its 71.26 ounces empty weight and its muzzle compensator, the Raging Hunter may look like a beast but it shoots like a . . . tamed beast.

Chambered in 460 S&W Magnum, the Raging Hunter can also shoot 454 Casull and 45 Colt.

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  1. That looks like a beast! Just don’t attach anything to help you manage the massive recoil. The AFT has declared it’ll be an SBR. Because science.

    • I just realized the photo shows a mini rail on the underside of the forward furniture. Either a small bipod can be attached for stability, or a minimalist “thumb stop” to allow for a full grip around that area of the gun. Even then, it would be a beast to manage upon pulling the trigger.

    • Dang that’s a biggun! I was thinking more about getting a 357 or 44magnum wheelgun. How much is 460 ammo per round?🙄🙃

        • These aren’t quite ” boutique” calibers, but if you plan to shoot these style of guns a lot, you probably also want to commit to reloading for them. One of the biggest advantages to a wheelgun is that they don’t scatter empties hither and yon.

      • All emu cost to much some cost to much more then others. If black bear were the top predator I expected to encounter and also double as a self defense EDC gunm I myself would probably choose the.357. Now if it was a hunt anything in North America with a handgunm and personal self defense EDC was not involved I would choose the .44mag.
        I’ve killed deer with both, however the .44 did a much better job with off the mark shot placement then the .357
        And then we’ve got Larry Magnuson who has taken every big game animal on earth with a .44mag including African elephant.

  2. Since it chambers .45 Colt and has a long cylinder, could it chamber .410 shot shells?


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