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If you’re a 5.7×28 pistol fan — and if you’re not, it’s probably because you haven’t shot one yet — you just got another option. And options are always good.

Today, the first day of SHOT Show, Smith & Wesson announced the new M&P5.7 with a 22-round capacity and S&W’s new gas-operated, locked-breech, rotating TEMPO barrel system.

Here’s Smith’s press release . . .

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, is proud to announce the new full-size M&P5.7 pistol with a 22-round capacity.

Smith & Wesson M&P5.7

In an effort to enhance the performance of the increasingly popular 5.7x28mm round in a polymer handgun platform, Smith & Wesson set out to deliver a new and innovative design that will offer a more reliable, accurate, and consistent shooting experience. Designed within the M&P5.7 is Smith & Wesson’s new gas-operated, locked-breech, rotating Tempo™ Barrel System. Developed to harness the speed of the round, this new 5-inch barrel allows for a quicker extraction once the bullet passes the gas port, creating a more secured fireform effect. This key feature allows for increased precision following the first trigger pull and works to utilize the ballistic advantages of the 5.7x28mm round.

“The M&P5.7 is an exciting new pistol from Smith & Wesson that incorporates a gas-operated Tempo™ Barrel System to effectively harness the 5.7x28mm round, creating a lighter recoil for an overall better shooting experience. Like all Smith & Wesson firearms, the M&P5.7 is proudly made entirely in the USA and is backed by the Smith & Wesson Limited Lifetime Service Policy. Whatever your purpose, the M&P5.7 is versatile, fun, and a must-have,” says Andrew Gore, Product Manager, Handguns.

Smith & Wesson M&P5.7

The M&P5.7 is slide cut for optics to accommodate your preferred micro red dots, has a Picatinny-style rail for added accessories, and includes a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle with thread protector to allow for suppressed shooting capabilities. Its single-action flat-face trigger maintains a crisp break and is designed to allow for consistent finger placement that translates to more accurate and repeatable shooting. This pistol boasts a 22-round capacity and ships with two magazines.

Pick up the TEMPO with accurate and consistent results from the M& 5.7.

MSRP is $699.00

Check out the M&P5.7 at

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    • More my press would require ordering/commissioning a custom shell plate to even begin to try with the cartridge. Reading about other issues made me decide to stick with something easy like 357sig

    • 👍
      At least 5.7 is available.

      Check prices and availability of 7.5 FK Brno.
      I was considering purchasing the Brno Field Pistol, checked on ammo……FK that handgun!

      I shoot 45 Super out of a Mk 23 and 50AE from a stainless DEagle, that ammo is a bargain vs 7.5.

      • 45 super and 50ae brass are also occasionally in stock, 7.5…………well I guess custom bulk order?

        • 👍
          I always shoot at ranges that allow me to collect my own brass.

          I find it comical that there’s currently over 100 7.5 FK Brno handguns (around $2k each poly, around $6k each all metal) FS on, yet there isn’t a single importer of 7.5 FK ammo. 🤪

          I’ve personally emailed three outfits that used to import the stuff, all three responded they no longer handle that ammo.

  1. “If you’re a 5.7×28 pistol fan — and if you’re not, it’s probably because you haven’t shot one yet”

    If you are, it’s probably because you haven’t shot the similar in concept, yet superior in practically every way, .22TCM.

    • Would love to see what that caliber could do in a large frame “pistol” with a 9+ inch barrel.

      • Considering it gets a hair more velocity and energy from a 5″bbl 1911 than 5.7 does from a 16″ carbine, it should be amazing from 9+”. I bet it would be pretty close to the threshold of rifle velocity / wounding.

        5.7 introduced a new capability, at the cost of weird quirks and workarounds (fence-slat magazines and grips, lubricated ammo and special pistol actions). No one believes more strongly in the free market than I do, but this problem represents the rare exception / failure. WTF would anyone deal with all the 5.7 BS when TCM not only does everything 5.7 does (but better); it does so with zero quirks and workarounds, from normal pistols with normal mags and grips?!

        • But it’s not taticool, same problem as 32naa, 357 sig, 40 super, and 9×25 Dillon. Fun to use very effective for what they are reliable in reliable firearms but generally not in common use or popular media depiction (video games)

        • An excellent point. On the rare occasion when the market fails, pop-culture cheesedickery is usually the cause. I love most of those cartridges, BTW.

          Besides shooting / designing / building and updating modern guns, I love historical speculation about what might’ve / should’ve been. Along these lines, it occurred to me that when the Soviets decided that they wanted a lighter-recoil, blowback-suitable replacement for 7.62x25mm, simply necking it down (5.45x25mm, basically TCM Magnum) could have produced an amazing PDW cartridge.

        • Wait at that point would it be easier to neck down 10mm brass to 5.45 (or 223) for availability/manufacturing purposes (guess 40sw could work too)

        • That’s .224BOZ (created by the inventor of 6.5 Grendel for a government contract, but seems to have fizzled out). I’ve never tried to reload it, but it looks really challenging (steep shoulder and very little neck IIRC).

        • Neat, looks like 38 super may be the better (for ease of working with shoulder angle and neck length) parent case for such a thing but cool to see it was tried (wouldn’t be surprised if a 38 super to 22 something has already been attempted).

        • Although TCM is technically 5.56 brass cut down and re-necked, being .45-length (as opposed to 9R, which is 9mm-length) it’s basically the same as necking down Super – but with stronger brass and no archaic semi-rim.

          I’m nauseated by the comments under TFB’s article about this pistol. One guy (who used to post here) is stating facts about TCM, while 5.7 fanbois are retaliating with blatant lies like claiming TCM is “overpressure” (less than 80% of 5.7), “can’t cycle light-bullet loads” (which simply don’t exist), and “prohibitively expensive” (36c / round, i.e. half 5.7 and cheaper than just about anything but 9mm).

        • On the one hand always more to learn and some people don’t care if they are initially wrong so long as they get it right. On the other hand some will remain stuck on what they think is correct even when actual proven evidence blows their idea out. Either way it’s going to be a 44 magnum kind of month for reloading/shooting followed by a 22lr until large magnum pistol primers are back in stock.

        • I understand (although I don’t condone or agree with) loving a person enough to lie.

          I understand (although I don’t condone or agree with) lying to shill for money.

          Becoming so emotionally attached to an inanimate object that you’re willing to misrepresent readily verifiable facts is incomprehensible to me.

          I’m glad you’re able to keep shooting despite the climate (political and otherwise. I haven’t been for a while, but hope to get my PDW ready and on the range soon.

        • One of the warmest winters I have been able to play in and politically well the smallest dog barks the loudest.

  2. Looks like someone distorted a M&P in Photoshop. Uglier than the Ruger or FN (new or old generations), or even the palmetto state.

    Now if someone could make the ammo cheaper, that would be amazing!

  3. 5.7 is now DOWN to 60 cents a round
    or 30 bucks for a box of 50
    – before shipping –
    or 3x 9mm or 2x .40 and .45
    or 2x .223/5.56/7.62×39
    or the same as .308
    *and isnt better overall than any of them*
    so yeah
    go ahead and write stuff like:
    “If you’re a 5.7×28 pistol fan — and if you’re not, it’s probably because you haven’t shot one yet”

  4. What does, “creating a more secured fireform effect” mean? Sounds like either marketeeze or settled science to me.

    • My guess is that they are saying they have better sealing of the brass to chamber before the pressure drops and the case is extracted than other 5.7 pistols which, I think, are basically blowback operated. So more consistent velocity or cleaner operating maybe?

  5. 5.7 in a pistol is the final answer to the question no one asked.

    5.7 makes sense in an SMG role as designed. It makes sense in full auto. But it never will make sense as a handgun round.

    • While Ft Hood’s after action reports would dispute some of that yes it does make way more sense in a smg.

  6. And it’s just as ugly as every other S&W… All they did was make the grip even fatter and more abnormal.

  7. 7.62×25 85gr@1580=483ft lbs
    5.7×28 40gr@2,351=490ft lbs
    We’ve had the Super 30 with the 7.62×25 for years but for some reason it went no where?
    I suppose with the criminals starting to wear bullet proof vest the 5.7×28 may have a place in the gunm world, however those test were constructed using different bullet composition then what we citizens can buy.
    But it’s all about semi automatics now days, however the .357 is quite possibly the most versatile handgunm cartridge designed in the last 100 years.

    • copper solids in 357 are perfectly serviceable against all but higher end 3a vests assuming you have something a bit larger than a snubbie. Other than that I can only assume we did super 30 for barrel conversion kits between existing guns.

  8. Despite the negative comments, the Ruger 5.7 looks cool, not bulky, and is just plain fun to shoot. Double taps are easy to keep on target. And with green tip ammo, the round is capable of nearly 2,500 fps. And 20 rounds in the mag make this a formidable gun.

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