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According to Taurus, “The first Judge of its kind is ready to take on whatever comes your way. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be.” I reckon “it” is the media coverage given the new Smith & Wesson shotshell-firing Governor handgun. But the Raging Judge’s new caliber, 28-gauge, raises more question than it answers. Like what does THAT feel like? Not surprisingly, the presser reassures potential owners that the new Raging Judge isn’t completely insane. “The Taurus Raging Judge in 28 gauge comes equipped with the distinctive ‘Raging Bull’ cushioned insert grip for reduced felt recoil and its strong, ordnance grade steel frame is built to take everything the revolver dishes out.” Overkill? Judge not lest ye be judged.

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  1. Let the shotgun shell arms race begin. This beast gives “hand cannon” a new name.

    How long before we get the Hanging Judge which will shoot 12 gauge 3.5″ magnum shells? It will come with a carbon fiber wrist brace, connected by blue tooth to the gun, and won’t fire unless the shooter wears it lest it break your arm with every shot.

  2. I can’t wait for someone to release a semi auto 10 gauge pistol with drum mag hanging out the grip for maximum destruction.

  3. Come on, Taurus! We all know you wanted to call it The Executioner, except that the name is already copyrighted by the publisher of those horrid gun-porn paperbacks of the 1970s and 1980s. You could still call it the Splattershot, or maybe The Crowd-Pleaser, though. So, uh, how’s the recoil?

    Anyway, when the 20-gauge comes out in a few years you’ll be able to call that model (for those brave enough to fire it) The Lord High Executioner. Or maybe you’ll save that name for the aforementioned 10-gauge, as another source of innocent merriment.

  4. The “big revolver” idea seems to crop up every few years. About 10 years ago there was something called the “Bison Bull” which was an SA revolver chambered for the massive .45-70 rifle cartridge. Later, Magnum Research made another .45-70 caliber SA revolver.

  5. I’d like to try this gun using brass 28 gauge cases and a 500 grain hardcast bullet(idea brought up on a gun forum and it piqued my interest). However, the revolver in the photo is not the new “Raging Judge XXVIII”. The one pictured is last year’s new offering, the Raging Judge Magnum, chambered for .410, .45 Colt and .454 casull.

  6. Taurus needs to come out with a 3 shot .410 ultra light and call it the Judge Judy. :p

    And just to get it overwith, a 12 ga heavy some-b that’s called the chief judge.

  7. I thought a two shot 28 gauge derringer was a good idea. Somebody call Bond Arms and see if they can make it happen. Maybe a 5 or 6 inch barrel with a hogue grip. Maybe it wouldn’t be a derringer at that size but it would be a whole lot more manageable .

  8. I’m just waiting for Taurus to come out with a 10 gauge 7 shot handgun named Judge Judy…… I know when this happens everyone in court will remain quite.

  9. I was hoping the original Raging judge that I handled at last years S.H.O.T. would be offered in a 8″ bbl, Cause I already own a 45-70 chamber reamer. And remember guys and gals factory ammo for the 45-70 is loaded wildly anemic, since there are a lot of old trapdoor Springfield’s still being shot, so the round is loaded to very low CUP.

    When I was into T/C contenders in a big way, I had a 14″ 45LC bbl reamed for the “Anemic” 45-70, let me tell you with a careful load workup, I had that cartridge close to .458Win Mag pressures and ballistic performance, using either duplex loads (Don’t try that at home kids) or pistol powder with cornmeal buffer media, Only had one head sep, but that was my fault trying to get another reload out of stretched brass.

    But I also had a .44 Mag 14″ bbl “double cut” to fire .410 3″ AND .444 Marlin! (This was the early bbl with the external screw on choke for .44 shotshells). Now that bad boy had a bit of recoil lol.

    Steve Herrit (May you rest in peace buddy) called me one day and told me my beloved range head turner the fantastic .30 Herrit was dead..Come over and check out the .357 Herrit he says. When I went over I brought the triple 4 with me, and of course Bob was hanging around. They both put a few rounds on steel…and smiled, bob looked at Steve and said “what do you think, .3X4 Milek” as far as I know no work was done on that project

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