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If you’re trying to master all the variable variables that make long-distance shooting such an engrossing challenge, you want ammo that’s more consistent than the panel gaps on a Bugatti Veyron. Given that premium ammo makers work to SAMMI spec and rely on post-game inspections to detect defective loads, even the best factory ammo may fail to scratch that OCD itch. You might also have a hankering something that’s not on the premium bullet makers’ ballistic menu: something involving ultra-precise, weight-measured powder charges. While some precision shooters enjoy hand-loading these magic cartridges, others consider it a PITA. For them, Setpoint Ammunition is a godsend . . .

Setpoint is applying expertise gleaned from just-in-time, lean-defect, zero-tolerance manufacturing for the auto industry (and others) to the business of packaging bullets and powder for persnickety people just like you. Maybe even you.

The cool part: you tell Setpoint how you want them to make your bullets and they’ll make them EXACTLY to order. I know what you’re thinking: why isn’t Farago down at the tables playing Blackjack. Either that or yeah right. How many bullets do I have to order, which arm or leg do I have to sacrifice and how long do I have to wait?

According to Setpoint’s Steven Nuetzman [show], you can order as few as 20 or as many as you like, they’ll cost the same as mainstream manufacturers’ premium grade cartridges and delivery takes two to three days from the moment you pull the trigger. In case I didn’t get all that, Steve ticks off the possibilities on his fingers . . .

Any quantity

Any configuration

Multiple performance-specific projectiles

Multiple powder types

Infinite variables in bullet seating depth

Ultra-precision weight-measured powder charges

As I said, Setpoint’s going to make for super maxi ultra mega precision rifle people very happy. But what about the rest of us: riflemen and women who have trouble ordering Chinese food—never mind choosing from amongst infinite variables?

Neutzman acknowledges that his company needs to eliminate as well as create options. He told TTAG that Setpoint is set on creating a range of standard loads. Better yet, they’re looking at creating cartridges specifically tailored to particular gun models.

At the moment, riflemen and woman looking to Setpoint the record straight are restricted to .308 caliber. More cartridges are in the pipeline. While we’re getting ready to place our first order, please send your customer review to [email protected]. Who’d a thought Alvin Toffler prediction would be coming true on a range near you?

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  1. Show Show or shot show, I think Setpoint is really on to something. Preping primer pockets and sizing brass is not my idea of fun if I can buy serious match grade .308 that will out perform status quo match grade stuff from big box Manufacturers. I’d rather be out shooting. Hope this ammo is available soon.

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