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These exclusive photos capture most of the Red Jacket Firearms crew stalking the halls of the SHOT show this morning. These pictures also demonstrate why I am not usually called on to take photographs for TTAG, but that’s another story. Make the jump for more, if you dare . . .

‘Business Manager/shop vixen Stephanie Hayden, seen here without buckets of eye shadow and eyeliner, looks surprisingly little like her ‘Made For TV’ persona.

Meanwhile, in a separate ZIP code (but still on the same gargantuan convention floor), R. Lee Ermey fans proved that good taste prevails. Eventually. Factory reps and journos alike were lined up an hour deep, waiting for a picture with the beloved Gunny. Meeting and greeting is hard work; even an iron man like Ermey needs to replenish his dip now and then.

Meanwhile, I’m on the prowl for booth babes, as directed by RF (who’s RTBed). Maybe the quality of the image won’t mean so much . . .

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  1. Gunny is awesome. I met him at NRA this year and he was great, taking pics and signing autographs. I realize that Glock pays his freight, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Same goes for Todd Jarrett and Jerry Miculek.

  2. I hold about as much esteem for ermey as I do for the red jackoffs. I know that will make a lot of his fanboys butthurt, but at least the molon labia crew should be used to that by now, what with their idolization of the kiddy diddlers, er, spartans, and all.

  3. With the possible exception of the chick. I’d activey avoid having my picture taken with the RJ (I hesitate to even capitalize it) crew.

    • Straight Jacket (er, Red Jacket) really would make great comedy. Adding a laugh track to Sons Of Guns would do.. Maybe a little ticking clock could appear ever time Will searches for a word.

  4. Hey Chris: Good photography starts by using an actual camera, not a cell phone! Ha! 🙂 BTW, Pick me up some swag, Ok? T-Shirts, stickers, HK 416, its all good.

    And while you are at it, ask Will if he is really such a big asshole in real life!

  5. Tell Mr Hayden to hurry up and invent the 1911. I’ve been waiting ever since he invented the Masterkey shotgun.

    • +1

      Ohhh, harsh.

      It is not possible to hate too much on Red Jacket Firearms. They’re scum.

      The Gunny is good people, tho.

      • I retract my comment, I didn’t realize that red jacket already invented the 1911. Does anyone know if they have invented the ma deuce yet?

  6. I’m 6’8″, and I can work a camera. How about next year you get the tix and I’ll buy my own airfare?

  7. Glad to hear I’m not alone in my negative opinion of Red Jacket. I couldn’t even make it through one episode of that painful show with its pathetic cast. Hollywood makes a fortune parading the dregs of society before our eyes on an hourly basis and they certainly didn’t fail to accomplish the same inside the walls of the Red Jacket establishment. Dang, that show is horrendous, and I cringe when my gunless friends ask me about it.

  8. RJF…What a joke. Does Will Hayden have any right to use the name Red Jacket? I’m pretty sure he got shut down from weapons manufacture in 2009 for “losing” 10 registered weapons in his possession and lost his FFL for a long, long time. That guy is scum and gives a bad name to anyone in the industry. I wouldn’t put Gunny in the same category of pictures. He’s a good ole’ boy and a marine. Semper Fi!

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