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If carrying cocked and locked is how you roll, Colt’s pocket-sized beauty will give the people at SIG something to think about. Like why Colt waited so long to copy their copy with the origina. Unlike the SIG SAUER P238, the Mustang Pocketlite .380 gives 1911 fan boys more pseudo-authenticity in a pocketable security blanket (for those times when even a Commander-sized gun is too much) . . .

These little jewels have aluminum frames tucked under stainless slides milled from bar stock (no casting aspersions then). Have a 90’s vintage ‘Stang? Colt engineer Mark Fraher told TTAG that the new parts are interchangeable with the old.

Colt’s upgraded the trigger from polymer (on the older models) to aluminum on the current vintage. The pocket pistol ships with two mags ready to be stuffed with 6+1 of .380 fury for an MSRP of $599.

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  1. So it’s a remake of something Sig copied and improved, but without the improvements…

    One of the things I’m most impressed by in my P238 are the sights which work very well and give the pistol far greater range than I thought it would have.

    Colt has undid that improvement.

    The plastic trigger on the P238 works, but if I can get it to work, I’d swap it out for the aluminum version, just because.

    • Pretty much this.

      I’ve seen the new mustang on sale at a local gun store, and it was more expensive than any version of the P238 they had in stock, including the HD with night sights that I bought from them.

  2. .380 fury?
    I remember thinking they were really nice back in the seventies, when .380 really was a powerful cartridge for a pocket pistol.
    This one seems even nicer.
    Being a nostalgic kind of guy, I may get one for the safe.
    Take it out now and then for play time.

  3. Not knowing a lot about Colt Mustangs – I’m going to assume that this has some sort of safety, so that cocked & locked isn’t reckless.

    Being a strong believer in “location, location, location” I’d carry a .380 with no qualms if I can consistently put the rounds where I want them. Saw a video of a SEAL who responded to the disparaging of the 9mm with the line “when I put two in your heart and one in your head, you won’t know the difference.”

    Yeah – SEALs train a lot. IMNSHO if you carry you should train constantly as well. YMMV.

  4. On the plus side it would seem Colt is re-releasing the Oldies but Goldies. Maybe one day we’ll see their Double Action Revolvers again. ::Crossing Finders::

  5. Make it in 9 and I’ll think a little more highly of it. I won’t buy at it, but I won’t laugh at it.

  6. @ Ben: But unless they could make a 9mm the same size as a Mustang/P238 (which they can’t), I’ll just keep my 9mm Kahr MK9 (quasi-)pocket pistol. Or else, carry my EMP OWB.

      • Kimber solo is a beautiful gun.
        I thought about buying one, but they seem to be jamamatics at this time.
        The Colt Mustang is not really marketed for those who would buy a Solo or any other striker fired pistol.
        It’s designed to be a smaller pocket version of the 1911 .45acp aimed squarely at the cocked and locked crowd.

        • It’s not just the jam-o-matic thing that keeps me away from a Solo (although that’s a factor.) It’s also because, already having a perfectly fine MK9, I don’t see any point in getting a gun in the same caliber whose dimensions are basically the same.

          And while I love the single-action cocked-and-locked 1911s, the P238/Mustang doesn’t seem (to me) to be small enough if I was going the route of the pocket pistol. If I was going .380, I’d either go Ruger LCP or Kahr P380, I think.

      • Yea the Solo is nice, but costs more than twice as much! Also, for those asking about the safety, it is on the other side of the gun similar set up to a 1911. I am a big colt fan (have a delta elite and a le6940), we had a Sig p238, completely un reliable so I sold it. I will be buying a mustang for myself and my wife, loved the P238 and will have the Colt name I know and trust.

  7. This isn’t exactly new–it was shown at last year’s show with an expected release date of June 2011 (which it did not make). These have been showing up in various places since last fall, and are probaby more or less competitive with the Sig in pricing. As I understand it, the Mustang is virtually unchanged from the S/SII model, but with a big upgrade in fit and finish through the use of state of the art CNC machining and a new assembly line. Personally I thin this gun is better looking than the Sig, although I like Sig’s multiple fashion statements.
    And it is a single action and it does have a thumb safety on the left side of the frame. I haven’t heard anything of a magazine safety or a LCI, so this gun win not likely be legal in California or Mass. [Interestingly, Sig has a specially California approved version of the 238 that went on the roster in June of last year, but not a single person I know of has ever seen one.]

    • because except for the 238 it has a better trigger than all of them and it’s a true pocket pistol. The Nano, LC9 and the like are to big for pocket carry…my pockets anyways.

    • Go to the range and fire any of the Colt mini 1911’s, and you will understand. I have a Government Model 380, and would not trade it for a Sig P238. There’s just something about a Colt.

      • +1. And the Colt Government 380 is a bunch more accurate than the old Colt Mustang. You will be lucky to find a nice (95% finish) Gov’t 380 for less than $800 today.

      • Amen brother. I purchased and tried the new Sig version and a friend of mine did the same but after I pulled out my Colt Pocketlite and we fired it? No comparison, the Colt is SOOOO much sweeter we both agreed.

  8. IF this had been out when I bought my P238, I may have bought it instead simply because it’s a Colt. And the fact that it ships with 2 mags doesn’t hurt… Stupid Sig and their ONE mag… New Sig P238 mags still cost over $40 most places.

    But alas, I already have my Sig. I MAY switch my P238 for the new P938 that is coming out, if y’all haven’t check it out! It’s only slightly bigger than the P238, I’d love to not have to buy .380 anymore.

    • Meh. A 9mm that holds 6 rounds and I can’t even get my pinky on the grip? Forgive me for not being too enthusiastic about THAT shooting experience.

      • Few people think the S&W 642/442 is a fun gun for extended range sessions, but plenty of people carry them.

        It’s a pocket gun, and it will come with a grip extension if your pinky feels left out.

  9. You guys should shoot one, while the 380 isn’t actually a hard recoiling round with its delayed blowback and tilting barrel the Mustang has ZERO recoil. It does seem over-designed in today’s flood of fixed barrel direct blowback 380’s. However, in new shooter training classes it is always a favorite including those who didn’t want to shoot anything larger than a 22. For those wondering about its manual safeties: firing pin block, and right handed thumb safety (its on the left side). regards!

    • Have you seen the new Kimber Micro CDP .380? Ambi-safety and laser grips. It’s a perfect addition to my Crimson Carry II .45ACP. Would love to see a review….

  10. Has anyone had any experience with converting to an ambi-dextrous or even left-only safety? Otherwise this is worthless to 15% of the population (including me). I looked at one of these 20 years ago, and another last week. Cute, but useless for a Southpaw.

  11. I bought a new Mustang recently when I waited for a Sig P238 and they weren’t available. It’s a nice mini-1911, easy to shoot and so far 100% reliable. I paid less for it than the local store was advertising the out-of-stock Sig P238. Build quality seems very good. Relatively easy to CC. Right hand safety. Satisfying purchase.

  12. Picked the Colt up with lazer last May 2017. This is one sweet dream hand gun. The only thing l changed is a nail polish painted front sight. Prepped sight with acetone and blue painters tape to get it laid down neat and straight. Base flat white, then Bright yellow – greenish, and a top coat of clear gloss, half way down the sight ramp to better pick up the front sight . Works like a charm and is holding up well a year later. I prefer SA semi-auto due to my carrying a issued 1911 Colt .45 during Vietnam. I also believe in Location, Location, Location,. Two to the heart, one to the head. Practice, Practice, Practice 3-tap ! I only carry cocked and locked if l’m in a known area that warrants it. The Desantis brown leather holster for lazer equipped # 019I12 on belt at 4 o’clock position is comfortable and great for concealment . I carry modern high penetrations .380 rounds and two 7 round spare clips. Outside my military training, l received my CCW training & qualification through a Ohio Peace Officers Firearms Commander & Instructor, whom l practice at the range with every two weeks or as our schedules permit. I’m very confident with my ability and set up when using this fine precision hand gun made in the USA for CCW carry. I now leave the big calibers at home for when those druggie heroin and crack heads come to steal my stuff, lol ! Hope this might help someone decide between the Sig & Colt .380. Enjoy, ~ DT ~ July 2018

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