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When you’re putting your wares on display for tens of thousands of purchasers, journalists, and enthusiasts, you shouldn’t need an MBA to tell you you really need to bring your best stuff. No ‘beta’ testing versions. No prototypes (unless you clearly label them as such) and no clunkers.  Ever.

Take this stainless Rossi .45-70 lever gun, for example. The screw heads were all mangled, the wood didn’t fit right, and the lever jammed itself open the first time I cycled it. It also had a bolt so loose it barely stayed in the receiver.

Rossi isn’t the only gunmaker whose demo models aren’t quite ready for prime time; I’m only singling them out because they inadvertently supplied me with the best pictures and video.

Is this how Rossi really wants to portray this $650 rifle? Probably not. But they made the call to bring this particular gun to the most important trade show in the entire industry. We appreciate the stress of preparing for SHOT, but life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Even when it is.

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  1. Maybe Rossi did bring their ” A game “.
    I have never owned a Rossi, never even considered it.
    Don’t know anyone who does.
    Arn’t they owned by Taurus now?
    I do own two (2) Taurus revolvers, both excellent guns, but they were purchased in 2003 /2004.
    From what I hear Taurus QC is really bad at present.

  2. I’m hearing of QC problems with Marlin ever since they got bought out and moved as well .

    Seen some pretty bad photos.

  3. I took a good look at the Versamax by Remington. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see where this gun goes. But the rep who showed it to me took the magazine off, and stripped it down quite a bit. He told me in exact words: “This is the gun that is going to make Benelli go bye-bye.” My response was: “Yeah, right.”

    Anyway, after boasting about all the virtues of the gun, the guy couldn’t put it back together. I tried to show him what he was doing wrong, but he just got frustrated, and piled the pieces under the display and said his armorer would take care of it.

    Oh well.

    By the way, it was great meeting you guys this week.

  4. German Manufacture Korth brought a .357 revolver. It was beautiful, but no springs inside, etc. It was just a shell of a gun. You could not pull the trigger to feel the action. I would think if you came all the way from Germany and only had one gun to display, it would be a working gun and not a shell of a gun missing internals.

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