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We first saw the JR-15 at last year’s SHOT Show and I thought it was pretty freakin’ awesome! This year, they’re about ready to start shipping and I was able to put a few mags through the scaled-down AR at Range Day.

Yes! My only critical comment / suggestion after seeing it last year was a threaded barrel. When I shoot with my girls, I shoot suppressed! The JR-15 is available with a 16-inch, threaded barrel for just such use.

I shot the suppressed model and it was awesome. It’s a miniature AR-15 in every way, but it plinks 22 LR downrange. It was accurate, it was fun, it was quiet, and it ran great without a hitch.

Love it.


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  1. Cue the liberals wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes. Multiple MSM stories will appear, more biased anti-gun studies will appear, claims of arming ‘far right wing violent radical white supremacists kids’ with ‘assault rifles’ will appear, screams of doom and armageddon and rivers of blood in the streets will fill the capital buildings as democrat politicians everywhere melt down in spit-spewing diatribes, and Nancy Pelosi will be called in for an emergency consult to tell Joe Biden what to say.

    • They already did last year, covering the WEE1 and it’s “marketing to children with edgy cartoon skulls.” And don’t worry, now this year, they have again already got you covered. From the New Republic:

      “Just weeks after a 6-year-old shot his teacher, a gun trade show in Las Vegas is hosting a manufacturer promoting its “JR-15,” a child-size AR-15 rifle….”

      Remember, you can’t have parents teaching kids how to be safe with firearms, or how to enjoy responsibly shooting them. Kids need to be told nothing about firearms except they are always bad and terrible. The less kids know about safely using firearms, the better, so that when a kid finds one and kills or injures someone it can be used to push for more restrictions.

    • Chances of getting a vote in a Chuck Schumer controlled Senate? -100% Gun control is Chucky’s signature issue, so it’s going nowhere, even if it gets 435 votes in the House.

  2. Any news on a release date? I’ve got a niece coming in late May/early June and would rather get her one of these than a Rascal.

  3. Now that’s even cuter than those little Cricket(?) Morison Nagant mock-ups.

    On the other hand, I know many locations that would sic CPS on any parent who’d allow their kid to even look at one…

    • I was at Wally World right after Christmas and stopped by the gun counter for a couple boxes of .22 while there I asked how gun sales were this holiday season and which were the big sellers, the clerk’s answer was Crickets and 10/22s (the 10/22s were bought mostly for kids) sold briskly. I love living here (SW VA), what a contrast after spending 31 years across the river from Manhattan and another 25 years in NW N.J. here the culture matches mine and the kids are raised right.

    • The concepts of marksmanship apply to semi-autos just as they do to single shots. You have a group size when you are first learning to shoot. The goal is to reduce that group size through proper hold, stance, trigger control, and a few other fundamentals. Regardless of the type of action, break action, bolt, lever, pump, semi…, you still need to learn the fundamentals to shrink group size and improve marksmanship.

      If a fun shooting semi-auto gets someone into the sport of shooting it is a good thing.

    • they didn’t.

      large commercial gun shows have always had a military and law enforcement component for newer or unique ‘technology’ the same as large commercial shows for technology in general. its not the NSSF, its the companies simply showcasing their wares and that’s what the shows are for. they aren’t just for ‘civilians’ and never have been.

  4. I’ll tell you who it’s for. It’s for US, to be used against US.
    Armed robots, armored vehicles and kamikaze drones, at a show supposedly dedicated to the shooting sports.
    The cops and the military are NOT our friends, and NSSF has lost the plot entirely.

    • The gun industry is part of the “military industrial complex”. And I am very happy that we have it. Because the military industrial complex supplies me with all the guns and ammunition I want. Whether it’s a gun in your hand, or a gun mounted in a drone. That is part of the gun business.

      Personally I’d like to mount a gun on my Cessna 172. Or an Aeronca Champion. Or perhaps a J3 Cub. Who says the Air Force are the only ones that can have fun?

      But you are correct. The police and military are not our friends. Which is why we should be able to have armed civilian aircraft. That is also part of our Second Amendment civil rights.


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