Remington Model 700-CP ARMBRACE
Courtesy Remington
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Huntsville, AL – Engineered for drilling big game, varmints, steel silhouettes and targets from a couple football fields away. Built around the Remington 700 bolt-action and chassis system, the Model 700-CP gives hunters and shooters an accurate and compact platform for backcountry hunting and long-range competition where the targets may be set at 300, 500, 700 yards and beyond.

The legendary Model 700 action provides the industry’s fastest lock time (2.5 to 3.0 milliseconds), which minimizes the effects of shooter movement meaning greater shot-to-shot consistency. Bringing Remington bolt-action pistols to the modern age, the Model 700-CP’s Remington Chassis comes equipped with a collapsible SB Tactical arm brace and a M-LOK free float handguard. The forged aluminum chassis is lightweight, extremely durable and allows for AICS pattern detachable magazine and many accessories.

Key Features

  • Remington 700 Action
  • Light contour carbon barrel, Cerakote black
    • 5” barrel (.300BLK)
    • 5” barrel (.308 WIN/6.5CM)
  • Over-sized bolt knob
  • Threaded barrel (5/8 x 24 TPI) with thread protector
  • M‐LOK Compatible Free Float Tube
  • SB Tactical SBA3 Arm Brace, collapsible
  • 10 round Magpul AICS pattern magazine (.308WIN/6.5 CM) or 10 round MDT magazine (.300BLK)
  • One-piece cantilever Picatinny optic rail
  • X Mark Pro adjustable trigger, set from 3.5-5 lbs at the factory

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  1. I don’t think this will be a big seller. I can think of better ways of drilling “big game, varmints, steel silhouettes and targets.”

    Do they still make double stack 1911s? I never see them anymore. Maybe pump some money into the pistol lineup.

    • Rock Island Armory makes their full frame 10mm double stack. It’s a beast that weighs 4 lbs, but an instructor I spoke with said he got the privilege of trying one out, and it was surprisingly manageable due to its size/weight balancing out the 10mm muzzle flip.

      If it weren’t for the fact that our Dear Leaders in Sacramento know so much better than we, and look out for our well-being and safety above all else by banning this evil weapon, I might have made the mistake of actually buying one.

      Oh wait, what’s this? You mean our Unsafe Gun Roster only applies to the unwashed masses, and a LEO may purchase one because the Dems don’t want to piss off their “personal army”, and therefore don’t trample on their rights like they do to the rest of us? You mean there’s a caste society growing that is beginning to violate the 14th Amendment by creating a de facto second class citizenry?

  2. Well…that’s interesting. I have to admit that on the one hand I have a very bad taste in my mouth about Remington products, on the other, given the history…I wish them all the best.

    • Exactly. It can now unintentionally discharge from a different position? Gosh, new-and -novel-cutting-edge-same-old-POS.

  3. This is kinda cool. Not sure I’d want one, or to use 6.5 creedmore or .308 through a pistol length.

    • Several weeks ago, I myself made the exact same comment regarding someone’s preference of a .308 chambered “shorty” barrel of only 10 inches. I wouldn’t want one and don’t trust the ballistics (incomplete powder burn, twist, etc.), and I was hit with a barrage of negative ju-ju from others claiming they get great results from their own .308 “pistols”. To which I simply ended with “to each his own, but not for me and my wallet”.

      • Forgotten Weapons did a comparison, a 7.62×39 was more effective with an 8″ barrel than a .308 with an 8″ barrel. They used the PTR .308 pistol compared to a sbr ak. 300 blackout is the only chamber that makes sense.

        • A the 12.5″ this gun is offered in, the .308Win provides almost twice the energy of a 16″ 7.62X39 at 300 yards.

        • JW for every inch of .308 you gain approximately 140 fps of muzzle velocity. I’d rather have an 18″+ barrel if Im shooting .308 but that’s me. If I was hunting deep thick brush and wanted something short and powerful I’d stick with a revolver. Like I said I don’t know if I’d want one with a barrel this short.

  4. Wait… If that “brace” were properly attached to a right-handed shooters arm – shouldn’t the action be left handed?

    • I was going to say the same. If this is strapped to your right arm as designed, it’s much faster and easier to work the action with the free left hand. I guess they came out with the left hand model first.

  5. April Fool’s a little early? WTF would somebody do with a bolt action pistol, never mind one strapped to there right wrist with a 10 inch barrel. How TF do you run the action if you are holding it in your right hand? This has got to be a joke right? Has Remington lost their collective minds?

    • MB,

      You obviously have no idea of the true use of the pistol brace. With the 100s of thousands sold, I doubt more than 3 people use it as an arm brace. LOL

      • I use it to brace the uppermost part of my arm, where it begins from my torso. Right up there along my inner shoulder.

      • @d You did read my post right. I also said “How TF do you run the action if you are holding it in your right hand? ” So you think this is useful? Maybe one shot. Accurate for 40 yards maybe…

          • @d okay , which is it, strap it up or shoulder the stupid thing? Either way I ain’t sticking my face that close to a barrel end with a .308 in the chamber. It’s a useless weapon when there are 300bl AR out there for less $$$ .

      • I tried using it ‘as intended’ once, just to see for myself.

        It was completely ridiculous.

        IMO, the real benefit of those things is to let you have some fun while you wait for the SBR paperwork.

    • It makes for a very compact firearm with the functional accuracy of a bolt action rifle when the brace is used “incorrectly”.

      If you run a silencer on it its easier on the ears while still being more compact than most fullsize bolt actions.

      • would be interested in seeing how the accuracy of a 12.5″ barrel is compared to the 20″ of a round like the .305 or 6.5CM…this is a solution for a problem nobody asked to be solved. Slightly just more ridiculous than the Henry Axe .410 shorty.

  6. Remington saw a good thing when Black Collar Arms created their Pork Sword. The question is, how does Jeremy S. feel about this? 😉

    • I’ve been running the Pork Sword Pistol without a brace, since November. I took it all over Idaho hunting for black bear (no black bears, only grizzlies, everywhere, again, still), and then I’ve been culling does with it all season.
      I’m using a 12.5″ Rainier Arms heavy contour .308Win barrel on top of a stock Rem BDL action and trigger, the PS chassis with the Far End, a custom wood grip, and a Bushnell 2-7 pistol scope. (I would not recommend that scope.)
      I built a 125gr Hornady SST round, moving as fast as I could get it, (2,675fps). This is generating 960ft/lbs of energy at 300 yards, and has proven very capable on our deer out to that range. The recoil is very manageable.
      I really dig that gun. It needs the Leupold variable power scope, but other than that, it’s been tons of fun, and brings both ease of use, as well as challenge to longer range pistol hunting.

  7. This product makes zero sense to me. Whats next, a tactical muzzleloader? A company with a history like Remington should be looking to preserve any respect for their brand that might remain. Reputation is everything- it takes a long time to build and no time at all to lose.

  8. Our 700 action is legendary, people like AR stuff, lets bolt all that to our flagship 700 and try to get people’s money. Tell em its for the zombie apocalypse.

    • “Legendary”? Yeah, that’s the word to attach to the dozens of people dead as a result of this garbage “action” discharging upon cocking, upon switching the safety, upon chambering a round…

      It is the height of hubris (and somehow, public ignorance of the last 50 years) that anything with a 700 action POS is shoveled out the door at all.

      • As far as my knowledge goes, the unintended discharges of the Rem. 700 rifles were caused by the trigger group (fixed by now), not the action itself. What am I missing?

        • Correct. Supposedly, the effected batches used too much adhesive inside the trigger box. Pieces of said adhesive would flake off and occasionally get lodged in the mechanism. Disengaging the safety on a chambered round could cause it to fire

  9. I would have to spend time at the range practicing but I think I can work the bolt with my right thumb.

    • 12.5 .308 is well north of 2K fps. It will slap steel consistently out to 600ish before it’s transsonic.

  10. “Light contour carbon barrel, Cerakote black
    5” barrel (.300BLK)
    5” barrel (.308 WIN/6.5CM)”

    10.5″ for 300Blk is alright.
    12.5″ for .308 WIN/6.5CM is more than a bit short, but 5 inches? Getoutofhere! 😃

    • in a 5″ barrel they’re going to be competing with the Bond derringers! Bond Moose Mauler in 6.5CM…

  11. I have the .308 with the 12.5″ barrel and I love it. Not too much recoil, however the blast is pretty impressive. I got it for deer hunting. I can put a single point sling on it and in my neck of the woods, it will make a great stalking gun.

    • Actually for hunting this ain’t a bad idea. Here in Pa it’s so damn thick I use my game master with 2″s cut off the stock because its shorter than my 700 by a good 6″ or more. Just this year I got so close to a deer several times in some thick pines that by the time I had my gun up it was concealed already. Something this light and short I could keep it shouldered and ready.

  12. I have the 308 12.5 barrel and have already put a SB tactical folding adapter and SBA3 brace but if you remove the fore end like I did and drill and tap a 3 or 5 slot rail on the bottom of the chassis for the bi pod it really looks more tactical any I have my gun shop owner looking for the braced 6.5 best gun shop in Kentucky Mike’s Gun Sop Frankfort,Ky

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