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At Range Day this year I snagged Bergara’s new B-14 R, a .22 LR trainer that fits the full Remington 700 short action footprint, and sent some rounds downrange. After drilling steel at 100 yards, schmearing the target with a half dollar-sized lead splat, I switched over to Bergara’s semi-auto BXR carbon and emptied a 10/22 magazine through it.

The full size, weight, and footprint (any stock or chassis designed for a Remington 700 short action footprint action will fit the B-14 R) of a centerfire Remington 700, Bergara’s B-14 R is chambered in .22 LR with a short, crisp bolt throw to match.

Shooting .22 LR from a full-size rifle like the B-14 R allows for affordable practice at shorter ranges. For instance, one can experience all the drop, wind drift, and general challenge of shooting a 6.5 Creedmoor past a thousand yards by shooting .22 LR to just a couple/few hundred yards.

With the B-14 R, the shooter could use the exact same stock or chassis, trigger, and optic as used on their PRS or hunting rifle.

Even the same bolt knob, bipod, etc. Hence, rifles of this sort are often referred to as trainers.

The B-14 R was an amazing shooter that exceeded my expectations. Having shot some other, high-end .22 LR trainers I was shocked at how crisp, tight, and smooth the B-14 R’s action is and how absolutely fantastic the trigger is. And, while I was shooting somewhat quickly at a foot-wide, jet black dinner plate of a target with no center mark that limited my ability to accurately hold center, I put up a surprisingly tight little group.

This thing is a tack driver and it’s extremely well-made. MSRP is $1150.

After that I snagged the Bergara BXR Carbon, a Ruger 10/22-style semi-auto that runs on 10/22 magazines.

At just 4.75 pounds, the BXR carbon is lightweight and maneuverable.

At Range Day I shot it offhand, so didn’t try for a group, but it was fun and smooth as you’d expect. Basically, like a particularly lightweight, smoothed-out Ruger 10/22 with a nicely-machined, integral 30 MOA Picatinny optics rail.

MSRP on the BXR Carbon is $659. With a fluted, blued barrel the BXR base model runs $565.

Based on this limited shooting experience I’m a big fan of both of these rifles, but especially the B-14 R. I’ll definitely be getting my hands on one as soon as possible. Though, if I’m honest, I’d be likely to trade it in as soon as Bergara releases it in 9-inch pistol flavor.

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  1. The BXR002 is a fine, light-weight squirrel gun, but not as accurate as a I would expect from Bergara… even after they replaced the barrel. The other minor issue is that the mags tend to hang when you try removing them. Given the cost, it aught to be more refined and polished rifle. I ended up replacing trigger with a Kidd 2-stage and the bolt with a closeout Volquartsen Firefly (with a little modification to the bolt) to use CCI Quiets around the house for dispatching small varmints.

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