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NSSF Director of Public Affairs Mark Oliva was joined on SHOT Show TV by Sean Davis, Co-Founder of The Federalist, and Ryan Cleckner, of, for a wide-ranging discussion on recent state and local efforts by elected officials to enact stricter gun control policies.

The three kicked off the discussion by highlighting the recent gun rights rally in Richmond, Va., which national pundits and politicians falsely predicted would become violent and dangerous. Instead, Davis said he observed the opposite. “What we saw instead was tens of thousands of people getting together peacefully, talking, making new connections, picking up their own trash, and not a single arrest,” he said.

Cleckner touched on the American system of federalism, where states are the laboratories for policy. When it comes to gun rights, the places with the most restrictive gun control measures, like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City, those policies have proven a failure and only restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Other topics Davis, Cleckner and Oliva discussed included local ordinances to ban and close down gun ranges, efforts to restrict gun ownership based on age, NSSF’s #GUNVOTE® voter education efforts. They also spoke of how local gun control efforts are actually doing more to “wake up” and energize Americans about their Second Amendment rights being attacked.

Cleckner summed it this way, “I love it – nothing is better for gun rights than unsuccessful attempts to take them away.”

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      • I could have sworn that debate was concluded 200-odd years back, and everyone agreed that was the way it would be from then on…

    • Hey Rumpelstiltskin, did you just wake up? We no longer need to discuss any of this, it is past time to physically stop this insanity. Our federal government’s number one job is to ensure that the Constitution is supported and upheld, especially by the states. No state has the right to create it’s own laws that violate the Constitution — PERIOD! And the federal government should immediately stop all of this. Example: The federal government should establish the age of adulthood, which ALL state would be required to accept, but instead some states have 17 and some have 21, this is ridiculous! Of course for the federal government to do their job, then they would have to also get rid of their unconstitutional laws! We are fighting a loosing battle.

      Why do we always insist on “peaceful” assembling instead of taking up arms and physically removing these communists from government. We don’t hesitate to send men into battle with a foreign enemy, yet we willingly refuse to battle the domestic enemies!

      • Tough talk there, Rattler. So, what are you going to do, other than post bluster anonymously on the Internet?

      • “Why do we always insist on “peaceful” assembling instead of taking up arms and physically removing these communists from government.”

        Because Congress has passed laws making that unlawful, in civics class we learned how our republic works and it’s not at the point of a gun.

        In fact, even advocating the violent overthrow of the duly constituted government is a crime in the United States of America.

        Perhaps you should watch some reruns of ‘school house rock!’ before Donald Trump censors it.

        • People have threatened to kill president Bush when he was in office. They asked other people to kill him. And they are still walking around to this day.

        • Yes, miner, our republic works on the basis of protecting the rights of the individual. Not the tyranny of the majority come election time. All of our rights and laws are based on protecting the rights of the individual, not the mob.

          Every attempt at gun control is at odds with the rights of the individual. Every one.

    • There’s really nothing to debate. “Shall not be infringed” covers a lot of territory. The anti-gunners can scream at the tops of their lungs, but gun laws do not meet strict scrutiny as a matter of public policy. In short, the RKBA trumps triggered citizen “rights” to feel safe, simply because they don’t like guns. And every time an attempt is made to present actual facts by pro-gun groups, the anti’s cover their ears and chant “Nyah Nyah Nyah – Must do something….”

    • “It’s time to make them listen.”


      That works about as well as “I’ll make you love me!”…

        • They post this crap so they can take Twitter screenshots of their own post here, then slap it up on twitter and say all gun owners are crazy insurrectionists. It’s like the guy yesterday posting the fake death threat in his garage like a super moron. They make shit up because they are unhinged lunatics that believe the ends justify the means.

  1. “Cleckner touched on the American system of federalism, where states are the laboratories for policy”

    No federal troops are coming to save you as they did in 1861 and 1954. You are on your own. There were over 22,000 people in Richmond VA for Lobby Day. But another 10,000 to 20,000 were still trying to get into the city to join in the rally. I would say this is the way it needs to be done in each state.

    There should not be 50 different second amendments. But that is what has happened since the culture of the nation has changed. How many Blue States have 2A sanctuary counties or cities?
    And how many are in Red states?
    Anyone who says the Republicans and Democrats are the same is either lying or a fool. Show up in force at the city and county meetings wearing a 2A shirt. The empty holster campaign worked. Try it in your state. Do it as a group. There is safety in numbers.

    • Show up to vote, every time. People here in VA sat it out and let some close races go towards people like scumbag Helmer.

  2. Federalist is boomer-conservative neocon fake libertarian trash. Designed to further the Bush McCain type agendas.

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