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As the bolt action pistol market heats up we’re starting to see established players dip their toes in the water. Bergara, a relatively traditional company making wonderfully accurate and high-quality rifles at good price points, is teasing a pistol build here at SHOT Show 2020.

This little guy is a 7-inch .22 LR, built on the recently-released B-14 R action. Apparently, if Bergara goes into production with pistol builds, the plans include a shorty .22 LR and a shorty 300 Blackout. Most likely 9-inch barrels for each. Threaded for suppressed use, of course.

Bergara’s bolt action pistols will be built on a lightweight aluminum chassis with a pistol brace like the SB Tactical FS1913 brace seen here.

The gun at SHOT Show is an early prototype and a bit of a teaser to judge interest levels and customer reaction. If Bergara moves forward with the project, pistols in .22 LR and 300 BLK should be ready for sale by the NRA Annual Meetings this spring.

I shot the B-14 R at Range Day and was shocked by how smooth and precise the action is. It’s comparable or better than some of the extremely expensive .22 LR actions designed to fit the Remington 700 footprint. Smooth, quick, reliable, and fast, I had no problem rapidly making a very tight group on steel at 100 yards. (A video from shooting the B-14 R is at bottom)

As .22 LR has typically achieved within 5% of its maximum velocity potential in a 9-inch barrel, and as 300 Blackout was ostensibly designed with a 9-inch barrel length in mind, the pistol format makes absolutely perfect sense for these cartridges. In many cases, the shorter, stiffer barrel will be even more accurate than a longer, heavier barrel that exhibits increased harmonics and heat-induced POI shift.

Here’s to hoping we see Bergara pistols available for sale this spring!

Putting some rounds through the B-14 R at SHOT Show Range Day:

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    • Putting a brace on it is new, but the bolt action pistol has had a steady following for the last 50 years.

      • Didn’t bolt action pistols mostly have a following in metallic silhouette and some hunting? The only one I knew about more than most was the Remington XP100.

    • Is the PCC craze over already, and the new hotness is bolt-aciton pistols?

      If so, I think I’ll skip this one. It is good that such a thing exists for people who want them, but I don’t see the point.

      Maybe I’ll be able to get an MPX on discount now that it’s not the new hotness.

        • If these were low priced and accurate they might sell well. One of the, still current, best selling categories are percision rifles under $1000, under $600 and under $300. Granted not niche, but manufacturing and accuracy in general is better than a few decades ago.

  1. Chamber it in .22 wmr. Make it foldable and less than 5 pounds. It would be a good survival/backpack gun.

    • The brace does fold. .22lr is a much better gun for backpacking, due to weight and cost of ammo. .22 wmr won’t burn all the powder in 9 inches of barrel. Similar loads are only going 400 fps faster with the wmr, and depending on the hp, may not expand properly. But variety is the spice of life, you pick yours.

      • I would not object to .22 lr. These types are bound to be more stable and accurate than a pistol and not so long and heavy as a rifle.

        I like the idea as a backpacking/survival gun. I really wish I’d bought an M6 when they were still more reasonably priced. I looked at the new mod 42 from Savage. It was just too flimsy feeling and I had no faith in it long term.

  2. So did Black Collar make the chassis for them cause if not it kind of looks like a straight rip minus the slim line rail replaced with a forend.

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