Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol
Courtesy Angstadt Arms
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After teasing their new MDP-9, Angstadt Arms has now officially released the new roller-delayed blowback AR-9 sub gun.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol

As Angstadt says of their new pistol, the MDP-9 is a true roller-delayed blowback design with very low recoil that’s ideal for attaching a suppressor. And yes, it runs GLOCK magazines and has last round bolt hold open.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol
Courtesy Angstadt Arms

It also has a non-reciprocating charging handles that can be switched from side to side.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol

The ultra-compact and lightweight at just 14” long and 3.6 lbs. (empty).

The 3-lug barrel is from an MP5 K (5.85″). All other parts in the upper assembly are proprietary to the MDP-9 (including trunnion, bolt, rails, etc.).

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol
Courtesy Angstadt Arms

It’s also backwards compatible. The monolithic upper assembly can be dropped on an AR-9 or AR-15 lower receiver. For customers who want to upgrade their existing guns, they can purchase the upper receiver assembly.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 pistol
Courtesy Angstadt Arms

It will include the rear Picatinny rail adapter to close the gap and allow for brace mounting options.

COLORS: Black, FDE & Tactical Grey
ACTION: Roller-delayed blowback
MAGAZINE: GLOCK 9mm double stack magazines
PISTOL BRACE: 1913 rail with SB Tactical side-folding & telescoping options
UPPER ASSEMBLY: Monolithic assembly with continuous top Picatinny rail, M-LOK interface and QD points
CHARGING HANDLE: Non-reciprocating forward charging handle (left or right side)
WEIGHT (EMPTY): 3.6 lbs
BARREL LENGTH: 5.85″ 3-lug barrel with fluted chamber
MSRP is $2599 or $2799 with an SB Tactical side-folding brace.


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  1. I’m thrilled to see cool new products from Angstadt Arms. Unfortunately since I live in New Yorkistan and am a man of modest means, these cool new products will remain out of reach for me.

    (Soft violin background music.)

    • Know that pain well even with being able to get it if you can figure out how to make it fixed magazine you still need it registered on your pistol permit which can range from effectively shall issue to let’s check your campaign donation history.

      • True but unlike ARs (which have alternative loading devices) you’re probably stuck with a 10-rnd range toy that takes a minute or more to load every time you want to shoot it if you keep it legal. Not really worth the scratch in my mind.

        • Outside of fun or ridiculous see if we can get away with doing it AR pistols are not worth the money or space on the pistol permit up here. Still doesn’t mean I find the design challenges any less fascinating and I am glad that someone is building it as it may get cheaper spin-off versions that actually become popular.

    • Was kind of thinking the same thing. I mean it’s cool and all but what can it do that an Uzi Pro can’t at half the cost except fit on a registered M16 lower/take a DIAS?

    • Yeah. $2800 +tax? Really? For under $700 I built my own PSA .300 BLK AR from my own 80%-er, complete aftermarket light and accessories. Kicks butt and is nice and compact.

      • What can 9mm do that 300 blk can’t? Fit it’s mags into a pistol mag pouch.

        Legit question though, if subguns were good enough for “the Great War” (because of bulk size/weight/logistics support/suppression and flank tactics?) then they kinda good enough for now? Granted as an individual, individual tactics are different, so then the question is different.

        Long story long, boutique ($$$) guns are annoying, but the r and d and the fact that it’s their creative vision allows them to ask what they want…
        all that being said, the recoil still looks kinda choppy but being a RDB still trumps blow back and the aluminum construction and ar 15 interchangeability is super excellent. (As I don’t care for glock mags). Wonder if they will have other dimension of bolts to utilize the mean arms type stuff or Cz mags or even mp 5 stuff (love the sexy curves!!)

        • “What can 9mm do that 300 blk can’t?”

          Ammo availability, for one. And that’s a *big* one.

          That with a can would be sweet for home defense…

        • Would luv to have an AR-9. But not for $2800, bruh. Show me something I can build for under $800 and we’re talking a potential sale.

      • For $800 I built an AR9 that takes the beautiful curved HK MP5 mags (new frontier armory c5 lower&upper) with a Faxon blowback bolt and a 7.5” barrel. The thing is a tack driver, 1” groups at 25 yds offhand, and the kick is like a 22LR thanks to a nice solid stainless 7.5oz buffer. It’s a beaut, it shoots like a dream, and it doesn’t take those silly looking glock extended mags!

        Sorry guys, I prefer HK MP5 mags.

        • Very nice. Thanks for the info! Now to see if I can do this in CA, or if (more likely) I’ll need to do it at a relative’s house located in the next state.

  2. roller delayed is neat. compatible w/ ar lowers is nice. too bad the sbr stuff applies to pcc’s. as in, i don’t want a 16″ barreled 9mm.
    oh, or a 10mm.

  3. Man, that would be cool to…..(sees price)….never mind.

    Seriously, I could buy a pair of AWESOME guns, build a stack of AR pisols, or buy a decent CC gun for every member of my immediate family for that price!
    I’m sure some rich guy will be happy with his though…

  4. Won’t 2500.00 or so get you the new HK civilian MP5 piece? If so me thinks I’d rather have that.

    Nice piece it appears but just accepting Glock mags is not a game changer to me.

    • The SP5K has an MSRP of $2699.

      This is about on par, or a bit more expensive than a Zenith MP5 clone, cheaper than most of Dakota Tactical’s offerings etc.

  5. Dang. What’s with all the price bitchen? Sounds to me like jealousy. Maybe work a little harder or be better with your doll hairs and you can move away from your SCCYs and Heritage Rough Riders.

    • I haven’t complained about price yet, but will now: this gun isn’t priced such that I would buy it.

      No jealousy here, but for $2800 there are lots of other things I would rather buy. If you disagree, great…go buy one. No need to be a dbag.

    • Scar 17 – $3K
      LMT MWS battle rifle – $2700
      B&T APC223 – 3k
      Sig Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle – $1900

      Oh please mr “it must be jealousy” explain how the subgun here holds a candle to any of the above…..look forward to your idiotic/neurotic response.

      Also, I think the phrase you were looking for is, “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

      • “explain how the subgun here holds a candle to any of the above”

        This is like listing the prices of a few flathead and phillips SnapOn screwdrivers and then asking how another brand’s Torx driver holds a candle to them.

        It’s a relatively specialized application. Within that application subguns excel.

        • That is a nice opinion. However I have been taught and believe that a pistol (or subgun as it uses pistol ammo) is used to get to your rifle. A pistol or subgun is always inferior to a rifle.

          Of course if you are a pro LARPer and want to have a specialized weapon for each of your imagined ‘levels’ then I see where you are coming from, in the real world, not so much.

  6. Other than Glock mag compatibility, I think the Stribog SP1 is a better firearm with the basic pistol about $700 and it comes with three mags! Doesn’t make much sense to buy 1/2 a gun when you need a specialized lower to run it either. Toss your money were you want to.

  7. I love how these kind of guns bring out comments comparing the gun to a rifle/carbine/”normal” pistol.

    These little PCC/subguns are a niche tool. If it fits what you want to do it’s going to outperform the other contenders within that role. If you don’t have that set of parameters in mind then a gun like this is not going to fit the bill.

    Comparing a these kinda sub-gun things to an AR and claiming the AR is better is like saying your SAE sockets are better than BSW sockets. You might be right… unless you own something like a an old Jaguar. Of course, if you don’t own the Jag (or something else that uses that standard) then there’s not much use for the BSW sockets.

  8. The whole firearm is a terrible price at $2600 (no brace) not to mention it takes Glock mags and not SOME manner of double-feed magazine. I have heard the only reason Scorpion mags don’t work on AR9 is because the upper is too narrow. These guys build their own upper and still choose to go with Glock mags for some insane reason. For around that price I could have a SCAR or a B&T APC9 or a legit H&K SP5.

    The cost of the upper alone ($1,700) and you could have any number of other firearms including a PTR or Zenith MP5 or pick from a slew of rifles including AUG, Tavor or one of many AR offerings. I’d imagine if the upper was sub-1k they’d have a chance.

    Good on them for making a roller delayed blowback and even doing a forward-side charging handle at that. Too bad it’s priced itself out of the market.

    • Honestly I wonder if it was really more of a proof of concept for a roller delayed AR upper that will later get licensed out to other manufacturers for offerings under 1k.


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