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By Matt Manda

South Dakota’s Republican Gov. Kristi Noem attended SHOT Show 2022 with one message for firearm industry manufacturers and businesses: “South Dakota is open for business.”

Gov. Noem told NSSF’s Nephi Cole, Director of Government Relations – State Affairs, that was the theme of her 2020 State of the State address and it applied before the coronavirus pandemic as well as now. That goes especially for the firearm and ammunition industry.

“I think a lot of people in other states that wanted to get outdoors, wanted to try hunting and fishing, wanted to spend some time somewhere, maybe have a vacation where life seemed a little bit normal, they came to South Dakota,” Gov. Noem said. “We have the number one economy in the country right now. We’re growing faster than we ever have in our 133-year history. And that’s allowing us to do some incredible things that I really do think make us the example for the rest of the nation.”

That strong economic growth has given the governor the opportunity to ensure South Dakotans can exercise their Second Amendment rights and made the state an attractive destination for firearm industry businesses.

“We have a lot of firearm manufacturers and ammunition businesses in our state,” Gov. Noem said. “In fact, this year with the revenue increases we’ve seen, I’ve eliminated all costs to getting your permits. If you need to run a federal background check… we’re going to pay for it. The very first bill I signed years ago as governor was Constitutional carry. That set the priority for my administration.”

Speaking of what the hunting and recreational shooting sports traditions have meant to her, Gov. Noem was clear.

“Oh, well for me all my good memories growing up were hunting and fishing with my family. My grandmother was the one who took me bird hunting all the time… My dad is the one who taught me big game hunting… It’s a really, really special time and it’s how my husband and I are raising our kids as well.”

Watch Gov. Noem’s full remarks from SHOT Show 2022 here.


Matt Manda is Manager, Public Affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation

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  1. Lol. Yet another treacherous, unhinged MAGA half wit who has taken advantage of Donny Bonespurs’ fraudulent rise to fame.

  2. Lol. Yet another treacherous, unhinged MAGA half wit who has taken advantage of Donny Dotard’s fraudulent rise to fame.

      • I admire DeSantis however in contrast DeSantis has not achieved such Gun Rights headlines to date. Saying something and getting something done are two different things so for Floridians it remains wait and see.

        Rejects Bill to Save Girls’ Sports yada, yada, yada is not the cut and dry throw her off a bridge jury decision as your link tries to makes it. Besides being a spin on the Gun topic it brings pleasure to her marxist opposition seeing people like you, “get her.” Furthermore…When things do not go their way leftists are generally the first to “Guess Corporate” and go omni directional.

      • Everybody talked shit about Trump and his special corporate interest integrations except that the underlying premise was always to make the less fortunate prosper as a platform priority. And he didn’t waver from that promise. There’s nothing wrong with corporate interest and support as long as everyone gets a fair share. You heard her welcome all firearms industry with open arms at a time when anti-gun groups are focusing on the manufacturers as a back doorway to impede gun ownership by regulating them out of business.

      • As said in the posted link….

        What happened with Kristi Noem is a great example of why you NEVER fall in love with a potential presidential candidate too early. In politics, there are a million ways you can take your candidacy out back and shoot it in the back of the head. As she just did.

  3. All that common sense and smarts and leadership, and constitutional rights respect and protection, in one nice looking package.

  4. She’s quite the Honey
    will raise lots of money
    and carries a Glock 20…

    True American Patriots…
    I give you The Next POTUS!

  5. While she is fun for the 2A community, ya better go check out some of her crazy waffling and whatnot around genders in sports and some of her other ideas.

    Try not to be a single issue voter.

    • Yup…I was not happy with her waffling and weak explanations on that issue.
      She fixed it recently, but it took a lot of pressure to get her there.

    • many of those here; single is better than none.
      if i understand correctly she south dakota just banned males from competing in female sports.

    • ” Try not to be a single issue voter ”

      Why should I not be a single issue voter? I’m not going to dilute my position on the 2A to make room for other issues that, to me, are of lesser importance. Clear up the crap with gun control and then I will turn my attention to the next in line.

      • Hear! Hear! Well said. The Second Amendment protects all other rights in the Constitution. The Second goes down watch all the other tumble like dominos in a stack. Your Fourth Amendment right against illegal search and seizure would be in the toilet within five seconds of the Secnd going down. Personally I am in favor of aborting kids that will grow up without a real father in the home rather than a continuous stream of unknown males. I would rather pay a woman a flat fee to get an abortion than pay welfare for 18+ years for all her illegitimate kids. In the English language we used to use an older term for kids born out of wedlock but it is so un-PC these days to use early Anglo-Saxon — although I think the word is actually from the French. So abortion is one topic I am at odds with most of the others who, I think, have their head in the sand of unreality.

        Yeah, I think biological women should only compete with biological women. What a sick, pathetic example a male is who has to compete against women. It just indelibly stamps ‘LOSER’ in the middle of his forehead in neon letters. Yeah, I sure would like to go down in history as the 6’5″ 225 pound male who dominated women’s basketball or women’s judo. What a joke. Some people have no self esteem. I’m such a loser I have to compete against women in a sport where size and strength dominate. If you want to prove something, compete in a sport where hand-eye coordination are more important than strength. Try shooting against some of the top women in shooting sports.

        So, yeah, I am a single issue voter. Have been since I realized that the Second Amendment is the bulwark against the rest of the natural rights going down in flame.

  6. Great place, been there many times, lots to do.
    Highly recommend the towns of DEADWOOD, & Keno,
    My. Rushmore & the Geronimo carving is kinda expensive, you can see everything you need to see from the freeway , or you could spend $30.00 to park & see the same thing.

    • I had always heard that Rushmore was touristy and not worth seeing until I actually spent a week there and took in the nightly presentation. Maybe I am a sap for that kind of show. I would rather pay the money to see a show like that than to watch a couple of folks who are confused as to their sexual status acting out their angst. I would highly recommend the Rushmore twilight presentation if you haven’t seen it. It should be on your bucket list. Of course if you are a confused socialist like Dacian, you might want to take in the drag show in North Beach in the toilet that is presently ‘Frisco. Folks who live there hate it when you call it ‘Frisco, so that is not an oversight on my part.

  7. Noem has a national image. Lot’s of folk think she could be the next POTUS. However, Trump is a juggernaut. No one will primary him. Not saying that is good, but when you look at the crowds he is drawing, it is clear he is so far ahead that no one could mount a serious challenge. At least, that is how it looks now. A lot can happen in two years.

    Me, I am mixed. I think I prefer DeSantis and/or Noem.

    But, at the rate the Dems are destroying this country….I wonder how much will be left standing by the mid-terms in November.

    • I believe Trump will be, as you say, the current juggernaut to lead the charge in 2022 & 2024. But he’s setting the tone and will afterwards become the GOP’s kingmaker, meaning his endorsements will carry a lot of weight. I imagine Noem or DeSantis being given a nod for VP in 2024, and then picking up the torch and potentially running in 2028, maybe even together as a team.

  8. So I will say this, don’y be fooled by these media driven, “Rising Stars”, like Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis. Yes, they are doing good things, that we like. However, they are positioning themselves to either rival Trump for the 2024 presidential nomination or they are trying to build support for themselves, to land the VP spot.

    Both of these folks are 100% Deep State Creatures, who’s purpose is either to replace Trump as the presidential nominee or to have influence over the administration to help keep the deep state in control.

    Want the Swamp Drained, look elsewhere. You have been warned.

    • Mauser6863,

      My father in law was a wise man. One of the quotes I love from him is “Don’t trust anyone, not even your own rear-end”.

    • Sorry, but you’re gonna have to give some examples of a Deep State move by DeSantis. The fact that he is not Donald Trump does not mean he is Deep State. One of the big problems that I had with Trump is that he was fooled by the Deep State multiple times. The Dems are more scared of DeSantis than they are of Trump.

      No issue with a Deep State call on Noem because I provided an example above.

      The important thing I see about DeSantis is that he’s proactive and puts the Left on its heels.
      He drives the issues instead of being reactive to the crazy left.

  9. Geoff the (fully vaxxed and boosted) Florida Pervert gets out the tweezers and vigorously faps to a picture of this MAGA half wit.

    • It’s pretty clear Geoff is not going to date you at this point. You’ve got to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. Anybody dox this guy yet?

      • It’s pee gee 2. He is a paid shill for big pharma who’s stick is making anti vaxxers look nuts.

        Geoff and a hand full of others spanked him real bad and he’s been in mental stalker mode ever since.

        The new management of ttag doesn’t care about quality or content anymore so they let the trolls run wild. Clicks equal money.


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