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Combining a machined aluminum frame with rubber grips (the units in the photos are prototypes), Matrix Arms has put a unique spin on the popular GLOCK-compatible pistol category with their MX19 and MX19 Elite.

Stainless steel slide rails and locking places are bolted into the frame.

Both frame and slide are compatible with GLOCK Gen 3 components, but the MX19 is a complete pistol so you won’t be short any pieces. However, Matrix Arms does sell stripped slides and other components.

Nice little magwell flare machined into the frame and a standard dimension M1913 Picatinny accessory rail up front.

Slides with different cuts and serrations are available. Optics-ready, too.


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  1. The lenghty bolted in beefy SS slide rails are a big plus especially with a striker trigger bar that detours around the mag allowing pull to shift the slide a bit. From the looks of the receiver it has the Big G receiver beat nonetheless it appears to be a gun that needs to be handled prior to purchase IMO.

  2. This is the perfect blend between “Yeah we know it’s a Glock” and “But it’s a fancy Glock!” As long as they are reasonably priced. Not this Agency Arms BS trying to sell Glocks for $1800+ but hey it has a shiny barrel! “No you can’t just go put a shiny barrel in your Glock because ours is the shiniest!”

  3. Looks like the rubber starting to delaminate like my 10 year Dewalt power tools that get used everyday.

    Also that aluminum strip down the front of the grip BRRR.

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