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Toy guns are firearms? Well, regardless of how these gel ball blasters identify, they sure look like fun. Honestly I have no idea how long gel ball blasters have been around, but as an alternative to airsoft or paintball, it seems like a great idea.

The little gels run about $10 for a pack of 5,200 of ’em. Tiny when dried, they take up minimal space. Just add water and about two hours to soften them up and they grow to their 7- to 8-millimeter shootable diameter.

Tactical boba tea.

Starch-based, the spherical gels splat on impact and dissolve on their own. There’s  no trash like with airsoft, no paint marks or shells like paintball.

“Just enough to sting” seems just about right.

I know nothing of gel blaster brands, but these Gelstorm units looked nicely made in person. There are lots of other brands on Amazon HERE, too.


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    • Sad!

      Most of the Aussies that I had occasion to work with (20 – 30 years ago) were rough and tumble kind of guys. Now you have to have a FIREARMS permit to own a 150 fps water-gel toy…and in South Australia many versions of NERF guns have to be registered with the local police…cause, ya know, it’s for the children.

      A little Google-fu gives us a weight of 0.21 grams per hydrated gell ball. which works out to 3.24 grains. velocity of 150 fps (squared) x weight in grains divided by 450.240

      = 0.16 ft/lb of energy at the muzzle

      For crying out loud Australia…really!?!?

    • They’re probably considered firearms here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, too, where BB gunms are “firearms.” Paintball gunms get an exception because they’re .68 caliber, while airguns smaller than 0.60 caliber (IIRC) are classified as “firearms” here.
      Airsoft seems to be a gray area — there are reports of people being arrested for possession of an airsoft pistol, but last I checked they still sell them in toy stores here, so it’s mixed messaging on airsoft.
      Slingshots are totally banned.

    • Lighter fluid. With a mini butane torch mounted forward of the port/muzzle. If they indeed go “splat” upon impact as the manufacturer claims, I’m imagining little splats of napalm.

      Fun for all ages.

  1. Gel ball blaster? But, what if I don’t want my balls blasted?
    Yeah, I know bad attempt at humor.
    Honestly, these things do look like they could be fun. Just make sure you have eye protection if using like paint ball guns etc.

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