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If you’re a derringer lover, Bond Arms‘ newest additions to their line of break-open guns will likely pique your interest. First is the single shot Cyclops chambered in a stout .45-70. The Cyclops weighs 28 oz, and combined with a 3D printed grip that has a generous palm swell, the Bond folks tell us that tames the recoil nicely.

I saw video of the gun being tested and with lighter loads, shooting this little beast with its 4″ barrel looked very manageable.

If your tastes run toward rounds with even more punch, though, Bond tells us they’ll be offering the Cyclops in .44 magnum, .454 Casull and yes, even .50 AE. Barrels will be interchangeable so you can buy a Cyclops, then add a barrel in another caliber if that floats your boat (they didn’t have a barrel-only price yet).

MSRP for the Cyclops will be $700 and it will be available in the nest few months. If you’re looking for something a little more manageable to carry and to shoot . . .

Bond’s now making the ultra-pocketable Stubby. It’s basically a cut-off version of their very popular Stinger 3″ barrel derringers, shortened so they’ll slip easily into a front or rear pocket.

The 9mm Stubby has a 2″ barrel, no trigger guard and a smaller bobbed hammer for a snag-free draw. It’ll sell for under $300 and will be popping up on the Bond Arms web page shortly.

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  1. Seems like a fun way to make a fireball at the range, but that’s about it. Firing rifle rounds out of a tiny barrel isn’t a good idea for achieving much else.

    • Every gun has its particular use. You never know when a rhinoceros you are playing poker with might take offense to you calling him out for cheating. Having this in your pocket might get you out of the saloon before he can charge and impale you with his horn.

  2. “…the Bond folks tell us that tames the recoil nicely.”

    As compared to what? I’m assuming it’ll appeal to guys who imagine they have big balls, or someone who has about everything and is bored to death. If you get one and it becomes your favorite piece, please post back, K?

    Use in Bear country? I’ll stick with my FA .454 Casull, it doesn’t weigh all that much more and carries easily in a hip holster like a single action Colt. Plus 5 shots, if I ignore the FA warnings posted every paragraph in their owner’s manual…

    If you get one and it becomes your favorite piece, please post back, K?

    • It has that, plus a barrel that will propel that .454 Casull at speeds capable of actually getting through a bear’s skull or sternum. Taking on Smokey with a Derringer in any caliber sounds like a great way to become bear scat.

      I’m just surprised we haven’t yet gotten another half-a-‘tard pulling the same old “bet you wouldn’t stand in front of it” card.

  3. Bond Arms make a strong derringer however if ,and I am, going to purchase a derringer I chose to have one with a more traditional look.

  4. No effing thanks on the .45-70. I’d rather take the ass whoopin’/knifing/killin’ before I pulled the trigger on that monster.

    • Did you notice that Bond .45-70 derringer never made an appearance at media range day?

      I wonder *why*….

      (Probably to keep the screams of pain when firing it to be the real story reported on…)

      • I remember a meme of a previous version of the 45-70 derringer where when pulled on a mugger the owner says you know what fuck both of us. May need to see if gel and velocity tests were ever done on 45-70 just to see if it’s useful past a flashbang with a bonus 45acp (plus a bit)

    • There are vids of .44-70 derringers being fired on YouTube, and they all end the same way, loud vocalizations of *pain*…

  5. You know, I can fit a Kel-Tec P-32 in a jeans or coat pocket and have a semi-auto with 7 or 10-round magazines. Just sayin’.

  6. “If your tastes run toward rounds with even more punch…”

    neither .44mag, .454casull nor .50ae approach the energy of .45-70.
    get real.

  7. Given nominal muzzle energy, 45-70 is about twice as powerful as .50 AE. However; 45-70 loads are optimized for longer rifle barrels. As a result, a 45-70 cartridge is generally loaded with far more powder but a slower burning powder. I would expect that the muzzle energy out of this short barrel Derringer to be about equal.

  8. Yeah, technically this gadget has a 4″ barrel using the standard method of bolt/breech face to muzzle. But that .45-70 cartridge is over 2½” overall length. I wonder how much spin that bullet gets from little more than 1″ of rifling. Given expected use range I suggest that Bond could save a few bucks and not bother with the rifling and nobody would notice.

  9. Bond tells us they’ll be offering the Cyclops in .44 magnum, .454 Casull and yes, even .50 AE

    What, no .700 Nitro?


  11. You could put that $700 towards purchasing a BFR from magnum research or a lever action rifle chambered in 45-70.You probably have to have the arm strength of a gorilla to hold on to that mini hand held howitzer!!!

    • “It should be a 2 shot, like all the other Bond Arms derringers.”

      It’s the extra mass of not having an additional bore that keeps it from being sheer misery to shoot, since mass soaks up recoil.

      That being said, if the patent Bond had on it expired , someone just might create one and offer it for sale. They would, however, have to base it on an existing Bond over-and-under barrel…

    • My guess is that nobody who gets to shoot that thing once is going to complain that they can’t fire a second shot.

  12. I just want to know if they’ll offer the grips for the 45-70, those look like a big improvement over their standard ones. I’m probably going to get the 9mm stinger at some point, but I’ll pass on the cyclops.

  13. As a reloader of 45-70 the idea of the derringer is cool. But not $700 cool. I do like the added graphics though. When I owned a Roughneck in 45acp I felt the only thing it really had going for it was the intimidating front end, and hideaway potential. I feel a single shot loses those features somewhat.

  14. I have a Cyclops down in the safe, but mine is actually quite shootable. It’s a ported 8″ 357 revolver from back when Interarms imported Rossi firearms, and has the ability to barrel-mount a scope. I hope that Rossi starts importing all of their guns again, as they were quite nice.

    • I’d like to come across a Rossi Cyclops at a decent price, but the last ones I’ve bid on went way over my limit, I stopped bidding on the last one that hit 1700 w/
      a simmons scope on it. Neat revolver, but I think Taurus now owns the Rossi trademark and might be producing the recently announced “Rossi”s, so I’d be leery of them.
      If you ever wanna sell some of your neater stuff, let us know…

  15. They’re walking right up to the line of competing with T/C. An 8″ or 10″ barrel with a rail and you could hunt with a “derringer.” Which would be pretty cool.

  16. After hearing people talk about the S&W 329 in the “lowly” 44 mag I don’t think that I have any interest in a 45-70 derringer. I have a 450 Bushmaster pistol in the 4lb range and that’s light enough for me especially since it has no muzzle device (much like cyclops here truthfully.)


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