Attendees at a candlelight vigil for the late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins look at an image of her at work, Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021, in Burbank, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)
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In a ridiculous interview on ABC with DNC gnome George Stephanopoulos, Baldwin broke down in tears, while insisting that he felt no guilt about what had happened. “Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is,” Baldwin told Stephanopoulos in the interview. “But I know it’s not me.”

Had a single National Rifle Association safety advisor been on the set of Rust (as they are on other movie sets), Halyna Hutchins might be alive right now. Her death is the result of the kind of dogmatic, self-righteous leftism that Baldwin espouses. The tight grip of Baldwin’s unwavering belief system pulled the trigger. The ego that has made him rage against the NRA created the environment that made a tragic accident possible. Humility, political and otherwise, could have saved lives. …

Through sheer hard work, Alec Baldwin has lived the American dream. He’s rich, accomplished, happily married, and loved. Had he been willing to challenge his ironclad assumptions about, well, anything, he may have had an NRA advisor on Rust. It was Baldwin’s steel dogmatic leftism that pulled the trigger.

There’s no indication he is capable of self-doubt. Shortly after the death of Halyna Hutchins, Baldwin began tweeting out excuses and panicky self-defenses. I replied to him that after taking a human life it might “be a time for prayer and contemplation.” It was a time to turn to God, the only one who could provide peace and show a way ahead.

Seconds later, Baldwin blocked me.

— Mark Judge in Alec Baldwin Should Have Become a Conservative. It Would Have Saved His Life

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    • Through good camera work, it’s easy to prevent one actor from aiming a real firearm at another actor. But this means it’s probably pointed at the camera.

      This doesn’t excuse what happened, but confirming a weapon is clear of live ammo is MUCH easier than preventing any and all scenarios where a weapon is pointed at another person.

      • “confirming a weapon is clear of live ammo is MUCH easier“

        Not so easy, in close-up shots dummy rounds are used for realism. These dummy rounds are indistinguishable from live rounds just by visual inspection, Baldwin relied on the armorer and assistant director’s assurances that the weapon was ‘cold’.

        Baldwin’s ‘reliance’ on the assurances from the experts was reasonable.


        Bidens civil responsibility as producer/headcheese does make him liable for civil damages in wrongful death/wounding suits.

        He will pay large civil damages.

        • You mean you support a two tiered JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!

          They person holding the gun is the last “SAFETY PRECAUTION”!!

          Proves you’ve never handled a gun in your life and is totally all in on the MARXIST Agenda about Guns, until they impose their MARXIST Agenda by said arms!!!!

        • MINOR Miner49er Apparently, your eyesight is not as good as the rest of us. You see those “dummy rounds” are NOT dummy rounds but are BLANKS. There is a difference between a “dummy round” (which is used for dry fire) and a blank round (which has no bullet just a powder charge in the case).and WHAT EXPERTS? Some of your fellow Lefties that don’t know which end the bullet comes out, like dacian, the DUNDERHEAD?
          Might I suggest you take a good firearms course? The NRA offers a lot of them and you might learn something you can pass on to dacian, and your other “experts”.
          For your further edification, the person who is RESPONSIBLE for the firearm is the guy who has it in his hand. Not someone else.

        • The incident occurred during a rehearsal. There was no reason for the firearms to be loaded with anything at all. Once the camera shot is discussed, decided upon, and rehearsed, then load the guns for the live take.

          It’s my understanding that blanks/dummy rounds ARE distinguishable by visual inspection. That there was any live ammunition on the set is inexcusable.

          So many things went sideways for this to happen, and that only speaks of the fraught conditions and marginal safety protocols observed.

        • Not allowing LIVE FIRE AMMO on a movie set would have prevented all possibilities of this out come.
          Alec and each of his acting brothers have made countless movies using every type of firearm imaginable.
          I would be willing to bet that between all of them, 40 plus different film projects have used firearms to provide wealth and fame to this family.
          STOP allowing live ammo on film productions.
          If anyone EVER hands you a gun, make 100% certain of it’s loaded or not loaded condition, personally. If you do not know how or feel the least bit intimidated, don’t handle the gun.
          I personally keep several of my guns loaded , chambered and ready to go bang.

        • B.S. . . . A dummy round or drill round is a round that is completely inert, i.e., contains no primer, propellant, or explosive charge. It is used to check weapon function, and for training.

          All Baldwin had to do is look at the backside of the cylinder to check for primers, which he obviously did not do. First rule of gun safety, treat every firearm as if it was loaded. Second rule is check to see if it’s loaded. Epic fail on his part. Guilty as charged, 20 years minimum.

          It’s also been reported that a staff member said he jokingly pointed it at the director and said if you screw this up I’ll have to shoot you. Guess it was no joke.

        • You never ever point a gun at someone unless you want to kill them. I don’t care if J.C. himself swore that the gun was safe, I would still check it. As far as dummy ammunition, I have made dummy rounds. The primer socket is filled with silicone adhesive. Any commercial dummy rounds I have seen are clearly just that.

          If I had a firearm what I was told was empty, I would still check it and if I saw what looked like a live round in the chamber of a revolver, I would proceed to unload all such chambers to ascertain for myself just exactly what they were. No way I am taking anybody’s word that they are okay.

          Guess you won’t be sitting on Baldwin’s criminal jury. The DA would make you his first challenge for cause. If that didn’t work, his first peremptory.

        • Wrong:

          The person handling any weapon is responsible for making sure of of the weapon is unloaded, whether loaded of unloaded. Personal responsibility is what is missing with Baldwin and Miner49er

    • double whammy for alec…not only is he the one who pulled the trigger, but also the guy in charge of the whole operation…

      • Yeah, that threw me also.
        Hopefully, we’ll see a headline
        that goes something like
        ” judge sentences Baldwin to 25 years by invoking the asshole guidelines.”

        • I don’t know what the penalty is in NM for involuntary manslaughter, but that is the lightest of charges involving the death of another. I predict if Baldwin gets any jail time it will be less than five years.

      • “So it wasn’t an actual Judge, just a guy named Judge.”

        Yeah. Kinda puzzling. Intentionally misleading, or headline not quite thought through?

        • My first thought was some judge who didn’t want to sit on the trial had just disqualified himself from hearing the case. I don’t know if it was deliberate clickbait or just inadvertent. Hope it was the latter. but I really suspect it was the former.

  1. “Shortly after the death of Halyna Hutchins, Baldwin began tweeting out excuses and panicky self-defenses. I replied to him that after taking a human life it might ‘be a time for prayer and contemplation.’ It was a time to turn to God, the only one who could provide peace and show a way ahead.

    Seconds later, Baldwin blocked me.”

    Well of course he blocked you. Not for you trying to help him deal with it from a religious aspect (or any aspect) or console or indicate maybe he should get some kind of help dealing with it – but because your ‘advice’ implies he is at fault and he is not going to accept that he was at fault.

      • NRA consultants who visit movie sets should have a fire team and anti-baldwin insurance to protect them from Baldwin in case he shows up.

  2. Literally the lefty “it’s somebody else’s fault!” cry.
    Pairs well with their “somebody should do something!” slogan.

    No better example than Mr. 2 yachts, private plane, 12 cars, 6 homes, multi-millionaire gigolo John Kerry at Davos chastising us poors for clinging to the few comforts we have. You can’t have meat and heat. That’s bad for the environment.

    • And none of those things achieved through his own hard work. Rather, he’s nothing but a gold-digger who marries other women for their money. And an incompetent one at that.
      John Effing Kerry
      Can I get me a huntin’ license?

      • “his politics don’t matter here…he shot somebody and they died…that’s all that matters…”

        His politics do matter; courts are not free of bias.

        Politics is everything; everything is politics.

      • His politics informed the willful ignorance that, in turn, fostered the certainty and complacency that led to this tragedy.

        Now he thinks he’s in no way responsible for the actual act that resulted in her death, even though he was handling the gun and pulled the trigger.

        There’s plenty of blame to go around. He is first on the list.

    • He can go fly a kite.I WILL have my meat, and heat my meat then eat my heated meat. Do it pretty darn near evey day and I caren’t a fig for what ANYONE now in Davos might think or say.

  3. I like to blame the Left for things they do, this is not one of them. Stupidity and laziness killed Halyna Hutchins, Halyna Hutchins killed Halyna Hutchins. Alec Baldwin killed Halyna Hutchins, and the incompetent armorer killed Halyna Hutchins. The Left do enough to F*k everyone, but this can’t be blamed on their value set, it was a tragic case of stupidity and laziness.

    • I disagree. Baldwin subscribes to an explicitly left-wing worldview that has no room in it for learning about firearms or firearms safety. As a result, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Baldwin was also arrogant about his ignorance, taking pride in it, refusing to consider that some safety knowledge of firearms, gained by actually shooting them once in a while, might someday be useful. Instead, he treated guns as evil totems, to be avoided and decried. This was a mistake, and now he’ll pay for it.

      I find it hard to rationalize that Halyna Hutchins had any responsibility whatsoever for her own death, and I’m sorry to hear you make that argument. She is a victim of other people’s ignorance, arrogance, and negligence, pure and simple.

      • Yeah, the only thing she might have done wrong was being in such close proximity to a clearly sociopathic narcissist like Alec Baldwin, and even then most people would assume having that many witnesses around would keep him from doing anything violent.

      • “worldview that has no room in it for learning about firearms or firearms safety.”
        But he is a firearm expert already. What could he possibly be taught that he doesn’t already know.

      • @napresto Halyna Hutchins instructed Baldwin to point the gun at her and pull the trigger so she is culpable also, although we can gather that she didn’t expect the firearm to contain live ammo, she apparently forgot about John Eric Hexum and Brandon Lee. Even a blank round can be fatal.

        • As the cinematographer, she would bring her expertise to bear at the director’s direction. Although she may have had something to say about how the shot would be framed or achieved, she was not in a position to make the call of what would be filmed.

          As for the Hexum screw-up, he was entirely responsible for his fatal mistake. I don’t know the particulars of Brandon Lee’s death, but obviously someone screwed up, and it wasn’t the cinematographer.

          She was five years old when Hexum died and fourteen when Lee died. She was also living in Russia when both men died, so what might she have “forgotten?”

      • “I find it hard to rationalize that Halyna Hutchins had any responsibility whatsoever“

        Halyna was the one who told Baldwin to point the gun directly at the camera, she set the shot up. She is also the one who placed herself directly behind the camera so she could confirm the gun was pointed in exactly the direction she had instructed Baldwin.

        She could’ve been standing to either side to supervise the shot, but she intentionally chose to place herself directly in the line of fire.

        • MINOR Miner49er So what you are trying to say is that this woman was commiting suicide? Or was it that she was responsible for her own death because she did not make sure that the proper BLANK round was in the gun?
          My first question is, HOW DID A LIVE ROUND GET ON THE SET?

        • The question of HOW a live round was on the set is a moot question. Does not matter one bit. The ONLY thing that matters in this incdent is tha SOMEONE hadn a firearm in THEIR OWN HAND did NOT safe/clear it HIMSELF, then pointed that implement at a human and pulled the trigger.

          Many times I have been in a gun store, pawnshop, gun show, friend’s home, gun range, and desire to see and handle a firearm that is not mine. I will ask the owner/proprietor/custodian/possessor of that weapon if I may see it, I then carefully observe as that person clears and safes the weapon then places it on a table, counter, desk, my hand, at which point I will ignrie everythonig I just witnessed and MYSELF keep the muzzle always in a safe direction first, then immediately clear and safe the weapon MYSELF, even though I just, secomds previously, observed with my own eyes the other party do that first. WHY am I so crazy sfe and certain? Because no matter what has gone on previous to MY taking control of that weapon, the nanosecond I do take control I MYSELF am now fully responsible for anything that happens.
          Alec Baldwin and myself are lightyears apart in character and nature….. and there is not the slightest particle of question as to whom I would rather be.

    • How is Halyna Hutchins in any way responsible for her own death? She never had her hands on the gun. We don’t know that the camera angle was her idea, or if it was the director’s, or Baldwin’s. Ordinarily, it’s the director who makes that call. Her role was to frame it and film it, with the reasonable assumption that she would not be in danger.

      As the producer, Baldwin had a fiduciary responsibility to ensure a safe set. Personnel choices are crucial, and his head armorer was an inexperienced twenty-something who was also expected to double as an assistant prop master, something unheard of in the industry. That was a decision made for economic reasons, not because she had a reputation for experience, competence, or safety. Her only other prior gig as head armorer was criticized at the time.

      Baldwin had enough experience to ensure that the gun he was handling was safe, whether it was “his job” or not. If it had been a rehearsal for a suicide scene, you can be sure he would have checked his firearm. If his irrational hatred of the NRA, an organization founded upon and devoted to gun safety, were not so rabid, he might have further ensured the safety of his production by having a genuine expert on hand.

      The chain of custody was not Hutchins’s responsibility and it appears that it did not rise to professional standards. Why was there any live ammunition on the set? So bored crew members could plink cans while waiting between takes? That was an accident waiting to happen.

  4. “Seconds later, Baldwin blocked me.”
    I wonder how Mr. Baldwin intends to “block” the justice system. Just saying.

    • “I wonder how Mr. Baldwin intends to “block” the justice system. Just saying.”

      Probably something like this :

      “Elizabeth Holmes Tried To Flee Country After Conviction, Prosecutors Say”

      “The government became aware on January 23, 2022, that Defendant Holmes booked an international flight to Mexico departing on January 26, 2022, without a scheduled return trip. Only after the government raised this unauthorized flight with defense counsel was the trip canceled.”

    • Pretty simple – Baldwin will attempt to block justice with an expensive lawyer talking to a group of people too stupid to avoid jury duty. Baldwin’s best dramatic performance is yet to come. His politics absolutely matter – Biden, Kamala, Obama, Soros, Baldwin (except for the moderately conservative brother) and the whole commie crew would happily ban your gear and lecture us deplorables and bitter clingers about our responsible gun ownership. Baldwin’s idiotic worldview drove his actions, and his actions directed resulted in two people being shot. One died. I pray Baldwin get’s convicted, but I have a lot of experience with idiotic juries and commie judges during my 22 years in law enforcement. I hope Baldwin gets time in a no-picnic federal “pound me in the ass” prison. My $.02.

  5. Finger pointing does nothing but confirm baldwin knew the firearm was capable of live fire. And it confirms baldwin knew such a weapon would be used to point and fire towards coworkers; obviously baldwin failed miserbly to consider the, “What Ifs?”

  6. Not having a qualified armored =

    1. Disrespect for the potential of firearms
    2. Disrespect for and negligence regarding the safety of his employees
    3. Disrespect for and negligence regarding the rules and conventions regarding firearms on movie sets.
    4. Disrespect for and negligence regarding the proper handling of firearms.

    Add to that, pointing a gun that he had not personally cleared at someone and pulling the trigger.

    Arrogant, negligent, sloppy.
    All of that was willful.

  7. I do not espouse the premise that the Left killed Hutchins or some other belief system. Safety protocols are in place exactly to prevent these types of fatal accidents. All were ignored due to professional negligence in the chain of custody of the firearm – starting with the armorer who’s some job is exactly keeping the actors safe from themselves. I’m no fan of Baldwin and does need to personally “‘fess up” at least to himself and to Hutchin’s family HE has his negligence in pointing gun and working the fire mechanism without checking the firearm over. Plus he has to live with the fact he did shoot and kill a person. He has his own private he’ll besides the courts to deal with now.

        • Exactly. Most people forget Baldwin was the producer, one of the highest people in charge of things, and he did nothing about all the previous firearm mishaps, the “misfires with live ammo”, just let things drift out of control.

        • And then had the armorer performing general stage hand activities leaving the guns unattended.

      • Even if I hand you a gun and tell you that I 100% know for a fact it is unloaded, you still shouldn’t put it in your mouth or point it at someone. Not even if I tell you to point it at them or you. Thatd just be foolish. My worry is not who loaded it but the overall stupidity of using a real gun as a prop for a movie.

      • who loaded the gun is a totally irrelevant question.

        WHO HAD IT IN HIS HAND is the ONLY vaiid question.
        It is the responsibility of THAT ONE to first safe and clear that weapon, THEN to still maintain full muzzle control. THAT ONE did neither. HE is the ONLY ONE responsible for where that round went.

  8. Take a lesson from this idiot. If you are somehow involved in a crime, find a lawyer and keep your f*ing mouth shut.

  9. Scapegoating his progressive liberalism for the shooting of Halyna is laughable, and makes 2A supporters sound just as braindead and monomaniacal as we portray the other side. People on the right make dumb mistakes with guns all the time, just do a quick search on you tube for “gun fails” and ask yourself, how many of those people were raging liberals and how many were just complacent?

    • “People on the right make dumb mistakes with guns all the time, just do a quick search on you tube for “gun fails” and ask yourself, how many of those people were raging liberals and how many were just complacent?”

      well, overall that’s not actually true. even though there are youtube videos that’s only an extreamy small number compared to multi millions who do not.

      Baldwin on the other hand, may not have exactly been a liberal thing in terms of anti-gun, even though he certainly is a liberal and anti-gun, but certainly was a liberal thing that he could try to absolve himself of any responsibility for literally pulling the trigger.

      • and.. as far as Baldwin being liberal in the sense that created this situation…yes he most certainly was. his liberal ‘im Baldwin’ sense of entitlement not only aided and facilitated this happening, being attested to by numerous people in terms of safety concerns that were created by his liberal ‘I’m Baldwin’ attitude, his liberal attitude also made it so the rules did not apply to him as also attested to by numerous people. and on top of that he ignored what he was suppose to do with a firearm despite previously claiming his experience with firearms handling, and that in its self is an undisciplined liberal attitude.

        yes, Baldwin being liberal not only resulted in this horrific incident causing the death of a person but it also facilitated it happening.

        so overall, he may not have intended to kill his victim, thus the charges, but his ‘liberal’ put him there with an actual real gun and actual real ammo and him actually pulling the trigger (by the rearward pressure he had on the trigger).

      • Lori Lightfoot has a severe case of stupid, its like her brain is oxygen deprived and is on the edge of passing out with her spouting a logic that isd nonsense (and already-proven-not-to-work) ‘solution’ to overall crime in Chicago. That’s the kind of impaired logic thinking a person has who is in that ‘just about to pass out’ state. A side effect of consuming too much Vagisil is that ‘on the edge of passing out’.

    • Are you seriously making the argument that Baldwin’s culpability is somehow minimized because other people make mistakes, too? His virulent personal and political slanders do little to make him a sympathetic character, and actually highlight his rigid biases. His irrational ideological worldview is typical of the Left, in all its smug certainty.

  10. Baldwin demanded the armorer to do additional duties on the set. An experienced armorer would have told him to pound sand and walked. Baldwin used his status and her inexperience to bully her in the best tradition of hollyweird.

    • You are confusing the armourer on this set with the standard grade high dollar union armourer in the higher budget films. THEY can refuse to do whatever, and the union will fuss and squall and winge and bully until their guy gets a ass to loaf about the set in luxury until something on their very short list of “suitable tasks” comes along for them to do. Rust was a budget backlor film.
      That’s much like the government funded highway construction projects. On MY place when I am working with the trackhoe and a bit of shovel work wants done I idle the machine hop off into the muck, take the shovel in my hands, and get what wants doing done, then hop back on pull the throttle and get the machine working agin. On those government projects, the shovel guy is paid his $35/hour to stand there daydreaming as the trackhoe jockey is making it do the bulk of the work. Then when a couple scoops are needing tossed trackhoe guy idles the machine, sits there daydreaming or watching on his phone whilst the shovel jockey waves it about for a few minutes. BOTH are getting paidunion scale but only one is working at any one time. No wonder costs are through the ionosphere for gummit praw jecks.

  11. Old Alec used real/fake guns in at least several movies prior to Rust. No excuse granted. His beliefs didn’t wound & kill. His dumbass DID. That and trying to make a movie on the cheap. Maybe his fake spanish wife can get Billy or Stephan to take her and the brood in if papa goes to prison🙃🙄

  12. Judge is right about Baldwin’s arrogance, wrong about NRA advisors. If this goes to trial, Baldwin’s lawyers will try to argue this is a matter of expertise, where he has a right to rely on gun safety experts, just as he would rely on experts to set up an airbag for a fall stunt, or to rig high explosives.

    But the basic rules of gun safety are not a matter of expertise. We can, and routinely do, teach them to children in minutes. They’re in the owner’s manual of the very replica he used. They are universal among the gun-owning community, except perhaps among criminals.

    This talk about NRA advisors exaggerates the expertise involved, and plays right into his hands.

    • I have seen too many experts cry, “Every gun on set is a prop gun!

      Bullshit. If the gun can actually fire a live bullet it needs to be segregated and given a distinct mark that even a dumbass actor can recognize to distinguish it from those that look like the real thing but cannot fire a live round.

      There’s a reason police and other agencies use blue guns for training.

      • Don’t let the term ‘prop’ fool you.
        Anyone worth their weight in salt on a production set knows the term ‘prop’ is in reference to ‘property’.
        Some firearms that are ‘property’ of a production company or firearm rental company ARE unable to fire live rounds, but not all of them are.

        Most items in a production companies ‘property’ dept are fully functional.
        Ex: A fully functional item will have “prop. of [insert production co here]” stenciled in spray paint on it.

        The term ‘prop gun’ was NEVER intended to define ‘safe gun’.

      • but NONE of that matters a bit. The ONLY relevant question is WHO was holding that firearm when it discharged. I don’t care if ten thousand others safed and cleared that gun before HE picked it up. he FAILED to safe and clear it ONE MORE TIME.

    • This is exactly why the left is jumping to defend Alec Baldwin. This is just another attempt to establish the narrative that guns are simply to dangerous and complicated for the average Joe to own, operate and carry without special training, certification, licenses and permits. A big part of that narrative is advanced by the suggestion that Baldwin should have been able to take the word of an expert that the gun was not loaded. That only an expert would or could know the difference between live or dummy ammunition. Therefore he bears no responsibility for this tragedy. It appears that both dummy ammunition and blank rounds were used on this movie set. Additionally at least one live round was in the gun that was fired, killing Hutchins. This case is going to turn on the following question. Should Alec Baldwin have known the difference between the dummy ammunition, (Not blank rounds but DUMMY AMMUNITION) and live ammunition, which somehow found it’s way into that gun? If he couldn’t or shouldn’t reasonably be expected to know this, then his failure to personally check the guns status becomes irrelevant. The question then becomes “Was pointing a firearm certified by an expert to be not loaded with live ammunition at someone on a movie set, negligence rising to the level of a crime.”

  13. “It might have saved Baldwins life”,,,like uhh what about Hutchins?
    Oh shes not the movie star so she dont carry the clout right o right on.
    I met Pat Boone once, shook his hand.
    “Oh, I like movie stars, so much more real then regular people.”

    • It’s all good. Matthew Hutchins won a civil suit and now gets to play Executive Director. Money all around. Halyna who?

      • Matthew Hutchins ain’t grieving much, who takes majority share in a low budget flick destined to bomb at the box office? I mean 50% of the nation hates Baldwin and won’t pay a cent for a ticket.

        I still think Halyna was pregnant by and/or having an affair with Baldwin and he making it look like negligence/incompetence/an accident whacked her to avoid a costly/messy divorce from his wife Hilaria, I mean those “Spanish” broads are known for their “hot” Latin tempers, even the fake ones.

    • I think he means that the accident wouldn’t have occurred and an innocent life lost if Baldwin had been more responsible and less smugnorant. His life is in genuine peril … who might want to align themselves with Baldwin professionally now? Especially considering how he’s been conducting himself since.

      Her death was the result of a perfect storm of incompetence, complacency, and perverse priorities. Accidents like this are vanishingly rare in the industry, which is one reason it’s big news. The production was already fraught with labor and safety issues, so his casual arrogance and evasions are grotesque.

  14. Baldwin needs to do some time in the local lockup.
    That would make his cowboy movies more realistic & believable.
    But I have a hunch that he’ll just throw a bunch of money around, like he’s already doing, & get off relatively easy.

    I always thought he was a JERK anyway.

  15. This pompous jackass is going to skate. The most that he’ll get is probation with zero time behind bars. I can’t see him doing any time at all. He’s one of the elites and just like Bidum and his sloppiness with classified docs can do no wrong.

  16. I reckon now he does know what it feels like to accidentally kill someone. He had all these “experts” and others, to help him and he still did it. I would not have proceeded until I personally checked what was in the cylinders, and that the barrel was clear. We can’t forget about Jet Lee and what happened on the set of the crow.

  17. Alas, I fear they’ve charged him so that he walks. Involuntary Manslaughter requires not just accidentally killing someone but doing so as a result of negligence or recklessness.

    So he takes the stand and here’s how the questioning goes (Im an attorney but I don’t practice criminal law, civil only)

    Lawyer. Alex, how many guns have you handled on movie sets in your life.
    Alex. Hundreds, maybe thousands.
    Lawyer. Have you ever found the need to check the chamber before?
    Alex. No, not once.
    Lawyer. Why?
    Alex. Because the armorer makes sure they are safe. That’s what they are hired for.
    Lawyer. Have you ever come across a single live round on a movie set.
    Alex. Not once.
    Lawyer. How many rounds of blank ammo have you viewed.
    Alex. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands.
    Lawyer. Have you ever pointed a gun at someone on a movie set or in rehersal.
    Alex. Hundreds, maybe thousands of times.
    Lawyer. Have you ever witnessed other actors do the same.
    Alex. Hundreds, maybe thousands of times.
    Lawyer. Have you ever heard of a live round on a movie set.
    Alex. No, never.
    Lawyer. Do you know how many guns are used on movies sets in any given year.
    Alex. I don’t know but Id estimate it in the tens of thousands.
    Lawyer. And ammo?
    Alex. It would have to be in the millions (These last two would be objected to but he’s a producer so he might be able to get them in)

    Ok, so you see where it’s going. This is something that is done all the time. It’s comparable to going 10mph over the speed limit in your car, sure its dangerous and more dangerous than going the speed limit, but it is not reckless nor negligent.

    Now the armorer, SHE’S going to jail.

    • This. Yes, Baldwin is the film’s producer but the armorer’s function on set is to ensure the safe handling of those guns, and then secured storage when they are not in use. She did neither.

    • That’s a good start.
      Now cross examine AB and get into his role as Executive Director of the movie.
      Question him on why he hired an incompetent Armorer.
      Why he didn’t shut down production once it was clear she was incompetent. The crew out shooting the firearms at night with live ammo. 🤪
      Why production wasn’t stopped when numerous members of the production staff walked off the set.

      ABs liabilities go FAR beyond being the one who pulled the trigger.

      • There were other safety issues with loose gun handling on the set before the tragedy. After the first mishap, there should have been major review of staffing and circumstances, and action taken to ensure safety. No excuses.

    • Possible – but good prosecutors do exist in this world. They are my favorite lawyers and I’ve met a lot of them. I would love to see a lawyer or expert put a single action .45 in Baldwin’s hand with a blank – an actual blank as determined by a real expert – and simply say “Go ahead and get this gun to fire without pulling the trigger just like you have testified.” Again, juries can be really stupid and judges have a lot of control over what they will or won’t allow in a courtroom so justice may not be served. But seeing Baldwin squirm under direct testimony from a good prosecutor will be just lovely.

    • Um, how do you suggest that be accomplished? You say that like it’s always under one’s control. You seem to suggest that she had some role in her own death.

      This was supposedly a controlled situation. Certainly if you’re around someone who is engaging in casual, foolish gunplay, but how might one prevent that in the event of a crime?

  18. Well, Mark Judge, I would have blocked you too. What don’t you understand about ‘Truth over Facts’? Alec Baldwin told us the truth. But you want to go on a fishing expedition for stupid “facts”. What kind of Nazi are you?

  19. It wouldn’t have taken an NRA instructor on the Rust set to say “Hey Wait Just a Damn Second, EVERYONE STOP” What it takes is a man, a REAL man who extols a strong sense of gun safety rules and procedures and wasn’t afraid to look super-douche Alec Baldwin in the face and tell him the way it is or he’s going to get his head bounced off the floor ON CAMERA.

    That’s what it would have taken and he should never have hired that TWIT to be the set armorer. She didn’t have the technical experience nor the demeanor needed to be in control of her department. When safety is at stake and with the already present mistakes that happened on set, the situation dictated a strong presence have total control.

    That CERTAINLY wasn’t her and that didn’t happen and the price was paid.

  20. It may get interesting when the movie crew that quit due to Baldwin cutting corners gets to testify about how haphazard every thing was, i think this the armorers best defense.

    • Wait until crew members exact their pound of flesh for bad pay/poor working conditions and testify that the virulently Anti-Gun Alec Baldwin regularly engaged in target practice using “live” ammo during down-time while “on-location”. I hope this crap (trial) is televised it might wind up being Baldwin’s biggest hit and garner the highest Nielsen ratings of his career save for the day he reports to prison.

  21. the very basics of the law in all 50 states
    at play here, the concept of …the one holding the gun when it goes bang is responsible for where the bullet goes.

    everyone of us would be held legally responsible for that bang even if someone else handed us the gun and said it was safe. Baldwin should be held responsible for it too. he knew it was a real gun that could fire real bullets, he knew it had been used off set for target practice with live ammo. at the very minimum he should have followed the prescribed procedures of at least three people checking it and each person being verified by the other. he should have checked the gun, a procedure that is often ignored by actors and not often highlighted is the requirement they check the gun themselves before accepting it, and these checks include the ammo as well, and Baldwin certainly ignored that. In his own words he basically said he didn’t check it himself, if his own ‘I’m Baldwin’ liberal arrogance had not been in play and he did as he should have done its a good chance no one would have been shot.

    its not a game, even if it is a movie. you don’t get to say ‘I’m an actor and its not my job to make sure the gun can’t fire a bullet’ – it is your job.

    • I have to agree with you Booger. Alec Baldwin is a well know anti-gun douche and likely isn’t knowledgeable with firearms, although I’m assuming that but from what we all know, that’s likely the case.

      This isn’t as if a shop forgot to tighten your lugnuts. As mentioned, he’s handling a real firearm, HE IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY.

      It’s the same thing when I fly an aircraft as I’m a licensed pilot and have been upwards of 35 years. I am the final authority as to the safe operation of that aircraft. It’s my responsibility to make sure diesel wasn’t filled in the tank where avgas should have been or vice-versa.

      If some stoned line pump-jocky at an FBO puts diesel in my plane that’s supposed to take 100LL avgas and I FAIL TO CHECK and my engine quits shortly after takeoff and I crash, that’ my god damn fault.

  22. quote———— I replied to him that after taking a human life it might “be a time for prayer and contemplation.” It was a time to turn to God, the only one who could provide peace and show a way ahead. Seconds later, Baldwin blocked me.———–quote—Mark Judge

    I would have blocked a crazed Far Right Religious Fanatic too after informing him that I do not believe in Bronze Age Mysticism and therefore do not participate in prayer, ritual, incantations or painting my body red and dancing naked by the light of the full moon.

    Alec Baldwin tried to save money by hiring an incompetent armorer and incompetent assistant director. When you throw in Alec who was also reckless and incompetent you have a firearms tragedy.

    When you consider the fact that far back in the 1960’s Gene Roddenberry had the technology to dub in sound and visual light blasts for his Star Trek phaser weapons there was certainly no need in the 21st century to have real guns and live ammo on any movie set. Maybe here too he was also trying to save a buck.

    Of course there are always two sets of laws in Capitalvania, one for the rich and powerful and another set of harsher laws for the worker troglodyte slaves. Baldwin will get off with a slap on his hands while his female armorer will go to prison, that is a given and considering the fact that in all honesty she bears by far the most guilt I suppose it’s not unfair at all.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, That is the typical Leftist Radical response to anything a Conservative or a gun owner would say in response to a stupid statement as was made by Alec Baldwin. The reason you block people like me is because you can’t debate in an open forum with us. IF Alec Baldwin hired incompetent people, then he is doubly responsible.
      I know this will shock you, but lasers weren’t invented yet in the old west nor where they even available as late as the 60’s, in spite of Gene Roddenberry’s pronouncements, not that could be used as a weapon. But then as usual you are talking through your that hoping that someone whose mind borders on the moronic will agree with you

      • To Walter the Beverly Hilljack.

        Get your wife to explain my post to you as you must have been hitting the bottle today as your post is even more nonsensical than it usually is.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, There is NOTHING to explain. you have rambled on about issues that don’t exist favoring your take. But that is what you do best. Guns aren’t the problem. People who use the gun are. Your buddy Alec Baldwin is a prime example.
          Do yourself a favor a quit while you have a head.

    • You don’t seem to have the humanity and good will to recognize that someone was gently offering a source of comfort and a means to contend with playing a significant role in a horrific accident. Couldn’t just let it slide without insults.

      Baldwin’s smug narcissism and anger issues are a matter of record. He insists he has no responsibility at all even though it was his project and he pulled the trigger. “I didn’t know it was loaded” wouldn’t get lesser mortals off the hook … why should it excuse him?

  23. @Dude
    “Or headline thought through, as in clickbait headline.”

    Thinking of “click-bait” being intentionally misleading; not Dan’s style. Thus, puzzling.

  24. A dummy round is not a blank round. They simply aren’t the same thing. Should Alec Baldwin have known the difference by checking the cylinder of the revolver? I don’t think so. He would have had to open the cylinder, remove the rounds and individually examine each one, maybe even weigh them. Is that something the actor should be doing on a set?

  25. Once upon a time, my grandfather said to me, “Boy, never forget that every bullet that leaves that gun has your name on it.” Good lesson that – one ole Alec apparently never was taught. The bullet that left that gun has his name on it. He can blame others all he wants. His celebrity and wealth may get him off but if any regular Joe killed someone in the fashion he did, they would end up doing time.

  26. I have never used blank rounds but I have practiced loading my 12 gauge with Snap Caps. I make sure all real shells are in the safe and set the dummy rounds out to make sure they are what they are supposed to be. I check the weapon to make sure it is unloaded first. It does not take inspection with a magnifying glass. As a result, I have never had an accidental discharge while practicing.
    So the 4 rules aside, what was a real cartridge doing on the set at all ? I have never heard an explanation for this.
    And then of course, the 4 rules are never set aside.

  27. Dummy rounds vs. Blank Rounds.

    Speaking as someone who HAS acted as armorer in a theatrical environment, it is real easy for someone *who has been trained* to distinguish between these two sorts of rounds without removing them from a Colt single action such as Baldwin was using.

    Dummy rounds are INERT rounds made to visually resemble a live round, but wholly unable to be fired. Typically they are an already fired brass casing filled with sand or other inert material with a bullet loaded on top. They will either have an already fired primer in the base (with an obvious primer strike mark) or NO primer (but a dot of glue in the primer hole to keep the filling from leaking out). Occasionally you will see them simply with a bullet swaged to an empty brass case with no primer or filling. (although they will not handle the same as live ammo being off balance)

    By contrast, blank rounds are ammunition which is loaded without a bullet or other conventional projectile, creating a flash and/or bang when fired and minimal debris beyond the muzzle of the weapon. They will ALWAYS have a fresh, unfired primer. Most modern theatrical blanks are so-called “safety balloon cases,” using a unitary plastic case filled with flash power or black powder with a pistol primer fitted on the back. The round nose has molded striations meant to break open under the pressure of the ignited primer and powder like a flower petal, creating a “bang” without leaving any solid wadding or other material that will travel beyond the gun barrel. Western movie armorers typically use so-called five-in-one blanks, which will fit in .38-40 and .44-40 Winchester rifles and .38-40, .44-40, and .45 Colt, as well as .44 Special, .44 Magnum, and .410 bore firearms. However, even more traditional blanks loaded in brass cases will have fresh unstruck primers….just like live ammunition.

    Thus all Baldwin would have had to do to determine if there were dummy rounds in his Colt Single action replica was:
    a) to point the revolver in a safe direction
    b) draw the hammer to half-cock
    c) open the loading gate
    d) inspect the base of the cartridge for an unfired primer
    e) rotate the cylinder completely, checking the cartridges in the other five chambers to make sure that the rounds they don’t have unfired primers.

    Of course, that still leaves plenty of the questions, raised by Baldwin’s own comments, of why one would be “blocking a scene” with a gun that could fire any ammunition at all, rather than a solid rubber dummy pistol. And why the weapon was handed to him by an Asst. Director who declared it “cold” (safe), rather than the armorer, the only person who should every hand a gun to a performer. And of course, why there was any live ammunition on a film set at all…… which is traditionally an offense dealt with by firing the boob that who brought it there…

  28. Baldwin will be GUILTY — of Trespassing or something mundane and walk. The armorer will pay the ultimate price – jail and no job future.

  29. Here is the final word on this. Alec Baldwin is VERY GUILTY of negligence.
    Will he do jail time ?
    Probably not. YOU and I would do some cage time.
    If Joe Smith is sitting on his stoop and Bob Smith comes up and hands old Joe a gun and tells him it isn’t loaded or is loaded with dry fire ammo and old Joe points the gun at ANYONE, he is already in trouble, unlike the movie production, everyone knows it’s make believe, but if old Joe, pulls the trigger and takes someones life, THAT IS NEGLIGENCE , and old Joe will have to do a little cage time.
    A life was taken.
    Alec should have checked the cylinder for live ammo and if he didn’t know what to look for, he should have found out from someone who would know,

  30. Something I have heard in several posts leads me to question something. My understanding is that Ms. Hutchins had Baldwin point the gun at her and pull the hammer back. Then when she had the angle/view she wanted she told him she was good. At that time, with the hammer back, he let go of the hammer and it fell forward firing the gun. He says he didn’t pull the trigger, but every picture I have seen of him holding the gun, he has his finger on the trigger. While I am not familiar with the gun used, I know that my Ruger Blackhawk functions similarly to it and if you grab the gun and pull the trigger, the hammer can be pulled back and released and the weapon will fire without “pulling the trigger”. I believe that is what he did. That is negligence on his part.


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