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It’s late, I’m having trouble with the embed code and bed is calling. So click here for a video report from about a proposal to build a gun range near Denver International Airport. “[Adams] County officials say they have taken measures to address air traffic safety in their plans for the new gun range.¬†Denver International Airport officials disagree. They say aircraft on approach to the airport would typically be 500 feet over ground level at the proposed range. The fear is not only that people will mistakenly fire bullets in the direction of planes, but some might shoot at them intentionally as well . . .¬†Shooting range operators say there would be strict rules for users including no armored-piercing ammunition, and no rapid-firing allowed.¬†Nevertheless, the federal government and the operators of DIA are very concerned about security risks involved with the location of the new gun range.”

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  1. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I actually just heard about this yesterday (which probably says more about me than it does about the range) even though it's in my figurative back yard.

    As you may have heard me complain about, the Denver metro area is vastly underserved in terms of public shooting facilities. What we have are a smattering of indoor private ranges of varying qualities (BTW, Robert, the one we shot at in April is closed, out-of-business, once again) and one very inadequate outdoor public area (Cherry Creek.)

    Given the metro area population (circa 1.5 million) and the large number of shooters here, that's just flat out inadequate, and the patchwork of private outdoor facilities (which are either too far away, too expensive, or too full to accomodate any significant number of shooters) do not fill the need.

    So the need is definitely there. As to whether this particular facility is in the best location, that remains to be seen.

  2. "including no armored-piercing ammunition, and no rapid-firing allowed."
    Both are in common use at the gun ranges I go to around Bismarck. What's the big deal with rapid-firing? it's fun to do sometimes.


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