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Some of these moves you may have seen from the Magpul videos. Others, like the “brokeback prone,” are new. And somehow, I get the feeling that Iain gets a little too much enjoyment from that one. Anyway, always good info.

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  1. Instead of training, Lain could go over to CNN and have a discussion with fellow Brit, Piers about gun control. I might even watch his show for that!

  2. On the first two firing positions it looks like he is crowding his cover and would be ripe for a incoming round ricocheting into his pumpkin.

  3. The instructor failed to remind the students that in a normal shot, the projectile rises up through the site line then falls back to the zero point at the distance the gun is sighted in for with no wind. With the gun at 90 degrees (counter clockwise with right hand trigger finger on top) the bullet will impact left of the cross hairs or red dot because gravity will not bring it back to center/zero and also impact low because now the windage reticle is verticle and the bore is point blank flat on the target plane.
    I was surprised with the shooting technique he did not include the aim adjustment required.
    One may not always be able to adjust the impact point on a visual dust kick up.

    • Hmm. This is a good point, but a minor quibble/tech question, for you KCK or anyone with operator/LEO experience who cares to opine-

      – in the typical 5.56 round for HD/escort/whatever training need this was aimed at- what distance would you set up your AR for sighting?

      I read a simple explanation (somewhere- it may have been here in a forum post) about how soldiers were trained to sight in their (M16/M4?) at 25yds, knowing it would be on at 200yds, and basically zero to 1.5″ off (high) in between those ranges. (Beyond 200 yds, they would work with bullet drop according to range estimates to 400 yds, using shoulder width on scope marks for bullet drop).

      I’m thinking that for a civilian looking for simplicity and KISS on use of an AR for HD, or shooting from cover around a vehicle, then your point about bullet drop is well taken, but probably not worth fussing too much about, as the difference is well within “minute of man”? Am I correct in assuming that for practical purposes?


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