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You may be familiar with the old saying: if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Little Bobby Costas apparently never heard that old saw, because the dirt just seems to continue flying around him at an alarming rate. The more he tries to ‘splain what he meant about guns and why he said what he did, the more he reveals himself as deserving of the uninformed media twit moniker so many have hung around those narrow shoulders since Sunday night’s broadcast . . .

Bob’s latest stop was the oleaginous Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC talkfest last night. He even sounded a little apologetic at first for any misunderstanding about what he’d been trying to say on the subject of firearms.

He told O’Donnell that if only he’d had enough time during his now infamous halftime editorial, he’d have covered some of the other possibilities that could have played a role in causing Jovan Belcher to murder his girlfriend in cold blood and then commit suicide. You know, well-known societal ills like alcohol, drugs, domestic abuse, mental illness and the heart-rending toll that football itself takes on those who sacrifice their minds and bodies, all for the entertainment of the masses.

Then, after dutifully proclaiming that he’s really not against the Second Amendment and thinks shotguns and hunting rifles are probably not too objectionable, he got back to what really wrinkles his Wranglers, America’s gun culture. And this time, he focused in on a subject he arguably knows something about: sports.

And (the gun culture) plays itself out — and this I know the whys and wherefores of — in the sports world. Where young athletes are disproportionately armed. Tony Dungy, one of the most respected people in all of sports, on our program on Sunday night said that one year when he coached the Colts, he had 80 players before they cut the roster down. Eighty players in training camp.

He said, “how many of you guys own a gun?” And roughly 65 hands went up. Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20s and 30s, aggressive young men, subject to impulses without something bad happening.

Of course Bob couldn’t let his little palaver with O’Donnell conclude without re-issuing his challenge to all within the sound of his sonorous voice. He still hasn’t heard of one instance — not one — in which a professional athlete has actually used a firearm to defend himself or his family. We guess he’s too busy making his case about guns cause us to do violence to have seen the fruit of RF’s mad Googling skills.

Anyway, don’t let those still boyish good looks fool you. Despite being able to pass for a gray-templed former Up With People cast member, Bob’s a classic media elitist from the old school. If those same yoots in the Colts’ locker room had joined the Army instead of signing NFL contracts, he’d have no problem with their decision-making skills. But as highly compensated civvies, fuggedabouddit.

What? Young men in their twenties and thirties — men with impulses, mind you — free to own guns? This cannot stand!

Less charitable observers might draw attention to a possible racial undertone as the basis for Bob’s lack of trust in the ability of a roomful of NFL players who’ve reached the age of majority to conduct themselves responsibly while owning bangsticks. But we won’t.

No, Bob clearly knows best where young people and firearms are concerned. And the fact that — since the kerfuffle Sunday night — he’s appeared on just about any show that will have him, demonstrating his earnestness and forthright good intentions for the benefit and safety of the poor benighted proles out there in TV land, just shows he’s really just doing this for all of our sakes. He’s convinced that if he just repeats his truths long and often enough, they may actually penetrate a few Dorito-chomping skulls full of mush out there.

We’d probably do well to go ahead cede the decision-making authority concerning who may and may not exercise the right to keep and bear arms to him now, before something really untoward happens.

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  1. “Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20s and 30s, aggressive young men, subject to impulses without something bad happening.”

    What a verbose cretin.
    That said, even the mentally inept are correct by accident on occasion. He is right about one thing-something bad did happen to the young guy who tried to carjack me . He saw my pistol and discovered how fast a human being can change direction in mid step.

    • “Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20s and 30s, aggressive young men, subject to impulses without something bad happening.”

      Don’t tell the Army…

      • I was thinking of all of the Marine Corps. Hell, we were yelled at constantly and treated like garbage for 13 weeks by people whose job it is to make life hell for us. Most of the time we had Rifles, and at times we had live ammo and bayonets and how many people have ever shot another during this time known as boot camp? 0. So, I think Costas is a complete moron.

      • “Even if all those guns were obtained legally, you can’t have 65 guys in their 20s and 30s, aggressive young men, subject to impulses without something bad happening.”

        I would ask what impulses? The impulse to go run around on your girl friend(mother of your kid). Stay out all night partying. The impulse to shoot somebody because they are mad at you.
        Since the “most deadly thing in the world is a 18 year old marine.”
        It’s a good thing that a lot of marines have not hit their 20s and 30s. Bad things might happen!

        Of course the Pro Football player is a lot more mature! Having graduated from college and all?
        Maybe the Team ought to write in their contact “no Gun ownership”. That would surly stop these aggressive young men from having a gun???

        Yeah right!!!


    • Funny, could he also have noted that most of those young men with questionable impulse control were… This would get the liberal narrative (and goal of gun restriction) too far of point and into hot water (and illustrate how crazy the whole subject was to bring up in the first place).

  2. We can’t blame little Bobby Costas for what came out of his weenie sucker because it’s the fault of the microphone that he regurgitated into.

  3. What really hacks me off on this is the fact, FACT, that Costas lives in a gated community with armed guards, works in secured facilities with armed guards, and travels escorted by armed guards.

    Just another leftarded piece of sh*t.

  4. The problem with Belcher wasn’t guns…it was like Costas said, he was an aggressive young man, subject to impulses without something bad happening. When he was 13 he terrorized the other kids at school, but he was a good football player so no one did anything about it. When he was in college (at traditional football powerhouse Maine) he punched a window out of a car because the young lady in it pissed him off. He nearly severed his thumb. No consequences. How many times in Belcher’s short and miserable life did he get away with assualting people because he could play football? What lesson did he learn?

    It’s not the gun. It’s not every elite athlete. It’s a chosen few, raised as hoodlums, with no consequences in their lives for their actions until they kill someone. Then it’s the NCAA/NFL/NRA/Pick-Another-Scapegoat’s fault.

  5. In Bob’s illuminating anectode, did any “bad happen” to the 65 innocent young agressive men who were unfortunatley subjected to a machine’s impusles?

  6. The following is from Belcher’s wiki page. I have no idea if any type of game related injury attributed to the murder suicide.

    “Deadspin quoted an unnamed source reported that Belcher following the November 18 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals “was dazed and was suffering from short-term memory loss. He could not remember the events that had taken place prior to that game or what he had said to get Kasi [Kasandra Perkins] to return home.”

    “The New York Daily News noted that since 2011 five other NFL players have killed themselves (Dave Duerson, Ray Easterling, Junior Seau, Kurt Crain and OJ Murdock). Autopsies of Duerson and Easterling indicated they had suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative disease caused by repeated blows to the head. All the NFL players died of self-inflicted gun shots.[33] Chiefs owner Clark Hunt noting Belcher’s relative young age in comparison to the other players with diagnosed CTE said Belcher was “a player who had not had a long concussion history.”[34]”

  7. Does anyone know anything about Belcher’s family unit during his childhood and teen years? Males that grow up in a single-parent usually mother only dominated home have a higher propensity to exhibit violence, join gangs, commit suicide, suffer depression, etc. I don’t know if it is accurate though I’ve read that 70% of black women are single which is not a good thing for kids.

    • Are you insinuating his history of concussions is longer than the Chief’s owner knew (I joke)?

      But your question crossed my mind when I read that his mother (Ms. Shepherd) was witness to the first shooting. Family is important, and scaring the shit out of your mom, like he did, is a clue that family issues may have lead to his personal issues.

  8. Who keeps giving Bob a microphone? Is he licensed to operate a microphone? Are these microphones registered in his own name? At one time he was a respected sports journalist and then… he just started getting aggressive with these microphones…poor Bob.

  9. I guess according to Bobo here we need a minimum age limit on anyone with a firearm then. So all you Cops, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, certain Firefighters, Park Rangers, FBI, US Marshals, Boarder Patrol, please proceed to turn in your guns, you will be behind a desk until your mid 30’s.
    I mean seriously Bob is an idiot!!!

  10. Bob Costas showed his true colors in his first tirade Sunday Night. Now all this “clarifying and explaining” what he “really meant to say” is just cowardly back-pedaling by a gutless eunuch.

  11. TTAG should contact the NFL players union and have any current or former players who have used their guns in a DGU or as a deterent spam Costas with facts.

    • I guess it’s not racist because Witlock and Tony Dungee are black. Right? Kinda like how I can tell Jewish jokes if I origonally heard them from a Jew?

      • As I read the post, it doesn’t seem like Dungee was singling out “football players” (euphemism for young black males) as potentially dangerous, rather that was Costas’s view.

        I think part of the reason you don’t hear about so many NFL or NBA players and DGUs is not just because they are big guys, but rather that everyone knows that they and their wives are probably armed.

        • I agree with you on both your points, I just thought it was interesting how Costas has said relatively little on this subject without trying to tie it to someone that could lend him credability.

  12. While Costas may be getting support from his “journalist” cohorts, he’s getting it in the neck from the athletes. One of the funnier confrontations was between him and Charles Barkley.

    CB: I carry a gun. It makes me feel safer.
    BC: You live in Arizona, where it’s legal.
    CB: I had one even when I lived in Philadelphia [strictly illegal at the time], and I was about 21 or 22 at the time.

    This episode had the beneficial effect of showing how out of touch these people are not only with mainstream America, but with the selfsame athlethes they are reporting on.
    Totally clueless. [That’s a polite way of saying ignorant and dumb].

  13. So according to this douche bag, I’m not supposed to own any gun because I’m 31. Never mind that I joined the Marine Corps to help protect his arrogant butt and that I knew more about guns when I was 6 than he does. Come and try to take it Bob, I dare you. I won’t even use a weapon on you when you try if you do so by yourself.

  14. A womans response to Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock:

    “Let us not beat around the bush, you want to sacrifice my life on the altar of your political beliefs. How dare you? Honestly, who do the two of you think you are to demand that my blood be shed so that you may preen about what wonderful people you are? Why, precisely, are you removing the responsibility for Kasandra Perkins’ murder from Jovan Belcher and placing it on an inanimate object?”

    I’am not the same Steve that made the comments at the end of this story!!!!!!

  15. Guns have been the great equalizers throughout history. If you see yourself as part of the “elite” crowd, wouldn’t you want to see them go away?

    Point in fact: Turn back the clock to 1270~1300 AD. You are a Mongol warrior, trained since childhood for years on end in the use of the bow and arrow. This while on a horse at full gallop. You are the consummate warrior, using the most powerful weapon of the time. You are, “the elite”.

    Out of nowhere comes the hand cannon, the first “handgonne”. An uneducated “peasant” is taught to load it and fire it in a day. The next day, you are no longer the elite. You are dead, killed by a “peasant”. It comes as a great shock to the elite. The Mongols are run out of China. The Ming dynasty is born. The Mongol elite is vanquished by a bunch of “peasants”.

    Fast forward a few centuries to Europe. The Moors are run out of Spain, courtesy of the arquebus. Another empire run by the elite falls. This is still happening today.

    That same DNA is still a part of today’s “elite”. They hate guns because they don’t see themselves as equals. They only want guns for themselves and their protection details. Don’t let their altruistic speeches fool you for a minute. An unarmed “peasantry” is a controllable one.

  16. “Who the Hell Does Bob Costas Think He Is?”

    Who the Hell Is Bob Costas?

    Seriously. A week ago I had never heard of this guy. Why do I care about his opinion on something that he, obviously, doesn’t know a thing about. Somehow I doubt NASA cares very much what I think about the speed at which the satellites orbit the Earth or their choice of rocket fuel.

  17. Bob Costas’ “problem”,aside from his boyish good looks at 64,is his KEEN INTELLIGENCE in an era when ugly dumb-a**es rule the airwaves.(At 62,I have the same “issues”;boyish good looks and a 150-160 IQ).
    Unfortunately fitting that I post here,given the latest U.S. mass shooting;Eight slain in Ohio,doubling the “(Four Dead In) Ohio” anti-Kent State student slaughter May 4,1970.As long as the Bubbas and Billy Bobs continue to run things (or at least,vote in the overlords who rule them as well as the rest of the U.S.,such mass shootings will continue unabated.


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