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When members of Open Carry Texas rallied in front of a meeting of four—count ’em four—members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, MDA had a hissy fit. With the help of a misleading photograph (exposed first here), the mainstream media went big on the story. Forbes proclaimed Texas Gun Bullies Use Semi-Automatics To Terrorize Mothers Against Guns-NRA Remains Silent40 Armed Members Of ‘Open Carry Texas’ Try To Intimidate 4 Unarmed Women Of ‘Moms Demand Action’ shouted. Etc. As you’d expect, Mom-in-Chief Shannon Watts milked the story, casting herself and her Moms as victims of . . . wait for it . . . terrorism. This is no laughing matter . . .

As I’ve said before, the civilian disarmament industry wants to cast gun rights advocates as criminals, thugs and psychopaths. They don’t want to marginalize Americans who work to defend and extend their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. They want to destroy them. You know, eliminate.

Remember: the Open Carry Texas (OCT) folk said nothing whatsoever about assaulting members of Moms Demand Action. Bogus photo angle aside, it was their mere presence at the quartet’s get-together that enraged the antis. The gun control crowd is now baying for blood in their own “read between the lines” way.  Check this hate speech from

But this hairsplitting over the exact details of the confrontation ignores the larger point, that it is de facto intimidation when approximately 40 members of an extreme and insurrectionist group known for vitriolic confrontations with law enforcement mill around in a parking lot outside of a meeting of their political opponents while openly displaying guns . . .

Supporters of OCT called a police officer a “piece of garbage,” a “fucking scumbag,” a “worthless piece of shit,” a “worthless waste of life,” and a “traitor.” One man repeatedly shouted “Fuck you, pig.”

OCT’s October 19 gun rights rally at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas featured conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and insurrectionist Mike Vanderboegh. At the rally — where supporters reportedly called police “tyrants with badges” — Jones told the crowd, “We’re not going to lay down if you offensively attack us. If it’s a war they want, it’s a war they’ll get.” Vanderboegh, whose anti-government views inspired a domestic terrorist plot, told the crowd, “You can kill us, if you think you can. But remember, we’ll shoot back,” and, “When democracy turns to tyranny, the armed citizenry still gets to vote.”

Given that OCT’s recent events have been an ugly mix of anger, violent threats and firearms, it is entirely believable that MDA members and others were intimidated by OCT’s actions on November 9.

How long before that becomes “Given that OCT’s recent events have been an ugly mix of anger, violent threats and firearms, it’s entirely right that they should be arrested, disarmed and incarcerated.”

Or “Given that OCT’s recent events have been an ugly mix of anger, violent threats and firearms, it’s entirely right that the SWAT team decided to raid its members’ house. The fact that one member was shot and killed during the raid is regrettable but . . .”

Paranoid fantasy? From your lips to God’s ears. Meanwhile, Shannon is ratcheting up the rhetoric, heading in that direction. [h/t SS]

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  1. You can tell someone who is trying for the “I’m a poor little victim” role by the whine in their voice. OOOOH, poor wittle baby! Those nasty gun owners made her FEEEEL bad.

    And just as a side note, the Taliban don’t demonstrate against their opponents – they kill them. Anyone who equates a peaceful protest with a Taliban action is either a liar or a drooling idiot. Or both.

    • I may point out the fact that the Taliban was actively disarming Afghan civilians while they were ruling the country. Ignorance and hysteria are the only things MDA has to deceive and manipulate the gullible.

    • “And just as a side note, the Taliban don’t demonstrate against their opponents – they kill them.”

      Option of reversal of position, “JOIN OR DIE”, generally offered as an option, prior to execution.

  2. Time to sick the hounds, guys.

    Lets call up some gay rights and feminist groups, give them the lowdown on armed self defense against rapists and bigots, and let the fight begin.When a protected class (mothers)wants your rights on a plate, you fight back with another protected class

    I call ringside seats!

    • I think the gun rights folks can learn plenty from the gay and feminist rights groups. They seem to have a unification in the message and they stay on message. Do you think gay activists show up every time the Westboro Baptist Church organizes a rally? No, because it only sheds light on the WBC’s cause and puts more “God Hates Fags” signs on television. People who fight against natural rights are always doomed to fail. But, they have to be allowed to implode on their own. I’m convinced that MDA gets more coverage on TTAG than anywhere else. If someone wants to have a MDA get together, then let them. If OCT wants to hold an open-carry rally, then go ahead. However, the two should be mutually exclusive. No matter how you spin it, grown men open-carrying outside of a meeting of four old ladies or “soccer moms” is never going to go our way.

      • I agree one hundred percent. I don’t believe that among the general population that this women has much of a following, or even that most have even heard of MDA. An organization or person whose only means of communication is emotional ranting will never gain credibility.

      • I also agree. Publicity is what stokes the MDA, and the pro-gun crowd provides it in spades. These people need to be ignored. They take too much attention and energy away from fighting the real threats to our rights.

        Ask yourself, would anyone be reporting on 4 MDA members meeting somewhere if the OCT hadn’t shown up and played into there publicity machine? FOr God sakes, did they really think that posing for a picture taken by MDA was going to be used in a positive manner – facepalm. Stop giving MDA the time of day.

      • Let me jump in on the “I agree” bandwagon, too. My first thought when I heard about this OCT vs. MDA kerfuffle was that nobody would give a shit about the MDA ladies’ lunch if the open carry dorks hadn’t shown up. Stop giving these “moms” attention, and you take away their (already quite limited) power.

        I propose a two-week trial period of a complete moratorium on TTAG posting stories about these morons. I’ll bet the quality of discourse around here goes up, and the amount of attention the Action Demanders get goes down.

        Sure, Dirk Diggler will be sad, but he seems like a smart enough guy, he’ll probably come up with a new shtick pretty quickly.

      • Agree. Nobody believes Shannon Watts actually was afraid of the OCT people. She wasn’t expecting to be shot or raped, as she speculated for whomever would listen. She’s not the ‘afraid’ type. Indeed, she has certainly been coping just fine with aggressive corporate and political (left wing) men for two decades. She’s tough underneath the faux-femme image she’s trying to sell.

        Shannon was hired to get the attention of moms. She is paid to create fear and apprehension among women. That is her JOB. I don’t think many moms have any interest. I’m quite sure no moms expect to be raped at RIFLE point. A knife? Maybe. Shannon is desperate. Why pay any attention? The reason is obvious.

      • I have been trying to tell everybody this very thing for the longest of longest times and nobody is listening. If you get a group of homosexual gun owners together and push them front and center the Left will quickly crumble, and VAST amounts of the Gay community will be brought into the folds once they have something to anchor onto. The GBLT community, as narrowminded as it is, sticks together heavily and if you give them an anchor point to embrace you’ll quickly find them supporting the 2A heavily, as they are one of the finest examples of the 2A application to begin with.

        • I was a member of the Pink Pistols for years, until my job made it impractical to hang with ’em. I’m sure you could get a lot of support from them. They love a good 2nd Amendment cause.

      • “I think the gun rights folks can learn plenty from the gay and feminist rights groups. They seem to have a unification in the message and they stay on message. ”

        You are correct on many levels, Alex. We should be able to lean from the TACTICS of these groups and certainly the unification and staying on message. These things have served them well and while I do not necessarily agree with significant parts of their goals as long as they do not oppose or otherwise oppress me, they deserve their liberty just like everyone else.

        The one most important part of their strategy that I DO object to is the continual effort to find “Rights” in the Constitution that just are not actually there. The Bill of Rights lists (approximately, opinions vary) 28 individual natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights. Gay marriage and abortion on demand were not there last time I checked. This dilution of the definition of rights is the thing I object to. They may or may not be entitled to do or have the things they want, they are not entitled to claim Constitutional rights that do not exist.

      • Agree. The fact that they’re mentioned on this blog gives us the impression that they’re a credible part of the conversations.

        Why the plumbers in CO who actually did something relevent don’t get more TTAG time that this trivial group is beyond me?

        • “Agree. The fact that they’re mentioned on this blog gives us the impression that they’re a credible part of the conversations.

          Why the plumbers in CO who actually did something relevent don’t get more TTAG time that this trivial group is beyond me?”

          F*CK “beyond me”; can we PLEASE GET OVER playing this silly, childish game?

          This is a blog involving GUN and 2A *INFORMATION*. Information wants to be free; it should be, and it should want to be.

          The choice is to mention those who would truncate or rob us of our rights, or to act like silly ostriches and PRETEND THEY DON’T EXIST.

          Which do you imagine is better for us in the long, short and middle run?

          I don’t give TWO GODDAMN SHITS what makes anyone comfortable or uncomfortable; which enemy is worse: the one we know, or the one we DON’T know, Glasshoppers?

          GROW THE F*CK UP. Ignoring sh*t doesn’t make it go away.

    • And Dirk Diggler….

      Dreamy eyes…. check
      Talking out the left side of her mouth… check
      Frequent blinking…. check
      Talking with closed eyes…. check

      Just how are those folks intimidating? They look like they’re about to go to the range and have an awesome time!

      • Gene, the 4 symptoms you describe are all various non-verbal clues that a person is lying. Ms. Watts, care to take a polygraph on your account of this incident?
        Secondly, the alleged bad behavior of some of the OCT members would be arrestable disorderly conduct in my state. If such conduct actually occurred, why weren’t these folks arrested?
        Sounds like more false victimhood (“We were spit on!”) to me.

        • Glad you pointed that out. She definitely is tryimg to create a victimization. Seems like she (and her ilk) live forthat so they can have little pitty parties and convince each other how hard they have it (because their fru-fru coffee only had one squirt of flavoring instead of two). Crying wolf is their purpose and for some reason, they believe it.

        • Victim culture is ALWAYS used to create victims; and the purpose is to cry “victim!”, while blaming the REAL victims for the victimization. Hush my mouf and smack they daddies.

      • I don’t know about the dreamy eyes thing but, it sounds like you just descried a person having a stroke. In which case well I don’t see any difference with the before or after.

        • There’s a difference? 95% of us seek out the same failures, time and again, expecting a different result. If there’s a single thing which describes the human condition…

          It’s a miracle we ever make one step forward.

    • When a rat fight is ten times bigger than your rally, you have to stir up all the press you can get. We need to ignore these self-centered morons and they will whither up and blow away. Or they’ll become so hysterically desperate for media attention that they commit an act so stupid and/or illegal that they attract LE attention. In a “not good” way.

      I opine that few outside the POTG even know who they are, other than some group in the news that’s on a par with the Flat Earth Society.

  3. Wow, she’s either truly ignorant (in the most literal definition) or utterly shameless.

    If she had people in her life that where either the victim of terrorism by the taliban, cleaned up after terrorism from the taliban, or was sent to fight the taliban she’d not be throwing that language around in this context.

    • “Wow, she’s either truly ignorant (in the most literal definition) or utterly shameless. ”

      Those are not mutually exclusive.

    • I vote shameless. She’s preaching to her own flock, this has nothing to do with the “truth” of the matter or she never would have opened that nasty maw of hers.

      • I vote mentally ill. She fits the dictionary definition of mentally ill to a T.
        Terrorized by an everyday, harmless, item or activity? That’s a phobia.
        Utterly unable to accept that gun owners don’t lay awake at night plotting her death? That’s paranoia.
        Feels an overwhelming need for ever one around her to believe the same as her and is willing to dodge, spin, and outright lie to bring others to her way of thinking? That’s megalomania.

        Mrs. Watts is a walking, talking, living psychiatric diagnosis manual.

      • Uh, doesn’t that fit the definition of hate speech?

        Al, Jesse, Barry, where are you????? And the SPLC is so confused right now.

  4. You’ve seen the vitriol hurled at the Tea Party, OCT can expect exactly the same branding, whether they deserve it or not. Nothing about the Tea Party is racist, but I’d say the american media has put on enough “democrat strategists” and lefty anchors to make it seem that way.

  5. Shannon T Watts has a career in politics ahead of her. She’s divisive, media savvy, photogenic and lies like Obama. If she moves to New York, the carpetbagger capital of America, she’s in.

  6. Individual open carry is great for normalizing the presence of firearms in daily life. OC demonstrations and protests, not always.

    • Gotta agree. I can’t help but think the 40-ish folks that showed up could have found a more useful venue. Showing up to confront MDA gives them some semblance of credibility, and that’s bad. Don’t do it.

    • I actually think the opposite with regard to the effectiveness of ‘casual’ open carry to events, but I’ll agree that this sort of counter-protest was not productive.

      But you know what they say about herding cats…

    • In spite of the supposed fear and terrorist comparisons, what the OC group did outside the pathetic little MDA meeting was actually prove our point and disprove theirs – they never had anything to fear from all those guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

  7. I’m pretty sure Shannon and I are BFFs now. I’ve been tweeting her (don’t get jelly, Dirk) and I even followed her link to email my congressmen about passing common sense gun laws.

    I changed the subject line and body of the email to be staunchly pro 2A. I’m sure she doesn’t mind…

    • Yeah, whenever anyone mentions ‘common sense’ gun laws, I immediately voice my support for them as defined by:

      1. Elimination of all gun free zones
      2. Constitutional or ‘shall issue’ concealed carry to replace any jurisdictions with prohibited or discretionary/’may-issue’ concealed carry.

  8. Um, the Taliban wants to control government to limit the rights of other’s.
    I’ve never once heard anyone say a liberal group doesn’t have the right to a rally, but I’ve heard plenty of these groups say conservatives shouldn’t.
    I’ve never heard gun owners say everyone must have a gun, but I hear them say we shouldn’t have them.
    The list goes on.
    So, well, who’s the Taliban again?

    • And aside from holding their (much larger) OC rally nearby, the OC group made no effort whatsoever to prevent MDA from doing whatever it was they were trying to do. On the other hand, MDA is now trying VERY hard to stop the OC types from peacefully doing what they have a legal right to do.

  9. It seems that everyone who disagrees with the Progressive agenda is a member of the Taliban. Except fot the fact that when GEN Petraeus was at CENTCOM Progressives were positvely rooting for the actual Taliban.

  10. I get it ….

    Law-abiding gun owner breaking no laws = “terrorist”

    Morphs into “gun ownership is a terrorist threat”

    Add heavy dose of NDAA + Patriot Act provisions …

    Gun Ownership = No-knock SWAT raid followed by indefinite detention.

    Clever people, these statists.

  11. Well if they felt intimidated maybe they should go shooting and get comfortable with firearms. However, we can not win the hearts and minds of the undecided by being obnoxious.

  12. What a silly and ignorant woman. It is kind of fun though to watch them come unhinged. Their hyperbolic, hyperventilating and vitriolic rhetoric aside, surely they must realize that if we civil rights advocates/activists really were terrorists or the Taliban, that she and all of her fellow travelers would be long dead now. I really can’t imagine what it’s like to go through life so fearful, so ignorant and with such a warped view of the world around them. It’s sad and pathetic really.

    • Watts isn’t afraid of guns. She’s a paid actress. She probably WAS afraid of some Monsanto chemicals, but was paid to act as though they were just wonderful. She’s a liar to the extent she says she was “just a mom” for five years. She’s a liar to the extent she said she thought maybe the OCT guys would attack her. She never had any such perception. She’s thick with the Chicago crowd. She’s trying to make her bones with them. There’s nothing more to her.

  13. All this harpy has accomplished is to illustrate that the second amendment is not the only one of which she would have us deprived. If anyone appears to resemble the Taliban, here, it is her.

  14. I hate this woman.

    I 100% believe that if she had the power, she would put me and people like me in concentratio… I mean, reeducation camps.

    Fuck MDA.

    • Not this beyotch, no. She needs you and us. We are the engine that generates her income, and she’s all about the money.

      There are others, though, who would put us up against a wall if they could.

      • Ralph’s right. The fact the she and her few dozen supporters somehow manage to get under gun rights supporters’ skin so much is why the checks keep rolling in, and why she’s on TV at least once a week. We’re all being trolled, and TTAG falls for it every single time. Ignore the trolls, guys.

  15. “….Intimidate 4 Unarmed Women Of ‘Moms Demand Action’…” Unarmed was their choice. I have a feeling that most of the members of MDA have at least one firearm in the house and it belongs to the husband. I wonder if any of the their husbands had been armed and on the other side of the street.

  16. If Shannon Watts can call gun owners the Taliban, they better not complain when they are rightfully called Nazis, Communists, fascists and statists

  17. Maybe if they had guns of their own they wouldn’t have been so “intimidated.”

    Is a lot harder to “intimidate” someone who has a gun.

    What’s that line about armed societies and politeness?

  18. Shannon Watts is a troll. Period. The best way to deal with trolls is to not feed them. I honestly think that, ignoring her, and playing down her tiraids would lead to her slowly slipping into the dark void of obscurity from whence she came.

    • right. She generates this Taliban stuff for the sole purpose of getting attention. When this fades she’ll think of some new crazy hyperbole to garner attention. Hate her, love her, but apathy is her enemy. Feeding trolls only makes them stronger.

      And, is it me or is her voice really irritating like fingers on a blackboard. whats up with that?

  19. This might be controversial, but I’m going to base this comment on real definitions rather than perceptions of right and wrong applied to words. Here goes:

    The Second Amendment was indeed intended by the Founders to intimidate those who seek to oppress the liberties of the American people, whether foreign or domestic. Intimidation is as much the intent of the Second Amendment as is any violent act, if not more so. It is the 19th century equivalent to the “nuclear deterrent.” A codified threat against any person, state, or entity who sought to assert its power over the rights of the American people.

    • OH MY GOD…she’s actually on record saying that…F-ing hilarious!!!

      She’s totally jumped the shark, it’s just pure emotional lunacy without a shred of logic.

      • Oh come on, don’t you know that most rapists bring along their wife and kids? How else are they going to learn? Then they call the press, pose for a group photo, then attack a crowded restaurant in broad daylight. This is how almost all rapes occur.

    • Shannon Watts=Rachel Jeantel. He be thinking he a rapist siiiir……Next thing you know MDA will be calling OCT members creepy ass crackers!

  20. Shannon Watts makes my wang shrivle up inside of me…that chick is gnarly looking, not to mention an Authoritarian scumbag.

    But seriously, what is a GunBully? The only thing that comes to mind when I hear that term is Cops or Federal Agents (DHS/ATF).

  21. Let’s have Shannon stand in front of 40 law abiding gun owners in America *OR* she can stand in front of 40 taliban gun owners (weilders) in their native country (and tell them she is all for universal gun control).

    Any guesses as to which group she would rather be standing in front of?

  22. I would like to humbly request that Mr. Farago does not post an article about MDA for a week. I realize that this is his blog and he can write about whatever he thinks deserves to be aired, but I would like to respectfully request we go a week without Shannon Watts. This woman is screaming for some attention and I don’t think we should reward this kind of behavior.

    • Agree. Write an investigative piece about Bob Creamer instead. Bring Jarrett into the sunlight, too. All the little Shannons and Bradys are small potatoes.

    • Fifthed. If she says something factually wrong and provably false, then by all means rebut it. But don’t give voice to her psychotic meanderings otherwise. Everyone here who disagrees with her knows pretty well how to argue against the things she says. We don’t need to keep seeing them.

      For those that disagree, I offer this. This video offers nothing, nothing we didn’t already know. She doesn’t spout statistics (as if she had any), she doesn’t level accusations. She simply indicates that she holds us and our beliefs in contempt, and I knew that already. I didn’t need a (another) video to tell me.

  23. “But this hairsplitting over the exact details of the confrontation ignores the larger point”

    Because the facts don’t matter? All three of those articles are crap. Not one of them provides any evidence that OCT was “menacing” or “intimidating” anyone.

    “that it is de facto intimidation when approximately 40 members of an extreme and insurrectionist group known for vitriolic confrontations with law enforcement”

    I think he means it’s “de facto intimidation” as long as he disagrees with that group. Because I don’t know of any instances where gun rights activists or armed Tea Party demonstrators have committed any violence or vandalism. And where are all the arrests for their “vitriolic confrontations with law enforcement”? Meanwhile, all these left-wing “anarchist” and progressive groups, such as OWS, and the WTO and G20 protesters, have repeatedly committed rape, robbery, and assault.

    They’ll accuse a group defending the Constitution by posing peacefully around an American flag of being “insurrectionist”. While defending groups demanding free stuff by forming black blocs of disguised criminals intent on violent destruction. The Right peaceably assembles, while the Left riots.

  24. All this is going to get a lot worse. The sheeple of the USSA suckle from the misinformstion teat and puke back what the antis want them to and stupid fu@*ing comments like f—– the police (even if its true) DO NOT HELP.

  25. Instead of trying to counter MDA by open carry demonstrations, would be better served putting on free Eddie Eagle Gun Safety leaflet campaigns?

    Imagine it, they are against guns for the sake of the children, but we’re the only ones actually doing something constructive to protect children.

    • YES! A positive offensive act. Possibly in the neighborhood of MDA’s Intergalactic Interdimensional Headquarters even…

  26. So, she thinks open carry protesters are like terrorists…

    This is great news! According to the new Obama administrations policy, the US is arming terrorists now. So, we should all be looking forward to rocket launchers and machine guns for Christmas!

  27. Watts and her tiny band of bored housewives (they claim 100,000 but this is merely people who put their email’s into MDA’s website, no dues or any commitment required, active members are probably a few hundred max) have proven themselves to be extremely proficient at mass media manipulation. Their tireless, shrill media campaign against Starbucks kind of, sort of made them nicely ask people to leave their guns at home, if they would be so kind. Beyond that, they have accomplished nothing aside from continually rustling our jimmies with their unchecked, rampant propaganda. But as many of us know, Watts has no intention of engaging us in constructive dialogue, nor do 99% of anti’s. She has a list of “demands” and she will not go away until they are accomplished. This runs the gamut from forcing “smart guns”, banning modern rifles & standard magazines, banning online ammo purchases, you name it. We need to fight this whenever and wherever it pops up legislatively, but engaging her ilk is akin to the old metaphor about wrestling with a pig.

  28. I keep saying it over and over and over: Once the claws come out it’s time to fight.

    Behaving well and calmly communicating facts isn’t going to cut it any more.

    The squeaking wheels always get the grease and today, especially, when it’s a woman doing the squeaking the greasing will commence.

    One, because most of the women will get on board. Two, because there are a real lot of men who believe that by supporting the women they will be rewarded.

    That doesn’t leave very many of us to fight them. Narrow it down to the folks who really understand what is it they are doing and the numbers are even smaller.

    • Me either. She is the leader of a bunch of shrill mouth breathing idiots. If you want to make your brain twitch, just spend some time browsing her Twitter account and the tweets her followers make. It’s nauseating.

      I also love how these lefties always resort to grade school play ground name calling with things like #GunBullies and #Teabaggers.

  29. Open carry as a demonstration will always hurt the modern right to keep and bear arms. It may be fun to think that open carry will normalize the sight of weapons, but it will never happen.

      • “Open carrying long guns is bad PR.

        They’d be better served OCing pistols.”

        Bad = personal opinion is an entity apart from Constitutional fact; do we need to get into “better served”?

        You are entitled to your opinions; don’t state them as “facts”. Supporting evidence or apology is hereby requested.

      • Were they even legally able to OC handguns? I understood that OC had to be rifles in Texas since handgun open carry is against the law.

      • OCing pistols would have resulted in 40 arrests. It’s not legal in Texas. That’s the whole purpose behind the “Open Carry Texas” group: to get handgun open carry legalized in the state. So, if you’re gonna carry openly in Texas, it’s got to be a long gun.

    • An analogy I bring up all of the time. In my little dinky farm town because people don’t ride horses into town any more … it’s not illegal, but if we have the audacity to do it, we get stopped by the police, questioned, and threatened with ticketing for doing it.

      Why do you think that is?

      • DAMMIT, man! Thank you! I’m having an increasingly difficult time believing those here who opine otherwise are “misguided”.

        I think what the intel term is, is “agent(s) in place”; “agents provocateurs”. You get the point.

        A RIGHT UNUSED IS A RIGHT DENIED. Get THAT through your thick crania. The problem is NOT the open carriers; it’s the others.

        The ones who are expressing their rights are the ones in the right; when you line up against THAT, you are lining up against liberty.

        There are plenty of groups you can join to do that; perhaps they have different uses for you, huh?

  30. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.
    THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787.

  31. My far out lefty cousin hit me with this on Facebook last night. I had fun tearing her point apart regarding the picture thanks to TTAG.

  32. These Open Carry protesters should always show up with a flower down the muzzle of their firearms.

    They also should always sing “We Shall Overcome” at least once at every event, and never miss a chance to tie gun rights to other civil right movements. Perhaps carry a sign showing armed black panthers?

    Leftists would hate that shit.

  33. Shannon Watts should watch this video to get an understanding of how the Taliban actually deals with people (specifically women) they don’t like:

    Sorry Mrs Watts. No matter what you believe, people making you feel bad about your wrong and unpopular political opinions are not the same as a bullet through the brain.

    • “… should watch this video”?

      Y’know, there may be some room for finer appreciation, but telling someone who’s dead intent on enslaving you is tantamount to telling a hungry catamount that her intentions to devour you are a misguided notion.

      The damned cougar might smile, but she’s still going to eat you if she gets the chance.

  34. I just finished reading pretty much all the responses here.
    How about this.
    Robert stop giving these types of miniscule groups but with big mouths any more free press.
    For us its all preaching to the choir.
    We as a group pretty much think alike have the same responses to this BS and are for the most part plain tired of it.
    As to the open carrier folks. STFU already.
    Your not doing 1 bit of good for anybody.
    What are you trying to do besides prove a point???
    Scare an old lady to death??
    Get a CCP and be done with it.
    Carrying a weapon openly doesn’t get you anywhere but in a possible conflict with the Po Poes.
    To try and entice a fight is stupidity even if 100% legal where you live.
    This is a different world we live in now.
    Your not going to change one mind amongst the ignorant, by acting like assholes.
    Take a friend to the range instead.
    Put a gun in their hands and let them get hooked.
    If they don’t go, on to the next friend.
    We have to do this one mind at a time.
    As to the cops…. FOAD.
    You want a fight, find me.
    I will fight back even if it kills me.
    At least in my mind. Ill take one of you at a minimum with me.
    At this point in my life I have more in common with Mike Vanderboegh and his thought patterns then the rest of the writers or bloggers out there,
    Enough is enough.
    Its getting to be time to put up or shut up.
    Right or wrong just the way I feel guys.

    • You heard the man, Robert: no informing us about those who are stealing our rights.

      It’s unnecessary for the maintenance of a “Free State”.

      Imagine all the time we’ve wasted discussing our rights.

      I feel so ashamed. MORE GUN AND AMMO REVIEWS!!!

      You people don’t need enemies; you have thoughtfully supplied yourselves.

      • +1 for boycotting MDA here and not feeding the progressive echo chamber.

        Watts had her 15 minutes and her desperation is showing in the invented rape threat and “Taliban” slander. Any corporate PR pro knows that common sense rules when people read about something like this and judge Ms Watts for her lies and deception.

        Giving her any more attention is all she has. By responding we lend credence to her outlandish claims.

        Which is exactly why we need to ignore her and let her alienate more of the inquiring minds in the middle of the debate.

        • When we do that, WE ignore her. The rest of the world DOES NOT ignore her.

          Or do you really imagine those few grains of sand around your eyes represent the whole world?

          This is a problem with COGNITION. You think we ignore her and her ilk, the problem disappears. You’d best be reading some classic fairy tales, because they will teach you what every 4-year old knows.

          The problem doesn’t disappear; you just cannot see it from your viewpoint from under the sand.

  35. We need to understand that Shannon Watts’ statements are not the ravings of a single person. This is how the left works. Every time someone open carries at a political event, the left publicizes it as a threat to kill opponents.

    Rachel Maddow said this in April of this year, “But let the record show, at the same time, that in the United States, whether the issue is guns or anything else, you will not win arguments that you try to win by threatening to shoot your opponents. You will not win if the way you are trying to win is by threatening to use weapons to get your political way.”

    What she means is that any time anyone open carries at an event, the left will scream to everyone that they were threatened by armed terrorists. Do a Google search for “open carry intimidation”. Everyone here needs to understand what is really happening.

    • Excellent, Scott. We need to grasp that a multiple-layered attack on our rights necessitates multiple-layered counter-attacks.

      It’s never going to be CLOSE to easy. They’re working from a playbook, the which of is largely hidden and mutable. We are honest in our intentions, and desire reasonable addressing of our rights.

      They care for no rights other than their assumed rights to alleviate us of ours.

      We are dealing with seasoned, well-supported thieves and sharps. They are nearly INFINITELY more sophisticated in all their dealings. It’s like Mephistopheles trying to buy Girl Scout Cookies from a Girl Scout: the Girl Scout is selling cookies: Mephi is using the cookie buy to get his scaly paws on much more than cookies. If we are ever going to win, we need a system as honest and effective as theirs is sick and malignant.

      Most Americans are basically like children of arrested development: the bad guys know how to get what they seek from them. We don’t know doodley.

      • Madcow has become a sad joke. She’preaching to the hardcore moonbat choir which is NOT looking for facts but rather self validation from other true believers.

        The Nielson numbers and viewrship # among mature audience members with a brain have fallen off a cliff.

        She and Tingles Matthews and Teabag Cooper are “deadman walking “and they know it and so does management. I give CNN a year and they’ll be on the auction block like Newsweak the Globe and WAPO.

    • Great point! So they care not if we possess guns, just as long as they make more money, right?


  36. I am SERIOUS! Anybody who’s been here a while seen any shit like this recently? All this crap isn’t accidental; we is being ASTROTURFED.

    • I think there’s a heavier-than-usual anti-gun offensive afoot. It seems like they’re trying to gain momentum… again.

      • They’re more dedicated, it’s plain to see. Attack. Retreat. They never stop attacking.

        Anyone thing we should never stop retreating?

  37. A protest isn’t the final move, it’s the first move. A protest isn’t the point, it’s fodder for a larger, continuous media and PR campaign. If you don’t know and aren’t willing to guide the stories that will come from your action, you don’t know what you are doing. The point is free media. Without a plan on hand, the other guys will grab the energy you create to fuel their message.

    Next moves:

    – Defamation suit.
    – Civil rights action – suppression of political speech.
    – Request for investigation and charges.

    Aaaaaaaand … a series of audit able inquiries to everyone who has made statements like these, their bosses, legal departments and PR organizations as follows:

    Dear Whoever,

    I’m writing on behalf of Normal People Protest Org asking for your help. On Date / Time in WhateverForum you reported Bad Thing We Don’t Condone at our event on Date / Time at Place.

    We don’t tolerate that. We saw nothing like that. It isn’t part of our materials, position or approach to political activites. Our records of The Event – we always record our events – don’t show what you describe.

    Could you please contact us right away? We’d like to know who is misbehaving at our events, or even false-flagging us while misbehaving. Some of what you describe could be criminal. We’d like to bring that to prosecutors and cooperate in any investigation. We’d also like to understand how we missed this as our event unfolded, so we can improve the monitoring and organization at our political events.

    Could you let us know what you saw? Who was doing This Thing We Don’t Condone? Where were they, that we missed this? We’ve also contacted The Surveillance Apparatus at The Event Location and Other Identified Witnesses to try to see this doesn’t happen again.

    With great power comes great responsibility. We know that the power to defend yourself comes with the responsibility of discretion and judgment. This is why we are so opposed to Something Uncomfortable that’s Anti-Gun then Something Emotional that’s Pro-Gun, like this: the thug culture that for example fueled a fatal home invasion in Rochester, NY last week, and the disarmament culture that left a heroic 15 year old child screening his grandmother from the two large, agitated, armed men who broke in, rather than backed up by a gun in her hands. They both should have had better choices.

    You or others may disagree with our position on gun ownership by citizens, but of course we all agree that there is no place for intimidation or misrepresentation in the political dialog on that topic. We won’t have that in our organization or at our events.

    Thank you for your help,


    • That’s an interesting letter. I wonder if it would actually generate any reasonable response, or just get circular-filed.

      • The letter is not for the people you send it to. It’s to pull out when you accept the ambush interview on screechy-vision about your horrible intimidation tactics. *Then* it goes up on your website, with the responses you have gotten. All the letters.

        As the legal proceedings move forward, the letter becomes a hook for subpoena requests.

        “We’ve been trying to discover both the facts and what Media Guys knew at the time of their report, your honor. While they certainly don’t have to disclose internal story policy matters, whether their public accusation had basis in fact is the issue here. Reporting falsehoods at truth is defamation even for public figures. We sent a letter asking for what they knew to use in investigating our own event. Having gotten no response we’re asking for the subpoena on around the letter we sent, to establish a pattern of conduct.”:

        They are left no good move in courts of law or of public opinion.

  38. Okay what gives. I never see this woman Shannon Watts getting any press, except for this website and a few others. The only press that I see her getting is from pro-gun websites posting her latest antics and then people commenting on them. Why do we not just ignore her and then she’ll disappear? Pro-gun people are the only people keeper her relevant.


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