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As I said in my review, the Barnes 110 grain offering in 300 AAC Blackout is about as perfect as you can get for hunting. But Barnes isn’t happy with mere perfection, and they’re looking to expand their lineup in 300 BLK by adding a 120 grain flavor in addition to the existing 110. They claim it will have a better profile for improved long-range accuracy, and hopefully we’ll be able to get some here shortly to put that claim to the test. Make the jump for their presser . . .

Mona, UT – As the industry’s leading supplier of 300 AAC Blackout ammunition and bullets for reloaders, Barnes Bullets, LLC (“Barnes”) is proud to announce a new 120 grain offering in addition to the current 110 grain TAC-TX™ in VOR-TX™ Ammunition and component lines. The new products will be made available in February, 2014.

Features of the 120 grain TAC-TX include a specially designed profile that ensures flawless magazine-length loading in AR rifles, a boattail base to increase the ballistic coefficient and the proven solid-copper construction pioneered by Barnes that ensures consistent terminal performance through barriers and thick skinned game – making it an excellent choice for big game hunting as well as defense initiatives.

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  1. We need more bolt guns in 300 .Blackout.
    16 inch threaded barrel, at least 10 round mag.
    Maybe Mossberg will make their MVP in this caliber

  2. How does taking guns away from honest citizen keep them safe from criminals. It is now a known fact that the Concealed Carry Laws has saved more lives and reduced homicides and violent crime more than any other law on the books.

  3. Damnit Nick, your .300 blk salesman tactics are working. Ive been wanting to go get a new upper for the past few months, especially since Im hunting with my AR this year. After reading the deer hunting thread with you and tyler, I may steer towards building a .300 blk rifle now 🙂

  4. Now that I’ve actually seen boxes of 300BLK at my local Walmart, I may be tempted on the next AR I build.

    • I am waiting for the day the walmarts around me carry that caliber…. they don’t even carry reloading supplies like others do. I know the day they do, the 2 dozen in my area I know of who have a .300 BLK build will be buying them out of stock constantly….. The only good thing about the caliber right now…. most people don’t have it, let alone have never heard of it….

  5. The thing that annoys me the most about 300BLK is factory 6.8 ammo is noticeably cheaper. I’m planning on reloading anyways so the brass, bullets, and powder are cheaper, but 147gr FMJ 300BLK plinking ammo is more expensive than 6.8 Hornady polymer tip ammo.

    • 6.8 is easier to find, has more power, and has better long range performance than the 300 BLK. For short range hunting, versatility, and suppressed use, the 300 BLK shines. If you’ve got the money, why not buy both?

      Nosler just acquired Silver State Armory, who makes ammo for both calibers. Barnes ammo has a very good reputation, and is tough to find in both calibers.

      • The only problem with 6.8 is it requires far more parts specific to the caliber. 300 BLK only has the difference of the barrel…. though I can imagine that some company will one day make magazines specific for 300 BLK to improve feeding with some shorter rounds…. or some sort of insert or something…

  6. The BLK seems to keep getting better. I wonder what the ballistics of the new load will be. Since I can’t get a suppressor and don’t have my own reloading equipment, I can handle the temptation. For now…

    • I’ve got to get me some of these and find something faster than H110 powder that’s fairly safe.
      The 110 grains are great to about 400 yards. I’m up to 2250 fps on the in a 16″ bbl. with no signs of blowout.
      Going to start calling Barnes Friday.

  7. oooOOOoohh i get it now! took me a sec. yeaaah… i expected the pun to be tied to the name barnes or blackout.

    hold on – is it really a pun if ‘bullet’ is not mentioned? the wordplay nomenclature confuses me half to death.

    • M1 carbine uses .30 carbine…. not 300 Blackout.

      It won’t fit in the magazines, and would not get the velocity needed….so NO

  8. I have had the 110 grain deflect like crazy off rib bones in deer…. one so bad it makes the Kennedy ‘magic bullet’ look like nothing…. entered 4th rib midway up (which would have been a perfect lung shot), and it deflected with a fragment hitting the liver, causing massive internal bleeding, and the remainder deflecting into the esophagus, off the spine, and down the far side and into the rear leg, and this was on a nice big deer as well. It penetrated, and expanded, but it literally changed course 90 degrees in that carcass.

    So the 110 grain is not nearly as ideal as one would imagine….

    Shot was from a 8.5″ CMMG barrel with YHM phantom Ti 7.62 QD target was 80m away broadside.

  9. Nick, what happened here? Barnes still doesn’t have the 120 or subsonic round out yet and it is past mid 2014.

  10. 120 grain 300 Blackout bullet from Barnes will not be offered as a component for reloading for at least a couple years. This information was obtained from a conversation I had with technical support. I got to admit it left a foul taste in my mouth since this move is so not like Barnes. I’m sure this decision is more likely to be coming from Freedom Group executives then the Barnes family. If you want this round or bullet you’ll have to obtain it through the Vor-tx line.

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