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In the video below, NRA commentator and former SEAL Dom Raso weighs in on the NFL players’ “take a knee during the National Anthem” controversy. No prizes for predicting where he stands. But guess how many times he says the word “stand.” And boy does Mr. Raso lay it on thick . . .

With a pianist playing the National Anthem in the background, Mr. Raso lets it be known that he considers the players’ protest a slap in the face of the military men and women who served this country proudly, including those who sacrificed their lives for the liberties Americans enjoy.

Mr. Raso makes no mention of the original reason for the protest: the false allegation that white police officers are shooting and killing innocent black men, motivated by both personal and systemic racism.

While Mr. Raso isn’t the guy to do it, one wonders why the NRA hasn’t renewed its defense of police officers. The NRA is closerthanthis with law enforcement. A video from, say, Sheriff Clarke, could re-focus the “debate” on the players’ misplaced rationale, away from their “right” to protest while working for a private employer on private property.

By opposing NFL players without speaking to the heart of the matter, the NRA fuels progressives’ ongoing efforts to portray NRA members as racist OFWGs. Then again, the lines are drawn. What good would a rational argument against the NFL protest do?

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  1. 50 years from now when they asked what caused the 2nd American Civil War it’s gonna be awkward telling people it was because a bunch of athletes deigned to disrespect the holy virtue of the republic…

  2. Seems many of the” people of the gun”, to steal Jefe Farago’s line, feel there should be no restrictions on Amendment 2, but if they disagree with the stance of anyone engaging in Amendment 1, Katy bar the door! A strict interpretation of the bill or rights must be across the board, otherwise, you are being hypocritical.

    • No one is saying they don’t have the right or that the government should stop them. We are saying they are anti American shit heels for exercising their right in that way. Just like klansmen.

    • I don’t care if they want to protest and exercise their first amendment rights. However, the NFL does have control over what happens on the field/sidelines etc. I would not expect any other employer to allow employees the free ability to express their views while on the clock. Once they leave the stadium I think they should have full ability to say what they want with no restrictions.

      To me it is about time and place. In uniform = on the clock. Out of uniform and off premise they are private citizens. However the NFL doesn’t actually have that liberal a policy. If a player goes out outside of their training/game hours and gives an interview trashing the NFL, team management or other players they will certainly be fined and possibly suspended. But when it comes to these protests they turn a blind eye and call it 1st amendment rights, as long as they don’t question the league.

      That is the big difference for me. It is all about time and place. I want to watch football, not protests. If it becomes more common I think I can find other places to spend my money.

    • First of all the 1st doesn’t apply at a place of business just as the 2nd doesn’t. I believe the Supreme Court ruled on that but that is second hand info.

  3. All these cucks are down on their knees and the messaging has become so diluted nobody remembers what the hell started any of this.

    I’d call that winning.

    The next phase of their protesting will no doubt be open mouths while down on their knees.

  4. “Mr. Raso lets it be known that he considers the players’ protest a slap in the face of the military men and women who served this country proudly, including those who sacrificed their lives for the liberties Americans enjoy.”

    Mr. Raso – please tell me how military men and women have sacrificed their lives for my “liberty?” I’m not sure how killing people in caves in Afghanistan keeps me “free”.

    Furthermore I don’t recall that I ever asked anyone to go fight and die for me or mine. And it certainly isn’t in defense of anything. So just because you choose to become property of the US Government and follow orders and go kill whomever you’re ordered to kill does not command my respect for you or the US military industrial complex.

    War is a racket. While good people are out there killing and getting killed there are an elite few who are making huge profits from it. So it’s not about “freedom” or “liberty” or even “democracy”. It’s about making more stuff so that people can sell more stuff and make more money. Always, always, always follow the money.

    And you may disagree with me or hate me for my opinion, but you should know that Major General Smedley Butler felt the same.

        • Curtis in IL has it. He was awarded the Medal of Honor twice, but also definitely supported Socialist candidates and the socialist party later in life. He was also vehemently in favor of prohibition. No hero of mine.

        • And? He stopped the fascist overthrow of the government. Far more important than simply supporting a socialist once or twice. Hope you didn’t vote for Trump since he was anti-gun at times!

        • Jim, you asked how he was a socialist. I told you how he was a socialist. Are you unhappy with the truth or your ignorance of it?

        • “No, I asked “How was he a nutjob socialist?””

          There’s no such thing as a non-nutjob socialist.

          Socialism, *faithfully* executed, doesn’t work.

          It doesn’t “Spread the money around”, it spreads *misery* to all via its implementation.

          Anyone who insists Socialism can work is mentally ill, as in delusional.

          That’s the very definition of a “Nut job”…

      • Doesn’t matter. War is indeed a racket. If he produced another volume that stated that the state should control all labor and production I would just as vigorously denounce that as false.

        In this case it’s not false. Wars are generated for profit.

        My apologies to anyone who thinks enlisting is “patriotic” or that you are serving some noble virtue but you’re just not. You become a tool of FedGov to go do whatever they want, wherever they want.

      • I appreciate that.

        If possible, please explain to me how war isn’t a racket and why specifically you disagree with me?

        Further, I’d like to know why you think the U.S. foreign policy since the turn of the 20th century has been helpful to this country as well as the rest of the world in securing peace and democracy for all?

        • I never said we’ve secured peace and democracy for all. We have secured peace and democracy for basically all of the democracies though. Also, your reply seems to ignore the issues of veterans, which is the main reason I disagree with you.

          Veterans volunteered for our freedom and liberty. They may have been duped, but that doesn’t change why they did what they did. No good Christian will spit in their face, metaphorically or otherwise. If what I’ve read on the issue of soldiers coming home from war is true, it is critical to their well being that veterans be supported. Your criticism of military personnel demonstrates zero Christian compassion. I don’t think you are a bad person. I think you were just inconsiderate of those you believe to be victims of the military industrial complex.

          The failings of American war policy have more to do with a lack of follow through than anything else.

          Admittedly, WWI was a cluster something or other.

          WWII: Japan bombed us. Now they build cars here. The Third Reich was really bad (and the Japanese were worse by the way). I’m not sure if more needs to be said over WWII.

          Cold War: The Soviets were coming for everyone. They’re not. South Korea is a literal land of light while North Korea is a literal land of darkness. South Korea is now a vibrant trading partner and military ally. To bad Truman didn’t listen to MacArthur and drop some a-bombs on China. We’d have a vibrant trading partner and military ally on China’s border. Vietnam fell because Democrats wouldn’t back the South after we left in order to punish Nixon. If they hadn’t, South Vietnam would be a lot more like South Korea, and the Khmer Rouge probably wouldn’t have happened.

          War on Terror: Iraq and Afghanistan are the problems they are because Obama backed off. (Afghanistan was the problem it was because after we helped kick the Soviets out, we congratulated ourselves on a victory well deserved and left the place to chaos). One of the big problems with the War on Terror is we weren’t willing to go WWII on their asses and wipe radical Islam off the face of the earth like we did with Nazism. If we’re not willing to commit to total victory by turning the full might of the United States of America against our enemies, we shouldn’t be willing to commit to boots on the ground. From about 1939-1946 we didn’t build civilian cars. That’s commitment to a cause.

          Sure, a lot of the benefit goes to foreigner’s and not Americans. I have a hard time complaining about that. The rest of the world is a shit show because either the British were never there or left too soon.

          Is there corruption in the procurement process? Yes. A government free of corruption is an impossible hypothetical government. It’s a government-industrial complex, not military-industrial complex. Military spending comes in at second at about 16% of the 2015 federal budget. There are better ways to milk the government than to start a war. Just ask AARP. “Earned” welfare to old people accounts for about 60% of the 2015 federal budget. Third place goes to debt service at about 6%. The other 18% covers everything else.

          Against our enemies, I’d prefer a war of conquest and puppet governments than one of nation building. Take their treasure for the treasure we spend, use their treasure to rebuild, divide their country along sane lines instead of going along with the old imperial borders (Ottoman, British, whatever), and leave when we have a stable trading partner, but that’s not what the people want.

    • Your liberty wasn’t enhanced? Really? I don’t know, when my father was at Normandy, or in a POW camp, or then in Berlin. Later in Japan and Korea, you don’t think what all those men did effected your ability to sit in your momma’s basement with the “Punisher” name de plume and vilify others?

      Or my buddies in the Balkans? or taking the fight to terrorists in Afghanistan? We are a brutal species, get outside the borders of this country and you may realize it.

      • I’m just going to go rapid fire on this…

        1. John McCain is not a hero. He is a bad aviator (official military docs indicate) a bad officer (see above) and got shot down. He is a survivor for sure, hang a medal around his neck for that, but that is all. Otherwise he was subpar and is still subpar.

        2. I couldn’t care less if the Admiral of the Pacific fleet thinks kneeling for the flag is OK, I have buried friends whose coffins were last draped with the American Flag. It doesn’t matter one bit where they were fighting or what they were fighting for. I will forever consider it immensely disrespectful to fail to stand for our National Anthem and the American Flag.

        3. I sacrificed personally for the right for people to protest, unlike many lifelong civilians who like to think they Molon the Labe so hard while admiring the speed cuts on their Glocks or those who get paid by a real life Hungarian Nazi to troll the internet and I support your right to protest before or after the National Anthem, just not during it. I also support the first amendment rights of fans to not buy tickets to see your games, owners to no longer employ you, and generally for people to not like you very much for your opinions.

        • I’m not trying to fight you but honestly who asked you to go personally sacrifice? All you can say is “your country” which is really translated “your government”.

          I don’t think I need to thank any soldier for their service because, frankly, I didn’t ask them to serve.

          I know it’s hard – and I’m not trolling – to be confronted with something that is supposed to be sacred and sacrosanct and find out that it’s really not. Nobody wants to be told that their buddies died so that some fat cat elites got rich off oil in Iraq or poppy fields in Afghanistan. That’s what makes it sick. That’s what I’m pointing out. It’s the lie and the belief in the lie that perpetuates the cycle. It must end.

      • Korea not so much, but those who fought in WWII did fight in a war that was at least in part actually in defense of American freedoms. The conflicts we have fought since have been about ideology and other people’s freedoms, not our own.

        • I’d suggest reading some non propagandistic history on WWI and WWII. They were both wars that should’ve and could’ve been totally avoided. Fascism, Socialism, Communism – they’re all discredited not because those fighting for those principles were defeated on a battlefield – they’re discredited because they are a lie and they don’t work. They all die out in time. We fought countless wars to fight the Red Terror and look, it fell all by itself because as a system and ideology it utterly fails.

          Why we continue to support and try the same old things when we know they don’t work is beyond me…and then to go fight more wars because of it?!? The definition of insanity.

      • The fact is your father never should’ve been in Normandy or in a POW camp. He should’ve been at home raising you and loving your mother.

        Wars and their reasons tend to get convoluted. But I highly suggest you go seek out sources that aren’t patriotic propaganda pieces and go read about the lead ups to World War I and II. There were many chances for diplomatic and peaceful resolutions.

        I can’t say that dropping an atomic bomb on people in Japan had any impact on me as far as my potential liberty goes. There’s evidence that the military knew about Japan’s plans to bomb Pearl and specifically let it happen so as to incite men to fight for the cause. If true, then that’s evil.

        As far as your other examples go, you honestly have to believe that the US – as an empire – is responsible for policing the world. If you think that is the proper role then there’s no amount of argument that will probably change your mind. All I can say is that when we go into these countries it’s often illegally and we really have no business being there in the first place. So no, it has no impact on my freedom or liberty. Bombing people in Iraq or Afghanistan has done nothing to make me “more free”. Nor has it secured me any liberties. In fact all it’s done is foment hatred for the West and the US specifically because they do not want us meddling in their sovereign affairs.

        Ask yourself how you would react if Germany or Britain or France just up and sent troops to your State to fight some “enemy”? And those troops built forward operating bases and launched drone strikes that killed other non-combatant civilians that were your family, neighbors and friends – or at the very least fellow citizens of your State – how would you feel towards those countries? To the rest of the world we are not the “bringer of justice, peace and democracy” we are merely a big bully.

        I’ve been outside the borders in non-military capacities. Actually a lot of the rest of the world if fairly peaceful. And the places that aren’t peaceful? I don’t go there. That’s what they don’t want you know. If you stay within these walls then you can remain a tax slave and they can continue to suck you dry to pay for more foreign excursions. Again…always follow the money.

    • Smedly Butler? The guy worked his entire life for the ,gov. Only after he secured his retirement did he speak out. Did he refuse any pay or bennies? Did he resign his commission? As an officer he had that right.

      This is the guy you quote?

      Don’t tell me. You also see communist soldiers as freedom fighters, right?

      • I’m a Christian and libertarian. Communism is death.

        You hold up a straw man that because Mr. Butler was part of the .gov bureaucracy that his opinions therefore can’t or shouldn’t be trusted.

        Seems to me, even if this was his one cogent thought, that it was spot on. Trying to assassinate his character does not negate his writing on war in any way. If you haven’t I suggest you try to read it with an open mind and then come back and we can discuss.

  5. They weren’t kneeling when Obama was president, you know, when all these police-shooting-innocent-black-children thing was fresh.

    The protests, masked thinly by excuse, are simply because they are unhappy that Trump is president.

    • The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. faced down a whole lot worse than that. And the only time he went to his knees was to pray.

    • Right. So if back in the 80’s and 90’s we had smartphones and I posted a video of every non-white individual back home who acosted me, blocked my path of travel, grabbed my bike handlebars just to shout “f$%^ you cracker ass” and mugged me that would be what? Reagans fault? Clintons fault? Growing up white in the ghetto isn’t exactly easy or fun.

      Suddenly everyday bad behavior from some assholes is TRUMPS FAULT. As if people were literally born yesterday and history only began November 2016 and every living human is directly connected and influenced entirely by some dude in an office.

      • No kidding. Black people want to think they own oppression, and they are the sole victims of it. We owe them reparations, right? That’s what Black Lives Matter says on their website.

        The Jews had it much worse than blacks. Black men owned slaves, too. Before that, there were white indentured servants. Women still aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and Islam still treats women as second class citizens. The biggest danger to a young black man, by far, is another young black man. If a white cop (uniformed civilian if you prefer) or a civilian shoots a black man, people immediately lose their minds rather than focusing on the legitimacy of the shooting. Of course NFL players are concerned about precisely none of these issues.

        I would be remiss if I didn’t mention hearing a couple thousand versions of “You only stopped me because I’m black.” Bullsh!t. I stopped you because you were blowing a red light/ speeding/ driving a stolen car / trying to register a stolen car / etc.

        Racism in America is hardly a one way street. Try wearing a “White Lives Matter shirt while walking through the ghetto. Listen to “We’re looking for more diversity in our workplace/ hiring / loans, etc.” and ponder that for a moment.

        The Left wants to own the “You’re a racist!!” statement. It’s their rallying cry, recruitment tool, and weapon to villainize their opponents. With so many low information voters and protesters, no proof is needed.

        We lives in times of dangerous ignorance. These buffoons vote. They riot, block streets, and shout down conservative voices on college campuses and social media. They make up juries that smart people find reasons to avoid. Think cops are bad? At least we analyze the elements of a crime and the evidence at hand. That’s a lot more than someone steeped in BLM ideologies for decades will do.

        Don’t underestimate the danger posed by social justice warriors. They are convinced their cause is holy, and that any action in the advancemnent of that cause is justified. Keep your powder dry.

        • You should see the arguments (term used VERY loosely) in the same sex marriage (SSM) poll in Australia.

          You have bigots in the vote NO camp who say it will be the slippery slope into Sodom and Ghomorra with the destruction of western civilisation.

          And bullies in the vote YES camp who will harass and intimidate up to actual physical assault anyone who disagree with them.

          The antics of both groups are making me seriously consider abstaining from the vote.

        • Just try growing up white in the ghetto. Even when your family lives on less than welfare would allow, you are considered “rich” because you are white and are fair game for anything you might have.

    • That’s it. I’m boycotting Nike. They didn’t issue a statement disavowing this guy. And, since Nike is a customer of the NFL, and the NFL didn’t disavow Nike, then the NFL is racist. Got to boycott the NFL too (for being racist, clearly).

      On a side note, chanting Trump at people who hate Trump is just about the most fun thing you can legally do in public.

    • Ugh…absolutely no excuse for this but damnit we need to not let that word have power over us. Clearly he is throwing the word around to be offensive but in terms of achieving things and actually contributing to society, I would not be surprised if these two guys are no different in terms of status, wealth and influence.

      I don’t think this is the racism we need to be really worried about…

    • WOW ur talking .00001% of the population great …pointless useless point.

      Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

      only light can do that.

      Hate cannot drive out hate;

      only love can do that.

      Respect is earned not handed out like EBT cards under OSAMA!!

  6. Its declaration of War against Veterans, Military, and Pissing on the Graves of the War Dead that gave these Jerk waters their “rights” Quit dishonoring the Dead, the Fu**ing Democrats are behind this, these Cock su****s want a war! be careful of what you wish for! NFL is not a sport it is a business Stealing real peoples money with the price they charge the boycott is on

      • I think it’s a mistake to try to make it about veterans. It’s about Americans. Americans stand respectfully for the anthem. By refusing to do so, these kneelers are saying they owe no allegiance to this country. They have declared themselves to be other than American. Not only that, but they have shown their utter contempt for everything this country stands for (hint:it’s about individual liberty, something Kapernick’s hero Fidel was absolutely against). If I was at a large public event in Russia, I would stand for their anthem out of simple courtesy. These people refuse to give us even that, so we owe them no courtesy in return. I hope they all die broke, and living in a box.

      • Really? I’m a Marine 0311 veteran and current police sergeant. I’m definitely offended by those who don’t stand for the flag.

        • Ask yourself why then. It’s a bit authoritarian to want everyone to stand, isn’t this America where you’re free to do what you want?

          Simply because people like you are against freedom of expression, I would refuse to stand. That is what a real American would do.

        • It’s a bit authoritarian to condemn a practicing racist. Hell, we don’t even have to go that far. It’s a bit authoritarian to condemn a practicing baker. Just as long as the force of government isn’t used then I’m fine with someone being “a bit authoritarian.” It’s authoritarian to use the government to stop a private party from being “a bit authoritarian.”

        • Jim, you have missed the point entirely. You want to have your cake and eat it too. Accur81 said that he is insulted when people don’t stand for the anthem. He didn’t say he would force anyone to do so. He didn’t deny anyone’s freedom of expression.
          If you insult someone, expect to be insulted by them. Stop crying like a child when people treat you fairly.

        • You missed the point, I never claimed he said any of that. It shouldn’t offend him at all, because a real American would support and approve of people not standing for it, and not be offended by it.

          Same goes for flag burning too. If that offends you, you’re not a real American.

        • Except it doesn’t, because to be American means you’re free enough to ignore the flag or burn it as freedom of speech. That’s the whole point.

        • Hey everybody, jim gets to define what a real American is. Mighty fascist of him to tell us what an American is.

  7. This is something I posted on another forum with some additional thoughts added for to expand upon the original post.

    I think many in this country (and in particular those within the NFL) misunderstand the role of the NFL, the franchises, and the players.

    Speaking strictly from a Business Econ perspective the player is nothing more than a walking talking advertisement for the franchise and the NFL (think Jared Fogle and Subway). Their whole reason for existing is to convince the consumer to purchase the franchise’s merchandise. And much like Jared Fogle (disregarding his prison sentence and if Subway had continued to employ him) if we don’t like the advertiser we don’t buy the busniess’ products.

    The NFL and the franchises have taken the consumers for granted and the players fail to understand that they are the spokesmen for their employer’s brand. Most consumers do not want to be lectured to (myself included) during game time. I do not want to buy the merchandise of a business that employs someone who will beat his girlfriend unconscious and leave her in an elevator nor do I want to buy the products of a business who employs someone involved in dog fights (I’m looking at you ESPN) for much the same reason that I don’t buy Troy Industries’ products.

    The original intent of these players may have been a legitimate grevenous with the US criminal justice system but they have elected to air their grevencous in a manner which will not appeal to the consumers and these same protests have morphed from concern over police brutality into a statement about both our nation as a whole and the current administration. Sports teams and individual players have refused to visit the White House following championship wins (a common tradition under previous administrations) and have taken an action guaranteed to inflame a large potion of the US population. This should never have been about their right to protest (something that I don’t think anyone has ever suggested) and should have always been about their ultimate message. A message that echoes the mainstream media and the left; the US is a racist institution that should be torn down and rebuilt into a liberal utopia. This message is something which is negatively impacting the franchise’s brand and angering the consumers (myself included). Due to the behavior of the players now and in the past I will no longer purchase the franchises’ products.

    I’ll also add this:

  8. Ugh. This shit just annoys me.

    The problem for me with all of this, for me, is that it’s a bunch of morons on both sides yelling at each other without saying anything useful. The root cause of which is that no one cares to have a useful, in depth discussion on much of anything meaningful these days. The stuff that actually matters is too “boring”. But this kind of bullshit is exciting.

    I seriously worry that we really are on the edge of losing the Republic simply because the majority are too ignorant and too anesthetized by nonsense like the NFL.

    People are more than happy to be at each other’s throats over silly shit like this but start talking about root causes of many of our problems like tax and regulatory policy and eyes glaze over, cell phones come out and the Kim Kardashian Instagram page gets pulled up.

    This is just an extension of that mindset IMHO. The “protest” misguided as I might think it is, is free speech and so long as the owners and the NFL put up with it… Well, not my circus, not my monkey. If the polling on this issue is correct the market will force a change in behavior soon enough.

    • Friggin’ thank you.

      Oh, and Robert. Please stop posting this crap here. It’s The Truth About Guns. Not The Truth About Convenient Conservatism. TFB is better if only for that reason.

      • Agreed this…losing the places we can go to get away from ignorance on both sides. First ESPN now I hope not TTAG next…

    • On the surface this all seems like a puffed up non-issue. But it is important in that it is exposing the fraying ties that bind us as a nation. At this point I think it’s safe to say that the forces driving us apart are considerably stronger than those holding us together. We are increasingly two separate peoples trying to occupy the same space. I see only one way for this to end, and it won’t be pretty.

      • That’s kind of my point when I say that when it comes to things like this people are all too happy to be at each other’s throats while discussion of actual problems and issues is almost impossible because people don’t have the knowledge base or the attention span for it.

        The real issues that need to be addressed, the ones that IMHO would bring people together are ones that can’t be discussed because people don’t have the appetite for it and because it’s far too easy to make those complicated issues “simple” with bullshit like calling everyone who disagrees with you a bigot.

        IMHO the first person to scream “bigot”, “nazi”, “racist” or whatever is the first person effectively admitting “I don’t know how to have an adult conversation because I don’t understand this topic and don’t even know what the word “nuance” means!!!”

        • Amen…hitting the nail on the head. Unfortunately those yelling the loudest on either side drown everything out with nonsensical absolutes.

    • Only it isn’t the 1st Amendment. I get paid to patrol streets, not to protest. NFL players get paid to throw, kick, and run footballs or to tackle those doing the same. They don’t get paid to protest on company time. I bet you don’t get paid to protest on company time, either.

      When they are on the field, they are on company time. These politics, especially considering how misguided they are, don’t belong in football.

      Don’t want to stand for the flag? Tough sh!t. Kneel like a wimp on your own time.

      When you see the government subsidies and tax benefits these thugs have enjoyed, they should be nothing but incredibly greatful for the US government, who’ve given them sweet deals and better opportunities than anywhere in the world.

      Want to protest? Fine. Do it on your own time and your own time. I for one will be pushing to eliminate every conceivable tax benefit and exemption that the NFL currently enjoys. They haven’t earned it, and they sure as he’ll don’t appreciate it.

      • “When you see the government subsidies and tax benefits these thugs have enjoyed, they should be nothing but incredibly grateful for the US government.” They also get an exemption from antitrust law. That’s thanks to the Supreme Court, right and left, thinking antitrust law is a bad idea or something, and Congress not correcting them.

  9. I do not give one single solitary damn about the opinion of a service member on this issue. Current or former. It doesn’t concern you. It has nothing to do with you. Shut your mouth and speak up only when you have something productive to say. You’re not being insulted. No one asked for your service. Stop inserting yourself into every single goddamn conversation as if your service makes you an all knowing arbiter for all matters social and political.

    • Darn straight!

      Heck, that’s almost as bad as a football player inserting himself into every single goddamn conversation as if his athletic talent makes him an all knowing arbiter for all matters social and political.

    • “No one asked for your service.”
      Get out from the rock you must be living under.
      When I see billboards, adds in magazines, adds online, adds on TV, adds at public events, recruiters in high schools, recruiters in malls, recruiters on college campuses, recruiters at races…specifically recruiting people to serve in the U.S. military, well that seems like an awful lot of effort is going into asking people to serve.
      Man, maybe that’s why they call it recruiting for service, and not applying for a job?

      • First of all, it’s “ads”. Second, I didn’t. If the government did, be mad at them. Many, many more people than you didn’t answer the call of the recruiter. If you’ve some pent up regret over the fact, that’s your deal. Not mine.

        • Why would I be mad, it was the greatest experience of my life. I loved it.
          But you said no one is asking people to serve. When shown pretty overwhelming evidence that that is complete bullshit you’ve changed your story too well just you didn’t ask. I’m fine if you want to give up the argument and admit you are full of shit, but just go ahead and admit it, instead of changing your story

        • If you’re going to correct someone else’s English skills I’d humbly suggest that you get some of your own first.

          TX_Lawyer: *snicker*

      • My apologies. I conflated mine and many others’ opinions into universals. Let me restate. I didn’t ask you to serve. Most people didn’t either. A military complex did, and you answered the call. Your experiences do not give you extra brownie points in national discussions. Most of the time, they do not matter. This is one of those. I say again: I do not give a damn about any service members opinion on this matter, former or current. Does that mean I don’t care about your opinions as a citizen of this nation? Absolutely not. You are still entitled to those. That is the crux of what I’m saying.

        • Personally, I find myself not caring about pretentious douchebags who can’t honor the service of our veterans. Maybe you’d be happy to see a relative of Hitler still in power, or the US under British rule. Maybe crack a history book.

          If you don’t give a whit about the flag, the Constitution, veterans, and the National Anthem, then why care about TTAG?

          Are you dumb enough to think we would even have the Constitution without our veterans?

  10. Why is the NRA wading into this? I understand that Dom Raso’s opinion is his, but it has a giant NRA banner in there. Whether NFL athletes kneel, lay on the ground kicking and screaming, or do interpretive dance during the national anthem, it’s not a 2A issue.

    Yes, there are police brutality issues out there, but some of the people they are kneeling for are Michael Brown. When the facts of the case came out, it was a solid self defense shooting. There are much better people to protest for than him.

    Frankly, I could give a crap what they do in the NFL and im scaching my head at how much time the media is wasting on this. I stopped watching sportsball many years ago and this just reinforces my choice to do so.

  11. Just like it doesn’t matter to most black people that a rebel flag or Confederate statue doesn’t mean racism, white nationalism, slavery, or whatever to me, it doesn’t matter to most Americans that not facing the flag with your hand over your heart means, to you, something other than you are pissing on the flag, everything good that it stands for, and America.

    In other words, to most of us, you are pissing on the flag, everything good that it stands for, and America when you don’t participate properly in the anthem, and nothing you say is going to change that.

    I’m willing to make an exception for Jehovah’s Witnesses and other people with weird religious interpretations, but that’s it.

  12. Golly gee I’m not a flag waver type. Barely missed Vietnam(which made me distrust the gubmint). I’ve seen cops do some evil shite to brown folks-which I’m married to. BUT I agree with NRA and the President. This NFL crap is a leftard plot to destroy America. Keep it up-you scum may get your wish. Playing football doesn’t take a high IQ…

  13. What ever happened to the the 2nd amendment protects the 1st NRA? This is why I don’t pay to be a member, listen I don’t agree with how they are protesting but it’s their rights as Americans to do it. You shouldn’t pick which parts of the constitution you want to defend and don’t when you feel like it.

    • Supporting the 1A doesn’t waive one’s right to use it. Though, I also don’t see what this has to do with the NRA. Maybe they give their commentators quite a bit of free rein, and he is just a pissed off veteran because these guys are pissing on his service?

  14. I have no love for Sen. McCain and I think he’s nothing but horrible for our nation.
    But, yes, he was absolutely a hero because of his actions during his captivity, not because of the captivity itself. Please read the full details of his imprisonment, including what he did for his fellow prisoners. It’s pretty awe inspiring, and definitely worthy of praise.
    It is such a shame he pissed all of that away with his behavior in the senate.

  15. How about the NRA stop involving itself in a sport that would have died from the sheer rate of brain damage and has nothing to do with guns and start attacking the NFA (which they endorsed)?

  16. Nothing is more racist than college and professional sports. When groups of people band together and put together a fighting team(and allow them some access into thier lives) and then stand behind the teams and bet that thier grunts and better than your grunts and then charge money to watch the conflict, that is like putting your slaves up against others’ slaves. And if they get a big enough piece of the pie, they don’t mind being pimped off, they actually will fight all comers for a chance at it.

  17. It’s your right as an American to not stand for the anthem. And it’s my right as an American to think you’re a piece of garbage for choosing that.

  18. Please NFL focus more on ball and tackling skills and less on making a statement. Please NRA focus more on those who attempt to restrict/rescind constitutional rights through gov policy rather than “rumble, stumble, bumble” your way into the flavor of the week way to express dissatisfaction with society. Credit to Chris Berman

  19. I’d be happy to protest on behalf of a law-abiding citizen like Philando Castile, while I was carrying an American Flag and a Rebel Flag, expressing my support for the 2A and using my 1A rights to do so.

    But Colin Pimpleneck and the rest of the leftist lemmings following Pimpleneck blindly over the cliff of oblivion have not chosen their cause wisely and are protesting for criminals like Mike Brown who deserved what they got. Fucking idiots.

    As for the kneeling BS itself, someone else here summed it up very nicely when he said that when players are in uniform inside the stadium, they are merely employees who are on the clock, working for their employer. As such, those employers have every right to expect their employees not to do or say anything that will harm the employer’s interests. If the player/ employee doesn’t agree with that, they can go work somewhere else. But once the players/employees are off the clock, they are private citizens and have every right to go to church, go fishing, read a book or lead a Black Lives Matter / Antifa riot….er, “protest”.

    • Castile was illegally in possession of a firearm. A felony offense. It’s a technicality, but basically all gun laws are.

      The whole lawful carrier thing is a lie to slander the NRA for not standing up for black people because black people are getting into guns and leaving the DNC voting/leftist ideology plantations.

        • 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(3) is what I’m talking about. Now we could get into an argument over the validity of that statute, but Castile was in violation of that statute as a habitual user of marijuana.

  20. For those like the black athletes who think they are protesting the killing of unarmed black men by cops, according to FBI statistics in 2015, a police officer was 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male was to be killed by a police officer. Black males have made up 42 percent of all cop-killers over the last decade, though they are only 6 percent of the population.

  21. I was born into a family that is, for lack of a better term, blindly patriotic. Every male member of my fathers family served. I knew flag etiquette from the time I was old enough to stand. Anyone not showing proper flag respect was punished, sometimes severely. My family put value into military service. The men volunteered when they were 18, no exception. The boys were taught all the relevant propaganda, and we lived it. My father told me that true citizenship is earned by military service, and anyone who shucks this responsibility, is just short of a traitor. So I was not snared by a recruiter, it was my destiny to serve. I’m not alone.

    One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes the military isn’t really protecting or defending freedom, it’s crushing freedom. But, the grunt isn’t who decides what battle to fight, the grunt fights what he’s told to fight, because the objectives are set by the government, which ultimately is the american people. I’m not blind to some of the objectives that are less than heroic. I understand that the USA has done some pretty shitty things under the guise of “freedom”. In the end, history is written by the victors. But vilifying me and my comrades in arms because we were following orders is not how anyone will win any arguments. It would help if you’d have had the courage to stand with us. Arguments from safety hold less weight.

    As for the NFL… those guys are role models for kids, teens and young adults. If their conscience won’t let them stand, then that’s their prerogative, and while it disgusts me to a lesser degree than my father would have shown, I find it most distasteful. But they have the right to protest whatever they want, in whatever way they choose. And I have the right to protest their protest in whatever way I choose. BUT if I was paying them to endorse my products, and they pulled that stunt, I would cancel their endorsement immediately. And I feel that any brand or company that continues to allow these anti-american athletes endorse their products is doing a very un-american thing. It’s certainly not illegal, but it’s certainly not a protest a citizen would consider.


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