Prosecutor reveals that Judge Donio -- the judge who ruled in the case of Shaneen Allen, has the only non-LEO concealed carry permit in Atlantic City, NJ (courtesy
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Alexander Roubian of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes [exposé video below]:

For years we have stated that only politicians, judges and their friends can obtain conceal carry permits in New Jersey… and for years we have been told we are “paranoid” and only “specially trained” individuals like law enforcement officers are allowed that privilege.

Politicians like Loretta Weinberg have fought hard to keep permit holder information exempt from public records requests, probably to protect the identity of her friends, and maybe herself?

Though we do not know who exactly the 1,274 that have received a conceal carry permit are, the admission of a prosecutor that Judge Michael Donio was the only non-police officer in Atlantic City to receive a conceal carry permit (ccw) is further evidence that we are, in fact, not paranoid nor wrong.

[ED: Judge Donio was the presiding judge in the case of Shaneen Allen, a Pennsylvania woman nabbed by NJ police for carrying a firearm without a Garden State carry permit. She was prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to a pretrial intervention program.]

For over two years we have scoured through public records and went undercover to identify, document, and now expose those who are quick to deny us our constitutional right (while they simultaneously enjoy that same right). This elitist “good for thee, but not for me” mentality must end NOW!

To make matters worse, Judge Michael Donio didn’t find it “egregious” that prosecutors thought a single mother from crime-ridden Philadelphia, a victim of violence herself, would be a prime candidate to put in prison and made an example of.

The hypocrisy and double standard is disgusting, and the snippet at the end of the video above speaks for itself.

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  1. Meh, judges are recognized as special targets, and not a few have been shot at, shot, and/or killed, even in their own courtrooms. There was a judge in a rural county not far from me who started off building a wall of law books, and eventually had the first bullet proof bench in the state. (Others followed suit.) He also had a gun under there. Family law court can be deadly, and even the occasional criminal case. So not a particularly compelling case; the lack of issuance is an even better case. If they can show politicians and police officers are the only ones being issued, that would be a compelling case. This guy suggested that, but offered only innuendo. That said, the New Jersey Legislature hates guns and gun owners, and the police are happy to accommodate.

    I still remember the story of the woman who applied to just buy a gun, a process that is supposed to take only 30 days, but no permit had been issued two or three months later when her abusive ex-boyfriend stabbed her to death. An undercover video showed that the officer responsible for issuing purchase permits was (a) oblivious to the law, and (b) really could not have cared less.

    • Meh, Is a judge’s life more valuable than an inner city cab drivers’ or a rural pizza delivery guy?

    • “judges are recognized as special targets, and not a few have been shot at, shot, and/or killed”

      Not a few, but not enough.

      • My theory: some cops, not most, but too many, are vermin who would do anything to bring the weight of government down upon the innocent, if they’ve got an axe to grind against the victim.

        Most prosecutors are that kind of vermin, but it’s not personal for them, they’ll ruin anybody’s life to pad their conviction records.

        Most judges are worse specimens than most prosecutors, and where I live most judges used to be prosecutors.

        • I would agree with that assessment. Remember, the bad cops wouldn’t be able to keep getting away with their bad actions if prosecutors and judges weren’t enabling them, but it’s all one big circle jerk in the criminal justice system.

        • Agreed. We had a fed LEO in the national forest near me and he would bust everybody he could for any infraction possible. He would never go to court and he never won the case but he made sure you were inconvenienced.

  2. I just read the above several times. None of that made much sense to me. Carry permits (New Jersey does not have concealed carry – just carry – up to the permit holder how and it is usually a tactical decision) are currently issued based on demonstrated need although the threshold may vary slightly by County. And I know a number of people that have them, both unrestricted and restricted, and they aren’t politicians or judges or friends of anyone. They are just people. Active law enforcement officers in the State do not need a carry permit as per 2C:39-6. Law Enforcement Retirees are issued permits through the NJSP and they are not standard New Jersey carry permits. Standard carry permits are issued to non-LE types at the County level, not City level. There would be no such thing as an Atlantic City carry permit. Only a County issued permit. If one lived in Atlantic City, it would come out of Mays Landing. And there is only ONE Superior Court Judge in each County at any one time who issues permits in that County although a permit, once issued, is valid Statewide. A Municipal Prosecutor would have no idea who had a County carry permit in his community. The County AP assigned to review permit applications would but I doubt the County Prosecutor would. And PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention) is just that. It is NOT a sentence after a conviction. There is no conviction. There is no sentence. It is akin to a temporary non-reporting probation for non-violent offenders and when the period is up, the matter goes away. No record. No conviction. No disqualifications for firearms ownership. She was certainly arrested as I recall the case in the newspapers BUT PTI is a diversionary program. She could not be convicted and sentenced to anything if she was granted entry into the PTI program. It is legally impossible. No one is more pro-2A than I am. But writing things such as the article to which this comment applies are detrimental to the cause and put our side in an unfavorable light. It would be much better if people would verify certain things and be aware of the facts before committing things to writing which might be used against us at a later time as anyone who claims to be working for the people and advocating the expansion of certain rights that appears to have no knowledge of the subject matter detracts from more reasoned arguments made by others. Enthusiasm is a good thing but where one is unsure of the facts, take the time to verify them or we are no better than the other side who cannot tell a stock from a muzzle. Our side is better than this.

      • Lt. Exley, you need a better map. Unless they made a change since yesterday, Mays Landing is the County Seat of Atlantic County and has been for as long as I can remember. I gather you live outside of New Jersey. Please Google Mays Landing. For the benefit of your own reputation, be sure of your facts before committing things to writing. Anything else you say will now be viewed in light of your above statement and will detract from your credibility. Best regards, Major Morris

        • I’m just wondering, do you think that a RIGHT should be licensed? I’m asking because I live in a Constitutional carry state and just can’t wrap my head around anyone being able to accept the kind of egregious crap that the garden state does.

        • Great info Major Morris. Thanks for setting some facts straight. We shall see if anything comes of this. Even confirmation of permits issued would be a win at this point.

  3. Boycott New Joisey! Reminds me of the rabidly anti-gun Chicago aldermen scum. “Special” rules for special fools…

      • Exactly. They will arrest and prosecute. The government knows that the case will get thrown out on appeal, but only after the citizen forks out 1/4 million in legal fees..Easentially, the government knows they can destroy the lives of the innocent at any time for any reason, and there is nothing We The People can do about it…at least for now.

  4. I don’t live in New Jersey, Has anyone on TTAG installed a drop in barrel for a 1911, and if so how hard was it? I have looked at YouTube , the fitting of lug engagement has me concerned . Real experiences only please.

  5. Typical Eastern Bloc Socialist – Communist, Police-States… *(NJ, NY, NYC, CT., MD, MA. RI, ETC.)* Just like their Left-Coast counterparts. ) Things that could be do by WE THE PEOPLE.

    1. BAN ALL Police Unions nationwide … *(Guides, Associations, Brotherhoods, fraternities,etc.)

    2. [NCRB’s]: National Full Independent civilian review boards for all rank and file Law Enforcement Officers…*(To provide police accountability though out. ..)*

    3. Remove “Sovereign immunity clauses, and Law Enforcement Bill of Rights ” that violates 14th Amendment ….

    4. Resind all acess to *Government/Federal equipment, weapons, etc…* from the Law Enforcement community….Violates 14th amendment….

    5. Make it a “Capital crime ” for any Government agencies, agents, Politicians, Police Departments, and LEOs…As well as private organizations, businesses, landlords, property management corps, etc….To Infringe, or violate a Lawful US citizen from exercising their civil rights unDer the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights. ..With penalties of 5 years in prison, and compensatory dispensation of not less than 250k per each event…With additional fines, and penalties….

    • 1. BAN ALL Police Unions nationwide … *(Guides, Associations, Brotherhoods, fraternities,etc.)

      I think that is the most important part of police reform. Just that one step (maybe criminalizing the phrase “I’m going home tonight” for good measure too) would clean up most of the bad shit cops are up to.

  6. New Jersey – 1,274 carry permits
    Population 21 or over – 6,436,959
    Carry Rate – 0.0002%

    Pennsylvania – 1,272,408 carry permits.
    Population 21 or over – 9,594,961
    Carry Rate – 13.3%

  7. The cops who arrested this women, even after showing that she had a concealed carry permit, should be dragged into the streets and beaten within an inch of their lives. The prosecutors who thought it prudent to put a good individual like this in prison should just be put up against a fucking wall. This is so fucking wrong on every level. This needs to be addressed and stopped before it can even start. I don’t know the best methods for such an undertaking but it would be worth to find such to prevent even one innocent person from a life of hardship.

    • Cops, prosecutors and judges don’t make laws. They enforce them. They do have room to exercise discretion when they believe it’s in the interests of justice not to arrest, prosecute or convict someone who is legally vulnerable. But if they do this to the extent it nullifies the law, they will soon be replaced by others who won’t be so compassionate.

      New Jersey’s gun laws were passed by a majority in the legislature and signed by the governor. Previously enacted laws remain because the current legislature and governor choose not to repeal them. Blame them for the situation. You can also blame the residents of New Jersey. If gun rights were important to them, they would elect politicians who supported those rights. In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.

      • Kendahl, I object to your statement, “You can also blame the residents of New Jersey. If gun rights were important to them, they would elect politicians who supported those rights. In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”
        No, that’s not true. The majority does NOT have the right to take away the rights of the minority.
        That’s why we have a Constitution, to protect the people’s rights from what the founding fathers called, “The tyranny of the majority.”
        Most people would agree that when the majority is white people, they don’t have the power to say, “We’re going to take away black people’s right to vote, right to education, right to religion, right to speech, etc., because majority rules, and white people are the minority.” If any legislature tried that, today they’d be impeached and thrown in prison!

        Likewise, when the majority of a state are hoplophobes and non-gun-owners, they do NOT have the power to say, “We’re going to take away gun owner’s rights to keep and bear arms.”
        Maybe the NJ legislature THINKS they have the power to take away rights from the gun-owning minority, but the Constitution says otherwise!
        Until we have a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that is willing to prosecute the states for taking away people’s 2nd Amendment rights, states like New Jersey will continue to infringe on our rights.
        I’m a New Jersey resident, but like 99.9% of New Jersey residents, my wife and I only live here because our jobs are here, not because we like the state, and we depend on two incomes to pay the bills, so we can’t move out of state unless we win the lottery, or unless by some even more unlikely miracle, the same out-of-state employer offers us both jobs on the same day.

        Just because we live in NJ doesn’t mean our rights should be violated on a daily basis.
        You residents of the other 49 states need to start pushing the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to make all states obey the 2nd Amendment! Just as the Federal Government would never tolerate a rogue U.S. state legalizing slavery and enslaving a minority population, they should not allow rogue states like New Jersey, NY, CT, MA, CT, HI to infringe on the rights of their gun-owning minority.
        It’s up to you people lucky enough to live in FREE STATES to push the Federal Government to free New Jersey and other “slave states” from abusing the rights of gun owners.

        I’m sick and tired of hearing you lucky folks in FREE STATES blaming us for our own misfortune of having been born and raised in a slave state like NJ, or being tied down to jobs (wage slaves) in a slave state like New Jersey. Free the slaves! (the gun-owning minority that is). Free NJ from the tyranny of our legislature!
        Right now it doesn’t matter who we NJ gun owners vote for, the hoplophobe gun grabbers always win NJ elections here no matter how hard we fight, and it’s not our fault! Free us, please! Push President Trump to send in the Feds to get NJ to stop abusing the gun-owning minority in NJ!

        • I do blame the residents of New Jersey for the way they vote, resulting in a loss of civil rights.

          I know what’s more important to homosexuals than their gun rights. See California. I know what’s more important to most blacks than their gun rights. See Baltimore.

          What more important than gun civil rights to New Jersey voters????

  8. I feel at least a second and fourteenth amendment violation as well as a headache from their pure stupidity. But hey, it’s just the constitution, why should we care about that…?

  9. The majority of blue democrat led states, and cities all seem to have this problem with anti-gun rights, and legislation.

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