This man carries a gun because his daughter can't run and hide.
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Reader Steve S. writes:

When the national concealed carry talk heated up and all of the rhetoric got hotter I felt there’s a group of people who are being woefully ignored: the disabled. As the father of a disabled child who requires around-the-clock care, my daughter cannot “run and hide.” If ever faced with a life-or-death situation such as an active shooter, our options for running and hiding are very limited.

What I did was make a video outlining our situation as something people who are against concealed carry reciprocity might want to think about.

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  1. Sadly Steve they just do not care about your daughter in the least. Any gun no matter its purpose makes them feel unsafe and what matters most to them is that their precious feeling of security is not offended by words or objects. So far as they care your daughter can be a victim. Besides they’ll just throw out some doctored study that states your daughter is in more danger from your gun than any other person could pose and swear up and down that by owning a gun you are an unfit parent. Personally sir I applaud you for taking responsibility in ensuring her safety.

    • Sorry, but there is zero difference between any other parent carrying and this family. Wheelchair or not, the math is the same.

      Rights are all or nothing. Extraneous circumstances are simply colors and flavors.

      • A follow up.

        Check out this Booger’s other videos. Seems he won’t be CCW carrier much longer. A victim of shooting one’s mouth off on Youtube. And I’d have to agree with the ATF on this one if this fella’s gun rights are compromised due to video evidence of significant mental health issues.

        Hmm, Bud light in one hand, Sig in the other, threatens to shoot anyone who gets in his way. 30 days into Youtube and he’s one bad day away from an armed standoff.

        DOA CCW if you ask me. In fact, this guy is why we cannot have nice internet memes.

        • Seriously. Just finished all this dude’s videos. If TTAG really cares, it will take this guy on as a project to stop a mass shooting in the future. This guy is so close to cracking and has all the signs necessary to instigate a forceful intervention. His videos are like a timeline of slipping over a cliff.

          In fact, I suspect when this guy does go postal (within one month is my guess given the holiday season, etc.) the FBI will be reading these comments and see we were worried.

          So TTAG, since you leveraged Booger Red’s video for selling eyeballs to your advertisers, please reach out to this guy and prevent another killing. If you cannot see it, then notify the authorities in NC or wherever he lives.

          Bet you didn’t think you would have actually take responsibility here. As an actual doctor here, I think you are safe with a PTSD diagnosis. So get on it!

        • “As an actual doctor here, I think you are safe with a PTSD diagnosis.”

          An actual doctor would *never* state a diagnosis, especially a mental health one, without an examination in person, not based on a few videos someone posted on the internet…

        • Are you a doctor? Didn’t think so.

          I suggested PTSD. Very common within doctor circles. Yes, you are right I wouldn’t formally make a diagnosis over the internet, but after viewing all the subject’s videos, the ethical move is to suggest what makes sense.

          You can argue the process, but all we have to work with is from a distance in the videos. And that is much more than we often have in postmortem and forensic diagnosis.

          Stop attacking the messenger. Focus on the situation at hand. Do your job soldier.

        • Shot gun Sam, you can’t blame him, or any one here for not believing you’re a doctor. If I had a nickel for each “doctor” I’ve seen on an anonymous Internet forum… (tons of people claiming to be lawyers, cops, veterans, black, Jewish, who knows who’s truly real) I think you’re right, however, about this dude, wether you’re a real doctor or a fake one.

        • “Are you a doctor? Didn’t think so.”

          Nope, and never claimed to be, either.

          Over the years, I have had MDs in my social circles, and one of them vented to me rather vigorously about patients waltzing into his office proclaiming a diagnoses based on an examination by ‘Dr. Google’. He was the one loudly vocal on what constituted a diagnoses.

          He sure made me gun-shy (so to speak) about even mentioning a search engine in a Doctor’s exam room. 🙂

          You well could be right, and probably are, that he may *snap* like rubber band one day…

        • Guys, I’m not the issue here.

          We’ve got a person who is publicly proclaiming his issues with society and is armed.

          TTAG highlighted his video to support their own cause. But now we are in deep on this one. Who cares if you think I’m a Doctor or not. There is a very real situation at hand with a vocal and angry youtube poster who has no shortage of issues.

          Heck guys, I’ll be here next week. Next month! Focus on the problem and skip the distractions…unless you are just posers. In that case, take a break. The big boys need to go to work right now.

        • Damnit Jim! I’m a doctor! Not a blogging technician! … ok ok, I’m done. The problem I see, is if he’s made any direct threats or not. If not then there isn’t much TTAG can really do. Perhaps, we could start somewhere though, TTAG could post more of his videos, the ones you’re concerned about. Then they could post them and we could all judge for ourselves and maybe spread awareness of this guy.

        • Sam I have known Steve and his family for the entire 11 years they’ve lived in Fayetteville. You have no idea what you’re talking about and I’m calling you a liar. No doctor would ever try and diagnose someone over the internet and if they did, should have their license revoked. Personally I hope he sues you for defamation. This man has been with his daughter through thick and thin and has watched her die twice, only to be brought back with CPR. You have no heart and absolutely no soul. But the keyboard down Mr Keyboard Warrior because you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • ATFagentBob,

      I came here to post, almost verbatim, your opening sentence. And the rest of your comments echo mine almost to a “T”.

      In fact your comment was so close to what I was going to write that it is actually quite spooky.`

    • And I thank you sir

      I know most leftists would consider guns in the house a danger with any kid but those people are the same ones who dial 911 when seconds matter, and they’re minutes away.

      I know most leftists wouldn’t care one way or another because we all know their “common sense” gun safety push is codespeak for outright banning of firearms. I just hope that some of them can see the message in the video and realize the standard “Run and Hide” advise in an active shooter situation just isn’t viable for some.

  2. Unfortunately, Steve, the Gun bigots will view your being a gun owner as “part of the problem”. They do not differentiate between law-abiding gun owners and criminals. It is that broad-brush world view that defines them as bigots. 🤠

    • Actually, the gun-grabbers seem kind of chill with armed criminals. Notice that in their lairs, such as Chicago, NY and LA, criminals seem to go right through a revolving door. It’s the law abiding gun owners they seem to really detest.

  3. Even able bodied people have times they can’t run and hide. Concealed or better yet Constitutional carry is for everyone’s protection.

    • I pray you never have to take care of someone who relies on you for their care 24/7. What this man has sacrificed in this little girls life, you will never know or understand.

    • Did you know her condition is no fault of her own? She was born at the US Army Hospital in Landstuhl Germany and had her birth severely botched by an Air Force midwife.

      Do you always insult people who are disabled and can’t defend themselves? What does that say about you?

    • I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy you a plane ticket to my city so I can teach you a lesson in civility. Weasel.

  4. Equal opportunity for everyone.

    20 years of daily carry in this state and I haven’t shot anyone, why in the world would I change just because I come to your state?

    Kids, disabled, elderly, weak, scared, etc…

    Seems the reasons to carry and protect far outweigh those scared of it.

  5. It is generally the left who advocate gun control. They are also big advocates of abortion. They generally believe in nipping disability issues in the bud. The Nazis (German Leftists) also advocated the elimination of what they considered undesirables, including the people with disabilities. The left’s primary interest in the disabled correlates to how much political power they generate by advocating for them and how much money can be skimmed from
    social programs created for them. I don’t think your video is going to generate much genuine empathy among them

  6. Only a monster would disagree with protecting your child. Sadly there are MILLIONS of leftard monsters😖😫😡

    • With that said, it sure seems like “Shotgun Doctor Sam” is one of those anti-gun leftists just looking to troll on a gun centered website.

  7. I carry because thanks to a motorcycle accident a couple of decades ago, you’re daughter is likely to be the only person I beat to the door when the shooting starts. Flight is not a choice for me. Either stand and fight or plead for mercy. I’m fit enough otherwise to make stand and fight a legitimate option, but if they have a gun and I have only my fists that pretty much reduces my options to plead for mercy.

    Good luck sir, and even more good fortune to your daughter.

  8. I’ll just take your word about the videos. I don’t have the patience or time.

    Shotgun Sam, I think it would be great if you took on Steve S. as a project. This situation requires a bona fide professional, not some Internet Jockey.

  9. So I’m crazy?


    Amazing what people will write.

    Shotgun Sam, for you to say, I am a possible mass shooter is actually quite laughable but more so offensive beyond belief. You claim to be a doctor and try to diagnose someone you never talked to in your life.

    Seek help Sam. I’m more centered for doing what I’ve done for the past 11 years than you and your internet armchair diagnosis. I have over 80 hours of firearms training and because I use my videos as an outlet, I’m the next mass shooter? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    The whole point was to show people that “Running and Hiding” just isn’t a viable option, especially for people in my situation. Instead of seeking attention with your MD claims, how about you attack me for my looks next? Or be like the other guy and attack my daughter because she can’t speak. Would make much more sense than what you just wrote

  10. PTSD might just be a little harsh in his case. He has a lot on his plate and is on call 24/7. When caring for a loved one, sometimes you need some time off, but it is very expensive to get trained help. My niece who is 18, has been doing cooking cleaning and most of the grocery shopping since she was 11. Dad got the kids in divorce, mom died 5 years later.
    Dad has MS and now can’t even get out of his lift chair without help. There is a twin brother and a snowflake brother 5 years older who do nothing to help.
    She has been wild and crazy since she was 14, but she took good care of dad. She is blooming now that he is getting help. She is finishing school and planning on a nursing degree. All that acting out was a symptom of her stress – I am so happy for her now.

  11. Every one of you gunhumping Drumpf-lovers in garbage ‘america’ will be publicly executed as a warning.

  12. So you have a disabled daughter. But if she was killed, she would make for a very heartbreaking article in the times and the post. Sorry, but that is the only thing she is to them, a welcome victim. A reason to victimise the victim culture a little more, but only of good use if she is exactly that – a designated victim.

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