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Washington DC cop Kenneth Furr can’t seem to hold his liquor. His drinking has gotten him into a number of jams over the years, but he’s remained on the DC police force through all of them thanks to a department that has apparently looked the other way. No one can say that DC’s finest don’t take care of their own. No matter how irresponsible they are. Only now, because they’ve let Furr skate so many times, the department has blood on its hands…

Furr’s distinguished service record goes back at least fifteen years.

On Christmas Day 1996, Furr and another officer were on duty when they got into a drunken argument with a mother and son. Police brass placed Furr on administrative leave and tried to fire him, but he was reinstated in 1998 after a change in police chiefs.

He managed to keep his nose clean (or so it seems – who knows how many scrapes he got into in the intervening six years that went unreported) until:

He was arrested in 2004 for driving while intoxicated and operating while impaired, according to court records. He pleaded no contest and the charges were dropped after he completed a diversion program.

Never having been charged with a DUI, one has to wonder if a civilian would have been afforded the same treatment. Particularly a civilian who had already been fired for intoxication on the job.

But none of those episodes held a candle to last week’s festivities. As reports:

According to charging documents, Furr got into an argument with several transgendered people outside the CVS pharmacy at 400 Massachusetts Avenue at about 4:40 a.m. Friday. He pulled a gun on one of the victims, who then reported the incident to an off-duty D.C. police officer working security at the pharmacy, charging documents said.

The CVS officer determined that Furr was an “off-duty officer, and therefore no further action was necessary,” the charging document said.

So because he was a police officer, there was no reason to go to the hassle of charging him with assault. That’s evidently a job perk in our nation’s capitol. And yet again, Furr got a pass for being a cop. From another cop. A cop who apparently thought, ‘what the hell, all he did was draw on a bunch of drag queens.’ A cop who surely would have let any other DC citizen walk after drawing a gun in the famously gun-friendly District.

The WaPo reports that the ‘argument’ occured when Furr propositioned one of the the group.

In interviews, one said Furr approached her as she walked into a CVS in Northwest Washington. “His eyes were bloodshot,” she said. “I could smell the liquor on his breath. He told me he wanted to pay me to have sex with me. He kept trying to get me in his car.”

But the incident didn’t end when the victims left, apparently due to their own jaw-dropping stupidity.

The victims later saw Furr driving his Cadillac and followed him in their car, police said.

Furr got out of his vehicle, pointed the gun at the driver. The sequence of the events that followed is unclear is unclear. Patrol officers nearby said they heard the cars crash and then rapid gunfire. The victims said Furr fired first and then the cars struck.

Police said Furr, a 20-year-veteran, blew a 0.15 on an alcohol breath-test machine after the shooting — nearly twice the legal limit for drivers in D.C.

It won’t take much of a lawyer to make the case that Furr was just a disaster waiting to happen and that the DC police should have known about it and canned him long ago. And while the five in the car aren’t totally blameless here (seriously, how stupid do you have to be to follow a drunk who’d just pointed a heater at you?) it’s a good bet they’re in line for a handsome settlement courtesy of the DC city government.

[h/t to AIer Matt H]

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  1. I am having a hard time figuring out why they keep stressing the “transgender” aspect. Is the MSM pushing the hate-crime line or or are they just trying to embarrass the cop?

  2. DC treats their elected officials the same way. Look at how many time Marion Barry has been elected to the city council and Mayor after he served 6 months in federal prison for smoking crack cocaine. The elite get away with just about anything while the lowly masses have a hard time exercising basic rights.

    • Thanks for sharing an interesting notion, Jamie, yet I have always considered the “understanding of power”, i.e. Energy to be this up and coming 4th wave. Still, I am open to hear of your conceptualized “understanding of thought”, how it significantly differentiates from “understanding of information” and what category you have labeled it under. So, please continue.

    • Listening to Jay Carney is worse than trying to get a story out of a three year old, he rambles and hems and haws, this just iritates me as I want to finish his sentences. How in the world did he ever get tis job?, he sure cannot carry on a rational sentence .

  3. Alternative Take with a citizen and not a cop.

    In local news a DC man is in jail today facing multiple charges after brandishing a weapon at a Metro CVS pharmacy. The incident began when the suspect, who recorded a .15 blood alcohol test, approached a transgender person entering the Metro CVS pharmacy. When the suspect was rebuffed they pulled out a concealed hand gun with assault magazine and threaten the transgender person. That individual then retreated into the CVS pharmacy and located an off-duty DC cop. The cop then forced the armed gunman to the ground and called for back-up. The suspect is in jail this morning facing both federal and district charges to include, unlawful possession of a concealed weapon, DUI, assault and battery, brandishing a weapon, resisting arrest, public intoxication, driving with a suspended license in addition the DA is investigating the incident to determine if a possible hate-crime took place.

    Please let me know if I forgot a crime to charge him with. :>)

    • Please let me know if I forgot a crime to charge him with. :>)

      Don’t know about DC but here in CO it is a crime to be intoxicated and in possession of a firearm, I believe it is a misdemeanor charge called “Unlawful Use of a Weapon.” (“Use” as opposed to mere “possession.”)

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      • President George W. Bush signed a bill in October, 2006 to build a double secure fence on the border to stop illegal alien migration. The corrupt special interest lobbyists from K Street made sure this was not going to happen. Also Rod Blago has not been sentenced after being convicted. His sentencing was supposed to be October 3, 2011. It has been indefinitely postponed without giving any reason. What is up with this fiasco?

  4. … it’s a good bet they’re in line for a handsome settlement courtesy of the DC city government.

    Sadly, it’ll be the taxpayers who will finance that little windfall for the fracas participants.

  5. Cases like this are why any law purporting to make it illegal to defend oneself against persons with badges are idiotic.

    There’s a REASON for the second amendment (along with all the rest), and that is to protect the citizenry from the transgressions of their government including those committed by any and all purporting to be agents of said government.

    In this case, it is my belief that the framers of the constituion would have intended for the victims in this case to be able and willing to SHOOT BACK — This is strongly evidenced by both their writings, and recorded court decisions up to and including John Bad Elk vs. U.S., which said in part:

    “…where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction when the officer had the right to make the arrest from what it does if the officer had no such right. What might be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

    As a citizen, I cannot stand when the legal apparatus acts, as evidenced in this case along with many others, to protect thugs simply by virtue of their possession of a badge.

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