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One of the notable aspects of yesterday’s horror in Orlando was the speed with which authorities identified the attack at Pulse nightclub as an act of terror. After the San Bernardino murders, it took days to acknowledge what no one in a position of power apparently wanted to admit…that Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik had committed a terrorist attack with the intent of mowing down as many infidels as they could. After yesterday’s much more deadly attack in Orlando, local law enforcement ID’d the investigation as one into an ‘act of terror’ almost before the sun was up.

Maybe that had something to do with the fact that Omar Mateen took time out from the slaughter to dial 911 and pledge his allegiance to ISIS, mentioning Boston’s Flying Tsarnaev Brothers along the way. Oh, and he was also reported to have shouted Allahu akbar as he sprayed the crowd with lead. Details which make it difficult to avoid a jihadi’s motivation, no matter how hard you try.

Well almost. Just because he said he was inspired (if not directed) by radical Islam, doesn’t mean the narrative can’t be steered in more convenient directions.

It didn’t take long for the left and the media (sorry for being repetitive) to try their darnedest to change the spin on what everyone thought they already knew. You can always rely on the spittle-spewers at the Daily News to helpfully, subtly guide their readership toward the approved target for blame after any incident involving a firearm.


Taking a slightly more measured tone was The New Yorker’s Manilowian doppelgänger Evan Osnos (top).

In the hours after the deadliest mass shooting in American history, which killed fifty people and wounded fifty-three others at a gay night club in Orlando, Americans began the ritual of separating our strands of shame after a mass killing. In this case, we are apportioning an armed man’s actions to the influence of isis, homophobia, mental instability, and the availability of high-powered weapons.

Which one of those strands is an Upper West Sider most likely to respond to? The first order of business: attack the vulgarian haters.

Better that than pretending, as we did just a few years ago, that a mass killing was not “the time” for politics, that our horror should impose a holiday on analysis, that we must, in a perversion of civility, pretend that nothing in our laws or culture might have saved those lives. Politics, even when they are flawed and toxic, show us to ourselves—rarely more so than on Sunday, when the presumptive Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, paused for a moment of self-celebration: “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” he tweeted. “I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”

Hold on, we’re getting to the real crux of the problem.

By that hour, anybody watching television knew that Trump was wrong; the Orlando massacre could not simply be ascribed to the influence of radical jihadists, even if the shooter did, as reported, place a 911 call just before the attack to pledge allegiance to isis. On the contrary, as President Obama said that afternoon, “We know enough to say that this was an act of terror and an act of hate.”

An act of terror that was somehow never attributed by His Imperiousness to radical Islam. Pay no attention to those facts behind the curtain.

Yes, Mateen may have thought he was playing jihadi, but all the bien pensents know (and are writing and tweeting furiously) where the blame really lies — or should, if they’re going to keep the public’s ire focused on the things that really need to be taken down in America; ‘toxic’ politics, homophobia and…wait for it…gun rights.

The Obamanauts and Hillary’s advance guard are out in force doing all they can to downplay the terror angle of Sunday morning’s horror show — a focus that would likely benefit Donald Trump — and veer the narrative back toward America and its embarrassing, inexplicable love for guns. They’re dogged, they’re devoted and it’s likely all we’ll hear for the foreseeable future.


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    • They can’t. They are using free speech to spread their message around the world and convince people they should do wrong, and then using the right to bear arms to kill people in California and Florida.

  1. These mental midgets don’t seem to understand that the terr had two state-issued firearms licenses for his job.

    And that he worked for a security company that no doubt had guns in their company inventory.

    This guy was going to get a gun one way or another – there was never any doubt of that.

    • They would be only too happy to make things simple and ban and confiscate everything. What fits their narrative is NRA and gun owners are evil; Jihadis in America do not exist.

  2. If gun control stops terrorists, why is “gun free” Europe the hotbed of such attacks in the western world?

    Don’t ban guns. Ban Islam.

    I think anybody who tries to push this as a gun control issue needs to be strung up for material support of terrorism.

    • Europe had been a target of Islam since before guns were a thing. They just like to conveniently forget the icky parts of history.

      • Western Europe, maybe. You’ll find that the people east of Switzerland remember the turks rather clearly. There’s a reason why most of Eastern Europe refused to take any significant number of muslim migrants.

        It’s also an interesting coincidence that what firearms freedom can be found in Europe exists in the east.

        One of the reasons I love the Czech Republic is their relatively free stance on gun laws.

        What’s even more astounding is that of ~10 million Czechs, almost 300,000 of them hold concealed carry licenses. That’s about 3% of the population, on par with some of the most gun friendly states in the union.

        • I wrote a couple of papers, more like military analyses, on the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 and both Sieges of Vienna in college. They taught me all I needed to know about why Eastern Europe is done taking shit from “good and proper” Mohammedans.

          I also had a babysitter from rural Czechoslovakia as a kid. After communism fell and while the politicians were drafting up their current gun laws, everyone in her village shrugged because there was already at least one in every home and had been since the 40’s. Anyone who didn’t have a Vz-24 in the closet got funny looks

        • Yup. This, so much this.

          The reason why Merkel and her cabal of self-hating Europeans in France, the Scandinavian countries and the UK are so hot to bring in a bunch of bloodthirsty Saracens is because they have no cultural memory of what it was like the last time the murderous savages came calling. Eastern/southern Europe does remember. The Muslim armies didn’t make it north of Vienna, or north of the southern third of France – except for eastern Europe.

          There’s very good reasons why countries like Hungary aren’t taking “refugees” (actually, invaders) into their borders, even as the EU bureaucrats threaten these southern/eastern countries with policy retaliation: They were invaded before – and they remember.

  3. A Muslim Democrat shoots a gay club. So obviously, a white Christian male potato farmer from Idaho, who’s also a NRA member, takes the blame. Furious spin indeed.

    • Props for adding Democrat. That’s the one thing I haven’t heard yet in the MSM is his party affiliation. The same MSM who is always quick to point out crazy Republicans. Radical Islamic Democrat….has a certain ring to it

  4. Yes, Thanks NRA. For fighting to allow law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, so they we can defend ourselves and our families from these scum radical muslim terrorists. Too bad so many other folks are low info sheep who think the guvmt will protect them. And thanks for pointing out the treasonous words and actions from the current traitor in chief and his witch in waiting.

  5. The media did the same thing after the terrorist attacks in Boston, Chattanooga and San Bernardino. They’re as predictable as the sun rising in the east. And, as devious as any enemy this nation has faced in war.They won’t be satisfied until they’ve destroyed what’s left of America.

  6. There is NO narrative. Everyday 3rd world people land in ghis country with no concept or understanding of our freedoms. They thrust into our culture and suppose to assimilate. Most cultures do, one doesn’t, it’s Islam. Islamic Culture and politics have no redeeming qualities in a western democracy.

    The bridge is our elected representatives offer rights and privileges to people for the sole purpose of making them dependent on government and voting to keep career politicians on the dole.

    Our government incessant need to lie about the motovation of a murderer to keep their political objectives secure is a high crime against its people and must be accountable.

  7. Yup. All morning ABC, CBS and NBC kept describing it as a “mass shooting.” The worst “mass shooting” in Americas history.

    A complete afterthought if mentioned at all that this was a terrorist attack. The worst since 9/11.

    They’re working overtime to drop terrorism, radical Islam, an employee of a security company, a guy who the feds failed to act on, the passing of several background checks likely far more rigorous than you or I would go through all into the faded background and replace it with “black gun!”

    Its a hail Mary bombardment of the obvious agenda pushing I think I’ve seen in my lifetime. No surprise given the election coming up. All of their true colors arwe showing in the face of logic and reason. Oh boy do I hope they fail. If they succeed things are farnworsenthan I thought.

    And why the hell hasn’t anyone interviewed Pink Pistols yet? Of course I know why.

    • “he worst “mass shooting” in Americas history.”

      76 people were killed in the Waco siege. Sure, they were burned alive, and not shot, by the government, so there’s that.

      • And how about Wounded Knee in 1890.
        Somewhere between 100 & 300.
        But again, it was the government doing the shooting so I guess it doesn’t count.

      • The Revolutionary War and Civil War don’t count? Not to mention the American Indian massacres? I guess those don’t fit their narratives.

    • Indeed, as the Pink Pistol’s words were “arm up.” Seems like a reasonable response given the circumstances. I never understood the liberal mindset- Their first response, with faced with adversity, is to make the targets weaker.

        • I see what you’re trying to say, but not r/K at all. r/K isn’t tied to “selection”, they are reproduction strategies, and they are not born of conscious choice but rather environmental constraints over time.

  8. On those rare occasions when a white male commits a mass murder, the media immediately attempts to link him to militias, the KKK, the Tea Party, the NRA, talk radio and the GOP. Of course, I’m sure this is just a coincidence.

  9. “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”

    It was supposed to be a warning, not an observation piece.

  10. It is interesting that in the same week that the US (and world) celebrated the life of Muhammad Ali, and touting how we should ‘all be like Ali’ (a Muslim), the Muslim views on gays and homosexuality are being suppressed by the leftist media in favor of calls for gun control. Blame the gun, not the gunner, as it were. How can anyone in their right mind not read an article like this and believe it did not play a part in this event:

    • best comment: “Don’t look at the man wearing the curtain… Nothing to see here… move along….” – Darwin

  11. I was just reading about this over on Breitbart. The best part about all of this, just like Dyspeptic mentioned above, that he had multiple licenses from the state to perform his work duties as a security guard. This guy had literally gone through all of the gun control hoops and one of the frakking applications included not only a background check but a medical evaluation just to be sure.

    So the state knows this guy will be armed for his job since they approved it twice, and since he was not a criminal (as he passed those BGCs and the FBI decided he was not a threat), kinda seems like Minority Report is the only thing that could have stopped this dude buying a firearm.

    Granted the reports of one his co workers talking about how he was unhinged (wife said the same thing I believe) and spoke of killing people are pretty telling, but management chose to do nothing because PC.

    • To be fair spousal abuse and mutterings of killing people are extremely common among law enforcement. Statistics show much moreso than in the non-LEO community. Along with divorce, depression and self-medication.

      Maybe the feds didn’t see these things as wrong since they themselves participate? Or maybe they thought punishing this guy would start a chain reaction catching all the LEO wife beaters and didn’t want to risk it?

    • If all the legal barriers to bad guys getting AR-15s were breached by this guy…then you KNOW what they will say: “NO ONE should be able to get one, because we can’t know for sure.”

  12. The media is really in Derp Overdrive today. Everywhere I go, it’s blaming guns and trying to shake the radical Muslim angle.

  13. Best response to “Investigated by FBI or on terror watch list should mean no guns.” is to say “investigated by FBI for corruption in office and mishandling of classified information should mean disqualified from running for office!”

    If they want to go for that, how is that woman, Hillary Clinton, allowed to go anywhere near the trigger for the most destructive mass killing tools known to history. The least powerful atomic bomb ever used killed over 90,000 people. How can we allow someone like that access to the most terrible weapons there are?

  14. “Thanks, Car Manufacturers!”

    (Suggestion for a headline about fatalities committed by drunk drivers – you know, since the media doesn’t feel like blaming the perpetrators)

    • A better analogy would be “Thanks, AAA!” The NRA doesn’t make anything, it’s just a education and advocacy group.

  15. Every muslim in the United States who has traveled to Saudi Arabia (like this present jihadi perp), Syria, Iraq, Turkey, the Caucuses, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, etc, etc, needs to have their passports revoked, barred re-entry, declared suspected enemy combatants and disenfranchised the rights of Americans. They are clearly not responsible to be trusted as we have been trusted with our rights. They are not “created equal.” They’re at war with us. Radical muslims want to kill us all and moderate muslims want radical muslims to kill us all. We no longer enjoy the security of “two great oceans.” There is a standing army of enemies everywhere among us right now, with hundreds if not thousands more coming in literally every single day. The only way we can defend and ensure our own rights and freedoms is by summarily and categorically revoking those rights from them.
    The lessons we learned from the internment of the Japanese apply precisely in reverse here. We don’t know if that wartime measure saved American lives, secrets or missions. And we don’t want to welcome an obvious Trojan Horse into our nation out of misplaced guilt over a practical decision of our prudent American president 75 years ago.
    Muslims have proven themselves contemptuous of us and our way of life and they need to go — starting with hussein obama. Bet on America. Stand with America. Defend OUR rights. This generation is now called to save this country.

    • Chris, it is a requirement in Islam to make at least one pilgrimage (Hajj) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in their lifetime, if they can afford it.

      So, deport *every* US citizen Muslim that has ever gone to the Hajj?

      • islam is not a religion — it’s a combination of a gang, a cult and a protection racket.
        It’s a cereal box top dues-paying obligation started by a blood-thirsty Wizard of Oz desperate for and envious of the kind of following and “power” he saw acclaimed by Jesus Christ.

    • After the shooting started, one on-scene cop pulling security overtime work opened fire on the shooter.

      Shortly thereafter, two off-duty cops nearby rushed to the scene and engaged the Jihadist.

      Jihad-Boy retreated to the bathroom.

      Yes, there were multiple shooters on-scene before the cavalry arrived…

  16. I guess they are looking for the right wing christian white republicans who have sex in the missionary position with the light turned off.
    Those kinds of people are responsible for everything wrong in the world.

  17. Sc**w all of them. We’re going to fight anything they propose and if they manage to get anything of substance passed, we’re going to ignore it.

  18. Americans began the ritual of separating our strands of shame after a mass killing.

    What shame? Why should I feel any shame for what some psycho terrorist did?

  19. While I’m no fan of any religion, I would like to point out that everything I’ve read (from people who knew him) indicated that this sicko wasn’t devoutly religious but there was significant evidence that he was unstable. Does radical Islam work to convert the faithful into tools of jihad? Sure, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be what happened here. ISIL is a dangerous terrorist group rooted in religious ideology, but it’s important to draw distinctions between true adherents and those with other motivations who shack up with a cause. Why? Because there is a huge difference in how you have to deal with them. Do you really believe that if ISIL didn’t exist that this never would have happened? This looks way more like a copycat massacre. It’d be different if the guy had been deeply religious. Who knows? Maybe he was and that will come out, but this whole thing looks way less conspiratorial that you all seem to think.

    • So, some asshole shouting aloha snackbar while shooting up a bunch of people is somehow less dangerous because he didn’t believe it as much as the next guy?

    • Many ISIL recruits tend to be losers. At best poorly educated, because they were “too cool for school”, thinking everything would be handed to them. And they then blame everyone but themselves for their poverty and lack of options. At worst, like many ISIL recruits from Australia, are criminals and thugs who are only a step or two from arrest. Many wannabe jihadis were dependent on welfare because they are effectively unemployable.

    • From the link

      “No, the main answer is to counter the sources of hate: To crush the Islamic State and whatever rises to replace it as the cutting edge of Islamist hate, and also to finally get serious about targeting the Saudi and Iranian funding of extremist Sunni and Shiite Islam across the globe.”

      If anyone reads anything about the nuclear deal with Iran, they will see Obama only cared about the Nukes and recent state dept. report has stated that Iran now flush with cash that has been released, is actually sending more funding to the terrorist groups. Obama wanting his legacy to be a Nuke free Iran has traded No-Nukes for more terrorist funding.

      What happened in Orland will not be the last. While there will be different targets, expect there to be more until we have a POTUS who gets a clue how to go after the problem versus simply trying to have a “legacy” Should there have been any doubt how clueless a president we currently have, there should now be zero doubt.

  20. It’s interesting how foreign media are calling it a Terrorist attack. The U.S. media is calling it a mass shooting.

  21. The LBGT group Pink Pistols had this to say about the Orlando shooting and gun control. It seems to reflect the beliefs of the broader lawful gun owing community who have guns for self defense. Many, for moral or religious reasons, may not agree with the homosexuality aspects of the LGBT community, but in my opinion, we, as people of the gun, need to listen to them and support their stance on gun rights.
    Senior Gun Owner 1950

    The Pink Pistols, an LBGTQ group dedicated to protecting the gun rights of gay and transgendered individuals, has issued a response to the Orlando terror attack. The Pink Pistols are LBGTQ individuals who have decided to no longer be safe targets.

    The public should not jump to conclusions. Focus on the violent acts carried out by ISIS follower Omar Mateen, not on the tool he used. First Speaker of the Pink Pistols Gwendolyn Patton said in a statement. “This is exactly the kind of heinous act that justifies our existence. At such a time of tragedy, let us not reach for the low-hanging fruit of blaming the killer’s guns. Let us stay focused on the fact that someone hated gay people so much they were ready to kill or injure so many. A human being did this. The human being’s tools are unimportant when compared to the bleakness of that person’s soul. I say again, GUNS did not do this. A human being did this, a dead human being. Our job now is not to demonize the man’s tools, but to condemn his acts and work to prevent such acts in the future.”

    Contact Gwen Patton at [email protected] for more information.

  22. He was employed by 4GS Secure Solutions as a G Licensed Armed Security Guard. He could get his hands on legal firearms if he was terrorist or not.

    In some states, he is anointed to be a special person and would be exempt from certain firearm laws the rest of us would need to comply with.

    The FBI investigated him twice, he passed the background check twice to get his Armed Guard License. he passed the FBI NICS check

    The NRA instead of playing quite should have a press conference and state the facts. The FBI failed.

  23. Why don’t they just go full-retard on the lies and say it was an Old Fat White Guy from the NRA that did the shooting?

    • At the first word of the attack the MSM began to speculate about the usual white male Christian suspect.

  24. And didn’t Cho have a Glock and a flippin .22 pistol at Virginia Tech?

    He didn’t need a full auto assault rifle weapon of mass destruction. He needed a gun free zone, a density of unarmed prey, and a delayed police response.

    The Orlando shooter was in there three hours with no armed intervention. Imagine if two or three Pink Pistols had been there.

  25. I agree with the Daily News. It is a time to politicize this attack. An attack by a Muslim terrorist on a gay nightclub is an innately political act. The attempt by Clinton, Obama and the MSM to shift the blame to Christians, guns and Donald Trump is an innately political act. This is a Presidential election year. The question of Muslim terrorism must be discussed during the campaign.

    We don’t need gun control.
    We don’t even need Muslim control.
    We need Democrat control.

  26. The Orlando attack, while a major tragedy, is nothing compared to what might happen since the G seems unlikely and is completely unwilling to take action against Islamists.

    A coordinated, well-planned and deadly Mumbai-style attack upon a major city is almost inevitable. My guess is that the carnage will happen in a US city with a lower ratio of officers to population (New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and DC have high ratios), a large land mass for the cops to cover, a dense population (more targets), reasonable proximity to an unprotected border and a government full of Democrats.

    The NY Daily snooze will still blame the NRA, because that’s what Democrats do to cover for their own deadly mistakes. But with a city in flames, it won’t be possible for the Democrats to hide anymore.

    • So, Detroit then?

      US city with a lower ratio of officers to population – check

      a large land mass for the cops to cover – check

      a dense population (more targets) – check

      reasonable proximity to an unprotected border – check

      a government full of Democrats – check

      • And don’t forget the very large Muslim population right next door in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn.

  27. The Media and Hildabeest are frantic over the prospect that Donald Trump might actually win the election in November. So, not at all surprisingly, they are spinning and thrashing wildly about on this matter and pulling out all the stops.

    We know that the Orlando Jihadist did this in the name of the Islamic Caliphate. He called 911 and proclaimed as much. He, reportedly yelled praise to his God as he shot down his victims, according to survivors of the massacre.

    ISIS will do its best to execute further attacks within U.S. borders in the next few months and likely succeed. I think ISIS believes they can swing the election to Crooked Hilary, which would be to their advantage as CH would continue Obama’s ineffective policies. What better advantage can an enemy hope for than to be denied as an enemy by those governing your target population.

    I do not think the American People are so stupid as to not understand what is going on as the Democrats failed policies unravel in front of them and at the cost of the lives of their children, loved ones and friends.

  28. I am sitting in an airport, and CNN is blasting Clinton’s full speech on how we all should be disarmed like she has already been anointed as our president. Her speech is almost identical to that from Star Wars where Palpatine declares himself emperor. I read the article above blaming the NRA for this attack. I am so pissed that I am about to pull out my credit card out and update to NRA Endowment Life Member. This lady needs to be imprisoned. She should never get near the White House.

  29. Thanks, MDA and Mother Jones. Because Progressives disarmed every one of those victims in the nightclub, so only the police had guns; they allowed the terrorist to single handedly execute them one by one for 3 hours allowing him to conserve his ammo… Maybe next time the Progressives police will just lock the door and torch the building.

  30. Blaming the NRA and guns for this terrorist act is the equivalent of blaming the Airline Pilots Association and the lack of “common sense Jumbo Jet reform” for 9-11. Progressive insanity!

    • Bottom line is the FBI cannot know what is inside the heart and mind of a murderer. They have to wade through dead bodies to get their man.

  31. Well, I don’t know, maybe they should be banned. According to the experts at one of the British news rags, AR-type rifles can’t be used for hunting because the game animal will be totally vaporized on impact. Really, they said that. This is sarcasm by the way.

    • Went feral hog hunting with an AR. Poor thing didn’t vaporize. But had some might nice hams and bacon in the freezer.
      Guess they don’t have feral hog hunts in Europe.


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