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“I hope, I really sincerely hope, that this tragedy, this unimaginable, unspeakable tragedy, will provide an impetus to bring back measures that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are severely troubled or deranged like this young man was,” Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) told Face the Nation re: Elliot Rodger’s Santa Barbara spree killing. Yes, well, none of the gun control laws Blumenthal champions would have applied to Rodger. A fact he admits. Admits!  . . .

“Not every kind of gun violence is going to be prevented by laws coming out of Washington but at least we can make a start.”

So if civilian disarmament saves one life (while sacrificing individual liberty and putting the lives of thousands of others in danger of government-sponsored mass murder a la Mexico) . . .

“I’m going to urge that we bring back those bills, maybe reconfigure them to center on mental health, which is a point where we can agree.”

It’s a trap! I know! How about mental health bills aimed at mental health? Sounds crazy but it just might work! And if it doesn’t, Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms can defend themselves. Yes?

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  1. If the NRA or some other pro rights organization doesn’t nail the cops straight to the wall as loud and as hard as possible for not locking this kid up when they were warned by his own family, then this will be another PR failure on their part. I am sick and tired of people who supposedly speak for my interests completely dropping the ball.

    • What should the cops have locked him up for? Care to cite a law, or would that be too much to ask?

      • The cops could have called for an actual psych eval to help make their decision.

        For the gods’ sakes, if California actually HAS a handgun registry, they should have been able to realize this wanker actually HAS weapons access. Combined with the multiple YouTube videos and writings, this was clear evidence of homicidal ideation that would have ANY competent physician begging for a detainment order (WI5150)

        • It would have been just as simple for the family to have him committed. Generally when two family members take a person to a mental health hospital they can forcibly commit a family member. They could have also went to the court system and petitioned for it to be done. The cops dropped the ball but so did the family. . . it’s on each of their shoulders.

      • Care to cite a law, or would that be too much to ask?

        CALIFORNIA WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE, SECTION 5150, second paragraph, “… an application in writing stating the circumstances under which the person’s condition was called to the attention of the officer, member of the attending staff, or professional person, and stating that the officer, member of the attending staff, or professional person has probable cause to believe that the person is, as a result of mental disorder, a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled.”

        FYI, just about every state has a similar statute.

        • But the cops did not have probable cause to believe that Elliot Rodger was a danger to others or to himself due to a mental disorder. The cops interviewed him and found him amiable, calm, and not suicidal. They found him to be a “perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human.” The only negative thing, if you can call it that, was that he didn’t have a lot of friends, and you can’t lock someone up because they have a hard time making friends. If so, there are a lot of people who should be behind bars today.

        • @Danny Griffin, if his youtube videos weren’t probable cause, then there’s no such thing as probable cause.

        • He didn’t have the threatening ones up there on April 30th. He hadn’t even recorded those yet. The last few he recorded the day before the Day of Retribution. You know that, right?

        • Those cops must be either the most gullible cops ever to wear blue uniforms (all the ones I know are super-cynics) or they were told to limit how deep an investigation was to be made.

      • I don’t know about California, however where I am from, family can make a complaint that would allow the police to pick up someone and bring them to a local ER. Once their a MD has 12 hrs to see them and can then commit them for 72 hrs for the coroner to see about a 14 day involuntary psych hold. Perhaps California should look into creating this because from what I could find, they don’t have it yet.

      • I understand (didn’t have the stomach to look) that the dingbat put videos on the internet which described his intention (ie threatened) to murder people. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal enough to get him into a court, where maybe a judge could get into the act.

        • “the dingbat put videos on the internet which described (ie threatened) to murder people”

          Yes, but he didn’t even record that video until after the police encounter on April 30. The ones he had online before then were him driving around Santa Barbara listening to bad music and a few where he lamented on the fact that no women liked him. It was after watching the videos about women not liking him that his mother called the police. The cops checked and found a nice, polite person who was not a danger to himself or anyone else.

          He didn’t record his ultimate Day of Retribution video until May 23, the day before, and he uploaded it May 24 right before he started shooting people. It may be a small thing, but you and the others here who have totally mischaracterized what happened in this event are no different than MDA and the others in the anti-gun crowd who just keep repeating things that aren’t true because they bolster your argument.

          Watch his videos, read his manifesto, or at least read the news accounts of exactly what happened. Don’t make up your own “facts.”

          Elliot Rodger was disturbed, but the only people who knew it apparently were his family and therapists and they did nothing. Don’t blame the cops because they didn’t know. There was no evidence he was a threat, only that he didn’t make friends easily.

    • Why attack the cops? They are NOT mental health professionals. They did not have access to his mental history like his parents and therapists did. They had to base their “evaluation” on his demeanor and statements from a short contact. Unless they could show cause that he was a danger to himself or others, what could they do? This kid was clearly smart enough not to say anything stupid in front of them.

      His parents and the REAL mental health professionals all knew what was going on with this kid. The blame rest with them and the kid himself, not with the police. We crucify the police for over-stepping their authority in most cases, but then something like this happens and we blame them for not doing enough? I don’t think so…

      • This makes it sound completely impossible for a NICS check to deny anyone access to firearms because that person is nuts. Is that true? We’ve been told about the jillions denied, how many were for mental instability? Are we being lied to? Duh.

  2. Yup, yup. Mental health needs to be addressed, but addressed for the sake of the people getting piss-poor support under the current system, not as a means to an end end-run against the RTKBA.

  3. So let me get this straight. This spoiled, rich brat in California bought his guns through an FFL, passed a NCIS check, waited the required 10 days for each gun, had his guns registered, used 10 round neutered magazines, did not use an “assault weapon”, committed some of his killings in a “gun free zone”, did not have a license to carry, killed half his victims with a knife and another with his car but Sen. Blumenthal’s solution is magazine limits, UBC’s, AWB’s, more GFZ’s, registration, and fewer CC permits. That is some good thinking. Is this what Democrats keep calling “common sense”?

    • California does its own checks, separate from NICS. That’s one f their excuses for the ten day wait to pick up a gun purchase. He passed that easily–no criminal convictions, no involuntary mental health commitments.

    • You forgot 1 in 30. Not only did he wait 10 days to pick up his guns, he had to wait 30 days between purchases as us Californians can only buy one handgun every 30 days, no restriction on rifles….

    • Yes, this is what democrats call common sense. Then again, liberalism isn’t so much a school of political thought as a form of mental illness. It’s marked by delusion and magical thinking. Fortunately it usually only affects the youth and those of low IQ and many outgrow it.

      • Absorootry! Registered Democrats are also registered with NICS, they are mentally deficient. (ducking real low)

    • I have never seen evidence that Blumenthal is logical. Hopefully you are not truly surprised by this. It is standard operating procedure for him.

      • No different from Barry pushing UBC after Sandy Hook. Exactly the same, it is “never let a crisis go to waste”, combined with thinking “we are so smart and the sheep are so stupid.”

    • ” used 10 round neutered magazines, ”

      They aren’t so much neutered as just suffering from a low sperm count.

  4. “this unimaginable, unspeakable tragedy”
    Well, umm, this guy Rodger imagined it, even put it on you tube. And if it so “unspeakable,” maybe y’all ought to just shut about it…seems that is all that is on the news all day. What about the “unspeakable” attack on the Somali Parliament? Or the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels? Or the multiple massacres of hundreds of people by Boko Haram?
    “Bring back measures….” And what measures would those be? An assault weapons ban? No, he didn’t use one. Universal background checks? No, he passed three of them. Magazine limits? No, he had limited capacity magazines–a lot of magazines, but that is a different question. So what measures are we discussing here? None of these are potential solutions to the insoluble problem of mental illness in America, in the world for that matter. So then, some “mental health focus, eh? What would that be, required mental health evaluations before you can buy a gun? I don’t think so, sports fans…

    • “This is an unspeakable tragedy … I’m going to speak about it in great length to try and get you to do what I want.”

      Ever heard of Honest Trailers? This segment is called Honest Speeches.

  5. THE

    I cannot possibly for the life of me see why these people are not understanding this fact. What more laws and regulations could they possibly put on the books that would have stopped this kid short of violating his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights??

    Oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question…

    • I’m glad my glass was dry when I read this! Perhaps he’s been paid off, or perhaps he’s really that stupid. Either way, good for us!

      • Better look at his position in life, he is stupid like a fox, he has been getting away with this crap.

  6. “Chris died(1) because of craven, irresponsible politicians(2) and the NRA(3).”

    1. No, Chris died because someone stabbed/shot him and he didn’t get the medical attention he needed in time.

    2. Senator Leland Yee, everyone.

    3. Are you aware that California has every single piece of “gunsense” lunacy that the NRA opposed? In fact, its 10-round magaclip limit, “universal” background checks, and 10-day waiting period were all in that song that Everytown Demands Moms Giving Illegal Action to Mayors leader(?) Shannon Watts was singing about as she breast fed her baby in Chipotle. I may not be a fan of everything the NRA does, but you can kindly COMMENT (pre)MODERATED and quit politicizing the death OF YOUR OWN CHILD.

    Bonus: I’m guessing you weren’t burdened with an overabundance of [knowledge].

  7. So, it’s an unspeakable act because the killer and victims were the offspring of Democratic contributors? I can’t see any other defining criterion here, after all that seems to be the only difference between the shooting death of 3 and wounding of a half dozen vs. cartel members murdering multiple people along the border, or what we can call a dull night in Chicago, or similar in dozens of other cities. Oh, wait… the other difference is the color of the skin of the victims. Oh. Never mind.

    Such sanctimonious bullshit out of his mouth. Dude, there are a lot more dangerous places that Santa Freaking Barbara, and people there face deadly violence daily. How is something happening in a rich-folks playground more unspeakable, more tragic that the others? Shit. It’s such a simple thing. Enable people to fight back in the best way they can. Really not more complicated than that. Would it solve all violence? No. But fighting back is a start.

    • “How is something happening in a rich-folks playground more unspeakable, more tragic that the others?”

      You just answered your own question: because it happened in a rich-folks playground.

  8. GOP congressman Peter King of Ny is also calling for more gun control because of this incident. No offense to our few allies in the northeast, but thank God the rest of the country (outside of CA) values personal and economic freedom.

  9. I, for one, am sick and tired of politicians thinking they know what’s best for my family and myself. All of the laws on the books in kalifornia wouldn’t have stopped this….so what do they propose? Make more laws aimed at something they know absolutely jack spit about.
    From my limited understanding, the spoiled brat had exhibited numerous warning signs well before this happened, and no one in a position to do anything actually did anything…. So let’s blame an inanimate object on our failures of a society.
    If people would take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming everything else….. Stop with the “whole world owes me something” because mommy and daddy said I was special attitude…maybe, JUST MAYBE, people will learn to teach their offspring to pick themselves up,brush off the dust and drive on.

    • There is absolutely nothing anyone could done to prevent this from happening. The guy was a 22 yr.old young man whom,I believe, was living independent of either parent. As an adult, he could not be committed to Mental Health Hospital against his will. Can’t legislate for what people might do, at least not in a republic form of government

      I don’t have a clue as to when he went off the rail or why or if parents had any role in his upbring that created this psychopath, and nor does anyone else.
      Some people just come into the world not wired right. I have a young man living with his parents next door to me that is mid-late twenties, that creeps me out to the point I cc going out to the street to the mailbox. We, as humans have an instinct for people who are “off” Need to listen to that warning alert buzzing in your head and be aware. I believe the young women who wanted nothing to do with him were just acting on that instinct.

      I have lived 63 yrs. by listening to that internal warning, in spite of living in large cities and sometimes, in younger years, being in stupid places with stupid people, doing stupid things.

      Liberals seem to think there is a solution for every problem in society. It doesn’t work that way because society is made up of human beings. Some of those humans are simply “unfixable”

      • As an adult, he could not be committed to Mental Health Hospital against his will.

        Sec. 5150. Every state has a similar statute.

      • “Can’t legislate for what people might do, at least not in a republic form of government” … unless the legislation is laws to prevent people from owning or possessing firearms because people might use those firearms to harm someone.

    • You can still legaly buy a gun in ca so the anti gunners are sill a ways off of their end goal. Then again you did say “almost.”

  10. Knee jerk lip service. The government will NOT address mental health with any substantial teeth because it’s too expensive. Bottom line here, they won’t spend the money on mental health. They will try more gun bans and background checks EVEN THOUGH IT WON’T WORK!

    • My thoughts exactly. We can’t afford prisons, what are we going to do with half the homeless population? (Estimates are that 40-60% of the homeless population in the country is mentally ill in one way or another.)

      • High percentage of individuals in county jails have mental illness County lockups are used far too much as mental health facilities

      • Just for the record there were about 600K psych beds in early 60’s and now the number is around 50K. The reason was the Dems concerned about “civil rights” and the Repubs went along for reduced costs.

        We have a lot of certifiable crzaies walking amongst us.

        • There’s more truth in the last statement than you realize. Cops are the new mental health workers. They screen for the most violent and out of control people and jail them so that they can be treated. The rest walk among us. Seen a “bag lady” lately? Chances are she would benefit from diagnosis and treatment, but she won’t get it until she shoves somebody in front of a bus.

  11. Vets had better watch their backs. The liberals are coming after them. If you go to the VA or a doc for PTSD you are in their gun sights (so to speak).

    • After I retired I went to the local VA center to sign up in person since their sign-up website wasn’t working. What a madhouse! Crowded, noisy, and……busload after busload of impoverished vets being let off at the main entrance. The real victims, the ones with no health care other than the VA. I kissed my BC Federal card & walked out.

      That’s only half the problem. The other is getting prescribed for ANY psychtropic drug. That paints a target on you for the gungrabbers to use later on. Stay drug free, for God’s sake, & live by these words:

      “Well, out here, pilgrim, a man learns to solve his own problems.”

      • Trouble with that is a lot of vets are offing themselves for lack of treatment. You’re lucky to have options. A lot of vets don’t, as you observed.

  12. Their ultimate goal is complete disarmament. It’s only unspeakable because it happened in a “nice area”. Nobody gives a damn in Chicagoland unless it’s a little kid or a teenager who danced for Obama. Or maybe if it’s a thug wannabe who looks like Barry’s son.

  13. Hey BLUMENTHAL STFU on guns. Tell us how you intend to atone for the failure of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs to supervise and operate the VA. Is wasn’t all Clinton’s incompetent booklicker Shinseki and GS drones.

    I suggest by Jigaki.

  14. The Democrats will never address mental health because they do not want to go after their own voter base. If you pass laws locking up mentally ill people, Democrats would be disproportionately represented.

  15. I see the nervous Nellies are out again. If Blumenthal wants to go head-to-head with the hated RINO Lindsey Graham on making a case for gun control over this I invite to have at it. Graham single handedly destroyed the Feinstein AWB in committee and he will destroy Blumenthal. Two thirds of the victims did not die form gun shot wounds, They died from either knife wounds or blunt force trauma caused by a BMW. Rodger doesn’t count. If he had no guns he would run over more people. Trying to wave the bloody shirt on this case is going to backfire big time. My advice to the gun grabbers is move on and wait for something other than a knife wielding, car smashing and tertiary gun using spoiled by Hollywood Progressive parents rich kid. The NRA’s strategy should be to place the blame on his indulgent Progressive parents and the Progressive ideologies that created the kind of automaton the believes the government has obligation to provide acceptable sex partners.

    And after seeing the video form the deli a concealed carrier would have stopped this guy in his tracks.

    • First off, what you mean is a LEGAL concealed carrier, otherwise they can take care of themselves, and even legal, I would hesitate taking on a guy with full size pistols with my LCP, if he’s not bothering me. If you want protection, YOU carry, especially if it is not legal, don’t be counting on someone else.

      • “I’m thinking that was cause for arrest. When did he send it, and were the police monitoring?”

        He sent it right before he started shooting people Friday night. Were the police monitoring what, his email account? Like the NSA? As they have someone sitting around reading every email he posts real time, waiting for him to say something? Way to read the article before posting questions about it.

  16. How about mental health bills aimed only at libtards. Oh, but they would all fail and be institutionalized and cry discrimination. For the children you know..

  17. Senator Blumenthal of the “Veterans Affairs Committee”…sounds like he’s tryin’ to take the heat off of the VA…what a douche…

  18. A psycho young man flips out and kills people, and here is the unequivocal truth of all of it and listen up folks. There is NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING that is going to stop the occasional trauma these people inflict on our society.

    As much as we would like answers and yearn to comprehend the needlessness, occasionally, all we have are the pieces to pick up and struggle to grasp the act of a madman which defies understanding.

    Have a safe weekend.

    • If it is in front of us, after it starts we could SHOOT him. Saying “nothing” so emphatically is not only incorrect, but counterproductive. We’ve now had police chiefs in major cities encouraging citizens to arm themselves and defend themselves and their communities, what we need is for the PRESIDENT to do that! That would make a difference.

  19. This spree killing is the clearest example of how utterly unpreventable crime is, especially when the truly dedicated psychopaths are involved. California’s gun laws required this kid to prep for months and he broke every single one on the books. It could have taken years of hoops to jump through and I bet he still would’ve been patient enough to carry out his maniacal plans.

    In an ideal world, millions of antis would look at this crystal clear example and finally say “Well gee whiz, I guess those pro-2nd Amendment folks were right, we really can’t legislate abstracts like violence, death, and destruction out of existence. We ought to tone it down”. But that’s not going to happen. The useful idiots are already parroting the “NRA + gun owners = Satan” line and crying “make it illegaler!” in droves as if it’ll make a difference in the future. Just look at that despicable father, the aptly named Dick Martinez or whoever. His son’s body wasn’t even cold and he effortlessly jumped on the antis’ bandwagon jamboree like it was second nature. These people make their insanity more apparent and their true motives more painfully obvious with each passing day. I doubt we’ll ever see the end of it.

  20. upon further scrutiny – i’d like everyone to take a good look at the stars of this show.

    the father of the victim looks like an actor being fed a script. however convincing.
    he seems extremely political in the immediate wake of losing his son. why?

    the killer in his selfie videos seems like a freaking horrible actor who couldn’t land a role in a budget porno flick (despite his father’s hollywood credentials) and speaks with what seems like such an artificial ego as to be unreal. human beings -no matter how messed up- simply don’t talk this way.. at length anyway.

    again we have a mental kid in his early 20s on a killing spree and then killing himself. again.
    i’m saying a lot of this looks and smells like bullsh!t. not unlike some other recent tragedies.

    we need to be vigilant in protecting our rights but we also need to be aware of the lengths that those who would see our rights infringed would go to. not all of these high-profile media events are as they seem. we as a gun community -indeed a national community- should put a microscope on these incidents and question them. it would be irresponsible and foolish not to.

    • “i’m saying a lot of this looks and smells like bullsh!t. not unlike some other recent tragedies”

      Are you saying the Elliot Rodger murder spree was faked like Sandy Hook and 9/11?

  21. I agree with these guys. The facilities and laws for involuntary psych evaluations exist. People need to avail themselves of these options. Every time one of these crazies goes off the deep end, there almost always is a whole long trail of way over the top, obviously danger portending, behavior and communications. Yet, nobody ever believes that their little darling will be the next spree killer. Well.

    Yes, your kid, too, can be a spree killer. The threat motif I keep seeing is these people are of stunted maturity and grossly socially awkward. It’s active and extreme. Not just unsocial, but anti-social. Not just unfriendly, but angry. Not just nonconforming, but clashing. However, they don’t normally come across as wild-eyed deranged.

    Believe, people, believe in the banality of evil. Quit making excuses and writing off these pensile traits as colorful, eccentric, special, or quirky. Get these nascent killers the treatment they require. Today.

    • I have seen many people treated wrongly based on the attitude you promote.

      I have been through an anti-social phase…never desired to kill anyone, but you would have me banned for life from owning guns, because being anti-social = involuntary committal for you. It is very easy to see the signs after something happens, but to truly differentiate between the kid who is depressed but will be fine from the suicidal one? It is, at times, difficult. To tell the difference between a jackass that vents and one who will kill?

      For that matter, who says this is a mental health issue. The man was vicious, morally speaking. Maybe if his father didn’t spare the rod as much, but I seen no reason to assume evil means mental illness. No, it means evil.

      • Calm down, crazy man. I only said involuntary commitment and evaluation and I’m talking about people like Lauchner and Holmes and Cho. When your classmates are all terrified of you and speak of you as being a guaranteed soon-to-be school shooter, then yes, the warning signs are all there in the here and now, not in 20/20 hindsight like you glibly suggest. When the local gun range owner thinks you’re such a freaky creepy guy that he doesn’t want you at his range, there’s a huge red flag. When you’ve already been determined by a court to be a crazy man, then, well, that’s kinda sorta another signal that maybe professional intervention and evaluation is in order. These are real life cases, pal, of the three I mentioned. Those circumstance are abundantly obvious and don’t require a crystal ball.

        There’s still due process involved, as there should be. If you’re fine, you’ll get out. The alternative, which you refuse to acknowledge, is to do nothing, let psychos fester and go on shooting sprees, then have liberals overreact with ruthless zeal. They’ll declare that anyone who’s ever called a hotline, taken a sedative for “nerves”, made a stray remark while upset, or popped into their local therapist’s office for a session here and there for coping advice, is a surefire threat. That trivial threshold would ensnare millions of normal, innocuous people and deprive them of their rights. Exactly what you claim to oppose.

        Meanwhile, grave and growing genuine threats plan their assaults under cover of our our collective denial. And why? So people with some minor issues like you had can continue to feel that they’re perfectly healthy? Do you see the irony? You want to feel as though you have no problem, not even a minor problem, so you proceed to argue against anyone acting to assist those with serious problems. Nothing gets done until the inevitable liberal unconstitutional crackdown on everyone’s rights, except for the looming killers.

        Your head-in-the-sand, “well, what are ya gonna do?” approach is not only naive, but reckless. It’s beyond assinine, it’s borderline insane.

  22. Mental health bills that actually are about mental health? Or you nuts?

    Modern politicians are not interested in the investment and effort long term solutions require. Far easier to go for the showy bill, ban the scary looking gun, then, say, address the things that influence and cultivate violence in society (I do not say cause, because, unless one is truly acting involuntarily, the cause is an evil will)

    You see the same thing either jobs, wages, corruption, enviromental issues, you name it. Raise the minimum wage they cry! Cultivating businesses that can pay a living wage? That takes too much work and time. Actually pay down a massive debt? Sure, you may get a balanced budget or a surplus from time to time (that makes great headlines!), but actual debt reduction would take too long, you couldn’t use it to increase your power.

    That is what it is. It is about what serves the power, not what serves the actual common good of the people.

  23. “…measures that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people who are severely troubled or deranged.”

    Simple, ban leftists from owning guns. The end of gun violence in America.

  24. Mom and dad were in denial at the time , the cops didn’t want to piss off a liberal Hollywood director that would have gone all the way to the mayor to have his son freed , and his father probably would have ravaged LAPD in the press at the time . The only basic thing that can be done to stop mentally ill from buying and using firearms is go back and change language in Hippa , so that the mentally ill are reported to NICS for their record , but this would be too easy , and it would hurt the anti’s push for disarming us , so all said and done we are back where we started , just the anti’s will be pushing harder and crying more in the MSM . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  25. Here are inconvenient truths that the good Senator does not want to address;
    – 50% of the victims were stabbed
    – the police were alerted to the risks that the perpetrator posed
    – all of California’s “common sense” gun control measures did not work
    Instead of treating law abiding citizens as mass murders in waiting how about we actually do something constructive with mental health services in this country?


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