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So a left-leaning pro-gun control commentator watches a video of a courageous commuter tackling an armed robber and advises viewers “don’t try this at home kids I’m telling you you’re going to get shot.” Whether or not you think that’s wise counsel isn’t really the point. This kind of armed encounter involves so many variables it’s impossible to play ‘parse the pistol.’ But one thing’s for sure: if you’re going to attack your attacker, do so with as much force as you can possibly muster. Go all in as quickly and violently as you possibly can. No holds barred. (Forget the friggin’ iPod.) It’s that aspect of Krav Maga, rather than any trick techniques, that makes it such an effective method of self-defense. But you don’t have to master it to use it.

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    • I don’t either. At one point they were victims-in-potentia. But for mostly brain-dead socio-cons like those on that YouTube channel (TYT), everyone is (or should be in their twisted little imaginations) already a victim.

  1. I made the mistake of giving these budding Statist hypocrites another view on a video on their channel. None of them have had any idea of what they’re talking about, regardless of whatever the issue that they bring up, for a helluva long time now.

    In the beginning, they were able to actually form coherent arguments. Now they’re just establishment Dempublican (or should I say Repulicrat?) stooges.

    The only one here who’s right is Farago.

  2. The narrators all going, “just give him what he wants, don’t try to disarm him,” just don’t get it. Mr. Krav Maga didn’t beat the would-be robber down over the iPod; he beat him down because his life was being threatened. He wasn’t having it, and the prey became the predator.

    • Exactly. They say this like everyone knows what Mr. Mugger wants when he shoves his gun in your face.

      There’s what he wants, and then there’s what he’s DOING. What he’s doing is threatening your life, and that’s what your response needs to be based on. He thinks your life is worth less than your stuff…and he may not know it, but in so doing he has placed exactly the same value on his life.

  3. First of all, don’t think of yourself as the victim. The guy with the gun is the victim. If you’re not willing to drink his blood, don’t start.

  4. “Resistance is futile”, at least to liberal/progressives. It is truly an embarrassment to call these pathetic excuse for human beings as fellow Americans.

    No, on second thought, they are a different group all together; human, but of a neutered type; declawed, defanged and proud of it.

    • I always thought it was disturbing that that bunch of commentators called themselves “The Young Turks.” If you know the history of Turkey, there is nothing appealing about that moniker. Any leftist who embraces that label is a totalitarian bastard with no shame.

      As for the video, do note how many people just ran away because they don’t want to get involved. Also note you would not have time to draw with a gun in your face like that, so guy did the right thing. I would like to think I would do the same and then draw, but you might be better off actually pulling the trigger on the assailants gun once it is in his ribs in such close quarters.

      I don’t know how people do public transport, honestly. It is big here in Delaware and my liberal mother has taken the bus to work for decades. The stories she told me back in the 90s made me swear off public transport forever. Getting bused an hour each way into a bad neighborhood with bad kids in the name of racial equality didn’t help either. I’ve seen so many fights on a school bus, objects thrown at moving cars on the interstate… I hate buses.

  5. I liked the long clip posted here before–this krava maga guy was not the first holdup target, he was like number three or four. This punk kid was just going through the bus robbing people. I wonder if the gun was even loaded…

  6. Just a heads up, but there are lawyers and judges with
    reasoning akin to those presenting the video. They will
    leap at the chance to prosecute you for daring to
    defend yourself; even if it’s with bare hands. By all
    means protect yourself and those around, but never
    forget that our judicial system is riddled with these sick

    • Such was the case with the trial judge in the stand your ground law case discussed here yesterday–the trial judge thought that one had to draw and brandish, even fire a waning shot, before shooting the “victims”. Fortunately the Florida Court of Appeal disabused him of his mistaken views.

      • If you had time for all that chances your life wasn’t in all that much danger.

        I mean if there is that much time between determining the danger and applying lethal force there was probably enough time to stroll over to the local cop shop wait around for some one to notice you tell your story, make a written report then re-tell your story to a higher ranking officer have a coffee break and call your wife to let her know you will be late before deciding it wasn’t worth the hassle and going home.

  7. iPod guy was pretty cool. No hesitation. The only failing was not twisting the gun fully around and pulling the trigger.

  8. Any other city here in Washington, there would have bee at least 1 other passenger armed. So the robber would be dead now. However in seattle the city counsel has made it very difficult to carry or even have a ccw permit.

    • Wrong man… Seattle has absolutely zero legal standing to do so – state preemption prevents them from prohibiting open or concealed carry, and in fact there are some who open carry downtown. Seattle has already been smacked down by WA supreme court each time they’ve tried to ban carrying on public property somwehere in city limits. WA is a shall issue state and even King county must issue a CHL within 30 days.

    • City Council can’t do jack in regards to carrying or CPLs. And in my experience from living in Seattle, there are more good guys and gals carrying than many give credit for.

    • I concur on the state preemption. Also, don’t forget they had to start letting OC inside the Seattle Public Library. Take THAT Gun grabbers. Difficult CPL? Ten days at my LPD. They even let me pick it up after I checked the status. Politely.

      Even though WA gets the rep for all our cute granola munching tree huggers, I’d guess it split pretty fairly between people of the gun and people not of the gun.

      Don’t forget, we started the whole Starbucks Clown Militia. Go ahead OCers, bring the flames.

    • Tally yet another affirmation that the Seattle City Council has *uckall to do with issuing carry permits.

      You go down to the station, get printed, give them the check, and in ~30 days or so they mail you the permit if your prints don’t happen to match a badguy (and the check clears). That’s how it works in WA, the City of Seattle has no leeway at all.

    • What? No they haven’t. You are talking out of your ass. It took me an hour to complete the application process here in downtown Seattle and I had my permit less than 30 days later.

  9. Cameras, damm cameras. Remember that the likelyhood of your encounter being filmed increases each day. So when you get carried away and evacuate the bad guys eye sockets AFTER you’ve rendered him unconscious it probably won’t go over well with the local DA. And if you decide to go Donner Party on him and break out the de-boning knife think twice about it please. Remember the cardinal rule: AT SOME REASONABLE POINT STOP. Even Navy SEALS have rules.

    • The video of the attacker getting beaten to death with his own limbs will deter future assailants….

      just saying…….

  10. Breach Bang and Clear mentioned 10 points about violence. One of those was quite apt.

    “More violence, sooner.”

    Simply put, start with maximum force and step down if the situation calls for it. It’s a lot easier to go from kill to maim/wound to stun/incapacitate than the reverse.

    Or as my friend Keith put it so eloquently: “Hulk Smash for _my_ safety.”

    • +1

      What’s the mortality rate for gunshot wounds these days anyways? Not all that high. I’ll take my chances.

      • About 1 in 7, maybe 8. Highly dependent on (a) shot placement and (b) emergency response time. Although odds are in your favor, it still sucks big time getting shot. You may live, but not be too comfortable–for the rest of your life. I haven’t seen any studies on the number of disabling injuries by gunshots. The through and through with minimal injury I suspect is about the same risk as dying–1 in 7. Everybody else will have permanent damage to some degree, principally secondary to scar tissue.

  11. What Cenk and his useful idiots in the comment section don’t know is that the situation is already as bad as it can get when a bad guy has a good guy at gunpoint. Resistance can only improve your odds of survival, whereas being an obedient victim leaves you and everyone else around you at the mercy of the criminal.

    Then again, judging by the way that these talking heads yuck it up throughout the video, and given their past disarmament advocacy, I don’t think they care. What they DO care about, however, is those sweet, sweet Bloomberg bucks.

    • Remember, these are the people who are telling your wife/mother/sister etc to lay back and play along with rape and maybe they will enjoy it.

    • Not really. This guy had robbed several people just ahead of the guy and was more interested in money than murder. The smart bet is usually to give it up instead of fighting unarmed against an armed man unless you have to… but I’ll never tell someone how to bet with their life or property.

  12. In my opinion the victim who fought back was not trained in Krav Maga. He simply responded to the attack the best way he knew how.

    If you decide to engage a criminal who is pointing a gun at you, however you decide to strike, you should strike with the intention, determination, and force to break whatever bones are at the location of your strike against your attacker. And immediately follow with brutal and lightning fast blows to their throat/neck area … and continue those blows until the attacker is unable to attack you any more.

    If a criminal is already pointing a gun at you, you are in a very bleak situation … one that you may very well not survive. Nevertheless, why not go down fighting? Even if you won’t survive the encounter, if you injure the attacker sufficiently so that he/she must go to the hospital, he/she will likely be captured and imprisoned. And that means one less violent criminal on the streets to attack your family or another family.

    • With the small amount of Krav training I had, little over a year, I think he actually may have had some training. He grabbed the handgun a manner some what similar to how I was shown to do (ideally he would direct his grab/strike from directly underneath the handgun rather than directly in front of the muzzle, but considering he was surprised, not bad) and he seemed to try and drive the muzzle into the attackers chest, (ideally he would have twisted the gun upward and towards the attacker when he grabbed the gun, lossening his grip on the gun and breaking the attackers finger in the tigger guard, and possibly discharging the weapon into the attacker) which is again, what I was shown to do. He pushed into the attacker while trying to maintain control of the direction the firearm was pointed, and threw some punches, again, not bad. When the attacker went down, he continued the fight, he got on top of him and continued to strike him until he was no longer a threat. I’ll end my arm chair warrior analysis now, I just want to say I am really impressed, especially if he had no self defense training at all. I couldn’t say I would have done that well in that situation, going from condition white to red like that. Dude’s a badass.

  13. IMHO If I’m going to be taken out I hope to make it so absolutely painful for the bastard who takes me out that he will not do so again without remembering me. If I am going to go I’m going to take a piece of the bastard with me!

  14. This why I prefer to drive and not take the bus here in Seattle… And violence on city buses is rising, not falling. Be safe out there, folks.

  15. I don’t know who the woman is, but the other guy is Cenk Uighur, “the Smirking Turk”. Got canned from MSNBC.

  16. “Self-Defense Tip: Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action!”

    Or in American terms: “Strike First, Strike Fast, Strike Hard.”

    If I met that Krav Maga passenger, I’d love to buy him a drink. Good to see some of folks remember self reliance, not everyone has resigned themselves to being caught between criminals and bureaucrats yet.

  17. Am I the only one bothered by the shredded flag graphic in the backround of every “young turks” video? what are they trying to say?

  18. So it sounds like these anchors are trying to cover their asses legally by saying “Don’t do this.”

    I will tell you though, the IDF folks are trained in this stuff and the guy who taught me the same gun disarm technique shown in the video was a former IDF Special Forces guy – although the guy in the video didn’t quite do the Krav Maga gun disarm the way I remember it’s supposed to be done and (shocker) I could be wrong.

    If that gun disarm technique is good enough for the IDF, let alone the aforementioned no non-sense former IDF SF soldier, then it’s good enough for me.

    Last time I checked these journalists weren’t special forces for any military, which makes me think they’re not the most credible people to listen to when it comes to this stuff.

    Maybe they should stick to being to the facts and leave their opinions out of things they don’t know.

    • A gun-disarm is approaching a last-ditch technique and is full of danger. I don’t have any special IDF training- though I’ve had some good ol’ US training- but I bet they’d recommend an opposing gun would have been better.

    • Yeah just keep saying its fake so people wont feel empowered to stop being victims and being scared to death of guns and black people. I know how left wing propaganda works.

  19. Wouldn’t it have been safer for the iPod guy to grab the gun with then push his arm up high to get the gun pointed in a safe direction, with his thumb in front of the trigger guard and fingers wrapped tight around the slide (to prevent the gun from cycling properly if it happens to go off), while striking with fists and feet? In the video, everyone is getting flagged while the bad guy still has his finger around the trigger, and I’m surprised nobody was shot. Guess it was an unloaded or fake gun?

    • What video were you watching? He pushed the gun into the guy’s body so if he did pull the trigger he would have just shot himself. Why is this video so hard for people to digest? Have we turned into such a weak, sheep-like society that when we see people stand up for themselves we have a hard time believing it and instantly throw the BS flag? Its really sad and pathetic but it makes a lot of sense considering the state of our current criminal Govt.

      • I’m very proud that he decided to be brave and defend himself. I would have done so, too. But when I watch the video, I see the muzzle pointing in all directions but into the bad guy’s body.

        • “All directions”? Ah, no. The muzzle flags the lady sitting to his right for a split second then points strait down then into the bad guy’s body. Unless you have a video showing a different angle (which you dont) it’s pretty plain to see.

  20. Didn’t look very much like Krav Maga to me. As I was taught step one is to frame the weapon with your hands, step two: grab and push upwards while ducking, step three: rotate the weapon towards the attacker and push it downwards, step four: left arm strikes the attackers forearm to break their grip, step five: back away, cycle the slide bring the weapon up on the attacker.

    They used to teach a disarm knocking the weapon to the side, but that one was different too, against a right handed attacker the left hand would strike the forearm while the right hand grabbed the pistol and pushed it left. While it was effective, they now prefer to disarm by forcing the weapon upwards as it reduces the chance of a bystander being shot.

    This seems more to me an act of desperation rather than training, but nonetheless commendable.

  21. Two observations:

    1. “Who dares, wins” is the motto of the SAS, guys known for pulling off the highly improbable with some regularity. I’m sure the twerps at TYT have never heard this, nor even know who the SAS is.

    The motto applies here quite well.

    In a situation where the gun is a foot from your face, there are two alternatives:a) you possibly die doing nothing, or b) you possibly die doing something. Either way, there’s a serious, real, non-zero likelihood that you could die, right there.

    Your choice has to be made well ahead of time because you have no time to conduct this sort of deep thinking at the time the issue is put to you. It comes down to this: are you responsible for your own outcomes, or are you going to assume a supine position and mewl like a pussy?

    Who dares might very well win. Who doesn’t, statistically is in a far worse place.

    2. Most liberals love to assume “someone else will do it, and we’ll tax someone else to pay for it,” especially where it comes to their security. This is why we have rampant spending on police forces, despite falling crime rates, wailing emotional pleas for gun control, Orwellian surveillance systems, idiotic home/car alarms, . The smirking chimps at TYT have held this position (“more government solves all problems”) regardless of the issue. They have the intellectual heft of a bowl of Cool Whip.

  22. Right after this event occurred I sent the MSM reporting of this video in to TTAG. That was about two weeks ago.

    Belated H/T to myself I guess.

  23. When a person takes that step to attack you( for money,sex,and/or items) can you really trust thrm NOT to harm you???

    I have a long list of entire families that complied with an attacker.In the end they were all murdered while tied up.Imagine watching your kids being killed,and you will wish you had taken the chance and fought back.

    Yeah,sometimes an attacker might let you live,but why take that chance.Fight like your life was on the line.

  24. The Ipod guy in the video was on the Today Show a few days after the video was released. As I recall , he stated then that he had no training of any type and was just sitting and listening to his music unaware of what was going on around him. He was startled by the gun in his face and just reacted. I think that makes sense since his other preoccupation was putting the ipod in his pocket as he is holding on to the gun.
    He stated that he and people who know him were surprised that he reacted the way he did. He also said he probably would not have done it if he had time to think about it.
    His reaction was superb, awareness and execution not so much.

    • “…awareness and execution not so much.”

      But sufficient for the task at hand, no? Sometimes “good enough” is good enough.

  25. Alertness

    The principles of personal defense by Col. Jeff Cooper, it’s a must read for anyone with the warrior’s spirit.

  26. Right after watching the actual video, I took one look at the panel of speakers after it ended and stopped watching the segment. Nothing to be learned by listening to those morons.


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