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The regular Bodyguard .380 handgun is considerably chunkier than the other pocket pistols out there, thanks in part to the laser sight that’s integrated into its frame. Now, S&W has unveiled a new M&P version of the gun that’s considerably more svelte and seems to have some machining cuts in the slide and other locations designed to make it easier to holster and draw. However, it’s still a mouse gun in .380 ACP, so we’ll have to see if it’s a better shooting handgun than its thicker cousin. Full details on S&W’s site with more to come as we get to SHOT Show.

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    • This might be an attractive price point. I’m still looking for a Shield in 9mm. I already have firearms I can’t find ammo for I’ll pass on searching for .380 for now.

    • I would have hoped for a greater than $40 price drop for removing the laser. It’s still a 12 ounce gun with an MSRP of $379. They’re comfortable in the hand and shoot well and I like the trigger, but they are NOT as reliable or as nice to shoot, nor is the trigger as good (the only thing that’s better is that the sights are more usable) as the Taurus TCP ( And… the TCP is 10.2 ounces and sells for $199 to $229. Unless I really wanted a manual safety (which I would prefer not having), I would not choose the S&W over the Taurus. In this one and pretty much only instance.

      • Jeremy, There is a massive recall on the Taurus Millenium & the soon to be on the TCPs. A local retailer said that of the 250 TCPs he’s sold he’s had 39 come back defective. I didn’t ask about the defect itself but there is something definitely lacking in the quality assurance on the Taurus Manufacturing side. The TCP is a great looking gun & I was going to buy one myself just recently but came to the realization that dependability has to be in the top, if not the top thing to look for first in a gun. Then features, feel, warranty, conceal ability & looks.

    • +1. Particularly with the bad guys foisting terms like “police style shotgun” without manufacturer assistance. How about the “Responsible Citizen” line?

      • Smith makes plenty of non M&P pistols and rifles. Unfortunately, they must be above your price point as the non M&P/striker fired pistols are mostly above $1200 along with the rifles. The M&P line is performance and affordability, the 1911 platform is quite a step up in quality.

    • i’m very much in the same camp as you. reason i’ve been holding out on getting a bodyguard

  1. I just can’t get into these types of handguns, with the right belt and holster (don’t be cheap) one can make a Glock 19 along with a spare magazine and a good carry flashlight (Surefire is my choice) disappear for everyday carry. I find that a lot of folks want an easy to carry gun for defense but what they need is a “fighting” carry gun and this S&W isn’t it.

    • Agreed. I carry an XDm 3.8 compact. I’m not a large person (5’10”, 170lbs) and especially trim around the middle. I have no problems concealing the heater in a Crossbreed QuikClip in everyday clothing. Extra mag goes in pocket. 13 + 13 + 1 of 9mm.

    • Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot (most?) people that get CHLs aren’t committed enough to carry a double stack gun IWB with a spare mag. It’s just not going to happen.

      I’m a big believer in the old adage of the first rule of gunfighting (have a gun).

      Give the average person a Glock 19 and they probably won’t carry much. Give that person a micro 380 and I can guarantee they will carry more.

      Which situation is more desirable?

    • I carry a standard Body Guard 380 daily. . . it makes a nice BUG to my 1911. Remember that any gun is better than no gun and two guns is better than one. I wouldn’t recommend a BG 380 as a primary either but it is a nice little hide out piece and it does fill a niche.

    • Ross, your way off about this. I am a ccw permit holder, I work at a store doing undercover security. I get into physical confrontations consistently enough to were a glock 19 or even a 27 would be visible or fall out on me. Not to mention my store would not like it if they knew I had a handgun on my persons.

      A 380 isn’t much worse then a 9mm, if ur secure in ur manhood u don’t need a big gun. The same people who boost about carrying bigger guns I find don’t carry as regularly as I do.

      Most of the time ull find me with a G27, the rest of the time a BG380. I carry absolutely everywhere and these mouse guns allow people to do that. Not to mention they make a great backup

      I firmly believe every gun owner should have at least one 380

    • I carry a G19 IWB. I’m decidedly not trim around the middle at 5’9″ and 200#, and I have no problem concealing it. 16 rounds of 9×19 vs 7 rounds of 380? No contest.

      • Yeah that’s a lie. Exactly how do you conceal it and where fat boy? I’m 5’9″ and FIT. I have a hard time concealing the same sized gun unless it’s winter. I bet you conceal a ar15 in your pants too fatty.

        • Sounds like you need to learn to conceal better. I carry a Springfield XDM 40 full size with 4.5″ barrel IWB everyday, and no issues concealing even with just jeans and a t-shirt. Plus extra mag in my pocket so 16 rounds of 40 ready to go and another 16 on reserve. I’m 5’10” and skinny as a mofo at 140 so whats your excuse to not be able to with a G19 or similar sized gun?

    • Smith and Wesson is not going to make a 9mm that’s smaller than the shield. The recoil of a 9mm is too powerful to put in a smaller frame like the bodyguard.

  2. Hey I was thinking about dropping the cash on an LCP, but if this is similarly priced… I’m glad to see them offering a model sans laser.

      • I have both Taurus TCP and Bodyguard 380. The Taurus is with me every day, the Bodyguard in the safe at home. Much better trigger on the Taurus, and has never failed to go bang.

      • Yes, it is crazy… and ridiculous. The Taurus is junk, as the rest of their line is. QC is non-existent, and service is a long frustrating wait. Of the dozen Taurus guns I’ve owned or shot, every one has had issues ranging from the catastrophic to the annoying. The Bodyguard 380 is superior in quality, accuracy, reliability and service. You must work for Taurus.

    • Dont get an LCP. Ive had mine for almost 2 years now. Its the most unreliable gun ive ever owned next to my Springfield xds which for some reason doesnt like a lot of types of ammo. I also have gen4 glocks 26 and 27 which have never given me an issue after about 1000 rounds through each. But those two guns are bulky and heavy. (im 6′-0″ about 170 and find them difficult to conceal iwb). I currently have been carrying a S&W shield chambered in 9mm and couldnt be more satisfied with it. Ive only had it for a month but so far so good and i barely feel it on my side. Im considering the M&P Bodyguard .380 for ankle carry or pocket carry in addition to the Shield 9mm i currently carry. Oh and one more thing dont get the laser, pretty worthless on a .380 and even on my xds .45. Hope this helped.

      • I, on the other hand, have had my LCP for more than two years, and it has never failed, not even once. Doesn’t care which ammo I use, and I have the Crimson Trace instant on laser; It’s zeroed at 15 yards, adds nothing to the weight, and makes it easy to hit from any position. I have only had my xdz 45 a couple of weeks, so far, only one issue.

        • If you need a laser you seriously need to get your but to the range and practice. The only thing a laser is good for is surgical strikes at the exact distance the sight is zeroed to.

    • You don’t have to use the safety and it’s pretty low profile anyways. The trigger is like 9 friggin pounds as well…

    • unless you don’t mind your gun being micro stamped, you better just get a handgun already on the ca approved roster. as of may 19th 2013 (don’t quote me on the exact date) all new semi auto handguns added to the ca approved roster will require micro stamping technology in them.

    • ^^^ guys, the M&P Shield in 9mm and in .40 are both on the CA Roster already. S&W made a CA version (magazine disconnect safety and loaded chamber indicator) back before the microstamping req and got it on the Roster. What they haven’t done is actually manufacture very many of them at all! They’ve been rare as unicorn steaks.

      • For such a highly populated place with plenty of gun owners, we sure are low on the priorities list. The unavailability of the Shield is the same as the absence of the Sig P238–a gun that was on the roster for well over a year before the first one appeared in the state for sale, and are still very rare.

    • You people in CA are looking at it wrong. Don’t wait on S&W to comply with stupid rules. Make your officials change the rules. The power lies with the people!!!

    • Looks like you’ll be waiting forever, S&W wisely pulled all semi auto pistols from CA. No more CA sales from S&W and Ruger, many more manufactures to come, I’m sure !!

  3. MY BG 380 is my first of that caliber in over 40 years of shooting anything that goes BOOM!

    Could I do without a laser for a gun that costs less? Bring it!

    Yes, some early models had problems but I have over a thousand rounds through mine. Couple hundred later it got ‘massaged’ with Galloway trigger and bar. My only complaint was the length of pull…FIXED! Great trigger now! Put some XS Big Dots on it….go away you can’t have it!

    I have a LOT of other guns….this one is a ‘keeper!’ Accurate, reliable and tiny…..don’t need any other BUG!

    • If you are going to stick a pistol in your pocket without something covering the trigger guard isn’t it prudent to have an extra safety?

      • I don’t have a problem with safeties, per se, I have a problem with micro safeties.

        All pocket pistols should be in a pocket holster to cover the trigger, keep it upright and break up the outline

  4. I’m an M&P fan. You Glock fans have your reasons I’m sure. It is the ergonomics mostly for me, the grip and ease of aim feels right to me.
    You know in the American truck market there is nothing more than style that really separates any of the major truck brands they all do the same job and are all about as well made as the next. It is the same with the tactical Tupperware. For every Ford guy I’ll show you a Chevy or Dodge guy, for every Glock guy I’ll show you an M&P guy or a CZ guy.

  5. This is the 380 I thought S&W should have originally come out with. I stayed away from the integrated laser model because I would rather have it as an accessory that can be upgraded when it becomes obsolete or when it breaks and parts are no longer available.

    I’m a whole lot more likely to buy one of these than the Glock 42.

    • Yeah very few people liked the factory laser on the BG380 and fewer still liked the really stiff, front-mounted activation button. Sucks to have to pay good money for it and not want it and not be able to swap it out. All of the other little guns have multiple aftermarket lasers available. Unfortunately, I would have expected more than a $40 drop in price for the laser removal. It’s already an expensive little gun. I know that once again it sounds like I’m working for Taurus hahaha, but for $199-ish I honestly do believe the TCP is the best micro .380 on the market at any price and there are a couple of aftermarket lasers (I think a Crimson Trace and a LaserLyte and maybe another one) if you’re so inclined.

      • I agree with you. The $199 Taurus TCP was the way I went too for my BUG and “when I can’t carry anything else” gun. If this had been available I might have chosen differently but the TCP has been completely reliable and and accurate for us.

      • They have added an extra magazine, too. Guys, what’s the deal on the firing pin being crap. Can anyone elaborate on that.

    • You’re missing the boat, my friend. Unless, of course, you want to sling out at least another $100 for a PPS, which really has failed to prove a leg up in regards to pricing. Great gun, but the Shield matches or beats in every category that counts.I’ve never thought twice about the safety on my Shield, and have never used it (nor has it ever gotten in the way). I hate manual safeties, too. In regards to the Shield, it is simply a non-issue.

  6. What they should do is get the Calif shield out instead of working on these new guns, I’ve been waiting more than 18 months and nothing. What’s with the .380 bandwagon? is it cheaper to make? it’s not more effective.

    • No offense, I live in MA and we have a stupid handgun roster as well. Why the hell should any manufacture have to put aside R&R and money making competitive models just to satisfy stupid communist states like MA and Cali??? your actually saying they should not make anymore new models so they can make specific guns for Diane Fienstein!! Your out of your mind

  7. Bleh, 9MM isnt even a great round, much less a 9MM with half the powder charge. Even if James Yeager says otherwise.

  8. I just bought a BG380 yesterday. Seeing this news makes me a bit remorseful, but oh well. It has a novelty laser i may turn on once or twice…

    • I have a couple of the previous BG 380 models and I would also buy the revised (sans laser model) if I were in the market for another one. I use the laser on my current models to help me practice and steady my aim. There is no better way that I know of, to provide such accurate instant feedback regarding my aim than with the laser – Especially for a one arm aim. So for me, the laser is a training tool and very useful in this regard. When you can see the laser bouncing around the target, you realize just how unsteady most of us are until we get a grip (no pun intended) on our grip/aim, and how long it takes to get back on a steady target for subsequent shots. However, outside of practice, and since this is a very CLOSE range gun for me, the laser is pointless for a self defense situation – for me. I don’t subscribe to the lasers are intimidating to the bad guy line of thinking. I subscribe to the, don’t pull your weapon unless you are 99% sure you need and are going to use it in the next second. So I am glad that it is available for training, and I’m glad it doesn’t come on automatically, since I don’t need it and actually don’t want it for actual defense. So enjoy your new purchase and be happy that you have a laser to help refine and steady your aim. It’s great feedback training tool, but (in my opinion) useless for close range defense.

  9. I’ll keep my “chunky” Bodyguard with its built-in laser. This new pistol is nothing more than another M&P Shield in .380. If I change to another pocket-rocket, it will be the new Glock 42, or possibly moving up in caliber to a Shield in .40.

  10. FAIL! IT’s the same gun minus the shitty laser that you’re never going to be able to activate in a defensive situation. Lame.

    • Great attitude……… I always like an objective analysis that’s well thought out a clearly presented.

  11. Is this product really happening or is it a vapor gun? 🙂 I know it was at shot show but there is no mention of it anywhere except on S&W’s web site and their one youtube video. None of the retailers I spoke with have any idea if of when it’s coming out. Buds and Cabelas also have no mention of it.

  12. guys, stop playing around. I have had the smith and Wesson bodyguard and the only thing they are pushing on this gun is the laser. the trigger pull is awful. If you want a really professional 380 buy the kahr p380. yes its expensive but its a great, reliable, and dependable 380 caliber gun. every expert says so. I am selling my glock 26 because it makes my pants fall down ( no pun intended). at least I can carry the kahr all the time, and with the right ammo you can do plenty of damage.

  13. +1 on the $199 TCP. Great .380. Love mine!
    I also carry a Kahr CM9 both very easy to conceal and shoot great.
    I love the S&W M&P line too owning a great shooting M&P 9c. But it is a bit too big to carry all the time.

  14. all you badasses with .45s in your girlfriends purse thinkin .380 is a joke should prolly put one to your head and pull the trigger… you wont be doing that again.

  15. I have several other pistols including a S & W .38 SPL, and a Bersa Thunder .380, but I’ll be buy one of these for my pocket pistol. I’d much rather have a .380 in my pocket than the .38 revolver at home or in the car. It doesn’t take a canon to ward off a punk, and I have no plans of entering a war. If I can’t defend myself with a .380, I should be somewhere else – fast. BTW, it is on Bud’s as “out of stock” now, but I’ve yet to see it for sale anywhere. I’ll wait a few months and then start looking for a Sig 238.

  16. I bought my Bodyguard .380 M&P a few weeks ago. I’ve shot it a about 20 times, and I like it albeit the trigger pull in long as we all know. I need to shoot it more to get accustomed to the trigger, but overall it is a very comfortable gun to shoot. I imagine the holster manufacturers will use the same holster and the regular Bodyguard – give them a call. I bought a pocket holster, DeSantis Nemisis, and it works well for what I use it for. I think I’ll be well satisfied with this gun.

  17. My local just got 3 in. My normal carry is a shield in .40 iwb. A little heavy for the summer. Truly nothing wrong with a .380. In the heat of the moment it will do the job. Hell a .22 is just as deadly as a .45 in the right hands..

  18. I find people complaining about the long trigger to be quite commical. They obviously DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS GUN WAS INTENDED FOR OR WHAT SMITH AND WESSON DEISNGED THIS FOR. ITS A POCKET CARRY GUN PEOPLE!!! NOt a regular holster carried gun or someting you have fun at the range with that has a hair trigger. Pocket carry guns should have a double action only trigger. ITs what prevents you from shooting yourself in the balls. Jesus Christ. People. Know what the gun is designed for before you start complaining about it. I did a test on mine and it had a little over 7lbs on trigger pull. Thats less than most stock revolvers triggers. Yes its long. Its supposed to be long. Anyone who wants a single action or striker fired trigger on a pocket carry gun….good luck with that. Sure I want that on something in going to holster carry IWB or OWB, but not for the pocket. I have no real complaints about this gun. Does what it was designed for…..shoots, hits the target at 7-10 yards and functions properly. Once again, any complaints about trigger length tells me your not real keen on what specific gun are designed for. Period

  19. I totally agree with John Hope. First and foremost don’t shoot yourself. I really like my Bodyguard .380 M&P, and I use it for the purpose that it was designed for – a pocket gun. It has a safety, a long trigger pull, and it’s not about to go off without very intentional action on the part of the shooter. I wouldn’t carry a gun in my pocket without a safety, and the long trigger pull makes for a safer carry gun.

  20. And for all these people talking about carrying 9 mm or company that guns in a holster. Some of us work jobs or live a lifestyle where walking around in an u tucked t shirt or wearing a coat to cover up the gun is not a viable option for day to day carry. I personally have a job where I can’t do either. So having an iwb holster or carrying a normal or pancake holster isn’t an option for day to day carry. Again. Most people don’t have the luxury of walking around in baggy clothing with a shirt untucked for most of the day. So that is what pocket carry guns are designed for. If I could carry my 1911 daily I would. But I can’t. Some people’s logic makes no sense. Once again…..There are guns designed for certain circumstances and situations. This one is to carry in pocket. Some of these comments kill me. Who the hell walks around daily wearing untucked shirts and jackets to conceal? The homeless? Perhaps the unemployed or minimum wage or Manuel labor work force? Beats me.

    • John Hope

      Who dresses in baggy clothing all of the time? Almost everyone in Alaska. That is probably we have the number one armed community in the country (Fairbanks at 58% armed) and the number eleven most armed community (Anchorage a pitiful 50% armed rate,) Frankly the folks here in Anchorage are holding our heads down in shame at our poor showing but I expect with the happenings ln Paris. I expect things will pick up a bit, Anyway. up here in the cooler climes most people wear coats or at least vests most of the time. I was once asked by a new boss why a multimillionaire customer of ours was wearing a really nasty pair of old ripped up Carharts and an old rain slicker that looked like it had spent some time half submerged in an oil barrel. I replied, He worked for his millions. Folks up her only wear suits to court, to funerals, and occasionally (but not all the time) to church. Depending where you live in Alaska you would either be soaked to the bone all the time or would freeze to death if you walked around all the time in a suit. In the summer (all six weeks or eight weeks of it) It might get up to 80-85 at high noon and then untuck your shirt until it got down to 60-65 in the early evening, and a bit cooler at night when you would put on a jacket or a vest. From my viewpoint pocket pistol fits in every one of those situations. And in Alaska there is no requirement that you have a CCW permit so life is good.

  21. And it becomes more painfully obvious when people complain about double action triggers that they are absolute terrible shots and have no shooting or trigger discipline what so ever. Double action trigger require practice. A steady hand. And great trigger discipline to shoot accurately and effectively. Something most shooters now days who have been brought up in the striker fired world where jerking the trigger is the only way they know how to shoot because no one has ever taught them how to effectively shoot a double action trigger or properly squeeze a trigger the correct way to ensure accuracy. You want me to tell you guys when I know someone is a damn good shooter and knows what the he’ll they are doing? When they can shoot lights out with a short barreled gun in double action. That’s the people I know have a knowledge of firearms and trust their advice on what is good and not good out there. Anyone complaining about that looooong trigger are simply novice shooters or have not shot much else than the glock trigger. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this trigger. At all. It’s clean and breaks in same place shot after shot. Not to mention it has no over travel or creep. It’s not the trigger. It’s the shooters. Here’s some advice. Squeeze. Don’t snap it. Once you guys learn that you will truly master the double action trigger. Until then your just range guys who are one sided and think every gun should have a glock trigger or its junk. Funny newbies. Trust me on this one. I’ve shot striker fired guns that have wayyyyy worse triggers than the bodyguard. Go get yourself a snubby revolver from Smith and Wesson or ruger and practice practice and more practice. Once you do you will be amazed that it will make you an overall better and more patient shooter with superior discipline and good habits. Rookies……

  22. And for the person who mentioned the kahr trigger and he carries kahr…….your correct! The best 380 on the market. Great trigger. Still double action too…..imagine that!

  23. Guns that classify under shitty triggers…..High Points…..Kel Tecs….almost every Taurus revolver ever made…..almost every Taurus semi auto ever made, besides the PT1911 which by default of being a single action 1911 can’t have a horrible trigger…Ruger P series…bryco…jennings….Smith and Wesson original sigma series….and so on. Now those are triggers to truly complain about

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  25. To start, I was in the Marine Corps (Numerous Expert awards) and have plenty of experience with firearms. I also find some of the comments comical. Especially all of the 9mm, .380acp haters. By their own logic, they should all have .45’s (or larger). I have 3 carry guns:
    1. Springfield XDS .45 3.3″ (Hornady Critical Defense)
    2. M&P Bodyguard .380 (Federal Hydrashocks)
    3. Springfield XDM 45 4.5″ (Hornady Critical Duty) (For in the car, holstered between legs on the seat)

    I wear my shirt tucked in every day and the only holster which can hide #’s 1 and 2 above is the smart carry (Or some other crotch carry). The only difference is the body guard completely disapears whereas I get a lot more looks from women when wearing the xds…lol

    I understand the long trigger pull for the bodyguard and am ok with it. The only thing I didn’t like was the 9lb trigger. I had my local armoror change the spring and now it’s 6.5lbs with the same pull. Has never misfired or had light primer strikes. I also painted the front sight post orange. As for the safety, I just don’t use it. With a 6.5 lb long pull, there is no way it’s going bang unless I intend it to. I was able to hit a can lid at 25 yards with it (2 out of 6 shots, the other 4 were all within 1″ of the lid). I always carry the BG condition 1 with federal hydrashoks. I admit, I did feel “undergunned” at first, however I’m confident it will do the job if needed (Hopefully I’ll never need to find out). Many days, I carry the xds in the smart carry and the body guard in my pocket in a galco pocket holster.

    I personally wouldn’t ever want to go less than .380, but the bottom line…carry what you are comfortable with and don’t listen to anyone else. A small caliber well placed round is always better than a large caliber miss.

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  27. I am an M&P armorer and have the 9mm shield as well as the 9, 40 and 45 in the M&P. I have put APEX triggers on every one and love them all. Any of my trainees who fire them remark on the ease of use. I have replaced the fire control block on one to remove the safety. I grew up on 1911’s and like manual safeties, but wanted a consistent operation across my carry and competition M&P pistols.

    My hot summer/BUG is a Kel Tec P3AT. Laugh if you will, my range master insists I’m going to put parts down range one day, but I have over 2000 rounds through it of Georgia Arms HP and it runs just fine. It is just starting to show load fatigue in the non-metal parts. I have qualified on the state course with this gun which includes 25yd slow fire, every year for 6 years.

    I am considering the M&P BG380 to replace the Kel Tec P3AT. I have an LCP and a Taurus and hate both. The LCP was unreliable even after about 200rds breakin, and the Taurus, wow, that is just a poorly designed gun. The angle of the action to the grip and the weight distribution make it almost impossible to shoot accurately rapidly. And that is the point with a .380, multiple shots on target. I agree with earlier comments that the impulse action and the design of most every Taurus I’ve bought has caused me to trade it in within the year.

    Interesting footnote, you may want to try this at your range. Our range rented BG380’s until recently. They shipped them all back to S&W due to failures. I checked with the smith on duty and he said they reached a failure point way too early to be a range gun (popular rental). I am considering that feedback as I think through a BG380.

    Earlier comments about hard to operate small format pistols, older folks and women with weak wrist/upper body may like the Bersa. The recoil spring gets harder as the slide gets lighter, the Bersa has softer springs (because larger slide), good grip areas, DA/SA, several of our guys carry them and it is my wife’s go-to gun.


  28. As for the .380 haters. Ignore them, their information is steeped in interweb folklore and wive’s tales and ignores completely the modern development of the .380 cartridge. Or, they are professional post officers/soldiers who have a completely different threat matrix than a CCW civilian. No comparison is possible. I use the example of a ball peen hammer with my students (and range commandoes that feel .380 is under powered and will bounce off leather jackets).

    If you are attacked by somebody and hit them repeatedly in the face or chest with a ball peen hammer might they get the message you are not to be messed with? Would they relent? Would you yourself accept three strikes to the face or chest with a ball peen hammer to show ineffectiveness?

    Typical energy from an 8oz ball peen hammer, average swing of 5m/sec, is 2 ft/lbs. Hell of a pain point for small energy concentrated in a small surface area. Now, how about if I can deliver those hammer blows 7 – 15 yards away? How about if I could increase the energy 100 times?

    My .380 load is a mix of Hornady critical defense alternating with Remington Golden Sabre. A 90 grain .380 has 200ft/lbs of energy.

    You have to practice with your pistol, be competent at putting shots on target and getting rapid follow-ups. Multiple hits is goodness. From that foundation you can be effective with most any caliber, including .380.

    And I guess I have to get used to writing MP380 instead of BG380. Sorry for the misprint earlier.

  29. I don’t really mind my laser style bodyguard. The laser quit working just a couple days after bringing it home from the LGS. While checking out the problem, I stripped the little grom out of the frame. I just removed the laser module and continued to shoot it. After a few more hundred rounds, the magazines would not stay seated in the magwell. The roll pins also started backing out. This finally resulted in me calling Smith,s CS. They fixed everything and I had the thing back in 9 days.
    I,ve run around 800 rounds thru this (ballpark), all being US manufacture, mostly fmj. The only actual firing problem I had was a near stovepipe on an extremely windy day using aluminum case. All I had to do to clear this was wipe the port with my off hand. I need to use the second strike feature every so often as of late. The only mod I have done was put in a Galco heavy recoil spring. I plan on carying this again next summer but in the meantime I would like to address this shortcoming.

  30. Both my wife and I have been carrying the BG380 for some time and it is amazingly accurate. It is easy to conceal but there is another reason to choose this great little handgun. You can choose as we did the green laser option which allows quick acquisition of your target from any position without raising and extending you arm even in bright sun light. This can mean the difference between life and death…

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