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The way I see it, Krav Maga is not so much a martial technique as a mindset. If you’re being attacked, attack and defend at the same time, as soon as possible, as violently as possible. Kick, punch, knee, scratch, bite, push, shove, run—whatever. Go all in. This instructional video has some interesting ideas (as in wow honey that’s an interesting dress). It neglects a key option, should you find yourself in a fight for your life with someone trying to grab your gun: shoot your attacker. Rotate the shoulder? How about pull the trigger? Even if the bullet doesn’t find center mass, the hot gasses, noise and movement tend to throw an assailant off his game—long enough to give you the time and space to shoot him or her again, properly.

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  1. I’m no expert BUT, it seems to me that if you are punching and kicking the assailant to retain possession of your firearm, you have missed the point of why you carry a gun in the first place.

      • Room clearing should be performed by train professionals. That said, yes, its good to be prepared. In this situation, shes better off locking her self in her room, calling the cops, or remaining in the hallway. Clearing that room and flagging like that was where she screwed up IMO. She had her firearm in the room before she was able to see around the corner. Keep the pistol in, tight to your chest. If your expecting a confrontation your looking at a standoff distance of a few feet. You should be capable of hitting a target from the tight to the chest position at 3-6ft EASILY. Hell, you can come out shooting from that position but it’s better to verify your target is indeed a threat before shooting. I’m no professional but I’ve seen this drill before and practiced shooting from the tight to the chest position. It take a litte getting used to, but it works for hitting a target thats 3-7 feet in front of you and closing in on you. I trained in Krav for 2 years, and have 12yrs of Tae Kwon Do and American style Karate. My father has over 25yrs of Kung Fu and Grappling. We’ve discussed the whole “when someone points a gun at you” nonsense, and personally its nonsense. Give em what they want, or return fire if possible. Your SOL. The cash in your pocket isn’t worth getting killed over. The problem with Krav is that the mind set is a good fit in a life or death situation ON THE BATTLE FIELD. I could go on for hours. Krav is a quick and dirty style. Its easy to train large amounts of knuckle draggers in a short period of time.

        • Since when is room clearing the job of train professionals? My Grandfather, Uncle, Cousin, Nephew and my Brother all work or have worked for the railroad at one time or another (Burlington Northern Santa Fe), and of all the stories I’ve heard them tell, exactly NONE of them have been about room clearing. The closest thing to a room clearing scenario they deal with is when hobos stow away on the train, and when that happens they usually call the railroad police, who then come and remove said hobos. Do you have any idea how long it would take to get a couple of professional railroaders out to your place in the event that you have an intruder? Even if you live close to a train track, you’re looking at waiting hours for them to put a train together in the yard, and possibly hours more for them to get to your area, and then they’ll have to walk from the tracks to your house.

    • Amen to that. Someone trying to wrestle your firearm from you is probably not your friend.

    • Agreed. The biggest problem with shooting someone off as a method of weapon retention is the problem of the pistol going out of battery and not being able to get a follow up shot.

      The pistol is easier to defend in the holster, if you are that close keep it holstered, gain a position of dominance and then shoot your assailant.

      • Yes, or press down hard on the hammer forcing it to remain down, or put a finger behind the trigger. Any one of those things is very hard to do. But once an autoloader jams, it’s not getting back into a CQ fight.

  2. Great advice for defending yourself with an empty gun or a plastic blue model. Not necessary with a loaded gun.
    Word of the day: HUGE

  3. The worst part of her technique is how she clears a structure. She walks with the gun held out in front of her and she doesn’t ‘slice the pie’ correctly either. The result is that the first thing the bad guy sees and grabs is her gun, before she sees him. If she is lucky, she will not be so surprised by the bad guy that he ends up taking the gun away from her before she has time to react. Her technique causes a serious problem, then she trains on how to deal with the problem after it has happened. VERY BAD TRAINING!

    She should train on how to deal with an assailant who has just taken your gun away from you, because that is what her house clearing technique will cause.

      • Absolutely. The whole point of women and guns is that guys are much much stronger than gals and there’s not much the women can do about it. Except, of course, pulling the frigging trigger.

        A guy that size could easily take half a dozen punches from that girl and not even flinch. If he really grabbed a hold of that pistol, she’d rip her arm out of socket before she could pry it loose from him.

  4. What I am about to post won’t win any awards in Tactical Advancement, but it would seem to me that stopping a deadly attack for the citizen works something like cancer detection;the earlier the threat is detected the better one’s odds of survival become.

    Because the crook gets to make the first move, it is imperative that all citizens armed or not have an outlook of Condition Yellow.Letting the crook get to phone booth distance means you’ve lost already, as the bad guy & accomplices will have their own knifes or guns out and pointed at your head within 10 feet.The earlier you spot a threat, the easier you will be able to adress the situation.Hesitation makes the difference between an encounter that never happens to one with shots fired.

  5. Listen to your instincts. Your peripheral vision can spot and flag a threat without alerting your conscious mind (as this happens constantly and we’re not on the Savannah anymore), which is a big part of instincts. When your instincts throw a red flag big enough that you take notice, assess your surroundings NOW. It’s usually something innocuous, which is why people start to ignore it.

  6. “Even if the bullet doesn’t find center mass, the hot gasses, noise and movement tend to throw an assailant off his game”

    Doesn’t this break the 2nd and/or 3rd rules?

    You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your weapon. Shooting God knows where to “throw an assailant off his game” sounds like an invitation to a negligence lawsuit at the very least.

    • I think we can be quite confident that if the assailant manages to get the gun away from you, then bullets will not be going in only safe directions.

      I would shoot anywhere in the assailant’s general direction if he had his hands on my gun. “I would rather be tried by 12, than carried by 6.”

  7. This video also reminds me of why I think it’s wise to carry a J-Frame with a 1.875 inch barrel–little fear of “out of battery” condition and more leverage in my hand than I’m offering to the assailant due to the gun’s small profile.

    And Robert nails it, “go all in!” Always.

  8. This is a very good reason why you carry a back-up gun.

    Also, having a back-up for your back-up is good form too.

    I like to carry as mt main weapon a 45. magnum under my arm,and my .38 snubby hidden inside the back of my pants or on my ankle to change it up, and my gerber MkII either in my boot or under a coat or on my belt.

    I like to carry a few other things in my pockets like a heavy duty multi-tool, a 2″ credicard punch knife, spare ammo, a lighter, and a small survival kit, about the size of a cig-pak.

    If it is in the cold season i like to carry my mossberg 500 with just a pistol grip and a 3 point harness so my hands are free and it is easy to grab being on the inside of my coat.

    It helps alot to problem solve before you leave your home, and outfit accordingly depending on season, time of day, and where you are going.

  9. With regard to these close in type of assaults, I’ve told my kids, from the first moment of interaction with a BG do not co-operate. Nothing good will come of it. So much better to resist. With gun would be good, but if not I’ll take tooth and claw. I would say that the very instant the BG touched the gun in the video, THIS IS NOW A FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE. All bets are off. Just remember the Conn. family. The wife and two children daughters being tied up and raped, tortured, and burned alive. The Dr. husband having his throat cut and only by a miracle surviving. Nothing good to come of co-operating, of being civilized.

    Navy SEALs have a term for it. Violence of Action. Few BGs expect the absolute, overwhelming, raging, response right off the bat. The “you better kill me right now or else I am going to eat your freaking liver” thing. As you said, the “all in” mindset.

    A great story I read is of the boxing great, Jack Dempsey. He was taking a cab in Manhattan when he was in his later years. An overweight, hunched over, old man. It was a summer day and the cab’s window was open. At a traffic light, out of the blue, some punk reached inside and tried to steal whatever he could get. Dempsey pulled him in thru the window and beat the crap out of him. Then tossed him out the door. I don’t think the punk expected that one. It is painful to even think of being hit by Jack Dempsey, no matter how old he was. I assume Jack was just running on thousands of rounds in the gym. Kindof primal grunt. Aggress on me, turn on the offense. Boom. Right, Left, Right, Left. Right Left.

    • Good commentary, thanks.

      I’ve read about the Petit family several times, and I think the same thing every time: If anyone comes into my home with evil intent, I will cooperate only momentarily (if at all), in order to gain some advantage (such as distraction, deception, etc.). I won’t submit to any form of restraint (like being tied up). I’ll either take him out or die trying.

      The Goldmark family lived just a block down the hill from me in Seattle. On Christmas Eve, 1985, the entire family (parents and two young sons) were murdered by an anti-Semitic sleaze named David Rice, who thought they were Jewish Communists (they were neither). He tied them up, chloroformed them, then bludgeoned them in the head one by one with a laundry iron. They weren’t dying quick enough so he stabbed them in their hearts with a kitchen knife.

      Rice brought only a $3 toy gun with him to the Goldmark home. He depended on their compliance. And he got it.

      I’ve been teaching my wife and older children what to do if the unthinkable were to happen. Use deception to gain an advantage, and then go all in.

  10. I’m a bit puzzled by the idea that the perp has hold of the gun. The gun isn’t supposed to come out but you’re instantly ready to fire. We’re not supposed to show it to the perp, or wait to pull the trigger. I think Fairbairn was right. A shot as soon as you’ve leveled the gun out of your pocket or holster, a shot half way up, a shot when on point (or on your sights, your choice of language). Our gun-side hip should be turned away from an attacker. Above all, a carry method that lets you put your hand ON the gun upon any reasonable apprehension makes sense to me. Even wearing a summer business suit you can have a G36 or J-Frame in each pants pocket in a pocket holster and behind a checkbook or such to prevent printing. With a raincoat or winter coat it is just that much easier. (Of course I agree with everyone who advocates “bring it 100%. No such thing as easing into a defense.”)

  11. I think that my biggest objection is at the point where she manages to pull the gun away from the BG, and then hits him with it. If I have cleared my weapon, I’m putting a bullet, or many bullets, into him.

  12. This technique might be good if someone grabs your car keys, mobile phone or TV remote but, not a firearm.

    She should not be teaching this.

  13. Whether or not her training is perfect, at least she is training. She’s now better equipped than 65% of Americans (approx) and better prepared than probably 90+% of the people out there (1st stat is from memory on people with gun for home defense- 2nd is made up, please enjoy). Also, the odds of a home invader being a prepared waiting for you ninja are about slim to none. I’ve seen what gets checked in at county: far more likely that home invader will be trying to hold up pants than explosively channeling their chi to strike at your gun.

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