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This is one of those do as I say not as I do deals. Truth be told, I’ve let national journalists profile me, my stuff and my fam. The resulting publicity has undermined my operational security like a pass from Kate Beckensale would undermine a married man’s resolve. Still, at least I don’t Molon Labe-up my truck, house or MacBook Air. Nor should you. While the news report above is light on what we in the journalistic trade commonly refer to as “facts,” it’s still best not to flag your firearms ownership for thieves. Or for gun control-minded neighbors and strangers. Has it come to that? If you live behind the lines in a slave state then yes. Yes it has. Also, do NOT grip a gun like this buxom lass. Slide bight bites.


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  1. Guns nuthin’, I had to hide *all* personal beliefs while working in an academic setting in MA or would have seen my career ruined. Political apostasy is not tolerated in liberal areas.

      • “Liberal” doesn’t mean the same in US political discourse as it does in most of the rest of the world, just as “conservative” has different implications and meanings.

        Took a little while for me to figure that one, out during transatlantic debates…

  2. I keep thinking about bumper stickers, but years of OPSEC immediately start screaming from the depths of my brain.

  3. Kind of like going to Wal-Mart in your tacticool jammies. You stand out to all the kooks and perps and paint a target on your back the same as if you were open carrying.

  4. Stickers scream “BREAK INTO MY CAR”. Even if your weapon is secured in a lock-box, why risk the broken window and the cost of the deductible?

  5. KB is one of my favorite actresses. She’s easy on the eyes and in films that are easy on the brain ie no thinking required action flicks. KB is a cool fem fatale without the ego.

    Back to guns. After living in anti-gun San Francisco for many years, I learned to keep my political/social/gun rights views (and ownership) concealed. Whether from neighbors or in the corporate world, openly being who you are in a liberal mecca will eventually come back to slash your own throat out. Unfortunately, in modern society, anti-freedom pro-police pro-nanny state laws can be used by anyone to attack you even if you are completely innocent. In a liberal mecca you are always guilty until proven innocent if you are a white hetero male.

    • Way too late for me – pretty much everyone I know has heard my appreciation for the 2A. I can still fool people off duty, but everyone has an idea that I’ve got a fair amount of hardware. The avatar picture of the tannerite explosion was part of my wedding video.

      As to a bumper sticker, I’m torn between Obama 2012 sucks or Rand 2016. Neither explicitly state that the driver has more than $20 in ammo, do they?

      What can I say? Life is short: speak the truth and let know where you stand. Just don’t say it with a bumper sticker.

  6. And, as far as keeping things on the down low… the only thing people can tell about the stickers on my car is that I got kids. 😉

    • And a puppy. and a cat. I like so many of your comments that I’m surprised you’ve got the stick figure family on your back glass.i hope your wife forced ou to put that on.

  7. It nearly killed me to put parking labels on my car while in college, and that was just on the back glass. I never understood people who put stickers on their vehicles. They should have grown out of that by the age of six.

    Where the girl with the bad grip is concerned, I’d think that a cleavage-baring top wouldn’t be a good idea while shooting, either. While not as injurious as a whacked thumb could prove to be, I’d imagine a hot piece of brass dropping in there would not be too fun.

    I’m a believer in the second amendment, but people driving by don’t give a fig about my opinion. All it shows is an attitude…and possibly a quick score. As I heard a pastor put it once, say the right word at the right time in the right spirit to the right person. As people of the gun, we should not be randomly shooting off anything, be it our arms or our mouths.

    • LOL – Shwiggie, a friend of mine posted on Facebook just this morning about how much a “hot piece of bras to the boob hurts”.

    • I hear ya on that Shwiggie.

      As someone who really did have a ‘Steal Your Face’ skull sticker on my (’70 Eldo) Cadillac in HS. A year prior to Henley releasing ‘Boys of Summer’. I did it because the car was kind of a joke (even in the 80s) and I liked the contrast.

      Since then, I’ve never stickered a car in the last 30 years. I scrape my state inspection stickers off the windshield and keep them in an envelope in the glovebox. I de-nomenclatured every Benz, Pooch, and Beemer I’ve ever owned. I’ve never run a front plate on anything but shop vehicles either, even though most states I’ve lived in require them – they’re just not right. Yeah, it’s cost me few hundred over the decades, but it beats driving a car made ugly by a front plate. And let me tell you, MO has the most hideous plates ever designed by man.

  8. I have been thinking along these lines for years – the less people know you have, the better. I really want to put an NRA sticker on my car to show support, but it feels like an invitation for thieves to break my window looking for guns.

    When I go to the range, I put my guns in soft cases and walk them briskly out to the car. I try to keep a low profile. I am not worried about my neighbors, but, like I said above, the less they know, the less likely they are to be tempted.

  9. I truly resent the implication that having a pro 2 amendment sticker on my vehicle is equivalent to me looking for a confrontation or “asking for trouble”.

    That would be like saying that someone with a pro-life sticker is daring you to impregnate them.

    • I’m always conflicted on this one.

      On one hand, OPSEC and office/personal political considerations dictate a low-profile existence when you don’t follow the herd. As someone who has run afoul of the machine in a multi-B environment more than once for being honest or not kissing the “right” posterior, some folks will be smart enough to at least pretend to go along and get along.

      There’s no longer a visible gun rack in the back of my Porker, it just draws too much attention in a suburban environment.

      That said, I’m do admit I’m being a pansy by caving to that ‘practical reality’. I’m breaking no laws by having a coupla visible long guns while on the way to discharge them legally, I really should tolerate the BS stops from jack-booted little swine who light me up me because “someone complained” that they saw my guns in the rear window -which is perfectly legal, and always has been in this state.

      I really should buck-up and tolerate the stream of illegal questions about where I’m going, where I’ve been, why are my guns in a gun rack, don’t I know that I scare the retards when I have my guns visible, and all that garbage. I should tolerate losing 30-90 minutes of my life to this punk-f-c-stain kid (and 3 of his buddies who have shown up since ‘I’m armed’). They’re guaranteed to toss my car to boot while I’m cuffed and kneeling in gravel . And leave all my stuff a mess when they find nothing. And likely break something since ‘cretin’ is a term they aspire to.

      I do have the ‘right friends’ to get away with this in some places, but in other locales, it can readily lead to a “drop gun” or ” drop coke” incident. Which is really very hard to get out of.

  10. This is exactly why I have never and never will display any kind of sentiment regarding the 2A on my car. Same reason I carry concealed, even though in my state OC is legal.

    I don’t want the attention. If you have these stickers on your vehicle, then don’t be surprised at what may happen.

  11. All of those interviews were conducted outside of Bob’s Gun Shop in downtown Norfolk, Va. I actually know one of the gentlemen in the video personally from work.

    I don’t put any kind of political bumper sticker on my vehicles, period. I don’t trust the civility of the opposition. The only thing I have on my cars, is a license plate frame or a vanity plate on the front of the vehicle supporting the University of Georgia, my Alma Mater.

  12. In my part of the world, I have to always thinks about my operational security. I used to live in an apartment block so moving rifles down 3 flights of stairs and into a garage was always a tricky business. Luckily the times I moved the rifles were when no-one was moving in the building. When the building owners put doors on the garages it actually made the job of loading and unloading the car easier and more secure.

    Now with a house, I back the car up to the garage and load everything directly, and nothing can be seen from the street. Loading guns into a car parked on the street is asking for trouble, and it is trouble I would prefer to avoid. Even though what I do is perfectly legal and above-board, I do not like having marked police cars outside my house.

    I have no bumper stickers, and nothing can be seen from outside the car. All other people see is myself and my son (in his safety seat) going for a drive.

  13. I would never advertise my home or car. If you’re a stranger/neighbor just strolling by, the only thing you’ll learn is I have dogs. Ones that make a lot of noise periodically and sound like you don’t want to intrude there.

    I don’t advertise on my car for fear of vandalism in liberal intolerance land. That and I don’t want Trayvon-across-the-street knowing there are guns to steal when I’m not there.

  14. Amazing to read the continuous stream of sheeple’s comments about being essentially afraid of what others might think/do if they found out the poster was pro-2A. …smh… And then you wonder why the media thinks most Americans support more gun restrictions. You wonder why the media and our gub’mit “leaders” think gun owners are a minority. Go ahead and keep sitting at the back of the bus, drinking from separate water fountains, and hang your head meekly as you walk past “no guns allowed” signs. Sure, you can rationalize the cowardice with tacticool terms like “my OPSEC” as if you’re planning to invade Europe. Carry on, sheeple. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

  15. OK…shaking the cobwebs out of my head. I thought I read “Do not grip a gun like a buxom lass…”

  16. Love KB

    I proudly display my stickers, even on the trips up north (believe it or not PA is very conservative). Sure it can invite trouble, but so can saying “hello” or looking in the wrong direction. Id rather display they say they won and be afraid due to possible repercussions.

  17. Avoid stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places. Stickering your vehicle or front door or whatever in a slave state draws wingnuts like Israeli supermodels draw RF. Then you will have to engage with them — the wingnuts, not the supermodels — which will cause you an immediate loss of several IQ points. Not worth it. On top of which, you’re not allowed to smack the cr@p out of wingnuts, which is really a drag.

    If you live in a free state, the rules subtly shift. Advertise your 2A ferver and burly men will clasp your hand in friendship. Schoolchildren will deem you a role model. Supermodels will be attracted to you. And ammo will suddenly become readily available at pre-extinction prices.

  18. My dad taught me by example:
    Shut up, don’t draw attention to yourself, and mind your own business.
    Bumper stickers, house signs, etc. don’t fit into that advice. Neither does open carry.

    I’ve got nothing to prove or display to anyone. I’m not part of any obvious group and see no advantage wear clothing that stirs up controversy. When a challenge is presented is the right time to surprise the challenger.

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