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When Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America started bullying Kroger to ban open carry in its stores I immediately Google searched “armed robbery Kroger.” I got 105k results, including Six robbers hold up busy Kroger and shoot one employeeAttempted Armed Robbery at Suncrest Kroger and Armed robber victimizes customer in Kroger bathroom. Like Target (another, er, target of MDA’s anti-open carry crusade) Kroger is a target for violent crime. Here’s a recent example . . .

Nicholasville [Kentucky] police say they’re investigating an attempted abduction in the parking lot of the Brannon Crossing Kroger.

Investigators tell LEX 18 the intended victim was the wife of a Lexington police officer.

Nicholasville police say the woman was putting groceries in her car around 6 p.m. Sunday when a man came up behind her and demanded that she get inside his car.

Police say the woman started screaming and drawing attention to herself, which then scared the man off.

Would the aspiring kidnapper have chosen the same woman if she’d been open carrying a firearm? The Moms would say that a firearm on her hip would have made things worse. The bad guy would have grabbed her gun and THEN kidnapped her. But that’s absurd.

An armed American is better prepared to deal with a violent attack than an unarmed American, regardless of how and where they carry their firearm. The more [law abiding] armed Americans there are in any give population in public, the greater the deterrent effect on violent crime and the faster the response to violent crime.

Police wife or not, Moms Demanding disarmament or not, this should have been a defensive gun use. Keeping in mind that the kidnapper is still out there, somewhere . . . [h/t craig s]

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  1. Disarming us makes us weaker and eliminates options when someone attacks us.

    I have yet to hear a gun grabber explain how making us weak and reducing our options during an attack is good for us.

    • This past fall, I was on a small bus touring a big dairy & hog farm. There was a young family also on board sitting in front of me. At one of the stops, the husband/dad got up to help his kids get off the bus. He bent over revealing a semi-auto in his waistband (I know, he should have been more careful). The sight of the CCW warmed my heart. Here was a young dad who cared enough about his family, even on a pretty safe tour, to make sure everyone was protected. However, you never know when a pig, knowing he is to be castrated tomorrow, may go rogue!

      • Hence the origin of the saying to never mess with a pig farmer

        Anti-gunners would not have that warm feeling of security but unfortunately the warm feeling of fear and disgust running down their leg.

  2. The MDA and groups of their nature are the root of firearm fear and have been for quite some time. The MDA and all like them are the problem, only adding to violence by this societal fear they inject.

    These Groups paint our society as if it were something other than what it is. They seek to create a utopia. In other words they promote a well defined delusion. What fantasy do people such as the MDA live in? They are the puppets of those who brainwash them. And it is the puppeteers who lie at the foundation of a nefarious scheme, ultimate control.

  3. $20 says “housewife” Shannon has no clue how to grocery shop except saunter into whole foods and grab something from the hot food bar

    • My experience with people similar to Madame Watts is that they’re all “foodies.” That said, not-a-one of them can prepare shit that they didn’t find a recipe for on the newest trendy food website. They all frequent Whole Foods or a similar establishment and look down their noses at you for purchasing items outside of their accepted circle of shops.

      Very few of these plebes would have a f’ing clue as to what to do without a pre-defined shopping list and somebody to tell them how to prepare their meals. Or worse yet, what their food is supposed to taste like. Anti’s belong to a hive-mind.

      A plague on all their houses…

      • I think that would be “patricians”, not “plebes”. In their minds, WE are the “plebes”.

  4. We have a Fred Meyer, which is Kroger owned. It appears Kroger has every intention of following the intent of the law of each locations jurisdiction. So to the hens at MDAs dismay, Kroger is giving the group the proverbial finger and has no intention of caving in like the no-nut chickens at Sony

    • Yup.
      Also kind of hard to do when my local Freddie’s sells guns and ammo! It’s my go to place when I need a box of 10mm. Always in stock.

    • Same.

      My local fred meyer also has a sporting goods section. It kinda surprised me when I saw it but then I remembered it was owned by good old kroger.

    • Yep, Same here. Seem to me last year our house did quite a bit of our Christmas shopping at Target, But not this year. Did most of our Christmas shopping at Freddies and didn’t even step foot in the Target across the street.

  5. “Further investigation reveals that the kidnapper was the victim’s police officer husband, from whom she had recently separated. Since there was no threat of actual violence, charges will not be pursued against the officer.”

    (Sorry, it’s the cynic in me.)

  6. with convincing body language, open carry would have deterred all but the most determined grabber.
    have some eggnog.

    • There’s something damn sexy about women who open carry. It makes me think of nasty things to do. Not like Bill Cosby things, I like my lovers conscious.

  7. Personally I’m going to bed even money that MDA will try to use this incident to demand MOAR gun control.

  8. Another fine day in NRA land where every tiny penis gun hillbilly can stroke their compensators and talk about how that lady should have defended herself.

    Why can’t you elementary school IQ morons understand that we have no use for violence let alone “self-defense” in your sick twisted society.

    Maybe if you cavemen started to reason and think more, Maybe your intellect will evolve from caveman to neanderthal.

    • Wow.
      Someone didn’t get their G.I. Joe with the Kung fu grip doll.
      Maybe next year, if you play nicer.

    • Dear god, the tiny penis line? Why not show some creativity next time. Did you cut and paste your unfounded statements from another website or did you type them in your mom’s basement by yourself?

    • Your argument became nothing more than trivial at best (I would say ad hominem but a phallus is not connected to ones character) when you began your drivel about peni. You may insult us as cavemen, but at least cavemen in their day were willing to defend themselves and not become bashed-in-head men as their reality wasn’t as disillusioned as yours seems to be and they understood that some animals may want what they have. It may further pain you to know I am debating going back and getting my doctorate from SMU. Merry Christmas Mr Grinch, may your trolling be ever painful.

    • “…in your sick twisted society.”

      And you’re from what planet?….’cause it sure isn’t any place occupied by the human race.

      Planet Troll, maybe?

    • Homo neanderthalensis was a species of “caveman”.

      IQ scores aren’t lower in elementary school children.

      Corrected for grammar: “Another fine day in NRA land where every tiny penis gun hillbilly can stroke his compensator and talk about how that lady should have defended herself.”

      Also, the last “maybe” in your comment should not be capitalized.

    • “Maybe if you cavemen started to reason and think more, Maybe your intellect will evolve from caveman to neanderthal.”

      That sentence is a complete mess. This is better:

      “Maybe if you cavemen start to reason and think more, your intellect will evolve…” Also, as I said before, Neanderthals were “cavemen”, as were early Homo sapiens. Find a better metaphor.

    • Hey, Argon, since you were kind enough to come here, let me ask you: Just how small is your “package”, that you have to make unfounded assumptions about someone else’s in order to make yourself feel better? Not that I really care–just something for you to think about, if you should attempt to do some actual thinking some day.

    • What’s the matter Argon,did your gay lover have a hissy fit and put you in a bad mood,I understand there’s a Mcdonald’s in your area with a glory hole that needs your mouth on the other end of it.

    • Well well Argon, I’d rather have a small penis that works than a small brain that doesn’t work, like YOU.

      Your comment is idiotic. When mental illness is controlled and mankind stops being violent, which will never happen, we can stop having weapons. People were killing people long before firearms and will be killing long after there are no firearms.

      Go be stupid someplace else.

    • I assume your just angry because your ancestors were the “girlie men” who hung around the fire and did the sewing and cooking while the real men were out catching and killing the food? It’s a shame they allowed your ancestors the privilege of doing the woman’s work for food. They should have let them starve so we wouldn’t have to listen to your whining now.

  9. Whatever you say you minimum-wage yokels.

    How does it feel to have the highest homicide rate in the developed world.

    Criminals wouldn’t have guns if you incestuous trailer park pigs didn’t have them.

    At least I can walk safely outside my house at night knowing I won’t have some idiot American hillbilly shooting me because they think my hot super model of a wife (Something you brain dead morons will never have) is “purdy”.

    • I’ ll be your huckleberry if you want to talk to red blooded Christian American. Please forgive my backwoods roughneck talk as I am but a lowly rancher on 50 square miles of my own land so I do not know what the minimum wage is. The high murder rate is contained to a few of our inner cities that probably resemble areas in your country, as evil men are not geographically isolated, mideast ring a bell or France recently. In this Glorious and Exceptional country we have some internal matters that will be rectified by the law-abiding FREE CITIZENS exercising their PERSONAL LIBERTY, which is a concept you unfortunately can not grasp. Where are you ranting from? If it is a country that my Patriotic American Warrior brothers have had to go stop acts of violence in, then just say Thank You. If you think Brave Americans who try to help lesser societies that have devolved into stone age violence are the bad guys just wait until America pulls back from the global spiral of chaos and shores up our own land.
      You would fit in well with the liberals that have infested America with your emotion based logic and absence of facts regarding responsible gun ownership.

      • I’m betting the troll is an American and is playing on the tablet his mom got him for Christmas. He as never had a girlfriend or he’d know that getting a super model girlfriend is not “brag” worthy because its not all that hard to do. His mom chose his father poorly and neither ever taught him about guns. He is naturally afraid of guns among other things he doesn’t understand…such as the aforementioned girlfriend or girls in general. He attempts to put himself above everyone with his “IQ” statements because he is hurt and becomes angry when his own peers use the same insult against him. To top it all off, he insults the very people that are able to teach him everything he needs to know about guns, women, life and liberty. Its just sad.

        • Argon is what a white boy becomes after being gang raped in prison everyday for years,notice his preoccupation with the size of other commenters pee pees? His father probably has a safe full of guns he doesn’t allow argon to play with because he is mentally unstable from his prison experience.Am I hitting just a little to close to home to suit you argon? I didn’t capitalize your name as a sign of disrespect in case you’re wondering.I think I’ll refer to you as LD from now on little dick.Here’s a bit of advice for you also LD,playing dress up with your sisters and telling guys in prison about it isn’t a good idea but then,I guess that colostomy bag on your side always reminds you of that.

      • Hey, Matt –

        Were you able to resolve that IP with the tools that you as a moderator of TTAG have or as just as a reader of TTAG has?

        • Moderator. The back end of the commenting system records an IP for every comment posted. Of course, it’s only as good as the system. Right now my IP resolves to West Palm Beach, and I’m 70 miles from there. When I’m at work in Orlando, my IP resolves to Charlotte, NC, because that’s how our network is set up.

    • There are at least two punctuation errors in your comment.

      You’re not nearly as intelligent as you think you are.

    • I bet that this guy is a student, likely a freshman, perhaps a few months out of high school. I am pretty sure that he is not a foreigner as he implied. Just in case you are still listening, do not accuse people on TTAG of being of lower intelligence, for I guarantee you are wrong.

    • You’re not married to anything except your hand. Mature adults see past your immature smoke screen with ease.
      What you’re lacking is only obtained through maturity, experience and sophistication, which you won’t obtain for a long time and you’re not nearly clever enough to even come close to faking it.

  10. When the criminals have all given up their guns, I will gladly hand over mine. Until then, don’t even think about it.

    • Lol, Speak to me when you can actually type in complete sentences.

      Frank, Most of the guns criminals have gotten came from law abiding citizens especially from groups like the NRA and other anti-american gun nut organizations that willingly sell these weapons to criminals and psychos without background checks and licenses.

      Screw your backwards outdated beliefs, They’ve no place in this civil world.

        • Frank, Frank, Frank….
          Come on. You have to speak loud and slow. Or type slow. Or… Whatever.
          These trolls, living/sitting in MeMa’s basemet don’t have good lighting. Just go slow.

      • You seem to be living in a different reality from me.
        First off the world is not civil, watch your local news sometimes.
        Secondly please provide citations/sources of where the criminal element obtains their weapons from the NRA or from the average law abiding citizen. I’m willing to bet you can’t.

        Also please tell me how lobbing personal insults to people whom you’ve never met who have a different opinion than you is somehow “high minded” and forward thinking.
        It has been proven time and time again that making something illegal doesn’t make it go away. See the American War on Drugs, or the recent muslim terrorist action in Australia.

        • Elitists always consider themselves high-minded and forward thinking even when all experience, logic and facts prove them…impotent, ineffectual and simply…wrong.

          As always, when they can’t argue from facts and logic, elitist holier than thou types regress to the ad hominem tactics of insults and personal attacks.

          They aren’t worth the energy or effort to get worked up over…unless you wanna…play with them for practice.

      • Ah, a trolls best defense, claiming that not using perfect grammatical terms invalidates the argument against a flawed point.

        The world is not civil, neither is life. It is brutal, mean, unfair and ugly. You confuse the term “anti-american” when projecting an entirely in-conclusive statement about where illegal guns originate. Please give up the idea that a “civil world” exists, you cannot regulate or legislate evil, it exists whether ostriches like you acknowledge it or not. If you really think criminals wouldnt have guns, please with a VICE video detailing the gun market in the Philippines, I dont think there are any “hillbillies” there.

      • Frank did type complete sentences, but your comments are filled with grammatical errors, as well as errors of fact.

      • “Screw your backwards outdated beliefs, They’ve no place in this civil world.”

        I’m sorry, but that is a run-on sentence. Do you understand that term, or do we need to explain it to you?

      • “Screw your backwards outdated beliefs, They’ve no place in this civil world.”

        Argon the Fvckwit –

        The US Supreme court says you’re full of it.

        Google ‘Heller vs. District of Columbia” and read it with an emphasis on comprehension.

      • Aw, man! I missed the early TTAG Christmas present: a pseudo-troll of our very own to play with.

        Oh well; this one was far too cliched to have any real fun with.

  11. I would prefer concealed carry, there’s still the chance of it being an invitation to steal a gun, especially if the carrier is physically less strong than the perp. I do think people should be allowed to choose what way they want to carry.

    Concealment provides the “fog of war” effect where no perp can be sure if someone is carrying or not.

  12. During “normal” times I carry a G36. During what I call “Happy Season” when malls and grocery stores are target rich environments with criminals looking for unaware muguls I switch to a Walther PPQ and a spare magazine. More bullets for any and all craziness that might come my way.

  13. Yes, it SHOULD have been a DGU. Kentucky has very generous and civilized carry laws. However, you see, Nicholasville is one of those “nice” places where this sort of thing never happens. Nicholasville is the nice suburb of Lexington. It is clean, trendy and growing. Only a paranoid fool would think they need to carry in Nicholasville.

    Or, someone who simply understands that it can happen here too.

  14. I don’t think Argon is for real, the posts are just too, too riddled with cliché’s. I could be wrong, but if not I for one am a bit sorry to have taken the bait. But I would like to pose my question to all those folks who seriously parrot that undersized reproductive organs biz–how deficient they must be, in more ways than one, to have to resort to obsessing about someone else’s endowments in order to create some kind of positive self-image.

  15. This is just a few miles from my house and a regular shopping destination for me. Very safe and quiet area. Believe me, if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

  16. If she were open carrying, she probably wouldn’t of been a target, concealed carrying, the thug probably would not still be at large.

  17. Seems to me attacks on police officers in the attempt to steal their openly carried firearms are sort of rare, or they would be CCing, right? Seems, as well, that attempting to snag an open carrier’s .45 is demonstrating a death wish.

  18. How is this a “should have been a defensive gun use case?” Kroger has NOT asked customers to refrain from open carry in their stores. They stood up to the idiotic “moms demand action” and said they would follow state and local laws regarding weapons. That’s why I still shop there.

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