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 George Miller's mug shot (courtesy

“According to police, the incident happened Wednesday, when another student alerted police that George Miller [above] had a gun in his class at the school’s Life Sciences building,” reports. “After Miller stepped outside the class, police patted him down and found the gun, which was loaded with a full magazine. Police also found two other magazines, also fully loaded, in a bag he was carrying.” And so, thanks to an alert fellow student, the University of Memphis was saved from the nightmare of a potential school shooter! Or, more likely, an armed American minding his own business. Well, not exactly. If Mr. Miller had been minding his own business odds are his fellow students wouldn’t have known about his [otherwise] hidden firearm. Regardless of what you think about your natural right and civil to keep and bear arms, you’re legal right to do so may depend entirely on your ability to STFU. Just sayin’. [h/t HiddenHills]

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  1. Maybe he was up to no good. Or maybe he was just one of those people who thinks people will be impressed that you have a gun. In either case, I don’t have that much sympathy.

    Then again, it’s also possible someone discovered it accidentally by brushing up against him or something, I guess.

  2. My main problem is my wife. She has a tendency to ask me at inappropriate times if I still have my gun on me, then proceeds to yell if I do and she doesn’t think I should. Went to a football game at a non-posted venue, and my wife decided to interrogate me in the parking garage.

    Now I’m against hitting women, but she got damn near the point of needing a good wallop. She knows better, idk why she does it… Hope it doesn’t land us an uncomfortable conversation with a police officer or 10 one day.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me. She’s a fiery little hothead with a long memory and short fuse.

        I should have learned after a few years sowing wild oats in college that there is a direct correlation between hotness and insanity. Yet I still married a 9, on both scales.
        Oh well, I knew these things going in to it.

        • In my personal experience, one nearly always does. It’s not that we don’t have some inkling about what’s happening; it’s simply that we’re so good at talking ourselves out of our conclusions.

        • Hahahahaha
          Yup. Sow wild oats on Saturday night and go to church on Sunday to pray for crop failure.

        • Based on my first marriage, the correlation is actually between red hair and loony behavior. Have you ever noticed though, that red heads taste better than blondes or brunettes?

      • My wife never has to ask. She knows the answer. In my opinion, no true carrier should ever have to tell his wife after the first few “yes”s have made the point.

    • Keep the gun, dump the wife. Wifes are replaceable, your life is not. 😛

      On a serious note, my wife asks me all the time if I am packing. Which the answer is always yes. But she has the sense to do it quietly.

    • Well, lets think about this; your freedom and maybe your life depend on her not bringing that up in public. It I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t ever be in public with her again, not one time. I’d try once to explain how much that puts me at risk and if she ever did it again I’d seek a new woman, period and stop. If my freedom and my life mean little enough to her that she can’t be discreet in an argument that is not a woman I’d ever be around again, and for a good many reasons.

      • Women like that are TRIFLING. And this trifling little number doesn’t have enough sense to envision just how dangerous such an act could be. Then, I know, you start thinking, “she doesn’t have enough sense to protect her own life. That’s trouble enough, but she doesn’t have sense enough to protect YOURS.

        I’m guessing if you were to bring it up with her, she’d act like, “I can’t believe you’d make such a fuss about a little matter like that!”

    • This, thatguy2022, is professional advice without a disclaimer attached: Do not ever file for divorce or get caught cheating while you still have guns in the house with a hot wife focused on your guns. Alternatively, if you have a friend on the local PD, tell them truthfully that you have locked them all in the safe, due to threats of false accusation. This has worked for several people.

      You’re rooming with an IED. It may be wonderful otherwise, but if it blows you’ll never recover your gun rights.

      • I’m lucky-my wife carries more than I do (my job sends me into hospitals, schools and the occasional federal building)

    • Thatguy, my wife and found a way to deal with this within a month of our weding. Due to a fortuitous misunderstanding at breakfast, we came up with the code word “banana” for any firearm when we were not alone. (“Lemon” is used for the pepper spray). Just find a convenient, innocuous codeword.

    • Wait, she isn’t packing?

      The missus has only ever asked me twice that I can recall. Both times were when she didn’t have hers.

      In any case, good luck to you. I know all too well that the crazy ones lead to gray hair in a hurry, and a few good stories. Best if they don’t have to be told through glass though. 🙂

    • Sounds like an Alpha type personality. I have had some experience with the hot alphas; They usually end up trying to be ball b—-sters; since I’m an Alpha as well; I don’t allow that.

      The way I dealt with this was to offer to go to counseling with them;it cuts through the BS and games; of both parties.

      And if they refuse to go; which has been my experience; (to afraid of giving up control)then it’s time to move on.

    • She realizes if the wrong people hear her announce your carry and you go to jail, your future earnings and earnings potential goes with you, right?

  3. I like how everyone assumes he was up to something. A 1911 and two spare magazines is what I would consider barely adequate in the middle range of the everyday carry competition. That gives you between 20 and 25 rounds, this is about what an average Glock gives you with a spare magazine.

    • Depends on where you are. Against a mugger you aren’t going to get past seven rounds. Now if hyou are around for the next spree shooter or terrorist attack it would be nice to have as many rounds as you can carry.

      • Which, tdinva, reminds me of all that “Code Orange” terror inspiring by our anti-terror functionaries. “Prepare for terror….but don’t actually prepare.” We’re supposed to call them when we see a bomber at the mall? What transparent population management. There are approximately no terrorist, but the number of pols eager to press nation-changing rubbish on us is legion. And they’re paranoid.

      • I also remember that the vast majority of malfunctions are magazine related. That’s why my P99 is carried with a single spare magazine. That gives me 30+1which should be more than sufficient for anything short of a Die Hard movie.

      • I live in Philly. For me its not just one mugger or a spree shooting, it could be a pack of wild 2 legged predators trying to play knockout or whatever.

    • I must be a nutter, my EDC is either a 1911 with 2 spare mags or an XDS9 with two spare mags and with either I carry a Body Guard .380 with a spare mag of it’s own (by the way try a good ankle carry holster and a mag on the non gun leg, with the right gun it’s almost unnoticeable and you always have an extra gun).

      I guess they would think I was prepared for a rampage. Too bad no one ever hears about something like that and thinks ‘that was a person well prepared to defend themselves and others’.

  4. With nattering ninnies calling SWAT for every old man carrying a bumbershoot these days, discretion is the best way to remain unperforated by “friendly fire”.

    To the fella’ above with the indiscreet wife: let her know she’s potentially putting both your lives at risk. Maybe she’s tired of you and figures to duck real quick? Check for insurance policies you don’t remember signing!

    Just kiddin’ – I hope!

    • Maybe putting it to her that way would get me further than my current strategy. That, and possibly switching carry positions discreetly so she can’t pat down the usual places and discover any white lies I may have told her 😉

  5. Fascinating that the police was response was what I would call appropriate, probably a couple of guys, very calmly handling the situation. No SWAT. No panicked lockdown. While I might not agree with their actions from a 2A perspecive, at least there were what I’d call at the more appropriate end of the response scale.

  6. I wonder all over SE Ohio with a full sized 1911 under a suit coat. With 2 spare mags on the offside and a phone and being a small fellow I have no doubt that my pistol is often detectable by anyone who is paying much attention. Part of it is surely the area (we’re pretty gun friendly here) and part of it is my demeanor ( professional and reserved) and part of it is probably the suit it’s self (people mistake me for a detective anyway) but despite the propensity for my large auto to print through my coat no one, that is exactly no one in all these years, has ever mentioned the fact that I am armed and certainly I’ve never had the police contact me about it.

    On off days and weekends I still carry heavy, my 1911 and, as with suits on weekdays, a .380 body guard on the ankle. My weekend attire is usually jeans and boots (swap the ankle holster for an in the boot holster) and a shirt tail out in hot weather or a casual jacket in cooler times. Again I can see the bulk of the ankle gun plainly in the mirror, and I can see the print of the bigger gun at my hip, but no one else seems to notice, not even other concealed carriers. I think it is because my facial hair is neatly groomed, my clothes speak to having a decent job, my hair is always neatly cut and my demeanor is polite and friendly.

    I really think people don’t notice the guns because I seem so unthreatening that any bulge they see is dismissed or not even noticed. That is, I don’t think they think it’s threatening that I’m armed.

    I’ll go one further. If I take off my cover garment to help in a physical activity precisely no one has ever mentioned that I’m armed or displayed any reaction to it, excepting POTG, who obviously don’t mind it.

    I recently moved a friend from one apartment to another across town in our admittedly small county seat (11,500 people). I removed my coat and walked around the streets near by in the middle of the afternoon with a 1911 clearly open carried at my hip. No one mentioned it and the reactions of everyone I met were to my greeting and favorable.

    I suppose that it’s all about where you live, but I can’t help but think some of it is about how you appear and how you act. It’s hard to be afraid of the gun on the hip of the nice man you met who held the door for you.

    • “… being a small fellow I have no doubt that my pistol is often detectable by anyone who is paying much attention.”
      Most sheeple see only what they’re looking for. Just ask a motorcycle rider. You will have no problems if you continue to be discreet.

  7. I’ve been married for 46 years, and carrying for longer than that. There have never been any questions or recriminations about my carrying; it’s part of who I am. My wife does not feel comfortable carrying, but is quite proficient with her Taurus Judge, which is her “house gun.” I taught her how to shoot when we were first dating, in the 1960s.

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