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The above video offers partially edited audio excerpts of the 911 calls made to Newtown, Conn., police on Dec. 14, 2012. Hear the full tapes here. The media (.e.g., CNN)  is wringing its hands over airing the tapes—even as they air the tapes.  Well, selected “highlights.” [h/t Clark]

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    • I think I can safely say that I speak for us all here on TAG in saying that words cannot possibly express our utter sadness and dismay by that demonic, horrendous act committed roughly one year ago–undoubtedly it will be a day that will live in infamy…However, we here on TAG can also detect when the media/antis attempts to use such tragedies as a perceived advantageous opportunity to further their preconceived objective of total gun confiscation at all costs including blatant exploitation of the Newtown shooting. Make no mistake about it in that it’s up to us to counter such propaganda as their war on 2A (and anymore the U.S. Constitution @large) will remain incessant and unabated.

    • Call 3, you can hear some of the shots in the background. I feel terrible just hearing it, even so long after the fact. Physically ill, even. I don’t understand how anyone can listen and believe that our children should have to sit helpless, waiting for death, while the adult men and women in whom they trust are limited to clutching a phone and watching down the hallway, hoping that the cavalry will somehow arrive in time to save them. Or worse, hoping that maybe they can stay standing long enough to absorb some of the bullets with their own body, and purchase at terrible cost a few more seconds of life for those in their care.

      • Simply put… IF we survive, the only thing they want is us to be “primary” witness to such atrocity, and side with them in removing our rights instead of being first responders and STOP such events from going on as long (with a high body count of innocent children) as it did in this case.

    • Fortunately, concealed carry is allowed in the schools in some states. Sadly, this does not include staff or armed volunteers – just licensed parents who happen to be visiting or volunteering at the school.

  1. Does anyone have ANY decent reasons for not releasing these? Other than it makes people feel bad? (which does make me sad, but it’s not something you base policy on)

    • It’s not really a policy thing; my guess is it was a privacy thing the true perpetrators, the crab people, needed more time to fake the tapes in their shadowy recording studio beneath the moon.

      In all seriousness, it’s not about policy, it’s about people involved winding through the court process, and in a case this unique an complex that makes sense to me. It doesn’t make any difference either way, and it probably only helps fuel the emotional fire that is the anit’s case.

      The issue comes up when people start demanding crime scene photos, particularly ones with victims visible, be released. That is a serious privacy issue, and one can make the logical (rather than emotional) argument that they should never be released.

      • Why were the parents limited to identifying their children only via photographs, and not even of their kid’s dead bodies, but from SCHOOL PHOTOS? The parents were not allowed to identify their children IN PERSON, NOT ONE!

        Does that fit into ANY standard procedure you’ve ever heard of? Not being able to see your child before “burial”, if they died, at all? Even in airline crashes, parents and relatives identify their dead relatives, face to face!

      • There are those that want to make anyone who wants to review these out to be some kind of sicko. Others comment about refraining from “armchair quarterbacking” the tapes as we “average” citizens are not experts and don’t have all the info/facts. I can, to a point, understand the quarterbacking comment, but I think it’s also to try to keep people from judging as harshly as necessary (i.e. they waited because they thought it might have been multiple shooters… yeah right… afraid to get shot in the line-of-duty is probably more like it.)

        • Dude – there is a HUGE difference between people that want to examine evidence for legitimate purposes and people that simply want to use the absence of evidence as evidence of a big mean conspiracy. If you’re looking for conclusions that could have real world applications, ie, gun control would not have prevented this, the response time was the greatest factor in loss of life etc there is PLENTY of evidence out there. If a person believes in conspiracy theories, they don’t need evidence. They create their own.

  2. Now I bet the tinfoil asshats are going to, like, totes admit they were wrong about the whole ferlse flerg thing in light of this evidence.

    • Conspiracies are magical. All the evidence to the contrary gets twisted to be part of the conspiracy. If the tapes had been immediately released there would have been people “just sayin” that it was strange how quick they were produced, and that maybe someone knew and had them all ready. Since they weren’t, you’ll have people “just sayin'” that there was plenty of time to fake them.

      Does it show that I hate the phrase “just sayin?” It’s a great cop-out for people to imply crap without backing it up and then pretend like they didn’t mean it when they get challenged.

  3. The timing of the release is all you need to know about why these were released. This is build-up for all of the grave-standing to come as we approach the anniversary.

    • One week from the anniversary of this tragedy and gun-control activists are gearing up to use the date to push more lobbying efforts and raise more funds.
      I don’t think it takes to much tin-foil to believe that the court proceedings were stretched just right to get this judgment/release of tapes so close to the anniversary for maximum lobbying effect.

      So as they (gun-control) starts revving up over the next 14 days, don’t be bashful about calling them out on it.

  4. Never would I want to be in such a situation where all I can do is cower and call someone miles away for help. How does this kind of event make people want to make it harder to get a firearm to defend oneself? It makes no sense. The Norway killer had no problem getting guns and explosives in that gun free paradise. The difference is Norway has a more homogenous society with less poverty and less crime in general. You could shower the country in guns and things wouldn’t change.

    I’ll always be strapped. I will never watch someone I love or myself die cowering in a corner begging for my life. At least I will reduce the chance of that happening.

    • Yeah, if you want to bandy emotion-based thinking I’d much rather face the infinitesimally small chance that my kid goes down to some nut job than be FORCED to watch her die because some moron thought it might be dangerous that I be able to protect myself.

      • That’s where I’d like to see the anti-gunners challenged. They like to use emotion over fact, but what emotions does someone face when they are nearly defenseless against some killer because they followed the law but the bad guy didn’t? Pretty extreme.

        Unfortunately a lot of the people (not all!) who work and spend time in ‘gun free zones’ believe in the magic of the sign.

        • Well that’s an easy one, if no one had guns, then we avoid the problem of being forced to cower while at mercy of a gun-toting bad guy entirely!

          Gun-control folks have reality warping magic powers, don’tcha know?

        • “Well that’s an easy one, if no one had guns, then we avoid the problem of being forced to cower while at mercy of a gun-toting bad guy entirely!”
          Instead we would be forced to cower while at the mercy of a knife-wielding bad guy. Or machete-wielding. Or baseball bat-wielding. Or chair leg wielding.

        • Outlawing guns would work as good as outlawing alcohol and non-medical drugs. Where is a demand, there will be a supply. If guns were outlawed, us law abiding would not have them, but criminals would make them, import them, use and sell them, just as was done with alcohol during prohibition and with non-medical illegal drugs now.

          I support the 2nd Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. Defense is an inherit natural individual right. Defense of self, family, others, community, and property.

  5. The media is generally the first to file a lawsuit so they can listen to everything and then decide what parts to publish to sell more newspapers. Of course, they keep secrets when it suits their ideological need. Just look at how many people at the BBC kept the lid on pedophiles at the BBC. Why? Because the pedophiles were “one of them.”

  6. Those calls don’t sound real, and forensic audio analysis has already indicated manipulation of the tapes (you’ll be hearing more about that soon). However, for those who eagerly lap up the official story about things, the confirmation bias has already set in. Let’s say for a second that the calls are legit. Someone please explain how there were no survivors and all victims had head wounds (source: CT chief medical examiner), when the 911 calls describe a woman who was shot in the foot and was being helped by a male staff member. You’ll have to weave a good tale to explain that (remember, 6 adult female victims, all with head wounds). Unfortunately and yet conveniently, no sturdy eyewitness accounts exist, as everyone who encountered Lanza was also killed by him. Guess we’ll just have to trust big bro on this. *cough*

    • The entire affair stinks to high heaven. The kids in line in the photo, with maybe two exceptions, don’t seem frightened in the least. The ME is as hinky as anyone I’ve ever seen on TV.

      And you have to find and view the helicopter scene of the Fire House. You can LITERALLY see people walking in the front door and out the back door, IN LINE, and going through the fire house again, and again, and again. If you can’t see it was staged, you need to watch all the footage again.

      The entire thing has a myriad of things that suggest staging of the event. Such as, the footage of the cops “responding” and massing to go inside, WAS FILMED AT ANOTHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! If you can’t figure this out, here’s your sign: it was filmed AHEAD OF TIME.

    • To clarify, when I referenced survivors, I was referring to people who were shot but lived. Obviously not everyone in the building was a victim. For every hit to be a kill (and supposedly a headshot), you really have to believe that Lanza was the luckiest sob to ever commit a crime of this magnitude. You also have to ignore the ridiculousness of those odds, given that people would be running and the scene would be too chaotic for that kind of accuracy.

      • Exactly. I seriously doubt the little weed could even handle an AR, PERIOD. I think someone else did the shooting, and Lanza was the patsy.

        • Maybe the CIA killed those kids. You know, like they killed Kennedy. And they had help from the Mafia and the aliens from Area 51.

        • Can we just create a designated section of the site for conspiracy circle jerks? I’m all about free speech, but every time I see one of these posts my brain twists an ankle attempting the logical gymnastics each one of these retarded comments call for.

    • I can’t wait until the MSM reads this and then pushes the story that gun owners = batshit insane truthers. From the small sample size that is this now deteriorating site, they wouldn’t be far off.

      RF, I beg of you. Allowing this tripe to dominate your website hurts our cause. Please bring back the man who once made TTAC so great.

      • Son, are you feeble-minded? Questions were raised, facts reported. You are free to ignore of disbelieve to your heart’s content. But in are in an increasing minority here, there and everywhere. People are waking up.

        We could quote you facts, with sources and citations, and none of it would change your mind one bit, because your mind is shuttered-up and gone fishing.

        That’s all fine and dandy. Knock yourself out. But the truth is emerging, and you will be left behind, just like your classmates left you behind every year in school.

        • “You are free to ignore of disbelieve to your heart’s content. But in are in an increasing minority here…

          I’d be inclined to disagree with that statement.

  7. I can’t believe that the States Attorney refused to release these tapes. After listening to the tapes on the New Haven Register site, I don’t see his reason for fighting the release. The recorded calls don’t contain details that would justify withholding them from the public. They should have been released shortly after the incident.

    I was hoping to hear the police radio tapes. Those tapes are what can shed some light on the response. The 6 minutes pussyfooting around outside after arriving at the school surely caused additional casualties. It is easy to criticize the response from my chair, but the school was where the people needing protection. Not sweeping the grounds detaining concerned parents.

    • Considering the state and the gun-control laws they recently passed, he was probably just waiting as close to 12/14 as he could in order to help try and jump-start the stiff mule that is the gun-control movement.

      you know, never let a tragedy go to waste when dealing in politics!

  8. William, I’m with you 100%, and have researched this as much as possible. There is a figurative mountain of evidence that this was entirely staged. If I had nothing else to go on, the simple fact that there’s no footage of anyone being carried out on stretchers or EMS workers rushing to get victims out the door and to the hospital (or treat them on site at an emergency triage) would be enough for me. Everyone calmly stands around as though someone set off a fire alarm. The ambulances were all blocked in the parking lot by a convenient swath of cars. Makes no sense.

    • So many things have to be elaborately faked for that to work, versus a couple of simple explanations for the other side.

      Why would they be rushing people out on stretchers if everyone was dead? The aftermath of even the most intense tragedy will play out in slow motion; it’s not going to be a mad anthill of activity. As for the photo on this post, expecting all the kids to be hysterical is ridiculous. Many of them would have been unable to fully process what was happening, and most of them wouldn’t have had even the tiniest glimpse of the shooting; we have no way to judge how frightened they actually were or should have been. I’m not going to address the medical examiner’s report because I have no desire to inflict that on myself, but the 911 audio saying someone had been shot in the foot is easily explained by observer error; the caller could easily have made a faulty assumption about what was really a twisted ankle.

      But you’ve probably heard these objections before. I guess I shouldn’t expect them to derail your carefully constructed alternate story at this point.

        • Ralph, your name-calling routine doesn’t make you less “moronic”. Feel free to engage on an evidentiary level if you’ve got the fortitude or the information…or have you already succumbed to the mainstream drivel and are thereby forced to reject something wholesale if it challenges your paradigm?

        • How about you feel free to provide citations to any of the drivel you’re spouting. Not rumors and conjecture. Actual, verifiable sources. Show me what I haven’t seen before.

        • Ralph speaks the truth.

          And Dwayne, you need to work on your reading comprehension. He didn’t call you a moron, he said you are fromthe planet moron. There’s a difference.

          Also, you are a moron.

      • “Everyone was dead” is the first problem. It doesn’t ever happen that way. They weren’t gassed. It was a ‘mass shooting’. Someone would have survived with only a wound. No efforts were made to remove anyone, despite first responders being there in minutes. Still not a single blood stain to be seen from the whole incident. Just have to take their word for it. Hey, here’s some broken glass. That’s not evidence. Guns on a police station table is not evidence. How did the cops get in the school? Why was Sandy Hook not on the Conn. directory of schools for any semester prior to Fall ’12? Why was Adam Lanza’s death certificate filed the day before the shooting? Why were Sandy hook charity pages able to fool Google into believing they were set up the day before the shooting? The indexing in search engines is not able to record an incorrect time stamp. Why were the ambulances blocked in? The cops would have had to break the glass or break the door down to get in, since the receptionist wasn’t at her desk to unlock the electronically controlled door. Did they all go in the same way Lanza did? There are literally a 100 more questions of equal merit that I won’t waste your time with. But to address your query, a twisted ankle doesn’t bleed. Someone may have shot someone in that building, but it wasn’t the story they fed you. Govs throughout history have a bad track record of lying to the citizens to gain greater control and lessen rights. When we stop questioning what the puppet media tells us, we are no longer free, but merely brainwashed receivers at that point. The spirit of inquiry is not dead. Don’t be afraid to validate what is a highly doubtful series of events. You don’t have to be “on the inside” to know when something is sketchy. Where truth is hidden, questions will persist.

        • Matt in FL, try a search engine out. Google the things you called ‘drivel’. They are readily available. To reiterate the point, if you want to believe everything you see on the news, I can’t convince you otherwise. If you are willing to question, you may find yourself coming up with independent conclusions that don’t match the ridiculous narrative of the mainstream media. Google ‘crisis actors’ while you’re at it. If you’re blown away by my assertions, it’s only because you haven’t researched the details. I dont blame you for that, but it’s not too late to look at alternative sources of information.

        • Nope. Eff that. If you’ve got a point to make, you back it up. I’ll read what you’ve got, but I’m not wasting my time researching nonsense and chasing unicorns.

        • Okay. If I’m the only way you are going to hear another side of the story….but it sounds like you’ve already mocked the idea before research, which is a fallacious way to engage anyone.

          Here’s one of the many links to the death certificate… Which was available as public record via the SSA, though it’s been scrubbed from many sites. (Click on first URL in the paragraph to see the image from
          Preemptive charity site on google search:

          Check out this awesome staged video from the day of the shooting:

 has some good stuff about all of the deception as well. Once you start digging into the mountain of evidence, no reasonable person would still cling to the official story. Do I know exactly what happened that day? No. What I’m certain of is that it wasn’t some disgruntled kid pulling off 26 headshots.

        • Look mods, I don’t post here much and don’t think that I’ve earned any right to call out anyone but holy shit guys. This type of horseshit could get picked up by the bloody shirt waivers and god forbid the msm and seriously hurt our cause. I don’t know how you fix it but there has to be an iq test you can give before allowing a post or something.

        • I understand where you’re coming from, but our policy is to not edit/moderate except in cases of abuse. For my part personally, I feel like as long as there’s as many people calling out the “fringe” stuff as there is espousing it, we’re fine.

        • Thanks Matt. I wasn’t sure if posting links would be an issue, so my apologies to anyone who would be offended by a different opinion on the matter, regardless of the validity they ascribe to the point of view. I doubt the msm will care what I think, and they would not have any interest in increasing web traffic to this site. 🙂 Wish you all a good evening.

        • I took a few minutes to look at the linkage. Not very convincing. There are simple, ordinary explanations for every piece of evidence I looked at. Most of it is reaching so far that it’s into Finding Bigfoot territory. It isn’t evidence of a conspiracy, it’s evidence of an overwhelming desire to believe in one.

        • Dwayne, thanks for the points. On a related topic, I question if the recent George Zimmerman arrest was a setup. The 911 of his (so-called) girl friend sounds more mad and forced and scared of him. Then there is the 2nd 911 call by Mr. Z. that CNN did not report, at least not in the initial report I saw. … On a related topic, just remember the Obama administration allowed >2,000 guns to be sold to straw purchasers and walked into Mexico in Fast and Furious to build a case for a gun ban. It is not out of the question they would setup Lanza.

        • Dwayne, being an unrepentently idiotic truther is bad enough, but going to accuse other people of failing to research the matter, as if anyone that has would come to the same conclusion that you have, just shows what a pathetically weak minded individual you must be.

          It took me literally 5 seconds to find this –

          Re: death certificate, the charities, and most everything else you ignorant and insensitive trolls spout –

          In regards to the firehouse video, that’s admittedly harder. Maybe that’s because there’s no credit for the video, no news insignia, no sound and no indication of any kind that what we’re looking at is a staging, beyond the truther description of the video. Cue applause. You’ve solved Sandy Hook.

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, largely because idiots don’t tend to listed – you are saying that of all the people that are involved, all of the actors and players behind the scene, the hundred if not thousands of people in one video alone that you posted as your evidence and thousands of others, not a single one has come forward. Even if you’re dumb enough to believe that, and clearly you are, how could you possibly believe that none of these ‘crisis actors’ knows anyone who would see them on TV and say “hey, that’s Phil from acting class!”

          You have exactly zero evidence, zero deductive reasoning or research skills and you guys do far, far more damage to the fight for firearms freedom than the anti’s or Adam Lanza ever could.

        • Yeah, but that’s from HuffPo, and they are duty-bound to help push the party line.


    • The ME seemed to indicate, in a same-day press conference, that no bodies would be removed until at least the following day. While that may be so, it would seem to fly in the face of every procedure known to man.

      And why wouldn’t there have been any video of it, if it happened ANYTIME? The entire thing reeks of a staged event, for the purpose of major gun control measures.

  9. Let the blood dance begin. I don’t need to listen to 911 tapes to know something horrible happened there. And I don’t need to be emotionally manipulated by people looking to wave the bodies of dead children like a flag so they can tyranize me.

    • That’s being done by opportunistic amoral ghouls and jackals to amass more power and/or cash for themselves. Perhaps 1% of the creeps we’ll see climbing over the victims’ bodies to wave a bloody shirt are sincere, the rest are cynical charlatans. They have always capitalized on tragedy, and always will. I despise them.

  10. The last caller on the full recordings I heard tells the dispatcher that she “hasn’t locked the classroom door yet” after the dispatcher asks if she locked the door. How the hell is someone’s reaction to call 911 and chat faster than their reaction to lock up and get down??? (let alone, prepare to fight.)

  11. The 911 tapes being released for the public to hear was something many on the left didn’t want to happen. I couldn’t understand why until I listened to them. These recordings will sell more guns than ever before. As I listened to them the thing that struck me was the time that was elapsing. The confusion between the dispatcher and the callers. The minutes just slowly, slowly passing as they desperately waited for help. And all this because of one man with a semi-auto rifle and hand gun. My point is that the common man will hear this and immediately recognize how even one teacher with a gun could have altered the entire dynamic. There was so much time elapsing before the police finally arrive that I’m amazed Lanza didn’t kill more people. I’m not criticizing the police. The thought many will take away from these recording will be, “If someone had fought back instead of simply hiding, things would have been less severe”.

    • That’s a very good point and I appreciate it, but I think for all the people that do think that way, there will also be a significant percentage who will get fixated on “how terrible it must have been” to be there and will seize on what seems like the easiest way to “just make it go away.” If nobody had guns, they (the thinking people) will never have to go through the horror of having to think about it again.


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