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“I felt him change his gait, and at the time I had by bag here,” 23-year-old Kim Lamphere told, motioning by her side, “and I put it on my shoulder, just to hold it safe.” Sure, hold your bag safe, lady. Good luck with that. Especially as you were walking down a relatively deserted street on a Saturday night at the time. Alone. Unarmed. So when the bad guy got all up in your face and said “Lady, I’ve got a gun, give me your bag!” you were more-or-less completely SOL. Oh wait . . .

They struggled, and in those panicked seconds, our witness ran over to help and changed everything.

“When he said, ‘I’ll shoot you,’ then it was, we’re in real danger right now,” she said. “I just pulled my gun and said, ‘Drop it.'”

She has a concealed handgun license, and when she pointed her Glock at Koroma, he ran. He took all of Lanphere’s money, but no one was hurt, thanks to a moment from earlier that morning.

As my father used to say (in his thick Hungarian accent), how ’bout them apples? So we get a happy ending and a cautionary tale for those who don’t consider armed self-defense a key component of personal safety, yes? Carry a gun! Not so fast, Mr. Bond . . .

“As I’m about to walk out of the house, something just told me, ‘You might want to carry the gun tonight,'” the witness said.

Never in the three years she’s been licensed had she ever carried it with her, until Saturday night.

A concealed carry permit holder happened to have her gun on her when a fellow citizen needed help. What are the odds? A LOT lower than they should have been. She should have had her handgun on her anytime she stepped out the door of her house for one simple reason: criminals don’t make appointments.

If they did there’d be a lot more Texans open carrying long guns. I digress. But I don’t want to die – not with “I should have worn a gun today” as the last thought in my head. Anyway . . .

If you think you know how to calculate the odds of needing a gun to the point where you leave your gat at home, remember the old John Lennon adage, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” Because the same holds true for death. Just sayin’ . . . [h/t SR, archangel187]

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      • Berkowitz didn’t listen to the voices in his head, he listened to his neighbor’s lab.

        • Berkowitz didn’t hear a dog talking, he admitted to FBI profilers that he made that up to create the basis for an insanity plea figuring he would eventually be caught.

          See “Mindhunter” by John Douglas

  1. A good way to get yourself to carry al the time, is to get a small NAA 22 revolver, mag, or regular L.R.
    I have mine in my pocket ALL the time. 24/7.
    I only carry my 38 special when I go to town, but my little magnum is with me all the time.

    • do you mean to say that you’re carrying on your person even when you’re conked out, bathing, etc?

      • It’s in my pocket ALL the time as stated. Of course I usually Take my pants off when I bath, once a month (if needed) When I’m conked out the gun is still in my pocket, but my pants are besides the bed. I guess the best way to put it is: My gun is ALLWAYS with in 3 seconds, or five feet of me (which ever comes first!)

        • sounds reasonable.
          wish i could get myself stop being lazy and start carrying at home. i recently got a sticky holster – hopefully that’ll give me some more incentive. perhaps a nice pocket 380 would sweeten the deal even further.
          now to come up with a marketing pitch for the wife. 😉

  2. Just recently received my Texas CHL and haven’t carried yet outside the house or while driving. This does make me re-think carrieing all the time now. Lord knows I have plenty of choices, but my go to gun has always been trusty snub nose Ruger LCR .38 loaded with hollowpoints. In a pocket holster it disappears, along with reloader.

    • Do it enough times and it’ll be like carrying your keys. You wouldn’t think of leaving the house without ’em.

    • TXGunGal,

      Always carry something.

      Your preference for a .38 Special snubby with hollowpoints is a fine choice.

    • When I’m getting dressed, my two year old points at my gun box and says “daddy, up there, your box, your gun.”

      I have two carry pieces and the ONLY time one isn’t on me is if I’m asleep in bed.

    • I too felt conspicuous after I first slipped that gun in my belt and went out. But that was 2 months ago, and just the other week I went out once without it for just an hour and I felt like I’d forgotten to wear my pants. Once you carry you will feel naked without it for sure.

  3. Good part [now listen in anti, liberal goodie twoshoes] she had a gun of her own to repel BOZO the CLOWN.Bad part he accomplished his goal of theft by gun threat.[I know some eastcoasters believe you should just carry ‘mug money’ to give the perp .In Nevada we call it ‘Plug Money’ or in other words ‘a bullet’ now I know you get arrested in DC for having A BULLET EVEN WITHOUT A CARTRIDGE AROUND IT because DC is mentally challenged,but the rest of us CCW carriers refuse to be victims by thugs in the street or thugs in liberal governments

    • I’m wondering if she’s being honest. She lives in one of the most liberal cities in the US, probably has a lot of liberal friends, most of her co-workers and acquaintances would likely be very liberal as well. I wonder how it would go over with them knowing she had a CHL/CCW and regularly carried.

      Perhaps she’s not being completely honest to minimize the comments she may get at work/social events etc?

      • perhaps.. but there’s really no need since she requested that her identity remain hidden. then again a friend, acquaintance, or family member could identify her from her voice, wedding ring, etc. in the odd chance that they see her on the news.

  4. If you got that gun and that license,you better carry! You never know who lurks out there waiting to pounce.

    • You are right T and at 63, not in as good a shape (bad knees) as in days gone by. I’m probably precieved as pretty pounceable.

      And edit to my 1st. comment, I’ve car carried with the LCR for years.

  5. She felt a disturbance in the force. But for the rest of us that might not be as in tune to our inner Jedi; just carry a gun 24/7. After a while; you feel more uncomfortable when you don’t carry.

  6. My wife still gets aggravated when I carry everywhere. I figure her ire will be a small price to pay if I ever really need the gun.

    • Just make sure she knows that, should you find yourself needing your gun, screaming out “OMG A CRIMINAL! DO YOU HAVE YOUR GUN ON YOU TODAY? SHOOT HIM ERRANTVENTURE11!” is a great way to get you shot…

    • Hah! My wife carries everywhere, too! I carried my LCP w/hollowpoints for about 2 years naked in my pants pocket, then got a pocket holster from NRA store and used that for a couple years, just started using a Sneaky Pete holster, kinda think its pretty cool. Only problem is that I suspect any LEO knows what it is, since its in plain sight, I’ll have to be ready to ask for a warrant. The bride carries a titanium .38 +P in her purse.

  7. Gunr,
    Friends don’t let friends carry a mouse gun. We shoot to stop, not to kill. Shoot someone with a 22 and they may kick your tail, and then die three days latter.

    • Or, they might die on the spot. I’ve been to the autopsies.

      Stop spreading caliber-war FUD.

      Food for thought:

      Summary: .22 is most likely to have ‘one shot stop’ and also most likely to have ‘failure to stop in one shot.’

      And more food for thought:

      Claude Werner talks about the efficacy of “mouse guns” in self defense based on real shootings.

      First Rule: Have a Gun.

      • Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.

        First rule is to ALWAYS have a gun.
        When in doubt refer to rule 1.

        And remember: as long as it functions properly then ANY Gun is better than no gun.

    • Terry,
      First, let me assure you that I would never use this gun unless it was an up close, in your face predicament!

      Second! A 22 magnum is a bit more powerful than you might think. The proper bullet placed between your eyes, or in your eardrum, or through your neck and spinal column, is going to cause a world of hurt!

      Third! If the above doesn’t do the trick immediately, I gauren-god-dam-tee you the muzzle flash at that range will scare the living shit out of you, and also burn all the hair of your head!

    • “Gunr,
      Friends don’t let friends carry a mouse gun. We shoot to stop, not to kill. Shoot someone with a 22 and they may kick your tail, and then die three days latter.”

      The conclusion was that a .22 is just fine for self defense, as far as handguns go.
      From the article:
      “So, in short, what’s the answer? Is a .22 a good self defense round? According to the numbers, it looks to be among the best in terms of stopping the threat. Add in the fact that it’s lightweight, low recoil and uses firearms that are ridiculously easy to conceal and you can see where a .22 caliber firearm for concealed carry might be a winner.
      So, in the immortal words of HAL, “I’m sorry Wade, I can’t do that.” According to the best numbers I could find, I can’t come up with a valid reason to convince your Dad to move to a higher caliber. Not only is it an effective round, but its size and weight means that your Dad is more likely to actually carry the gun instead of leaving it at home because it was too inconvenient to bring along. And, as we all know, its often the mere presence of a firearm that can save one’s life.”

    • I still hope for campus carry in NV… Amanda Collins (attacked by the same man that killed Brianna Denison a few years back) had a concealed weapons permit, but was defenseless due to Nevada’s short-sighted laws. I’m tired of the illogical fears of bad things happening with campus carry, when bad things are happening without it.

      Keep up the fight… our concealed carry laws are getting better year by year. Hopefully constitutional carry is not far behind.

  8. I have a brother in Maryland. He’s been having troubles with a deranged former co-worker and mentioned in passing that he’s thinking about getting a gun. How to break it to him? He has no idea what the gun laws are like down there.

    • I live in Maryland. Washington D.C. is a 10 min train ride away. I can NEVER carry due to the current state laws. Too bad my Washington (state), Utah, and Florida permits mean NOTHING here. BTW, I have +20 years of experience in the military (6 years in infantry), and it means I am a “soon to be victim” here in Maryland. The is also no mention of a “right to bear arms” in the state constitution. If someone breaks into your home, YOU have a DUTY to retreat under state law. Do not defend yourself or you will go to JAIL.

  9. I don’t feel right unless I’m carrying at least a Glock 27. My 340PD with a reload is my ocasional carry gun during the summer months. I may need an M&P Shield 9mm or a Glock 42 for the wife to round out the collection. Since 9mm is actually available that may make decision easier.

    • I carried a Glock 26 for years but have switched to the Shield in 9 mm. I can’t say enough good things about it. Good choice.

      • I’ve thought about bringing the Shield into my line up to replace the G26, it’s a neat pistol. But I just can’t convince myself to do it…

        You have to purchase the weapon, get some good sights on it, find a good carry holster (sometimes that requires multiple attempts), get a new spare carrier, and then run a bunch of ammo through it.

        It’s just seems like a lot of work to fix something that isn’t broken.

  10. For someone that never carried before to have that voice in her head make that call so accurately tells me she likely never ever goes out alone at night, except for some reason she needed to that night. Unlike the clueless victim, she had a minimum of security awareness. I bet she carries more often from now on.

  11. my wife doesn’t carry at the moment but as of late she’s been reading/hearing about incidents like this more frequently. she’s considering carrying a “pocket” 380 like the taurus 738 or the ruger lcp. i’m not so sure though. i wonder if anything less than 9mm in a panicked situation where accuracy may drop will be a viable option for self-defense.

  12. “i wonder if anything less than 9mm in a panicked situation where accuracy may drop will be a viable option for self-defense.”

    First Rule: Have a gun.

    Head back up to this post:

    If she handles a .380 and is comfortable enough shooting with one to practice is a lot, forget all the caliber punditry about this vs that. It is FAR more important to practice and be familiar with your carry gear than a few % difference in velocity or whatever.

    I’ve been to autopsies of people killed quickly by guns from.22 to 12 ga.

    • One problem that may be prevalent with a lady carrying a .380 lightweight auto loader, is that there might be a tendency to “limp wrist” when shooting. The operative word here is “might”. the weight of the person may also effect this tendency.

    • very true. having a gun is better than having none at all.

      another concern i have regarding 380’s is the cost and availability of ammo. from what i see online, the least you can expect to pay for per round for fmj is around 35-40 cents a round. compared to 9mm, that’s spending a lot more for a relatively inferior round.

      of course, this may not be as much of a concern for some but we’re both students so the cost of ammo will definitely dictate how much she’ll be able to practice.

      one good thing about most 380’s is that the initial cost of the gun is really low. i just saw the taurus 738 on slickguns going for under $195 shipped. pretty crazy.

      • No arguments there. I just used .380 as an example since that’s what you brought up.

        Get her a gun that she will both practice with and carry. “Have a gun.” All else flows from that. Don’t over think the caliber and all that jazz (as it pertains to effectiveness).

  13. Your gun: Don’t be caught dead without it.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I’m as allergic to religion as I am to progressivism. With that said I’d like to offer an invocation that is too apropos to avoid. I don’t know who wrote it but I identify with it strongly.

    “Lord, make my hand fast and accurate.
    Let my aim be true and my hand faster
    than those who would seek to destroy me.
    Grant me victory over my foes and those who wish to do harm to me and mine.
    Let not my last thought be ‘If I only had my gun.”
    And Lord, if today is truly the day you call me home
    Let me die in a pile of empty brass.”

    Don’t let your last thought be ‘If only I had my gun’. Carry it, all the time, everywhere.

  14. I have a spare belt with a holster, a spare loaded clip, 24 loose rounds, and leatherman on it.
    When my shoulder holster comes off the belt goes on and the gun with an installed clip transfers.
    That way I’m never unarmed. I figure 17 + 24 = 41 rds. I should be able to get to one of my other guns using that.

    Another thought is that my hidden guns stay loaded and my visible weapons are unloaded with their ammo safely hidden. Let the BG pick one of them up and they get a fancy club instead of a weapon ready to fire.

    I’m sure most of us have figured out different ways to accomplish the same thing. Maybe we should share ideas?

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