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From Black Collar Arms . . .

The perfect hybrid of precision rifle and tactical, the Black Collar Arms Priapus Grip delivers the hand positioning, shape, and control of a PRS-style grip with the size, circumference, and light weight of a tactical AR-style grip. It’s the first precision grip that you can also run and gun with. But wait, there’s more!…

The recessed, smooth fields on all four sides of the Priapus Grip are specifically designed for the application of skateboard grip tape (just like our Black Box magazine). This allows the end user to customize the aggressiveness and color/pattern of the Priapus Grip’s grip texture. One set of grip tape panels is included, and additional sets are just $5.

At launch, laser-cut sand texture grip tape panels are available in Black, Gray, OD Green, and Brown, as well as rubber pebble texture in Black. These grip tape panels are easily applied by the end user and are durable and reliable, yet remove cleanly should you want to swap them out.

We particularly like running a rubber pebble texture panel on the side that faces the shooter’s body when carrying the rifle on a sling, and sand texture on the rest.

Skateboard sand texture does not slip, wet or dry. It’s insanely grippy in all conditions yet it feels good in the palm of your hand.

Rubber pebble texture offers a medium grip level but is very comfortable against skin and won’t scuff up clothing or scratch things.

The Priapus Grip is symmetrical with a mild palm swell, an arched backstrap that drives the hand into the correct position, and a nearly vertical, relatively square front strap that’s both comfortable and highly indexable.

On any rifle or large format pistol, from full-size PRS guns to subguns, the Priapus Grip’s unique shape, angle, size, and grip textures ensure it feels right at home and outperforms the competition. It’s the best AR-compatible grip on the market!

MSRP is $39.99, but it’s on sale for $35 for pre-order customers only!

For more information, more photographs, and to place an order please visit

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  1. …what you did there, I see it.

    Could compatibility with Magpul MIAD/MOE grip cores be a thing in the Mk.II version?

  2. Priapus? Priapus was an impotent, ugly, mean-spirited and foul tempered Greek god with a big d**k!

    Nice marketing…LOL

  3. When I look for a grip, I sort by lowest price and go from there. This seems like it would be somewhere near the bottom of my lists and not even worth a glance. But it’s nice they sent you some grips for free, amiright?

    • It’s squarely average on price. If you want to send me $5 I’ll mail you an A2 grip that I’m sure will suit you just fine.

      Yes, every single press release that TTAG copies-and-pastes and runs on the blog here to let our readers know about new gun products is the result of that company sending free stuff and not because TTAG’s actual business model is having people read stuff on the website and the fact that new product announcements always get solid traffic, because our readers are interested in it. That’s a hot take you got there.

  4. Its probably just me however I’m not as accurate with these style pistol grips as I am with the conventional stocked pistol grips. Same goes for all the folding stocks I’ve used. Now my son(the one that likes gunms) on the other hand does just fine with the sub machine gunm grips and folding stocks.
    It’s funny, I’ll give him a gunm and he decks it all out, then he’ll give it back to me, then I’ll change it back the way it was and he ask me why I fcked up his shit. Because, it made the gunm harder to manipulate in vineish terrain and I cant hit sht with it.
    Nothing like the excitement of getting in a gunmfight and having your gunm hang up in your suspenders.

  5. mild palm swell? from the pics looks more than mild, bit more than mild but ‘aggressive’ seems more descriptive.

    Spent 5 paragraphs on stick on (basically) skateboard type’ish tape description making it seem like the best thing since sliced bread. But not a useful word about the material the grip is made from and some other factors, not even on the black collar web site.

    what’s the grip material?

    is the grip milled or molded or extruded or some kind of 3D printed thing from the material?

    whats the attachment method?

    it’s it compatible for standard AR grip replacement?

    is this actually made ‘in house’ by Black Collar or is it outsourced?

    • ok.. it says “It’s the best AR-compatible grip on the market”… you mean standard mil-spec AR?

      how is it ‘the best AR-compatible grip on the market” that distinguishes the grip its self from the hundreds of others that are ‘grippy’ and also claim to be the best?

      there a many ‘best’ on the market that have or to which a ‘grippy’ technique can be applied with an attached or stick on method.

      What makes your stick on method different for ‘grippy’ ?

      how durable is your stick on method?

      did ya’ll run the grip and stick on ‘grippy’ through some actual standard durability testing for material and use, or did you just do what the marketing language implies of ‘lookie here, wow, colors’ and ‘we feelz’ and ‘looks cool’ ?

      Is mil-spec or ‘commercial spec’ used in the design and materials?

      • Bro it’s a plastic AR-15 grip, calm down. How the heck do you think it attaches? The shape and size make it the best; the swappable grip texture makes it the besterest.

  6. This looks like a very nice grip. It’s not the first precision grip that you can run n gun with. I think the MKM Machining / Driven Arms Co VCG has been available for a while and has a similar profile as well.

    • Similar profile for sure. Ultimately, lots of grips are similar in shape cuz they all fit the same gun model and the same human hand haha. Priapus Grip vs the one you mentioned is smaller in circumference and particularly in front-to-back length, has a slightly different backstrap hump location and shape, is pinched in at the heel (which feels great), has some palm swell to it (isn’t flat-sided but is more rounded, especially under the center of the palm area), has a more aggressive shelf at the toe, and more. It does have some aesthetic similarity but it feels different in the hand and is better suited to tactical use as it’s smaller and more controllable for using it to drive a gun around with.

  7. along the same vein, it would be nice if this would lube the bcg when squeezed, somebody really dropped the balls here.

  8. The biggest design aspect they got right is the nearly vertical front surface of this grip. I may try this grip just because of that feature.
    I currently use Mission First Tactical and FabDefense Gradius for my AR grips.

    Those angled grips only feel comfortable when you ‘spray n pray’ from the hip.

  9. I don’t think naming something after a medical condition of that nature is a good idea. I certainly would not have that at my store.

    • No, the grip is named after the Greek god, Priapus.

      So is the medical condition.

      You have a bit of a who came first, the cock or the egg thing going on here.

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