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Press release:

For the first time in its history, the Second Amendment Foundation today issued a “travel advisory” to firearms owners to avoid going to California, warning law-abiding armed citizens that their civil rights could be in jeopardy due to that state’s restrictive gun control laws.

“The California Legislature has been out of control for years when it comes to placing restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of honest citizens,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb observed. “Right now, I wouldn’t suggest to any gun owner that they even travel through the state, much less to it as their final destination.

“Lawmakers in Sacramento,” he continued, “either ignored or have forgotten that in 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court incorporated the Second Amendment to the states via the 14th Amendment in SAF’s landmark case of McDonald v. City of Chicago. The Second Amendment’s protection of the right to keep and bear arms applies to state and local governments, but they seem rather oblivious to that fact in the halls of California’s Legislature.”

Of particular concern to Gottlieb is the fact that California steadfastly refuses to recognize concealed carry licenses or permits from other states. The state’s restrictive laws literally leave residents and visitors defenseless.

“If you are licensed to carry in your home state,” he warned, “that license is not recognized in California. It doesn’t matter how many background checks you’ve gone through or whether you took a gun safety course. Your license is no good in the Golden State, which suggests that your safety and the safety of your family are of no concern to state lawmakers or city administrators. You could be prosecuted for having a gun for personal protection, or you might get killed because you didn’t.

“By not going to California,” Gottlieb said, “the life you save may be your own.”

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    • Yes, yes we are. Fortunately, Like a turtle, I carried my home on my back and was able to carry a firearm into CA legally. Hopefully, the famn damily got Universal Studios and Disneyland out of their system and I’ll never have to return, extended family be damned.

      I know the “people of the firearm” aren’t supposed to leave a brother behind, but CA has really got it out for gun owners. While I kid about the “PETA Empathy Centers” (we call them a “deli” where I’m from), CA is not only legally unfriendly to those of use who are “firearm enhanced”, but it goes out of it’s way to brainwash it’s residents to think the same way. I really don’t want any of these “people” (I hesitate to call them Americans for their abhorrence of personal freedom and liberty) moving to my state and fscking up a good thing. SJWs can have CA, but if you start pressing the rest of us who understand the value of personal liberty, we are going to let you know just how much we value our privacy and freedom. While CA might have population on it’s side, we’ve got a holy fsck-load of ammo we’ve been stocking up since 2008, and things are getting to the point where we’re willing to drop that surplus a bit.

    • Yea Scott. Isn’t that a hoot? They have to warn gun owners? As in Sales, I & many of my colleagues refuse to go to Mexifornia…The land of Chaos, discontent, & radical snowflakes. Too dangerous to go unarmed.. Hope they build a fence around it so they cannot infect the rest of the Country.

    • Yea Scott. Isn’t that a hoot? They have to warn gun owners? As in Sales, I & many of my colleagues refuse to go to Mexifornia…The land of Chaos, discontent, & radical snowflakes. Too dangerous unarmed.. Hope they build a fence around it so they cannot escape.

    • Jay….if you would EVEN need to go to Kalifornia you don need no passaporta..jes go through mehico… probleme’

  1. California has more respect for illegal aliens than legal carriers. That’s what happens when the inmates take over the asylum.

    • Usually your comments cause laughter. Wasn’t expecting straight truth.

      They do care more about illegals.

    • And the irony is that a significant percentage of those undocumented Democrats also don’t give a flying * about all of those California gun laws.

      Go figure.

    • Senate majority leader De Leon has admitted, in a speech opposing the Trump Administration’s efforts to deport illegals, that half of his family is here illegally. Many of the other legislators from the Los Angeles and San Diego areas represent largely Hispanic neighborhoods. So the bias and the sanctuary city laws are no surprise. Hell, a judge in LA got mad when ICE made a bust in “her” courthouse.

    • California relies heavily on illegal immigrants as cheap labor for agriculture, and produce picking. The land owners, majority of which are famers, vote in politicians that are sympathetic to their cause. Used to be the High Tech. Industry was King, but more and more have been moving out of state due to over environmental regulation. It appears, that they are trying to purify, and sanitize the whole state, that seams kind of ironic when you consider, they are the most progressive people, where morally anything goes.

    • Yep…Calexit they’re calling it. Have fun when your water and access to all the federal land ceases 🙂

      • As I recall from studying factual history rather than progressive history, when any state attempted to secede from the union, the union didn’t take it well. The rural portions of the state feel like the southern states must have felt when the federal government violated their states rights and invaded the south. The national loss of the west coast ports, agriculture, oil, livestock, minerals, and more would be unacceptable.

        It appears that the liberal progressives believe that they can secede the entire west coast (CA, OR, WA) from the union and establish their own national fascist state. Of course, to accomplish that, they feel they must disarm any possible resistance. A time may come in the not so distant future when a call may go out to patriots to follow the traditions of the defenders of the Alamo, and come to the aid of those patriots holding the line in the west.

        • “It appears that the liberal progressives believe that they can secede the entire west coast (CA, OR, WA) from the union and establish their own national fascist state.”

          As a member of the rest of the country (read, the ‘Union’), myself and a whole lot of other states would be just fine if they left the rest of the country. Seriously. Let them have their ‘Utopia’, where all civilian handguns are banned, and see how long they last. If they want water from out-of-state, it’s gonna cost them *plenty*.

          Let them build their little experiment…

        • I’m just looking forward to watching the sparks fly when all the icons of the left, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Finstein, Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, ALL OF THEM. Come out in opposition to this.

          And they will. The democrats really dont want to lose 55 electoral votes and more or less surrender the House of Representatives into the foreseeable future.

          Its going to be high comedy watching the republicans offer to “Free California” if thats what they want, and the oh so tolerant and ‘champions of freedom’ Democrats demanding that they stay in the union.

        • You mention Oregon and Washington, in your post. I live in Oregon. I know they have declared Portland OR a Sanctuary City. But I haven’t heard any talk of secession. Do you know that they are trying to do that? What can a person in one of these States do to stop it. The fact about Portland is disheartening to me, and the mention of secession is totally alarming. I’m 72 and have COPD, so I won’t be here much longer, but my kids, grands and great grands are her and I know they wouldn’t want to move. My Granddaughters house burnt down just a couple of weeks ago. They lost everything, including Guns and ammo. My son had his guns and ammo stored there also and lost it all. Plus there is no money to replace them. So that too is very worrying. Please tell me more about this secession business. Thanks.

      • Actually NO calexit is NOT on the ballot yet, they have to gather signatures and pass that thing by I think nearly 70% for it to pass on to the Feds, Then the states all 49 of them get to vote to agree and that one I think is 2/3 or better to pass…then US senate can shoot it down too?

        But its not happening…just in the news to sell airtime of paper’rags’

        edit added webpage for the rules??? event he state does not know?


          “The military resolution of the secession question was then given legal force by the U.S. Supreme Court in the 1868 case of Texas v. White. The Court ruled there that even Texas–an independent republic before it joined the Union in 1845–had no right to secede. “The Constitution,” the Court said, “in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union, composed of indestructible States.”

          “With respect to the possibility of secession by mutual agreement, we are left in much the same position that Americans in the first seven decades of the Union occupied with respect to unilateral secession: We must struggle to interpret the sounds of the Constitution’s silence.

          That conclusion in turn suggests that no court will likely answer the question–except perhaps in the way that the Supreme Court in Texas v. White gave its retroactive approval to the verdict of the Civil War battlefield. ”

          I’m still working on getting out of here. We may be de facto no longer part of the United States, but I don’t want to be trapped here when that goes to de jure.

      • Screw CalExit. Break it off and send it over to Japan. Or sell it to Mexico. Or sink it.

        I would enjoy some ocean side Nevada property.

      • Secession will never happen. It requires approval from the Federal Government, which is not about to put at risk all of the military facilities and manufacturing that goes on here. And as someone above noted, the DNC will never give up all of those electoral votes and house seats.

    • It is, and I’m voting for Calexit. More than once.

      No, I’m not a legal California voter, but everybody else is doing it so why can’t I?

    • While I would love to see California leave the union it’s not going to happen. Their economy is way too large and the US makes way too much money from them to just allow the state to leave.

      So no, sadly we will have to put up with their retarded Senators and crappy electoral votes until our dying days.

  2. Before hasseling gun owners, CA needs to de-ratify the U.S. Constitution, and secede. We’ll come kick their stupid asses and take our real estate back. And we’ll do it like Sherman.

  3. It’s a shame , the west coast is beautiful land it’s too bad, it’s funny the west coast is the closest to our enemies and should be reminded that Japan did invade U.S soil. Crazy reteric I know

  4. I would imagine the same is true for NJ as a number of Pennsylvania gun owners can attest. There’s are several states that have essentially read the second amendment out of the Bill of Rights, and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.

  5. This is one of the most important reasons the wife and I left California seven years ago. I’d lived there 30 years. She was a native Californian. But we saw where the state was going and opted to leave. One of the best decisions we ever made.

    We’re now very happy gun owners in Utah, a state that respects and treasures the Bill of Rights.

  6. Once California secedes, Mexico should take it back by force. I think 10 or so real men could probably do it, especially if they are armed with those scary rifles that have the “thingy that goes up”.

    • “Once California secedes, Mexico should take it back by force.”

      Why take it by force when they’ve already taken it by occupation?

      • California’s population is 39% “Hispanic”. Invasion is over.

        Think what a great place it would again be iif all those who arrived illegally, and their multigenerational offspring LEFT. They could go fix Mexico/Central/South America and in Ca the roads would be open and plenty of water to drink.

        • “California’s population is 39% “Hispanic”. Invasion is over.”

          And you can thank that FUking Regan for that! That old fart wrote a law the let in millions, but put on BALLS on enforcement!

          Then I will add my standard cut and paste below!

          I am posting this for those who post that think that California has given up on ever getting the illegals out of California

          — well we tried to end this crud, all the WAY BACK IN 1994 with California proposition 187 it passed by 60%. a big number to pass by in a non-presidential election year and by that size of a number allot of Latino/ Americans voted for it. look it up —( by the way 187 is the murder# in the police code book here)

          it basically stated once passed. No one who was not legally here could get a state service– any at ALLL!!!!!!! that even included education –no green card kiddy don’t go to school –(keep your dumb kid at home we don’t need to educate him/her on our dollar)

          ——-BUT—then the fed’s stepped in and said the whole law was unconstitutional and WE had to educate some other countries kids on our dollar


      • Doesn’t anyone read the opposition’s writings? La Raza has been preaching and teaching “Reconquista” for decades! Their plan has been to reoccupy, out populate and reconquer California.

  7. I boycott several states as I won’t financially contribute to those states. The states are California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. I will not spend money in those states. I enjoy traveling. I like to go out west skiing and hiking. But those states are off the list.

  8. I have a retired law enforcement ccw. That law notes that I can carry in any state or territory of the U.S. I can also carry in schools, non Federal courts, police stations and any location that puts out signs that say no guns allowed. The only places I cannot carry are Federal courts and buildings. The Federal law clearly states that no state can write laws changing this law. I would carry in California if I was there but would at the same time be concerned that this out of touch state would in some way violate this law like they do the Constitution and Bill of rights and try to make an issue out of it. I don’t have the money to fight such violations but would sue for billions the jurisdiction, county and state for violating the laws of the land if they did. I would then take the money and file as many law suits against their laws that I could on behalf of every citizen who exercises their 2nd amendment rights. Let them be on the defensive for years to come with every dime won from them going into to fight them more. Yes, it s a pipe dream but wouldn’t that be fun? Ah, to use their own money to cause them problems.

    • Some of us just are not as privileged as you are Sir. My 24 years serving MY country did not earn me the same. I’m just a dirt bag, government cash cow, serf, in the eyes of the overlords.
      I often think I made a mistake giving up my youth for THIS.

    • So you took the training, gave the serial number for your carry gun and forfeited your state issued permit? Not a wise choice. The only LEOs I know who took the federal permit were Feds.

  9. Living in this N Korea lite hell hole, I urge all Americans NOT to come to this POS state. Spend your money in free states that uphold the United States Constitution 24/7.

  10. Chiefton: Could you give citations for your “retired” LEO CCW and its immunity from prohibited carry locations?

    I loved landing in Seattle to travel down the west coast to my son’s base (Pendleton, at that time). However, WA State reciprocated my Florida CWP, but Oregon and California did not. Such beautiful country. But the “Immigration Reforms” of 1986 effectively gave Democrats those states.

    I hope they secede.

  11. California boycotts several states, the state government will not pay for employees to travel to those states which recognize civil rights as codified in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

    In turn, those states should refuse to send their employees to conventions and seminars in California. They can call it reciprocity.

  12. CalExit, along with NYExit, NJExit, and a few others might be a good thing in theory if the vote and decision were on a county by county basis. The US would then retain the water supply, farmland, natural resources, many tourist locations, and only lose the big city problems and attitudes. US would keep the Port of Long Beach and selected military bases or else bomb the rest into oblivion. This is good until you consider that the moment any of these secessions were to take place, the Chinese, Russians, and maybe even the North Koreans or Paki’s would immediately invade the new “countries”, and then we would have a real enemy on the doorsteps. They would just walk in unopposed because after all, weapons for self-defense are unnecessary, or maybe the “leadership” of the new “countries” would invite them in. In the next moment, they would arrest the gays, transies, drug dealers, and most of the politicians who invited them, subjecting them to the home countries’ “justice systems”, while stealing everything they could get their hands on.

    • Yeah, I’m sure Best Short Bus Korea or a tug-boat-powered Russian war fleet would roll right over the fifth largest world economy, which also has a on of military industrial capacity & bases (I assume we’d lose at least some to secession). China would seek to co-opt the nascent nation through economic influence, likely by buying up real estate and businesses, squeezing out the locals in the process while moving their people into positions of power…oh wait, they’re already doing that.

      No, the real solution is to firmly put down the rebellion with troops loyal to the federal government. Just like was done to the South by those gloating Yankee bastards, and just like was done in Little Rock over the objections of the governor to school integration. Arresting a mayor or AG or two for obstruction or even plain ol’ sedition, and overseeing local enforcement practices for a few decades is the proper cure. Of course, CA will have to surrender its right to determine state legislative jurisdictions for fifty years to prevent gerrymandering, since they can’t be trusted 😉

  13. I would never be welcomed in Comifornia because, 1.I’m white. 2. I’m a 2A supporter and republican. 3. I own too many guns and last but not least. 4. Im NOT an ILLEGAL ALIEN That has killed and raped and has been deported a gazillion times.

    • You sound like most of the people up here in Far Northern California and in the Central Valley. Pretty much everything north of Napa and Sonoma and east of the coastal range is mostly pro-gun.

  14. The little tit-for-tat with the NAACP goons is cute & all, but in what way is California a more hazardous place for gun owners than the east-coast strongholds of NYC, NJ, and DC? An errant dud shotgun shell won’t get you arrested (yet) in CA to the best of my knowledge…

    • Yeah, it’s a silly move. NJ will arrest you for hollow-point ammunition in addition to carry restrictions even heavier than CA. Plus they treat BB guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns, etc as firearms in terms of legality. Try and find THAT in California.

      Then there’s the NYC area where the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act apparently doesn’t apply and you can get locked up for trying to travel through the area from one place where you can legally possess a firearm to another.

      Oh, and I almost forgot about DC, which tries to base its gun laws around English restrictions and so much as having reloading parts might end up getting you time in the pokey?

      Yeah, CA ain’t even in the top 3. There are parts of California where you can get a carry permit, for one. If we bring Hawaii and Maryland into it CA doesn’t make the top 5.

  15. “…to firearms owners to avoid going to California”

    Yeah but the anti-gunners consider this a win. They didn’t want us there anyway.

  16. California,Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey and New York are all on travel watches for members of this household.

  17. Most of California will learn after they exit America where their electricity comes from when Utah turns the power off.
    Californians are “above” building thoses “dirty” power plants within its state borders.

  18. I love it whenever secession ideas come into play then the Statists rear their heads in force. It’s obvious that the tyranny inflicted on the citizens -whether disrespect for the right to bear arms or other rights – will never end because most of the citizens actually advocate for the tyranny.

    Not allowing States to peacefully secede is akin to saying that if your wife wants to divorce you then you have the right to use force to keep her in the marriage. If this is a disgusting thought on the personal level then it’s more disgusting on a national level. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans and Confederates were killed just to “prove” that the “Union” must be saved at all costs is just beyond sad.

    Even though we all call ourselves American I can tell you that most of us feel little to no kinship with people far away from our immediate locality. I do not feel any kinship with people from New Jersey or California. If they want to leave because they have ideas about living and governing that I don’t agree with, then fine. Doesn’t mean we can’t still live in relative peace.

    And if you’re still not convinced that Secession should be lawful and a peaceful process then you should probably go ask the Queen of England and their Parliament if they will pardon you for treason since, as an American, you have violated the terms of the Commonwealth of England just as our Forefathers did. The Declaration of Independence is no more of a binding document than if the Southern Confederacy wasn’t or if any other secession movement is null and void.

    But I fear that people would rather use force and coercive measures – tyranny – as always, to force their wills on people who do not want the same.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis, indeed.

  19. Born and raised in Sacramento. I chose to retire in Kentucky after over 21 years on active duty in the army. I haven’t been back to California in 17 years. Im a free black man living in a free state now.

  20. ” …your safety and the safety of your family are of no concern to state lawmakers…”-Nothing could be more true of this rogue state where the government in 2015 betrayed it’s own residents and abdicated some of their most crucial individual liberties to private industry when they passed SB277.

  21. I tend to stay out of communist and third world places (i.e.) california,washington,oregon,new york,illinois,and the district of columbia.I will go to dc when the time is right to help clear out the swamp. Hopefully sooner than later. Stand together and keep Your Powder Dry.

  22. When one has elected a ‘Brown Clown’ for Govenmanure, and the State is full of acting clowns, one must expect to be crapped upon by these monkeys when ever they can arrange an oink.

  23. Fuck California. It’s a piece of shit state anyway. It sucked when I went there for a week in April of 1993. And I’m sure it sucks now.
    They’re a bunch of no good pieces of motherfucken shit in the left state anyway.

  24. I agree that California laws prefer illegal immigrants to legal gun owners/carriers from other states. And I live in California. As much as I disagree with many California laws, as long as particulars to the exercise of the 2nd Amendment about carrying guns is a prerogative of individual states, the rest of the U.S. will have to respect California’s decision as Californians should/must respect those of other states they visit. Immigration on the other hand is not an issue governed by individual states but by federal laws and thus existing federal laws should be enforced. Illegal immigration is illegal even if called undocumented and thus should be treated the same as any illegal activity. Its perpetrators should be punished and then expelled with repeat offenders jailed under such conditions and length of time that would deter repeat tries. Those who provide assistance to illegal immigrants before, during, or after the fact, be it by providing jobs, lodging, sanctuary, or other assistance should be prosecuted and punished.

  25. I also, besides not buying products, do not go to movies, make a list of advertisers, etc. It can be time consuming, but so will a Civil War.

  26. “….laws literally leave residents and visitors defenseless.” If I’m ‘forced’ into Kalifornication, I WILL be armed. My short credo reads: I will obey no man-made law that would deny me my “God Given Right” to self-defense, of myself or mine, by ANY appropriate means, ANYWHERE! I refuse to voice the same lament of my hero, Dr. Susanna Hupp in her testimony before congress:

    Pay particular attention for who/whom she blames for her parent’s deaths.

  27. As a gun owner in California, it is almost impossible to keep up with the laws coming out of Sacramento and try to remain legal. Many are simply choosing to ignore laws that take away our freedoms and create illegality out of thin air(read the brains of our state legislators) who have no clue as to what the people really want unless it fits within their own personal agenda and they then will do everything to make it happen.
    We are a State that has been unlucky enough to have foisted upon the rest of the Nation the likes of Feistien, Boxer and Pelosi to our everlasting regret.
    We can only ask forgiveness from our fellow countrymen and hope that if Calexit were to happen, the Feds would step in and we could exist under Federal law which would be a huge improvement.

  28. California: The Land of Fruits and NUTS! I’ve only driven through there one time and got out of the state as quickly as I could. Nothing in this State but disease, ridiculous High Taxes, ridiculous prices on everything and More Illegal Aliens than you can shake a stick at!

    Nope, no reason for me to go there. If I can’t take my guns with me, then California doesn’t get any of my travel dollars!

    I would like to see California secede from America!

  29. So glad you don’t want to come and defile our wonderful state of California. With your lack of concern for SAFETY, we don’t want you here! We don’t want idiots shooting innocent people in movie theaters, schools, shopping malls, churches, etc. Just keep your weapons of mass destruction away from us.


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