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Shocking, I know. A mainstream media news organization “investigates” Chicago’s “gun violence” and focuses on firearms (video below). During the course of her “investigation,” CBS’s suitably ethnic reporter asks a drive-by of gang bangers an important question: why are you guys packing heat? And got the answer above: protection.

News flash! Chicago gang bangers use guns to protect themselves against rival gang bangers. Not to mention the fact that they use guns for their “work”: robbery, extortion, prostitution and drug sales. Literally. CBS’s ace reporter Adriana Diaz doesn’t mention the fact that gang bangers use firearms to commit crime.

Truth not be told, Ms. Diaz’ story portrays armed thugs as reluctant gunslingersfirearms-averse folks who tool-up purely out of defensive necessity. “They actually told us they hate guns,” Ms. Diaz asserts. Her evidence: a gang member who says he’s only packing heat until he can move his family into a higher tax bracket.

Armed gang members as victims? That’s hardly a new idea amongst the left-leaning mainstream media, which likes to portray everyone as a victim of something. (Except for the stories where someone overcomes the odds to transition from victim to survivor.)

It’s the Oprahization of news: information workers pimping emotion above rational analysis, appealing to a highly uneducated audience. Soothing them with a simple message: whatever’s wrong in your life, it’s not your fault.

Guns don’t cause “gun violence” — any more than knives cause “knife violence.” Gun control laws don’t stop bad guys — yes bad guys — from getting gats. Two pieces of data that don’t compute if you’re a media maven selling victimology to the masses.

And yet the NRA’s “Refuse to Be A Victim” classes have never been so popular. Go figure.

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    • The common factors are that they are from single parent, raised by the mother only, families. The father was replaced by a government welfare check. And the progressives who support gay marriage like it that way.

      • Chris I was following you and thinking “this guy makes sense and all is good—”

        Then the last sentence came out of NOWHERE and right into “The Twilight Zone!”

        • bobo
          I find it amazing how so many people support gay marriage and also support the Welfare Industrial Complex. Progressives both gay and straight, all say the traditional family structure is not necessary to raise children. And they support a government intervention system that destroys the natural interaction men and women have when they form a family and have children.

          These same people also support gun free zone public housing projects. And the same people also say a single woman with children does not need a gun. I understand holding these hypocrites accountable make some people uncomfortable. I know its not politically correct.
          If you like I can name some elected open and proud homosexual politicians who hate liberty.
          And you can name some elected open homosexual politicians who support liberty.

    • I know the answer! They are all black. What do I win?

      Also I was raised by a single Mom. At no point did Mom hand me a Mac 10 and balaclava and tell me to run outside and play.

    • Yes. That the Bell Curve is real, and that some large groups of people are genetically predisposed to substantially lower IQ’s.

  1. Funny but I just watched a preview on the local CBS news. HOMIE does play DAT’…the TEC 9 was particularly hilarious 🙂

  2. An adult regards a Roman nude sculpted in marble and sees high art; a child sees pornography.

    The same is true respectively for the initiated and the uninitiated regarding a firearm. The difference is experience, and I might dare say maturity.

  3. Shocking that a main stream media outlet would “report” (opine) like this. Sadly the non-critical thinking types that consume this stuff will take to it like it was from the burning bush.

  4. I can’t believe they couldn’t find one Old Fat White Guy from the NRA to blame. Or, just blame all of them.

    They’re slipping.

    • They’re confused and still trying to get their bearings since the NRA’s spokes”person” has suddenly become a young, trim white woman. Go Dana!

  5. Come on people, we know guns don’t kill people … It’s usually the bullets that do it.

    Re hating guns, that sounds like hating your old, beat up, unreliable gas guzzler .. more or less what I’m told the typical gang-banger’s gun is like. It’s a lot easier to appreciate something that’s well taken care of and reliable, especially if you take the trouble to learn how to use and care for it properly.

  6. Just a bunch of knuckle dragging punk kids. None of them is man enough to show his face. with any luck they continue to kill each other before they procreate. My only question is why aren’t these so called reporters being arrested for harboring fugitives and contributing to the delinquency of a minor?

    • “With any luck they continue to kill each other before they procreate.”

      Inasmuch as they appear to be over age 12 they have already procreated, most of them more than once. Your tax dollars are supporting their progeny and baby mamas.

  7. “CBS on Chicago “Gun Violence”: It’s All About the Gun!”

    CBS on Chicago “Gun Violence”: It’s All About CHICAGO! – there fixed it for ya.

    enough of the “we’re F’d up, we need to fix you” routine. E N O U G H.

    WE KNOW: you’re the problem; that you hate and distrust the people of IL and your city; those people live up to your hate and distrust; you can’t control them; they are purposely evading your control; you like the fact that they are a problem as you deem it to be a means and nexus for attacking us; FU means UFU or Go F yourself; you’re a huge problem wrapped up in a piss ant little patch of real estate in a moderate to small state.

  8. Why didn’t the CBS Newswoman just call in the ATF? I mean, at the very least these “gentlemen of the street” likely owe some registration, background check and FOID fees. After all, this is Chicago: No telling how many felony charges are on the tape.
    I mean, if they really wanted to do some investigative reporting they could’ve also checked to see if these repeat felons were registered to vote. In fact, I bet these gentlemen’s street drug dealing businesses don’t even report revenues properly to the IRS.
    Clearly, CBS reporters are just lazy and have no real concern for Public Safety. In the final analysis, they’re not even very good statists.

  9. “That’s hardly a new idea amongst the left-leaning mainstream media, which likes to portray everyone as a victim of something,” unless you are a “cisgendered” white male gun owner, in which case you are almost certainly guilty of something like racism, homophobia, penis envy, Bible thumping and repressed rage that is on the verge of erupting.


  10. “why are you guys packing heat? And got the answer above: protection.”

    Me too!

    Just because I don’t have a huge scar and I’m white, is that any reason why some lamebrain mainstream reporterette twit shouldn’t metaphorically fellate me?

    That’s racist!

  11. a gang member who says he’s only packing heat until he can move his family into a higher tax bracket.

    Of course, he can’t accomplish that until he moves enough product and knocks over a few more mom and pop stores owned by his neighbors. Then pimps out young girls who may be related to him since he has no way of knowing whose children are whose in his neighborhood… and, depending on his age, for all he knows they may even be his own daughters but it doesn’t matter. These thugs are just one step out of the jungle and living like some African war lords soldiers. They are predatory animals. Mad dogs which the lefties condone and pamper. One of these days one of those rabid dogs will bite you Rahm. kinda like when Bill Ayers created a radical arm of the Students for a Democratic Society which he called the Weather Underground. His own girlfriend died enroute to plant bombs to kill people, proving that karma does exist!

  12. The irony is that the liberals are calling for revolt and violent resistance and the conservatives are the one that have all the guns! I haven’t see any conservatives getting worried about the liberal’s revolutionary rhetoric!

    • To add to that, very few if any of these almost exclusively white, male, suburban man-children calling themselves ANTIFA — then ironically acting exactly like the jackboots they’re pretending to fight — have the courage of the their convictions to die for their beliefs. Hell, most of them can’t take, or even throw, a good punch or kick. Let alone have the willingness to take a slug and keep going. The discombobulated Bernie-bot losing his marbles on the GOP in Virginia notwithstanding (and still killing no one with an allegedly modernized surpuls rifle in 7.62x39MM might I add), most of them crumble and flee at the slightest sign of resistance if they can’t simply overwhelm their chosen target with shear weight of numbers.

      Which is why it is only prudent that, whenever and wherever possible, carry on your person a modern, high-capacity pistol in no smaller a caliber than 9x19MM, with at least one spare magazine — at a bare minimum — should they try to overwhelm you.

      Just look at any video of them encountering the police or more surly conservative counter-protestors that actually put up a fight. They scream things like “pussy” or “coward,” but, then run away as fast as their skinny little legs can carry them should they meet any real opposition after preparing to gang up on one or two people in ratios observed at least as high as 10 or 12:1. Even if you don’t end up hitting any of them (Heaven forbid!), the sudden sound and fury is quite likely to break them up. Even brain-dead Dumbass-o-KKKrats don’t want to get shot.

  13. When one of the featured youths gets murdered or arrested for murder, the family should sue CBS for not getting the guns away from them. CBS was aiding and abetting and has very deep pockets.

  14. Can’t be fixed. Well maybe if we strip ALL freedom and liberty from the law abiding. Then the lefty progressive control freaks will have total control. Right?

  15. Just humor me a moment while I conflate 2 separate issues. I’m sure none of us like what we see in this video and the many more like it. I used to be militantly pro-life. Can you imagine what our country would look like, criminally and politically, if abortion and Planned Parenthood didn’t exist? Can you imagine all the unwanted babies born into homes of Liberal Terrorists™? And what of the 50 million black babies aborted? For me personally, the 2 most important organizations in America are the NRA and Planned Parenthood. Give till it HURTS.

    • Sounds like you’ve read “Freakonomics”. The 2-3 pages devoted to abortion changed my outlook very dramatically, along the same lines you just pointed out!


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