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Reader Craig M. writes:

This is a grand escalation of the “feel good” propaganda by the anti-gun folks. Not only are they “doing something” by removing 700 non-functional firearms from society, now they are going to melt them into “Peace Bricks” (or is it piece bricks?) and put them around the city, spreading messages of peace. And to make sure that they leave no emotional string left un-tugged, they are involving the children in creating those messages . . .

While this will probably make those involved feel good, the rest of the community is wondering why they are wasting their time. I’m sure criminals and evil-doers will stop, reflect and change their ways after coming across one. After reflecting on how they traded incriminating evidence at a buy-back for a $100 Amazon gift card.

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    • Probably fake or inoperable. I love when they show these on the news like it was some major catch, as if someone actually had the capability to knock an aircraft out of the air, but decided to turn it in for a prepaid visa card.

    • Shown – a collection of “evil assault weapons” we pulled out of the police evidence locker and attributed to the buy back.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s an awfully convenient assortment that they’re displaying.

        • My thoughts exactly. Even a full-fledged libtard ought to realize that an operational stinger missile has a whole lot more street value than a hundred bucks on a gift card. Ditto for a mini-14 and the other weapons shown. Unless they were used in a crime – then getting rid of them “no questions asked” makes perfect sense.

        • An inoperable Stinger has more street value than that.

          I’ve made shoulder-launched weapons for fun (not in the last thirty years) but a Stinger is better.


  1. Most of these guns have to be props the local police gave them for a photo shoot right? Who turns in (what appears to be) a fully functional AR15 for $100? And can anyone ID those 3 guns with the very large drum mags on them on the table in the far right background?

    • Sad part on the AR15 with the upper and style of hand guards it looks like one of the first versions the public could own 70’s era. Also seen an ak under folder and ruger mini 14, No one in there right mind would turn these in for $100. Still debating what 3 with the drum Mags could be. I bet they doctor the pic with a few rifles from an evidence locker or personal collection, If they were turned in for 100$ I bet they have become someone’s new personal collection

      • “Still debating what 3 with the drum Mags could be.”

        My bet is police CS (tear gas)/beanbag launchers.

        • Street Sweepers. Similar to Saiga 12 shotgun.

          The corrupt and idiotic ATF declared Street Sweepers Class III. I don’t know how Saiga 12’s escaped this classification too, since they are the same thing but not with a fixed drum. You can put a detachable drum on the Saiga 12 though.

        • Being a student from that area, I submitted a quote. Here’s my email:

          Mayor McGinn,

          While I am currently studying in Portland, OR, I was raised in the greater Seattle area, and when I heard about your “Weapons to Words” gun buyback program, I knew that I absolutely had to contribute. Having been very active in the gun control debate, I have very strong feelings about the issues here. So, I would like to submit this quote from one of the most inspirational pacifists and resistance leaders I know.

          “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

          Thank you, and give your security detail a hug for me.

          Political Science, B. A.

    • I am positive that they are because there were gun guys all over the place at that stupid little mess. They bought up damn near anything worth having.

      Sure there were a few folks who genuinely wanted to see their guns destroyed, but most were there for money and cold cash spoke louder than an Amazon gift card.

      I wish I could have been one of those buyers, but I didn’t take the day off work.

      • What is the one right behind the rocket launcher? Almost looks like a STEN or something.

        • That be a Sten. Whether it’s the real deal or a replica is hard to tell from the photo.

    • They appear to be street sweeper shot guns.37mm bean bag and smoke grenade launchers are available without a 4473 form because they are not classified as a firearm or weapon.

  2. Life imitates Animal House.

    “We gotta take these bastards. Now, we could fight ’em with conventional weapons. That could take years and cost millions of lives. Oh no. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

  3. call me skeptical. How do we really know all the guns end up melted down, and some are not just put back on the streets via corrupt cops?

  4. I wonder how many of these “peace bricks” will end up thrown
    through windows by burglars or used to assault people with
    during a mugging?

    • Ha you “beat” me too it when all the guns are gone criminals will the “peace” bricks to break and enter the defenseless victims homes to rob and kill them

    • Am I wrong in the impression they are going to put these into sidewalks, or some such?

    • Ya beat me to it…except I was going to say, “Peace bricks that the local fauxgressives and hipster anarchists can crowbar up and throw at local businesses and public buildings on May 1 and 5. While the city fathers tsk, but don’t do a thing to stop them. Coz, ya know, that’d violate their First Amendment Rights.”

      • I was thinking “Is it wrong for me to think it would be funny if someone used one of these peace bricks to bash someone’s head in?”

  5. Wonder what the grabbers would say if someone was beaten to death with one of these bricks?

  6. I’ll buy a brick and have it inscribed, “WHAT A F***ING WASTE!”

    Most likely will live a second life as a weapon, being thrown through a BofA window by some “Occupy Seattle” type.

  7. Those street sweeper drum shotguns are destructive devices and require $200 tax stamp to transfer – they just let 3 felons walk out with $100 bucks and a stay out of jail card….

  8. Is it sick and wrong that I would laugh my ass off should a sack of “peace bricks” be used to beat someone?

  9. And yet if someone gets murdered by a “peace brick” you know they’ll include it in the stats of people killed by guns…

    • People here in Seattle get really into recycling… but this overboard.

      As others have noted, most of these weapons could have made more money for the city by being auctioned off instead of melted down…

      Or at least they could made the bricks into “JUSTICE BRICKS”… given to victims of violent crime, who get to throw the brick at the criminals who hurt them…

  10. I had hoped to see a pressure cooker on the table, but noooo. Just no respect for the poor lowly pressure cooker, Randy

    • Well of course not, they had to trade in the guns to get the Amazon card to BUY the pressure cooker with…:) tick…tick…BOOM!

  11. Yep. The Seattle idiots are at it again. I remember someone on here saying that Washington is a good state for gun rights. It is not, not really. Yes, we have rights but only because those the wrote the state constitution made it extremely difficult to take our rights away. If they present government could, they would for certain. They are even working on changing the constitution to allow local governments to make laws restricting guns. I don’t think they will succeed but they continue to try.

    Right now we have what is now called shall issue concealed carry and have had it for at least a half a century that I know of. We have always had open carry. This all irritates the gun control crowd. Why? I have no idea. It is just a belief with the them.

    Washington has a murder rate of 2.2 per 100,000. British Columbia, Canada, the darling of the gun control people has a murder rate between 1.8 and 2.5 per 100,000, essentially the same. Well except when you compare European ethnics. Then Washington has a much lower rate.

    The state to the east of us, Idaho, also borders BC and has a murder rate of 1.4 to 100,000 despite having a gun ownership rate of over 55%. Guns are not the problem. The problem is one that no one wants to talk about.

    • Took me all of an hour and $60 (or $70? can’t remember) to get my permit right here in deepest darkest Seattle. Came in the mail less than 30 days later.

      Yes, some people would like to change that, but as it is, WA is pretty damn gun friendly

      • Unless they charged you a weird surcharge or something, it was $52.50.

        Lifelong (pretty much) Seattle resident here. I’m newish to guns, as I’ve been really serious about them for the past couple years, since my brother got me hooked. I really love Washington’s gun laws and I really hope we can preserve and expand on them. And yes, I realize the primary task in that fight is resisting stupid ideas out of Seattle.

    • Jim, gun rights in WA are delineated by the state constitution and its strong pre-emption clause. But gun rights are won, retained, and also lost, in daily praxis and moments or situations of specific conflict.

      We fight for RKBA at two levels: how the rights are legally constituted, and how the rights are able to be exercised, or stolen, by those who don’t think the right should exist. You are correct that despite WA’s strong constitution of the legal RKBA, there are many anti-gun people wanting to take away both the legal constitution of that right, and the practice of it.

      Still, there is what there is: many strong RKBA people in WA, and many of them in western WA and the Puget Sound, including Seattle. We would hear more from the more liberal ones if they were made to feel welcome in places like TTAG, rather than attacked. And this would strengthen the daily practice of legally constituted and protected RKBA.

      Unfortunately many people prefer to sacrifice RKBA to petty bipolar-disordered party politics, for the thrill of it, by refusing to build allegiances and alliances, and by refusing to give and take in a way that evolves viewpoints. A lot of people still care more about bipolar pissing matches than they do about doing whatever it takes to welcome all adherents of the strongest possible 2A viewpoints.

      And the fact is, if people incline toward considering a 2A viewpoint, but need to be brought along and their thinking evolved/developed, that requires give and take, not just a series of (let’s face it, elitist) put downs.

      This ugly social and political dynamic was implanted in the 1960s by the corporate media and academic elites. Whether people adhere to it seems to be generational. From what I see each day, a lot of Gun Culture 2.0 young folks are sick of the whole arena of Stooge-slapfest that passes for politics. The problem is, if no one will talk to them but the left foundation corporate media–with its Euro-globalizer top-down agenda that detests American culture and individual freedoms–they are likely to adopt those talking points as their own. They are likely to conclude that many RKBA/2A people are motivated primarily by emotional hysterics rather than reason…and they wouldn’t be wrong.

      • Well Tama, I do talk to them, one at a time. I think I have converted a few or maybe they are just sick of hearing from me and instead of arguing just nod in agreement. I’m not sure.

        No, really, you can convert intelligent people with facts. Most are unaware that gun crime and murders in general have dropped dramatically in the US. The murder rate varies from state to state but ours here in Washington is not that bad, really comparable to British Columbia which the antis are always holding up as an example. Ours is pretty steady at 2.2 per 100,ooo whereas BC has a rate that varies year to year from 1.8 to 2.5. Essentially the same. These are facts that can be presented and are difficult to argue against. People that are open are willing to listen.

        It has always been bewildering to me why the Left is so anti-gun and so pro all the other rights. Well, it isn’t bewildering. I know the reason but it isn’t logical. People can be converted but it is an effort. How many women do you know in Seattle that are pro-2nd Amendment? They are as rare as proverbial hen’s teeth.

        Washington state is very left, at least Seattle is. This isn’t an accident. It was a plan by the far left to take over a state and they tried in the 1930s. At that time Washington was the only state sending wheat to the USSR which led to the saying the 47 states and the Union of Soviet Washington. There is still a bit of that here and for some reason the Left does not want the people armed. Well I guess we know the reason. “It’s for the children.” Yeah, right.

  12. Heh.

    They’ll have a good old time melting down the combination of steel and aluminum.

  13. I followed the link, and see that the brick program is sponsored. SO I’m taking it that the cost of melting these firearms down into bricks, molding whatever sayings they want into them AND installation are all paid for by sponsor money, no taxpayer funds at all? Except of course the police manhours to collect all these “evil weapons of terror”. And when did Amazon gift cards become the currency of the land? I’ve got a small stash of junk broken firearms that I’ve been hanging onto, waiting for a buyback in my area so I can get cash money. I don’t want Amazon gift cards. If I have to take gift cards, at least make it Walmart, so I can get ammo or a new shotgun or something else useful.

  14. Funny thing is I’m trying to move to Seattle because it’s still a heck of a lot less restrictive then MD is.

    • Much freer, and the more gun friendly people who move here and vote, the better our chances of keeping it that way.

    • Don’t move to Seattle proper… move to one of the surrounding ‘burbs. Less lunacy, and the commute isn’t that bad (of course, it depends on your frame of reference). Seriously, I lived in Seattle for like 3 years or so… got out of the city limits as soon as I could, and will never live back inside them ever again.

  15. hmm, the AR15 has a bayonet lug, the one I owned way back when didn’t and it was before the AWban. And I do believe I see a sten or lookalike peeking out from behind the manpad. What no Thompsons? Pikers.

    • Nobody but me says “piker” anymore.

      And by God that IS a STEN! They might as well melt down my 19th century Oliver typewriter.

      Fu<king morons melting down history.

      • I can present a ’60’s Underwood 5. Lovely device once you hit the rhythm.
        The Truth About Typewriters…omg, I can feel the hits…

  16. On a side note whats the cheapest firearm out there somebody could flip to buy even more gun stuff out of spite ?

  17. They should put the bricks into two vertical bricks wide 3.5 foot tall pillars placed at random in the middle of the city’s sidewalks, symbolic markers of the children no longer with us

    (See what I did there?)

  18. … now they are going to melt them into “Peace Bricks” (or is it piece bricks?) …

    Both wrong. It’s Pieces of Shit bricks. In my humble opinion.

    One of the many upsides of the Federal Reserve finally tanking the dollar by “printing” too many of them will be the end of crap like this.

  19. I believe in recycling, so I’m gonna buy me one of them peace bricks, melt it down and make a gun.

  20. haha, yea, I have several non functional pistols I’m just waiting to trade in. I need to beat some Amazon gift cards into swords.

  21. I smell BS. Who the world turns in what appears to be a Colt SP-1 for a $100 giftcard? Not to mention an underfolder and some other nice stuff. I call BS on this one.

    • Petty thugs who obtained them illegally and don’t know their worth just trying to make a quick buck.

  22. I may buy a 3D printer. I could then print dozens of POS guns that I can sell to the government for $100 each no questions asked. Hell maybe the government can save money and pay me only $25 for each gun I don’t print.

  23. Can I make fake IED’s and turn them in for $100 a pop? I’m going to head to the thrift shop.

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