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I like how they designed it to encourage a “yes” decision. The “no” target was a tiny steel plate, but the “yes” target was a MASSIVE IPSC silhouette. But far be it from me to discourage anyone from stacking the deck.

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  1. I liked that!!!! Nice to see folks with a sense of humor, enjoying the shooting sports AND the comradery of fellow shooters. Definitely 2 thumbs UP!

  2. On a different note, would have been funny if she shot the yes plate, and then did a mag dump on the no plate.

  3. What a great video. I suggest someone from the NRA get permission from the new couple to use it for positive messaging. Remember, the gun grabbers are 100% emotion driven. This video shows them that we’re real people that simply like guns.

  4. Mine was the best. Unless you ask my wife, in which case I totally screwed it up.

    congrats to the happy couple.

  5. I was really nervous that she would turn and cover the crowd when she saw the sign, but she showed excellent discipline – a keeper.

  6. There’s a point no one has mentioned – an unintended consequence, as ’twere.

    This video is unflinchingly sweet and heart-warming – big hearts on display, demonstrative of community and positive values, et cetera.

    It also takes place at a range, among an obviously wholesome crowd representing multiple genders, age groups and ethnicities.

    In short, it’s a first-rate PR video – largely because it probably wasn’t trying to be.

    This should be promoted and linked FAR AND WIDE. Something like this is worth a thousand facts and statistics.

    I’m off to spread the word; later, dudes…

  7. Awwwww … I love a happy ending. Great video, great way to propose. ABSOLUTELY should be forwarded to the NRA/SAF/etc to use in ads. Tug the ol’ heartstrings, amigos!

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