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We’ve documented the efforts by New York state lawmakers to get microstamping (along with other feel-good gun control measures) enacted there, as well as the threats by gunmakers to “reconsider their commitment” to New York if the expensive-but-useless legislation is passed. Companies like Remington and Kimber would have plenty of incentive to look elsewhere if they’re required to re-tool to keep their manufacturing operations in the Empire State. But somehow the prospect of losing as many as 2000 good-paying jobs hasn’t made much of an impression on New York’s gun-grabber community . . . reports that residents of Ilion, home to Remington, are naturally concerned by the prospect of cutbacks at the town’s largest employer. Remington’s been a unique bright spot in the upstate economy. Unlike the overall decline in manufacturing jobs in the area,

“Not only have they stayed, but they’ve grown,” said John Scarano, the executive director of the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce. He added that the jobs at the plant were “not minimum-wage jobs — they’re good jobs,” and, indeed, many of the job postings on Remington’s Web site recently were for skilled engineering positions.

But none of that cuts much ice with the disarm-at-all-costs crowd. They’re taking a ‘let them eat cake’ approach to the prospect of more unemployed upstaters.

Advocates of tighter gun laws are unsympathetic, accusing Remington and others of using the threat of layoffs to give themselves leverage against state lawmakers. The proposed microstamping law would require that the technology be used only on semiautomatic pistols sold to consumers in New York State, not all of the guns they make in the state.

“I think it’s ridiculous for them to argue that they would leave New York,” said Jackie Hilly, the executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, a group that wants microstamping. “Look, frankly, if we really want to keep jobs in New York, let’s invest more money in yogurt,” she added, referring to one of the state’s growing industries.

We’re sure New Yorkers Against Gun Violence will step right up and be among the first to contribute to cover the cost of retraining unemployed metal fabricating workers for their new lives in the dairy industry.

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  1. “We’re sure New Yorkers Against Gun Violence will step right up and be among the first to contribute to cover the cost of retraining unemployed metal fabricating workers for their new lives in the dairy industry.”

    Dairy industry? Cows make methane, they are helping to destroy our planet! Oh save the children!!! More likely these folks will be reduced to being part time greeters at the local Walmart.

  2. Her face reminds me of an obnoxious, arrogant, and dumb wxnch I tolerate when I go occasionally to the local Rabbi’s house for a shabbos meal on Saturday.

      • Mentioning an obnoxious person the pic reminds me of or going there in the first place? I go there because I crave the ethnic food occasionally (especially the fish and the side salads) and I do like a few of the guests who also show up. The uncontrolled children there have at times literally given me a headache and stressed-me-out more than the Drill Sargents at Fort Benning’s Airborne School. Those guys were easy to tolerate.

        • Yea the drills at Ft Benning for basic, airborne and sniper school were pretty tough and hard to put up with at times but there was a great lesson being taught behind all of the stress and hyper activity!!!
          Made you grow up, or grow up even more!!
          Aug 19th 1981- Jan 22 1982 @ Ft Benning for basic and jump school.
          1986-Ranger School
          1987-other schools

        • speedracer5050,

          I was at Benning from June thru September 1980 for Basic/Infantry (B-1-1 Sand Hill) and Jump School. After that went to Bragg for the SF QC. I went thru about two months of pre-phase SF training and then my allergies and asthma kicked in so much they pulled me out and sent me off to Intel Analysis training. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. 🙂

  3. Some of the guys at my local range work at Kimber’s Yonkers plant, or have spouses that do.
    From what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty good place to work…

  4. as that pit bull of politics, james carvill observed, it’s all about the economy. let the grabbers be on the side of destroying jobs in these hard times. every little nail in their coffins adds up.

  5. Look, frankly, if we really want to keep jobs in New York, let’s invest more money in yogurt.

    And the stupidity bar in this state has, once again, been raised to heights previously thought impossible.

    “Airhead” doesn’t begin to describe it.

  6. Maybe Remington, Kimber and others will tell the NYC politicians to stick it up their a$$ and head south for the better climes.
    At least down here we all pretty well could use the jobs and it would definitely be a much more gun friendly environment!!!
    I really do hate the thought of anyone losing their jobs in this economy but there is only so much they should have to put up with.
    Besides it is fairly apparent that NYC only cares about the almighty dollar that Remington and others bring in so pi$$ on them and take your money where I will be appreciated much more than it is now.

    • We’ve got a plant or two sitting nearly empty here that might be a good candidate for retooling and bringing jobs into the area. The appliance manufacturer here shut down not all that long ago, and all that’s left is a minimal skeleton crew (that I assume is to take care of the remaining paperwork and inventory equipment.)

      We’d Welcome them.

  7. There’s plenty of open space available for new factories in Georgia. We’d be more than happy to welcome Remington, Kimber, Colt, Springfield, Smith & Wesson and any other manufacturer who would rather build their wears where people actually appreciate them. We’ll welcome the employees and their families too. For those employees who don’t want to relocate, there’s plenty lining up to take their spots.

  8. I’m pro-yogurt, especially high protein Greek yogurt, but anti dipshit gun laws. I’ll offend the Bloomberg crowd with actual truth whenever I get the opportunity. Standing my ground against additional dumb laws in CA takes my first priority, but I feel for Chicago and NY. And for those damn NYPD triggers.

    • Buy a case of yogurt and get a gift certificate for a Remington! That would make em pop a vein wouldn’t it lol

  9. How about letting us choose? This person wants more yoghurt, but even with that product, my choices are guided by statists. Ever try to find full-fat yoghurt in a typical grocery store? For her kind, it’s all about limiting genuine choice, but putting the same old glop in shiny packages that all look different.

  10. Frankly, I’m disappointed Remington and Kimber are staying as-is. The gun community has to treat its enemies like the mental children they are, and that means making them face consequences, like loss of jobs and economic strength.

    • Well NYC might be the “enemy” but the workers who work hard for Kimber and Remington aren’t. It would be cool to pick up the whole town and move it. Every last one of them to somewhere else. Then double the size of the factory to add to the job pool. That would do a lot of good and tell NYC to stuff it!

      • I agree. If the employees were the problem, they’d find their way out the door either by themselves, or for doing stupid things in protest of what they helped make. (Those who shut up and tolerate it for the money, well, they must not be too anti… there may be a chance to show them the light.)

  11. Remember that Para-Ord was chased out of Toronto by David Miller, taking good-paying jobs and tax revenues to North Carolina.

  12. I’m willing to wager that this woman just doesn’t care; in fact, I’ll wager that she’d actually like to see the people that work in these factories loose their jobs because they work for a gun company. They don’t see these jobs as “good jobs,” they see these jobs, and the people in them, as something criminal.

  13. Move to Ohio where Gov Kasich has cut the state deficit from 8 billion dollars to a $500,000 surplus in our rainy day fund. Ohio has moved from 46 in job creation to number 4. All without raising taxes.

  14. Everyone should realize that the Micro-Stamping farce is really an effort to put every legitimate firearms dealer in NY out of business. It won’t have a negative effect on Bloomberg’s Black Market.
    But if it is illegal to sell a new gun in NY unless it is micro-stamped and no one is willing to invest the millions it would cost to retool and completely disrupt their assembly process to make/sell a few hundred guns a year the result is no Legal Dealers. You can hear them already, “I can’t imagine why there is no Legal Place to buy a gun in New York”.

  15. There is an AL smelting plant sitting empty on the shore of the Columbia River just begging for someone to love her again. Go west (towards liberty) young man, go west!

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