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[Madison County Sheriff Buddy] Harwood acknowledged that people might have concerns about AR-15s being located in school, but he argued that it would be safer on the whole.

“I hate that we’ve come to a place in our nation where I’ve got to put a safe in our schools, and lock that safe up for my deputies to be able to acquire an AR-15. But, we can shut it off and say it won’t happen in Madison County, but we never know,” he said.

Harwood continued: “I want the parents of Madison County to know we’re going to take every measure necessary to ensure our kids are safe in this school system. If my parents, as a whole, want me to stand at that door with that AR strapped around that officer’s neck, then I’m going to do whatever my parents want as a whole to keep our kids safe.”

— Chloe Folmar in North Carolina county putting AR-15s in every school for security

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  1. speaking of marketing… If its good enough for police as a defense firearm its good enough for the ordinary law abiding citizen as a defense firearm.

    • Yep! They had a stern armed cops. roam the hallways of my son’s HS 10 years ago. Saw him kick a young bucks azz outside of the school. The punk was bigger than him too…oh yeah home school now!

      • A few years ago in Dixon, Illinois a student came into the school during graduation rehearsal with the intention of shooting up the place. Fortunately the school Resource Officer was able to confront him and after an exchange of gunfire. The Resource Officer shot him and ended the threat. The perp survived, but is spending time in a mental facility until he his deemed fit for trial. Good Guy with Gun (law enforcement) Stopped Bad Guy with Gun,

        • What if the good with the guy wasn’t there?

          Why can’t we let kids carry? Everyone just laughs at me and thinks gun control for kids is ok.

          Gun control is gun control, and it’s wrong and it’s unconstitutional

        • Chauvin was a dick but Floyd was an assbag that died of a fentanyl OD, not all cops are Chauvins, not all black people are George Floyds. Anyone with a gun that stops some fuckbag with a gun from killing a bunch of kids with a gun IS a “good guy” with a gun.

        • Let the children carry,

          “Why can’t we let kids carry?”

          First of all, we have to define “kids” very carefully. There is a HUGE difference in maturity and responsibility between a 10 year-old and a 17 year-old who is 3 months away from his/her 18th birthday. Thus, while it may be appropriate for that 17 year-old to be armed in school, it is most likely NOT appropriate for that 10 year-old to be armed in school–or pretty much anywhere else in public for that matter.

          Second, and probably far more important: adult caregivers have the overwhelming majority of responsibility for safekeeping children of any age under their care. If adult caregivers provided proper security (whether via a truly secure facility or being properly and responsibly armed), we would not need to arm children.

          Think about that last point. If some children at a school had life-threatening allergies to bee stings, should several of their 10 year-old classmates carry around epinephrine injectors in case they have to rescue a fellow classmate going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting? The obvious answer is no!

          The real root problem is adults failing to live up to their responsibility to provide full and proper care for the children under their watch.

        • as to kids carrying, I know a bunch at ten twelveyears old who would be totally safe, use only if needed, and not hesitate when it IS needed. Then there is Hunter Biden on the other end of the spectrum.

          It ain’t the number of trips the person has made round the sun, but what the kid has learned along the way. Fifteen year olds have shot up schools, six year olds have taken the family handgun and dealt appropriately wiht an unlawful armed intruder. and then there is Hunter Biden

          I don’t care HOW old someone is, can that one HANDLE a gun safely and effecgively and appopriately? If so, let him carry in public. If not, don’t let him have a gun yet even to borrow, except in a carefully controlled environment so he can learn properly.

  2. Unfortunately the democRat House has banned the AR-15. Now everyone has to lay down their arms, drop to their knees and do what democRats and child murdering twerps say…No Can Do. The curriculum is Ban democRats and kill child murdering twerps.

    • Its passed the house, very unlikely to pass the senate. So there is no ban on the AR-15, its political theater.

      • Exactly…Nothing more than Genuflecting to their radical base. 90% of the bills passed in the HoR this session have been Dead in the water before they even reached the Senate. Just the Crypt Keeper Pelosi trying to Stave off the Big Red Wave on November 8th.

      • Probably never see a vote in the Senate, they’re too busy passing ANOTHER 700 billion dollar plus “spending” bill with about 600 billion in new taxes for working people and BIG tax breaks for hedge fund billionaires.

        • With all the tax breaks and such you sorta wonder why they think that they need another 80,000 IRS agents.

          Oh, right… yeah, I guess there’s no wonderment to it.

      • .40 cal Booger,

        Its … very unlikely to pass the senate.

        Unless the U.S. Senate tacks it on to a budget bill which is NOT subject to the U.S. Senate’s self-imposed 60 vote cloture (filibuster) rule.

        Given how U.S. Senators Joe Manchin and Kirsten Synema jumped on the multi-trillion dollar “save the climate!” train in the last few days, I think there is pretty decent chance that the U.S. Senate adds this to a budget bill, passes it, and sends it back to the U.S. House of Representative who will pass it in short order. (Of course Sleepy Joe Xiden will immediately sign it into law.)

        • “Unless the U.S. Senate tacks it on to a budget bill which is NOT subject to the U.S. Senate’s self-imposed 60 vote cloture (filibuster) rule.”

          The ban is not budget related, so the parliamentarian will not allow it in the bill.

        • Mr. Beam is correct. Such maneuvers can only be used for budgetary considerations, which a gun control law is not.

          That’s not to say that other must-pass legislation couldn’t be found for the rider to be attached to though.

        • The D C beast will do anything to retain it’s power over the ” uncouth common man”, even tax him for his own good.

        • “Mr. Beam is correct. Such maneuvers can only be used for budgetary considerations, which a gun control law is not.”

          Since the BATF has just argued in the state of Texas suppressor law challenge that the NFA is a tax that the BATF never sees the revenue from, putting all centerfire magazine-fed semi-autos on the NFA and tacking it onto that monster budget bill will fly.

          Of course, it’s obviously unconstitutional and will be stayed immediately, but it will drop into the SCotUS’s in-basket very rapidly for St. Thomas’s court to kill it dead… 🙂

        • …putting all centerfire magazine-fed semi-autos on the NFA and tacking it onto that monster budget bill will fly.

          Um… maybe. I’d have to think through the implications of that and go pull out the Senate Rules. IIRC, a rider like that has to be “primarily” about revenue. I may be wrong about that but I remember there being some sort of language like that in the rules. If that’s the case the obvious primary goal of the rider isn’t to raise revenue which makes the rider not germane to the overall package and therefore it can’t be done. But I’d have to look that up to be sure.

          Honestly, I’m not going to go read the Senate Rules for an hour to figure it out right now.

          But that’s not really the point of the current bill (I assume we’re all speaking of HR 1808), which is bans.

          Summary from “This bill makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer, or possess a semiautomatic assault weapon (SAW) or large capacity ammunition feeding device (LCAFD).”

          That ain’t no tax. The Senate would have to redo the bill to create a germane rider and then the House would have to match the Senate’s new text.

      • They don’t want it to pass the senate. Then they can blame the NRA for “buying” senators.

    • Debbie, it will never get past the Senate. Without that it will never reach Sleepy’s Joe’s desk.

  3. I’m not sure why a public school would ever NOT have a safe. Regardless of what specifically goes into it. Never mind the fact that schools used to keep firearms (many owned by students) as a normal part of the school day. This is not new.

    • kids bringing their new guns to school to show them off was a normal part of my young life. I took my own new rifles to school to show them off, when I was 6 I took a new .22 rifle to school I had gotten for a present from my parents for show and tell and it stayed in the classroom the whole school day.

      When I got my first semi-auto rifle, a .22, I was the envy of all the other gun kids in the area because they were still using bolt action .22’s – bought it with my own money (with parents permission) that I had earned during summer break – I took it to school to show it off too and the principal and teacher took the whole class out to the range out back to let the kids try it out. The school would lock them up till the end of the school day if the kid wanted to do so, or the kid kept them in their lockers (and later their cars when they got old enough to have a car). Never had one accident or ‘school shooting’ or moment of ‘violence’ with them. Heck, (some of) the schools back then even had rifle teams and some of them had firing ranges set up, and kids used those ranges sometimes during a PE period in school hours to shoot their guns, and the school ranges would also be available on weekends and during breaks and kids had a place to go to shoot their guns on the school ranges.

      • But you don’t want my kid to have a j frame in their pocket.

        You’re part of the boomer Brady bunch. (BBB)

        • @Let the children carry

          “But you don’t want my kid to have a j frame in their pocket.”

          Maybe I missed it but I cant seem to find anything anywhere where I said that. But now that you mention it and keep going on about it, given your propensity to sidestep reality of maturity and other issues, yeah, your kids I don’t want to have a j frame in their pocket.

          OK, ya happy now?

        • Man you lose me with your boomer bs. Like that Michigan school shooter dad whose deranged kid murdered with lots of help from mom n dad…

        • “But you don’t want my kid to have a j frame in their pocket.”

          You’ve named off a half dozen different weapons your son/daughter carries to school. Get your story straight is it son or daughter what happened to the knife? Must be a pretty big kid to walk around with a 1 1/2-to-2-pound chunk of stainless in his/her pocket unnoticed ALL day every day. Do they DRESS for gym class? Participate in sports?

      • it stayed in the classroom the whole school day.

        That was back in days of the kinder gentler firearm, todays MSR would just bide its time waiting for the right moment with maximum occupation in the room and would just slaughter everyone before committing suicide.

  4. It would be very interesting to have parents say they want firearms in a safe at every school.

    But why is it that we still don’t have any officials reporting that they are looking into why the inner cities don’t have school shootings?

  5. Arming teach is a bad idea. Most teachers are liberal libtard leftists.

    A better idea is arming students. I let my daughter carry a SW43c. My son caries a p356xl with 507c.

    If you call me crazy and say “it’s a felony,” then why are you not working to change the laws?

    All the solutions put out by the right involve turning our schools into prisons. What message is that sending to our kids? Why not arm the children?

    Arm the children.

    • I like this idea. I remember right after the 1994 ban, the idea of most states having permitless “constitutional carry” would sound like an almost crazy idea. Today, even California and Hawaii are shall issue.

      Arming the children is the right thing to do. The constitution is clear about the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Not because you’re 15. Not because you’re in an airplane.

      Do 15 years olds not have the right to free speech or a fair trial?

      End gun control. Arm the children.

    • Wholeheartedly agree.
      If kids as young as 10 can pole dance for politicians and do special K with club goers and decide to hand their junk chopped off at 8 they should definitely be carrying. An adult decision is an adult decision no matter the age.

        • Almost like dacian had too many thc gummies and his/her/its alter ego took over his keyboard

        • Boomers seem to think anyone who is more right wing or more pro gun rights than them is a troll.


          We should start talk about letting high schoolers carry. I’m receptive to this idea!


        • Looks like All Hail is back and rotating usernames with every other comment again.

    • I’m not so sure that schools are not already prisons.

      The idea isn’t to arm teachers. It would be better to stop disarming them.

      I see no reason to arm students with anything more than accurate knowledge. But most seniors are 18 years of age and can legally own and purchase. It would be better to NOT make them all so afraid of guns that they go nuts at the sight of one as they grow up. It’s a school. Teach them about firearms.

  6. Doesn’t do much good if the cop is just going to stand there and hold the AR in one hand while scratching his ass with the other.

      • You can arm the kids at home school without govt. permission. And they’ll get a better education. And they won’t be indoctrinated into leftist Marxist dogma.

    • I don’t know about anywhere else but in my neck of the woods the ‘school resource officers’ are NOT COPS. For years New Mexico law had the ‘cops’ store their gunz in the trunks of their squad cars and while patrolling or standing post if somebody got the drop on them they were dead meat. There’s no ‘Time out! I gotta go get my side arm outta the car then we can square off! We aren’t talking AR’s here folks. or even shotgunz .. They were completely UNARmed!..can u say ‘cannon-fodder?’. You might as well have a crossing guard be on the door ….

      I’d ‘prefer’ actual POPO’s protecting our children.

      • it stayed in the classroom the whole school day.

        I think they should use drug dealers. “NOBODY” protects their turf like a drug dealing gangster.

  7. Well, we won’t lock up schizos and we keep shoving drugs and the mind control screens* run by fed antagonizers down kids throats so until that get reigned in we all best be ready to put a schizo down.

    *Sorry, mind control is a “conspiracy.” I meant influencer/radicalization screens.

  8. “Fish are smart , they keep their schools undewater.”

    Nicely done.

    But do they have high hopes?

  9. HAS anyone…anyone here checked the Uvalde city Council ordinances…they’ve changed it but it originally had a policy that would hold an officer responsible for “excessive force”

    SO if an officer acts and the paperpushers say he used excessive force…they are on their own

    • In Uvalde, for the cops equal force = use hand sanitizer, play with phone, and don’t open unlocked door.

  10. In my local paper there was a story about the Sheriff’s deputies undergoing school defense training from some outfit in Colorado. I swear all of the deputies were 300 pounds or more. Most of them would have massive coronaries if put in a school shooting situation. Tell me if you can see a jawline on any of the Uvalde cops. Fata$$es all.

    Forget COVID, monkeypox, and school shootings, the real danger in this country is people stuffing their gobs with too many carbs. Obesity is now a national security issue.

    Get your kids out of public school. Home school, if you can. Carry a firearm and know how to use it. Obese cops are the only thing that stands between your family and tragedy. You’re on your own. Prepare accordingly

  11. Jimmy Beam
    “The ban is not budget related, so the parliamentarian will not allow it in the bill.”

    The Senate Parliamentarian can be overruled.

    • I may be wrong, and I don’t have my Jefferson’s Parliamentary Procedures book on hand to verify, but I think it takes a 3/5ths majority to overrule the Senate Parliamentarian. If that’s correct, they would need a 60 vote majority to ignore her ruling.

      It’s only happened 2 or 3 times since the Parliamentarian Office was created if memory serves.

      • The issue is not germane to any of the discourse contained in books about “rules of order”, but the rules of the Senate. The Senate eliminated the “super majority” rule for confirming nominees for the federal judiciary, allowing a simple majority to not only change Senate rules, but to confirm federal judicial nominees. There is no bar to a simple majority vote to disregard an advisory opinion from the Parliamentarian.

        I would put forward that the person holding the position of President of the Senate can simply ignore, without a vote, advice given by any advisor, from any speciality.


    • “Crime and the economy go hand in hand, feeding off of each other. So to take steps forward in the economy means there also have to be simultaneous steps taken in fighting crime.

      If that doesn’t happen, then more senseless and violent crimes, like murdering over cold fries, will keep happening and the overall economy will keep deteriorating.”

      lol, well DUH!
      THAT is why so many people have such a big issue with Biden’s war on energy. You cannot do what he is doing without creating huge problems. THIS president is responsible for a great deal of death and destruction and the people of NYC and elsewhere are dealing with it but simply will not stop voting for the very people creating all this chaos.

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if school administrators address the Uvalde situation by adding new signs: “Daniel Defense Free Zone”

  14. Where’s our 21st Century Piers Gaveston aka Albert J. Hall to opine about this? No doubt he’s too busy to comment and currently cruising Hyde Park’s men’s loo searching for a George Michael-type and a dose of the Pride Pox.

  15. There is a fundamental flaw in thinking that armed teachers will fix anything. Keep in mind that most schools are fully infested with radical leftists – not Americans with common sense and a backbone. Few of them have handled firearms, and most are soy types who would wilt and run under any assault. Their gun phobias would prevent them from functioning (to the little degree that they can anyway).

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