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Gun owners have not left the Democratic party. Instead, America’s Democratic Party has left gun owners.  History and polling data suggest Democrats will take over the House in this midterm election. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, can already feel the heft of the Speaker’s gavel. And she brags about her laser-focus to pass gun control as her first and foremost issue when she takes control of the House from the Republicans.

That’s right. Nancy Pelosi wants to target America’s law-abiding gun owners. She wants to ban private transfers of firearms. For starters. Her buddy in the Senate, Claire McCaskill (D-MO) also talks about plans to ban America’s favorite rifle, full-capacity magazines and a host of other measures. Of course, you can bet San Fran Nan would support those moves as well.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party really want to pass more gun control laws.

The Washington Free Beacon has the story:

Pelosi Outlines Dems’ Priorities if They Take House: Gun Control, Immigration

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said the Democrats would prioritize new gun control legislation and protecting illegal immigrants if they regain control of the House of Representatives after the midterms next month.

Democrats will look to pass a gun background check bill and protect Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, Pelosi told Politico. She also said the Democrats would try to pass campaign finance reform and lower drug prices.

Pelosi is actively campaigning and fundraising on behalf of Democratic congressional candidates. In the third quarter of 2018, she will report raising over $30 million for the party’s candidates.

The house minority leader is also preparing to return to the role of speaker of the House, a position she held from 2007 to 2011. Although her bid to become speaker has faced resistance from some House Democrats clamoring for new leadership, Pelosi appears to have solidified the support of her caucus, Politico notes.

Another story about Pelosi’s plans for a takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives in The Politico starts this way...

PHILADELPHIA — Rep. Nancy Pelosi is laser-focused.

With 21 days until the midterm elections, the California Democrat and House minority leader is crisscrossing the country fundraising and rallying the Democratic troops, all while plotting her return to the speakership.

Polling “evangelist” Nate Silver’s website,, predicts an 84.7% chance that the Dems retake the House of Representatives from the Republicans.

fivethirtyeight 538 november election democrats house

Then again, FiveThirtyEight badly flubbed their prediction of the 2016 Presidential race. The day before the election, 538 reported that Hillary had a 72% chance of winning the race. We all know how that worked out.

Looking at the mood of America shifting after the Democrats’ attempt to smear now-Justice Kavanaugh, many including myself wonder if the Dems’ fever dreams look more like a hallucination. Just like in 2016. That light at the end of the tunnel of an election victory might well instead represent the headlight of an oncoming train of angry voters.

Time will tell. In the meantime, make sure you and your like-minded friends get out and vote.

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    • Do you know what democratic means? It’s majority rule: if 218 House members say “yea”, it passes. So her plan is quite democratic. But we don’t live in a democracy, we live in a constitutionally limited republic.

      • F the Polls and F them without 2/3 votes of the states, we said no to an article 5 con-con in NV and 36 Sates. The enemy within, can not override the Second Amendment nor the Ten in its whole context. Ratified in 1791, and cannot be taken.

        Wake up the Fools who write the post to get you to donate to their cause. The constant money Fear mongering must end. I am tired of fighting the scum Demon Rats, with Donations and talk, with no results. F the Democrats votes, F the Rinos in the Congress, who the F’k do they think they are! The UnAmerican heathens in the Street’s now are the Illegal aliens who are the enemy within. The fake news Bombs is a false flag event to stop the Elections and blame Trump and American Patriots. I will not let the Scum coming across the Border who are low IQ uneducated fools, who think we owe them something, or try to take the White Man over, without Thinking we will not use lethal force!

    • You forgot the one thing that is Democratic about them: rat. Though I personally would prefer an actual live pet rat , to any Democrat. 🙂

      • Good one, They are Toris and The enemy within.24 years later, the Savage Nation was correct and mental issues are in order here. with the Power elitist here and from afar, who think they own our souls.

  1. History and polling data suggest Democrats will take over the House in this midterm election.

    “Polling data” show no such thing. Thus far, all projections that the Democrats will take the House have relied on the generic ballot. While the Democrats may in fact take the House, that outcome is certainly not suggested by (much less, a foregone conclusion according to) race-by-race polling.

    Nate Silver is utterly unreliable in this regard. He has positioned himself as a full-blown partisan. And as you suggest: the Kavanaugh fiasco actually drive the generic ballot polling from favorable Democrat to essentially neutral.

    I expect that the median outcome at this point is no net change to the House, with slight Republican losses – or gains – being within a standard deviation.

    • “I expect that the median outcome at this point is no net change to the House,…”

      That’s the way it smells to me, at this point.

      If they do retake the lower house, I hope they do pass them some gun control. It will clarify things, and load the pipeline with cases for eventual (hopefully) repeal.

      And galvanize us for 2020.

      And check this one out –

      “Supreme Court agrees to hear a case that could determine whether Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies can censor their users”

      We may get some early relief, with a new Court.

      Or at the least, give us a hint on how the winds may blow…

      • You forget that any such bill will never make it through the GOP controlled Senate. The chances of them taking both the house and senate are approximately zero. All they’ll be doing is gnashing their teeth and whipping up the GOP base.

        • Yup, it takes two to tango. And a willing President to sign off on the law. As it stands right now, the Democrats are missing two legs out of three. To say nothing of the probability that passing any of these bills will likely harm them greatly in 2020.

        • “As it stands right now, the Democrats are missing two legs out of three.”

          What they will do is *harass* Trump endlessly. Subpoena his tax returns, etc. Endless ‘investigations’.

          The one good news is, Trump pulled off every man’s dream – He got the whore to pay *him*. ‘Stormy’ had her case thrown out and the judge ordered her to pay Trumps legal bills.

          And Serge, do you have any comment on what this case may mean for F-Book, Twitter, etc? :

        • What it means? Don’t know.
          What I hope it means?

          I hope it means that the SCotUS will move to recognize that in the 21st century, social media is the public square and is thus the Constitution protects expression on it just as much as it protects expression in any other privatized public space.

          inb4 “muh’ private company” libertardians. There is already SCotUS precedent on point. It’s the reason why you can be mobbed by guys with petition clipboards in the parking lots of any grocery store. At this point in the exercise, social media is an integral part of 21st century daily life and 21st century speech. Protecting individuals from censorship on those platforms is a much higher priority than giving private companies unrestricted control over what is in effect, modern public discourse.

        • @ serge

          I consider myself a libertarian but I don’t consider facebook, twitter, google, et al, to be “private” companies. Between cia seed money, various grants and government contracts, these companies receive far too much funding from government sources. I may be extreme in my views but as far as I’m concerned any company that receives any funding, subsidy, tax break, or contract from any part of the government should not be considered “private,” and should be constrained by the same rules as the government itself.

          Just my two cents.

    • “Nate Silver is utterly unreliable…”

      He recently stated that Republicrats were 80+% likely to gain seats in the Senate, which indicates a split in the direction between House and Senate, a condition he has never seen. That, plus he admitted there is a 50-50 chance he could be wrong about both chambers.

      If a prognosticator admits to having a 50% chance of being wrong in predictions, why pay that person any money to produce a forecast. “The 50-50-90 rule: anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.”
      ― Andy Rooney “

    • Thus far, all projections that the Democrats will take the House have relied on the generic ballot.

      That is not true at all. I has nothing to do with generic ballot. The Democrats will EASILY take the house by winning in districts which flipped from GOP to Hillary in the least election alone.

      The Dems will take the house and probably by about 20 seats. None of that is based on generic ballot but population and demographic shifts .Several state legislatures will go from GOP to Dem as well.

  2. When they asked the NH gubernatorial candidates their thoughts on gun control the (R) said status quo was fine while the (D) put her head down, stuttered and stammered for a few seconds then raced through the generic list of assault weapons, bump stocks and background checks. You could tell the (D) didn’t want to talk about gun control at all.

    Polls consistently show even among the (D)’s gun control is not a priority concern. They’d be better served to just ignore it at least until they are elected.

    • “Polls consistently show even among the (D)’s gun control is not a priority concern.”

      It is, among their rabid, Leftist base. And they will bow to them…

  3. The mob that is the modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about. There’s no salvation and only one remedy. Clean and oil your rifles, folks.

    • And if you don’t vote, don’t complain about the result.

      If Fudds had an IQ higher than their shoe size they would realize the Democrats are after them too.

  4. So they want to extend rights to non citizens and infringe on the right of actual citizens?

    When in the history of the world does this line of thinking ever make sense and actually work?

    • Well, it works for the Marxist progressive powers-that-be. It ensures an ever-growing, captive voting bloc and weakens their enemies.

      Of course we know who their enemy is — it’s us. Regular citizens who cherish the Constitution and individual rights. We’re standing in the way of their utopian vision.

      • According to Socialists, Communists, and Marxists, utopia will be achieved once all the enemies of the state have been massacred. Or after the next massacre. Or the next, or the next, or the next….

        With all the massacres, forced migrations, forced starvation, and purges, anyone would think the Soviets were trying to depopulate the county.

  5. History has shown that very often, the party of the President does poorly in the mid-terms. Donald Trump doesn’t fit the mold of a ‘traditional’ President. This coupled with the hard-left turn & general insanity of the Dems (what moderate could in all good conscience vote for them?) means that such historical ‘norms’ should be ignored.

    And as for polling, that’s propaganda plain & simple.

    Lastly, Pelosi as speaker? Holy cr*p, what’s the country coming to? She hasn’t uttered a coherent thought in years.

  6. I don’t really care what she does if the dems take over. The 2nd Amendment is mine and they can’t change that. Same thing if polis (d) gets CO governor, he is anti-2nd too, even moreso than chickedpooper. The mag ban and UBCs have done nothing to prevent crime, so he will institute more insane laws. At some point gun owners will stand up to the new anti-gun laws, but the longer we wait the harder it will be. One word — VOTE!!

  7. I wonder how the polls would look if Republicrats had actually passed some pro gun rights legislation, HPA, or reciprocity, sporting purposes or import reform, something…. At best Republicans have held the line, but more typically they have passed more NICs rules, taken money from gun grabbing groups, and at the state level, banned bump stocks and created mag round limits, destroyed due process with red flag laws, taken away the rights of adults 18-21 to purchase any firearms, increased waiting periods, blocked open carry, campus carry, and constitutional carry at committee or state house, Senate, or governor levels, offered moratoriums on AR sales… Sure we have supposedly stacked the Supreme Court, time will tell what that actually brings, but it seems we really have two gun control parties, one telling the truth of their intentions and the other lying, both proclaiming their support for the second amendment when convenient for them.

    The Republicans’ best defense is “imagine how bad it would be if the Democrats were in charge!” Hey, we had that already, now where is your second amendment support and leadership?

    I don’t see good things, at least for the short term if the Democrats take control of anything at state or federal levels, but neither do I see much positive change legislatively if the Republicans maintain their majorities either. This is nothing new either.

    • Here in Washington State, the Ds are already in charge. They’ve been continually pushing to abolish statewide preemption & doing everything they can to infringe (2nd Amendment of US Constitution)/impair (Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution) upon the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      Part of the push is being done, thanks in part, to those from outside the state.

      • If they get rid of pre-emption, that means that overturning laws through the courts proceeds on a municipality by municipality basis, an onerous burden for pro-gun forces. They don’t really care if the laws are valid, just that they are passed.

      • Yup. We’ve got some billionaires (ab)using the initiative process to re-write our gun laws. Dunno what the solution is, looks a lot like Bloomberg is going to do saturation advertising until it passes. We can’t compete with a billionaire by spending money.

        I’ve been stocking up on standard capacity magazines, have 4 stripped AR lowers in the safe (Brownells had a sale).

        Goddamit. WA used to be very gun-friendly, it was one of the original shall-issue states. Things are moving in the wrong direction.

    • Yes, we get a lot of gun control from Democrats or a little here and there from Republicans. Proclamations of 2A support notwithstanding.

      Republicans know we gun owners are not going to vote for openly gun grabbing Dems. They feel like we are a sure thing. So why spend political capital on actually doing something to reverse any 2A infringements? What alternative we have?

      • “What alternative we have?”. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. Vote straight ticket Red now, next year and in perpetuity, as if the lives of your children depend on it. Because it does. There will literally have to be a civil war and a 50 year re-education process before the possibility of voting for a single democrat becomes a question. And then, just to be sure, vote Republican.

  8. Irrelevant drivel. The demtards will loose at least 10 seats (net) and the crazy shebat will loose her leadership position. The progs don’t like her either. The last nail will be when her slate of silly ass female socialist Millennial candidates are wiped out.

    • I would not underestimate the enemy. The left media is huge, the lib celebs (with thier armed bodyguards) are swaying the new voters, and most are very good at lying to the masses and twisting the truth. You dont have to live in a Slave State to know this. I have to wonder what are each one of us are doing to support 2A? Just voting? Paying our gun membership dues? Teaching our youth to shoot straight and safe? Engaging the moderates in meaningful 2A conversation. Supporting the industry? Oiling our guns? If we’re out numbered, we need to fight harder and smarter than the Antis.

  9. Remember when the democrats used to at least pretend they represented this countries working/blue collar class?

  10. We’ll see. I have my doubts it ain’t over till it’s over any ways. That said there’s also a 40% chance that the Republicans keep both houses from what I understand.

    Gun control has historically always gone well for the Democrats amirite? Especially during mid terms and with a political map that favors Republicans.

  11. She can plan all she wants but the Senate is going to be more Republican in January.

    I am all in favor of passing an AR-15 ban. The sooner we get it to SCOTUS the sooner we get it tossed.

    • While they’re passing it, there should be about a million people outside the Senate with AR-15s, protesting peacefully and waiting for Pelosi to go into a restaurant.

  12. I don’t think we should dismiss Nate Silver’s predictions because he predicted Clinton would win. He said Trump had a ~25% chance, which was perfectly reasonable. Trump barely won, and his win was very unlikely. If I were to bet on what happens next month, I would say Dems take the House and GOP gains a few seats in the Senate.

  13. I like firearms, all firearms, the junk to the primo. I like the science behind pressures and tensile strengths of metal, and blending of wood to metal. I like cheap junk that is not art but functional. I like firearms, I like the go fast to the go slows. I like hearing dings or splats. I like Gunz

  14. Hey, Nancy, you’re older than me, so your memory issues must be Alzheimer related if you can’t remember the following:

    Diane Feinstein, Bill Clinton, AWB, Newt Gingrich, 1994.

  15. I remember when Nancy Pelossi was Miss Lube Rack 1956. I still have my copy of the calendar. Ms Pelossi still has a nice rack which is the only thing complimentary that I can say about her.

  16. I like gun control too. I also like controlling a gun up someone’s ass, full auto with a bump stock and chainsaw bayonet

  17. The last time democrats controlled both houses of Congress, the DOW lost half it’s value, the Jobs Report was NEGATIVE for 29 of 48 months, well over 6 million jobs were lost and the unemployment rate more than doubled.
    The only thing that saved our economy from complete collapse was the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates to essentially zero and buying up 4.5 Trillion dollars worth of our own treasury securities. And NO, Obama had nothing to do with the recovery.

    Even if you hate guns, you would be stupid to vote democrat, unless you are a deadbeat.

  18. You had you one chance.
    Libertarians Liberals and the Left to get rid of Pelosi.
    Justin Raimondo a proud gay white man. A pro gun pro legal pot, and small government candidate. And instead they voted for Nancy. Because the voters, gay and straight, are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

    Gays want “free stuff”. Guns are VERY, VERY low on the list of prioritizes. The same people who support legal pot are also anti gun civil rights. And it seems California voters are happy with that. And with the Mulford Act still on the books.

    Harvey Milk was the only elected open homosexual who supported gun civil rights. And he is the last. Outside of California I believe there was one in Vermont many years ago. I don’t know his name. Now they all want your guns. These people have never believed in civil rights. But they do believe in good satisfying everyday gay sex.

    The currently elected leader Tom Ammiano wrote the law making stalking and rape victims wait an extra 10 days it get a gun. Why would a gay white man think a female rape victim, or anyone else, needs to wait to get a gun??????

    California has lost millions of tax payers (like me) who moved out of the state. I wonder why?

    • BTW
      The proud gay white man Tom Ammiano, and ex police officer, openly supports the racist gun control law called the Mulford Act. And so does Nancy Pelosi.

  19. Her ” Rack ” is about as real as the rest of her !! Vote Red , or feel the blues if you don’t. Save the rhinos , get rid of as many hogs as we can.

  20. It’s about the economy. And it finally started to get better when the Trump Train rolled into the station. We had 8 years of near depression and high unemployment rates.

    Nobody wants that to come back. Dems will not gain anything in November but a wake up call. Which they will ignore.

  21. Democrat platform:
    – More illegal immigration.
    – Disarm Americans.
    – Release criminals from prison.
    – Press world’s agenda on America.

    • By registering more Democrats in the graveyards.

      While Jesus made the dead walk again the Democrats can also give them the vote.

      • “By registering more Democrats in the graveyards.”

        Read an article yesterday where a Dimowit candidate declared that the illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) would be the source of the blue wave.

  22. “Then again, FiveThirtyEight badly flubbed their prediction of the 2016 Presidential race. The day before the election, 538 reported that Hillary had a 72% chance of winning the race. We all know how that worked out.”

    solid chance the author (and others) still don’t understand what that prediction meant.

  23. if we still had a constitutionally-restricted federal govt that respected the rights of the states, Crazy Lady would have as much relevance to us living outside California as Angela Merkel does

    • Such a .gov makes your constitutional rights null and void. Whatever 51% of the voters in a given state says are your rights. The billionaire commies like bloomie and soros can take your states one by one and with a weak .gov there’s sweet fuck all you can do about it.

      • “Such a .gov makes your constitutional rights null and void.” So the 2nd Amendment (misapplied) matters, but the 10th doesn’t. Got it

        “Whatever 51% of the voters in a given state says are your rights.” Difference is you can actually make a difference at the state level whereas at the federal level we have to rely on behemoth lobbying organizations like the NRA to “represent” and fight for us.

        “The billionaire commies like bloomie and soros can take your states one by one and with a weak .gov there’s sweet fuck all you can do about it.” They really don’t have as much influence at the state level. In DC there are only 545 people with real political power plus an army of bureaucrats. Only a handful of them give the slightest damn about you or your rights. The majority of them are corrupt. The truth is corruption may exist at the state level but it just isn’t as ingrained or as common as in DC.

        It’s a pipe dream and antithetical to American conservatism to desire a strong highly centralized government because we think it’ll do a better job of protecting our rights. It’s obvious that the federal government was less of a danger to liberty back in the day when it was smaller and more decentralized. There’s far more to the original thought than just the English tradition of the right to keep and bear arms.

  24. That’s all she’s got? That’s amazing. So many problems in the world, but fearmongering and asshattery is all she can come up with? If I didn’t know better I’d think she was a Democrat.

  25. We should have put a No entry since 911 and tell Mexico our Borders are definitely closed and ship to our ports and a strict rail Port Of Entry, until Further notice.

    If you can not seek Asylum via our State Dept then sorry. You are not welcome.

    We do have honest Foreigners who will simulate and obey our laws, who take the time to learn to study our laws and learn English and This would stop all the UN NWO Refugee asylum and go back to Vetting and let in who want to live here in peace, with Native born Americans.

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