Technically, the NRA’s annual shindig in Atlanta’s World Congress Center gets under way today. But the real show, featuring 800+ exhibitors and 80,000 or so wall-to-wall attendees doesn’t get started until tomorrow. In the mean time, RF’s been prowling the convention center floor, open carrying his FN 509 and surveying the set-up process.

Jeremy and RF will be handling our coverage this year. Be sure to say hi if you run into them on the floor.


  1. Ruger is making a 10/22 TD integrally suppressed barrel now! I need one! Please find out if that barrel will work with the X22 backpacker Magpul stock!

  2. Pretty cool. Looking forward to more pics and coverage. Must be fun to be in the gun business, get to go to all these massive conventions on a regular basis. Try to give us your first impressions on the new Springfield XDe and the new Taurus AR-15.


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