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Courtesy SCCY
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SCCY announces the NEW DVG-1 & DVG-1RD Red Dot Pistol Series to its lineup for 2020. The DVG Series of pistols are striker fired, Quadlock Barrel System, 10+1 capacity, chambered in 9mm Luger, in a sub-compact footprint.

The DVG is available with or without a factory installed CTS-1500 Red Dot sight which boasts over 20,000hrs of battery life.  Forward slide serrations have been added for ease of manipulation in even the most austere conditions.

A flat 5.5lbs trigger with minimal pre/post travel, and a new enhanced grip texture are engineered for everyday.  The DVG Series will be competitively priced with a MSRP of $289(DVG-1) and $389(DVG-1RD).  DVG’s will begin shipping to distribution in Q1 2020.

sccy dvg
Courtesy SCCY

SCCY Firearms has a passion to protect the American people with a quality handgun. SCCY’s technology combined with quality and value continuously proves that SCCY Firearms is the King of Concealed Carry.

Providing the best customer service in the industry is our top priority and passion.  Your firearm will always be protected to guarantee that you have the highest-quality SCCY handgun. 100% American made by American craftsman.

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  1. Under 400 dollars with a 20k life red dot? I might get one out of pure curiosity. Sounds cool. That is fun gun price for me.

  2. Do I keep my CPX-2 or get one of these…?

    The trigger pull on the ‘double action only’ CPX series is quite heavy but a good & cheap trainer to learn to shoot a DAO type of trigger.

    As for SCCY, the firing pin broke on my CPX-2 this last spring. Called customer support. Dude on the other end spoke understandable English and was happy to help. Told me to mail the complete upper (slide, barrel, recoil spring) along with the 2 magazines. Sent them off and got it all back a week later. Only cost was for me to ship it. Work order listed they replaced the firing pin and did something to the mags but not exactly sure what. They looked the same and functioned the same as when I mailed them off. Anyways, SCCY customer support gets an A+ in my book.

    • I’m glad you had a positive experience with the customer service, but may I ask how many rounds had been through the pistol? A broken firing pin is a very bad thing to happen in a defensive pistol.

      • In the 2 and 1/2 years I’ve had my CPX-2, I’d guess a little over 1,200 rounds. That trigger pull count does not include a lot of ‘dry firing’ with snap-caps during the winter months. Ammo is mostly 115 FMJ, brass & steel case, with some defensive ammo and hotter stuff (Speer Gold Dot +P) down the pipe too.

        I have other pew-pew toys I shoot more but like the CPX-2 mainly for practicing the DAO trigger pull. I can dry fire without having to rack a slide like my G19. When friends inquire as to how I can shoot their magnum revolvers so well in double action, it’s easy to respond with, “Practice.”

  3. If it’s got a good trigger, it might be a winner.

    Their existing triggers are… “challenging” to shoot well. Especially for newbies.

  4. A 5.5lb trigger? A red dot? Glock brand…SCCY?!?😃I can’t get over the way too fat grip but this is interesting! And my next gun will likely be a Taurus G3…

  5. Sccy is making a Sig 365?
    With a red dot for less than a base 365?
    This is truly the golden age of guns!

      • Yah, they might be more reliable and have better customer support. Worst gun buy I ever made was that POS Sig P365. 4 times returned before it would cycle more that 20 rounds before something broke. Traded it off with $350 for a Kimber K6s, best deal ever as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I’m intrigued…
    I used to own a SCCY and it was a good reliable gun. Never did care for the long, heavy, DAO trigger though and that’s ultimately why I traded it off on my Shield (which I LOVE).
    At those pricepoints though, SCCY has my attention. If the triggers even decent I could easily justify adding one to the collection.
    Can’t wait for a review!

  7. I recently bought a CPX-2 before they announced this gun. However, I bought it because it was $134.99 + $12.99 shipping after their rebate. It is similar in size to a Taurus G2C except is is much lighter at 15 ounces empty. It has a trigger identical to a double action revolver which I am familiar with and like. I think their new offering will be good as mine is very well made and functions perfectly.

  8. Both Galloway and Mcarbo make effective trigger mods for SCCY pistols. With a better trigger, the much cheaper but still high quality SCCY seems like a direct competitor to the Sig 365. Last time I looked I couldn’t find any direct comparisons between a SCCY and a 365. Since the two are so similar in design philosophy that seems odd. Just sayin’.

  9. I wonder about how soon this gun will be available. Weeks ago I read about the CPX-3RD, which is a red dot on top of their .380 pistol, and so far I haven’t seen a single one for sale. Typical SCCY. I can’t tell you how long I (and others, from the posts I read) waited for the .380 to show up on the market after all the times – even on their website – it was, “oh no, it’s on the way; oh no, it’s on the way.” Don’t hold your breath.

  10. Now I see what it is about the grip that makes it less fat. They got rid of that “recoil cushioning” backstrap, that is on the current CPX1, and 2 models. I may go all-in, and get one of the DVG-1RD models. I’ve never had a handgun with a slide mounted optic. At this price it’s hard to pass up!

  11. Love This guns { when they release this guns} I will definitely jump on it. I have three of them all very reliable. No cracks, no pins coming out, very reliable to shoot. If this does get released SOON it could give the BIG BOYS competition!!! With the QUAD SYSTEM & 5LB PULL I am thinking if it will reset on it and if they can keep around 300.00 it sounds like a WINNER!!!!! THANKS Ham&egger

  12. If SCCY brings out a companion model with a thumb safety I might be a buyer. Especially with the lighter trigger.
    I also wish they would offer a flush 12 round magazine, as Kel-Tec does.

  13. When will these fine weapons be AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE? I owned a CPX2 for about four years, but I gave to my son in law who did not own a a concealed weapon HOW ever my daughter, his did did own a CPX-2 that I talked her into buying. NOW I am looking for a new SCCYDVG-1RD. gsgs 157.
    [email protected]

    • I went back and reread some of the articles about the DVG-1RD, and they say that they’re supposed to ship in the first quarter of this year, which might mean the very end of March, right? But I remember waiting for the CPX-3, and it literally took about a year from when I saw the articles announcing that it was coming out and when they were actually available. And now, once again, I’m waiting for the availability of the CPX-3RD, which is the .380 with the red dot optic. And the announcement of that gun was several months ago, so I have no idea when it will really be available and I’m afraid it might be another year!

  14. I have owned a CPX2 for about four years and even shot it in the occasional IDPA match (but not very well). I was on the verge of purchasing a S&W Shield 9MM EZ. But, I think I’ll wait until the DVG hits the stores so I can check it out.

  15. We have a very big gun range in Illinois and they told me that can’t even order one as of 6/10/2020. What is wrong?

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