Andrew Cuomo
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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If a little gun control is good, more is better. And you can never have too much of a good thing.

The governor wants to require firearm parts be sold only to authorized buyers, assign them the same eligibility requirements as a completed firearm and ensure that all major parts receive a serial number. His proposal would ban individuals from obtaining major components of a firearm, rifle or shotgun online. Individuals would instead need to ship these parts to a licensed gun dealer where they would be picked up in person.

The proposal would also prohibit individuals who are forbidden to possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun from owning a major component of these guns, and create new misdemeanor and felony penalties for violating these new provisions.

– John Tummino in Battling ‘ghost guns’: new Cuomo proposal seeks serial numbers for all firearm parts

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  1. The effect would be to push toward decentralized production and distribution of parts.

    So, please, by all means.

    • I was thinking the same thing. The market will respond in three ways:

      1: compliance
      2: A new “Cody Wilson” will come up with an effective firearm that can be manufactured at home out of self made parts
      3: Manufacturers will find legal work arounds.

      The free market will continue to produce and transfer firearms legally and the tyrants will call it a loophole and infringe some more. Wash, rinse, repeat. We’ll eventually get to the point where New Zealand and Australia are at where possession of forbidden knowledge is a major felony.

      • Well I think they did try to restrict the website at some point here. Didn’t work out from what I remember.

        • Pianos will require serial numbers?

          I can see it now – All across the land, late at night, pianos will have their wire strings stolen from them… 😉

      • It would be nice if they spent more time figuring how to take guns from criminals instead of making law abiding citizens who have followed the law criminals after the fact. Cuomo is the same genius, along with DiBlasio, who have decided to put more convicted felons out on the streets and those that have committed crimes, been arrested and awaiting trial back on the streets.

        I’m starting to think that there should be an IQ test before people can become politicians. Lets see how they handle the surge in CCW permits requests by othadox jew after the antisemetic attacks that have been occurring.

        • It would be even nicer if they started repealing laws that make citizens into criminals when they have not caused harm to another person. And no, “society” should never be a victim.

        • You seem to have fallen for the old leftist’s trick – you are considering gun control as a way to fight violent crime. While gun grabbers often claim that crime (and accident rates) reduction is the goal of their proposed gun control measures, nothing can be further from the truth. The real goal of any gun control is always people control. Disarming of the populace takes power from the people and concentrates it in hands of the State.

          Leftists need crime to justify their constant push for public disarmament. As gun ownership numbers rise and crime rates simultaneously drop, they fear that they may lose their excuse. Releasing of criminals and revolving door justice we see in most of leftist controlled jurisdictions therefore makes perfect sense. More of Democrat voters is a bonus.

        • Since I’ve known Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to be an idiot just like his late father; I would like to ask him a question: Andrew, would you like the criminals and underground gun manufacturers to supply serial numbers as well? Andrew, did you know that “Gun Control” controls absolute nothing and never has!?

          Andrew, if you have the guts; why don’t you admit that the Democrat’s only dream is to disarm the American people in accordance with your “Communist Rule for Revolution” playbook where it states: “Cause the registration of ALL firearms on some pretext with a view to confiscate them and leave the population helpless.” You Democrats would love that, wouldn’t you!?

          USAF (RET)

      • How about at least 2 places on every part? Or 5 places on every part? Will that prevent it from being stolen, or from firing when pointed at a person? If not, IT WILL HAVE ZERO EFFECT on anything except the cost of the firearm. Which brings the obvious question, if the government really believes this step is necessary, is the government prepared to pay for it? Or is the only goal to make firearms more expensive and difficult to obtain (translation; to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms)?

        • The idea is to make the process so difficult and expensive for the manufacturers they give up and stop supplying the parts.

          US Democrats. Proudly supporting US industry. Mostly the fast-food and coffee shop industries.

      • (4): Manufacturers stop doing business in NY.
        Manufacturers don’t want to deal with this crap. Many already don’t bother.

      • That’s because in Europe all main parts of a gun (like barrels, revolver cylinders, bolts etc.) are regulated just like the receiver or the whole thing. Cuomo didn’t invent this gun grab, he simply copied it from them.

      • Daddy Mario was a useless demtard prog but apparently he had two brain cells and was somewhat politically astute. What was his wife, the mother of his spawn that birthed these marxist morons?

      • @arc. You may be able to machine the parts but heat treating them hardened the parts of a modern semi-auto rifle correctly without every expensive ovens and measuring equipment is a hit or miss event, with the gun blowing up in your face as a possibility. No saying it can’t be done, but it’s not the same a chucking piece of metal in a lathe and cutting off a few thousands…

  2. Excuse me for saying this, but the practice of Serial Numbering Gun Parts started in 2015 under Marking Requirements 478.92. Only the “ATF” knows where it has gone since…

    • You are misreading that regulation. It does not require that all firearms parts be serialized.

        • What are you talking about? Whatever it is doesn’t change the fact that 478.92 does *not* require serialization of all firearms parts.

          • And how many Gun Laws have been passed in the last three years, or overturned and/or heard by the US Supreme Court in the same time frame. Or the SCOTUS refusal the hear Second Amendment case on December 2, 2019. Continue living in the dark if you wish, or being lied to by those claiming to protect your rights…

        • In other words, you were talking out your butt. First you say that ATF reg. 478.92 requires serialization of all gun parts, then when confronted on the fact that it doesn’t, you wave your hands and make pointless noises about some nebulous other gun laws that may have been passed since (Spoiler: there have been no federal laws or regulations passed since that require serialization of all gun parts).

          Go away, ignorant troll.

          • @ Cloudbuster.

            Where specifically in my comment did I say “All Parts”!/? As I recall the ATF regs. started Microstamping in 2015…

    • Since “all firearms parts” is the topic of this article and the regulation you mention doesn’t discuss any parts except those which have always been required to be serialized, it would have been pretty irrelevant if you didn’t mean all parts. So your post was irrelevant. Okay.

      • @ Cloudbuster.

        So from my comment of “Excuse me from saying this, but the practice of Serial Numbering Gun Parts started in 2015 under Marking Requirements 478.92. Only the “ATF” knows where it has gone since…”

        You deduced that the actually meaning I made was “ALL PARTS”…

      • Lived there for decades…. when it started getting really bad under Mario Cuomo I LEFT…. The beginning of the WAVE that’s been “Getting Out” for many years… If your job means more to you than your Rights by all means feel free to stay… but they WILL get you eventually.

        • Eh they got me for 20 odd more years regardless. Will see where the kids end up and where the wife is willing to relocate to then. Till the PA and NH are fun trips.

        • Funny, I would have thought it got really bad back in 1911 when the Sullivan Act was passed.

        • Man up SAFEupstateFML and tell you wife to get in the damn car. NY has nothing worth your/her life or sanity. There are about 40other states you can go live in.

  3. Does the serial number make a difference in 3rd world countries? Has that cut down the crime rate anywhere? Sweden had 230 bombings in 2019. Would serial numbers on anything have made a difference? We all know it’s not about fighting crime. Exempting gangs from red-flag laws proved that. Preaching to the choir.

    • It’s never about crime reduction. If anything it’s about having more ‘criminals’ to arrest.

      • There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.
        Ayn Rand

        • I really need to get to reading that book as I am apparently increasingly living in it’s setting.

  4. Exactly how Cuomo plans on accomplishing these proposals is left up to the imagination. The SAFE act required background checks for all ammunition purchases. The state isn’t allowed to use NICS to enforce state laws, so New Yorkistan was going to set up its own background check system. The powers that be failed to set up their own background check system within the timeframe established by the SAFE act, so Cuomo ruled by executive fiat that the ammo background check portion of the SAFE act legislation was null and void.

    I doubt that a firearm “parts” background check system is going to be any more realistic than the state’s ammo background check system.

    • He got most of what he wanted with restricting online ordering and home delivery. I could see him being more motivated to push this one as it could be pushed in other high population low freedom states and adversely impact manufacturing with more than one standard and felonies for removing/not having serial numbers.

      • You can still get buy ammunition online and have it shipped to New Yorkistan. There may be fewer options, but it is still done.

      • targetsportsusa will ship ammo right to your front door in NY. There are various other companies that have opted to not ship anything to NY, not because the law prohibits them from doing so, but because they are craven and are happy to enforce gun control. Smith and Wesson is a great example – they won’t ship magazines to NY. Meanwhile gunmagwarehouse will happily do it.

  5. In essence, Fredo’s brother wants to use New Law to create New Crime…and New Criminals.

    • Legislature is democratic supermajority he will get it. Question will be is it enforceable or will they screw the pooch on the text like with the 7 round limit.

  6. Why stop at firearms parts? Let’s stamp numbers on all Anti Constitution liberals. For easier tracking, apprehension and storage. The forehead seems like a logical location. Worked so well against Free Citizens in Fascist Nazi Germany. You wonder why Cuomo, Newsom and Northam haven’t thought of it for their Reich? 3 2 1.

    • @Darkman:
      You beat me to it. I was just going to say, “Let’s stamp a serial number on Andrew Cuomo’s ass (with a branding iron).

  7. It might increase business for FFL’s and make their paper work a bit more cumbersome. But the biggest difference for those with CHL’s (in States like Texas) becomes no longer being able to buy things online and have them shipped straight to the front door.

    In the end, it just creates more work for everyone without increasing safety, security, or anything else meaningful. Maybe it puts an end to 80% lowers but people have been grinding off serial numbers on things for quite a long time. Going this route solves nothing. Except for maybe making FFL’s more money.

    • For now it would be NY specific which would make parts here yet more expensive and annoying to acquire. But yeah other states of similar mindsets could follow and try to make it a national standard.

  8. Cuomo’s forehead has a crying need for a stamped-on serial number. I propose #2569 (two-bit c**ks****r).

  9. This is how you regulate the price of guns to cost more. It does nothing for gun “safety”. Does nothing for firearms education. But will make it harder for a poor person to get a gun for self defense.

    • All pro 2A groups should run with that. Flood the media with “All these new laws hurt the poor”. I would donate $$ for billboards that say that. Just like Illinois always pushes new laws with “It’s for the children”. Our soda tax hurt the poor because they didn’t have cars to drive out of the county and buy it cheaper. Same with cigarette tax. People with cars drive to Indiana and stock up.

      • I really wish the “gun community” would spend more time talking about gun control being a form of economic discrimination. My Heritage 6 shot single action revolver cost me $90 used. I love it. Even brand new they are around $130.
        The Problem is Heritage, Hi Point, Sccy, and others aren’t on the “guest List” of Gun podcasts or TV gun shows. And they never talk about Kel Tek handguns. Only their long guns get the press. These companies don’t have the budgets for advertising like Sig Sauer, Ruger, Colt, Remington, Glock, etc.

        The instant background check only works for a buyer, if you have the $$$ to pay for the gun on the same day. If you can afford $800 for a handgun then go for it.
        But most people can’t. Especially if you have just been threatened by a known violent criminal.

  10. Manufacturers aren’t going to serialize parts just for New York so this will be literally impossible to comply with. It will amount to a complete and total firearm ban in New York. I really hope there is an honorable judge that will strike this down. Again, it will be literally impossible to comply with aside from the fact it’s unconstitutional.

    • Gun Manufacturers have been Serializing Gun Parts since at least 2015, under ATF Regulation 478.92 “Marking Requirements”…

        • AND?/! As I said before, the letter was drafted in 2016, almost three years ago. And only pertained to ATF Regulations at the time of the writing, not something that was thought out for something that may or may not happen in the future (i.e. 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, or beyond)…

    • Pretty sure I just heard my governor say hold my beer. Logically and legally you are correct. I will be shocked if he doesn’t try and hope he overreaches enough to get slapped down and close the door on this method.

    • Didn’t matter in California. The law is the law. Get used to it. You can’t stop it when you vote for party.

    • It will have the same effect as CA requiring micro stamping on fired brass… no newly manufactured firearms after the date of the “law” will be permitted in the communist New Yorksky and offenders will be sent to the Gulag.

  11. Cuomo needs his own serial number. How about something alphanumeric? Tattooed across his forehead. Something like …


    Think that will work to identify him in the state legislature?

  12. Go look up the FGC9. If you can make a 9mm semi auto from 100% EU compliant materials This isn’t going to do much of anything.

    • It will make reliable firearms more expensive to build and probably buy as well. Not saying you can’t make a reliable Home Depot special but it would be a bit higher on the difficulty scale. Also in the case of NY it seems aimed at stomping out the home built firearms growing popularity.

      • Oh, you can still build a gun at home, but it will not be a “ghost gun,” but one made of serialized parts. California has that restriction for receivers–must be processed through an FFL with a BGC.

  13. Who cares what the petty-tyrant Cuomo wants? It’s never going to happen, so he can go straight to hell. The only thing that he’s accomplishing is just showing everyone how ignorant he really is.

  14. The problem with NY is its controlled by 2 areas of population. N.Y.C and its suburbs. The rest of the state are normal people. They hate Mussolini Jr as much as 1 can want to have a person hung. Cuomo is an idiot. Anything he can do to hurt gun owners. This ass does with a smile on his crooked face.

  15. In the meantime, the Demokkkommies are siding with Iran. I think it’s about time that Trump ordered everyone with a -D after their name rounded up and shot.

    • Other than the Gang of Four (and Kaepernick), most are happy that The Dark Lord is dead, but are concerned about the legality of the killing under international law, and the political and retaliatory fallout, fears that are overblown. Iran dares not engage us directly, only through its proxies, which actions will demonstrate, hopefully, to the Iraqis who is really in charge there. They may not like it.

      • Iraq does belong to Iran in all but name these says. Watch as another power vacuum forms and ISIS undergoes a resurgence.

  16. I have an idea regarding all these new gun laws that have no impact except on price.

    add up all the prices and bill the prisons. Make the convicts punch out more license plates for less money. They’re the ones committing the crimes, they can pay the freight.

    • Yeah about that we passed a bail reform package here that actually makes it rather difficult to get pretrial detention and we will start seeing in a month or so how many actually show up to their various ‘nonviolent’ misdemeanor and felony trials and how motivated the police are to arrest for failure to appear. Also many counties are downsizing their prison populations and rumors (less likely) of prison closings abound.

  17. People in hell want ice water too,Eff Andy and what he and his un American minions want.

  18. Is it true that Andrew Cuomo , his body guards and the elite Socialist do nothing Democratic law makers all have a 666 serial number on their firearms ? If not? They should. Socialist Democrats are good for a couple of things. 1- They are whiners. They act like 2 year old’s fighting over a slimy bugger while playing in their sand box. 2- They have a hatred for our duly elected president that they will even destroy America in order to bring him down. That is very dangerous. They want power to rule. No wonder they hate the Second Amendment and will lie, cheat, steal, barter and even go against the US Constitution to fulfill their dream of disarming law abiding American Citizens. Blumebug, a Democrat and a Second Amendment hater is using his billions to disarm law abiding American Citizens and to put him in the White House so he can further destroy the US Constitution and take away more of our God given rights. If either of the Socialist Democrats running for President of the United States some how win. The borders, prisons and jails will be opened for their voter base and Socialism / Communism along with the satanic New World order will find it’s home here in America. The America we now know will never be again. Any resistance by unarmed subjects will be snuffed out. Detention camps may not be something laughed at any more. In the State of Virginia the Governor has come out with many gun control laws that will lead to gun confiscation in Virginia and then all of the country. The Virginia Governor has been accused of doing Black Face Skits and Moon Walking in which is racist. The Socialist Democrats kept him in office after many Republicans and Democrats wanted him out of office. He was needed for gun confiscation that we are now seeing. Wake up America. “This is it”.

  19. While the NRA buys suits and gun owners think the bugaloo is coming people like this POS are grinding gun rights to dust. Just like the spigot of your gas can got changed because of California this will happen too. The left plots and plans while the right sits and talks about the past.

    • Where do you think this idea came from?
      Yes, it has been floated in California. The idea is that, just like our ammo law, one will have to go to an authorized parts dealer to obtain things like trigger groups, barrels, upper receivers etc. Sights, scopes, hand guards and stocks will probably be exempted.

  20. Do you want everyone to start 3d printing stuff in our basements?

    Because this is how you get everyone to start 3d printing gun parts in their basements.

      • Mussolini just claimed he did, after the railways adjusted the timetables to reflect the actual running times of the trains. Smoke and mirrors. Smile and wave.

  21. How silly. Grips? Springs? Roll pins, firing pins?
    What about the gazillion guns already out there, and milsurp guns assembled by armories?
    Cuomo is one of the most naive people on the planet.
    This, of course, makes him a perfect far-left-wing Democrat.

  22. I want Cuomo’s PD’s limited to 8 round magazines and I the other retarded nonsense that this guy comes up with. The reverberating effects will be the only thing that shuts this big idea fairy’s mouth.

  23. Like California laws regarding microstamping and the roster, this would be a defacto ban on guns with the possible exception of revolvers and some rifles. Would my M1 Garand be able to be sold? It has no serial number on the stock. Is that a major component?

    If this were actually put into force and were applied as written it would have to be quickly struck down. More likely it would be ‘interpreted’ in such a way that gun stores could keep selling pistols because of Heller.

  24. Some parts are too small to effectively serialize, and I fail to see how this will reduce crime. Cuomohomo is an idiot.

  25. Then go and trade 1 part with each of your numerous shotting friends. It will be like the old song about the 56, 57, 58….Cadillac.

  26. Andrew Cuomo wants… well we don’t want whatever he wants. They’re more of us than he and his legislators. There are more firearms manufacturers or parts manufacturers than he and his legislators. Screw him , the little tyrant.

  27. It apparent NYS Governor Cumo knows little about the business of firearms manufacturing and even less about us ” Gun Nuts” ! His latest public brain fart may well prove to be a blessing in disguize . The inability to obtain parts to repair Dad’s Gun may well drive an already DIYer to ‘ raise his game ‘ and obtain both tooos and kowledge to roll his own parts. From there its a short step to an entire firearm . Kept up long enough and pressed hard enough the nation’s ‘Gun Nuts ‘ may well invent some new technology unconstrained by law .

  28. “Individuals would instead need to ship these parts to a licensed gun dealer where they would be picked up in person.”

    Or they’ll just have them shipped to someone in a free state and have it shipped in that way.

  29. All of these so called ideas that Cuomo and DiBlasio have come up with are a disaster. These two are big city types that really don’t know anything at all about firearms. To me a rifle is just another tool. I carry a single shot 12ga in my truck for use on the ranch, sometimes a .30-06. I have had run-ins with
    Illegals too here on the border. People are being lied too, about the conditions on the border. It is worse than you think. Would be nice if you could actually defend yourself or property from these heathens. A firearm for defense or can out food on the table. I will not stop hunting because of some Big City Idiot!! You know who you are!!

  30. It’s not about logic, it’s not about safety, it’s about the state controlling everything.

    I’m too old to get on a cattle car and go off to a state-run “re-education” camp.

    We know what the Chinese are doing to people there. Why should we think Democrats who constantly praise the ChiComs will be any different once they disarm us?

  31. Are you serious?/! You’re try to portray the United States as that of Nazi-Germany akin to tattooing the Jews. Would be a Great Legacy for Donald Trump though. Something to point with pride for him and his immediate family for generations to come…

  32. Only if we can have serial numbers on illegals who infiltrated the area of which you live, but now doesn’t belong to the United States.

  33. These democrat gun control ideas will not make anyone safer! This is more about the political power to control your life and be bent to their will! Once the democrats eliminate your right to protect yourself from crime and tyranny the sooner they can eliminate your other liberties and rights! Democrats despise the constitution because it prevents them from enacting their will on you! To enslave a nation, first you must remove their means to resist!

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